Apr 23

SC EP:948 Remembering Scott, ARK! ARK! Who Goes There!

I got an email last night. Dave writes “Hey Wes, this is Dave from episode 735 Ark Ark. It’s with a great sadness to tell you my brother Scott passed away from heart complications on April 12th. I just wanted to thank you again for being such a great host and let us tell our story. I’ll always be able to hear his voice thanks to you. Bless you. Dave.” This reloaded episode is for you guys. I know Scott is listening tonight.

Here is the original email from Jeff. Jeff writes “Wes, I had an encounter back in 1989, I was 15 yrs old in MI. Left Detroit when I was 10 in 1984 to MI. The woods were new to me, which I spent every waking moment in the woods as a 80’s kid especially since coming from the city.

It was myself, my brother, my best friend Scott, his brother and a mutual friend of all of ours. We built a half pipe in the woods and we skating it. One night we all started smelling something rancid and after awhile we all heard something crashing towards us.

Sounded like no other animal in the woods, it was charging at us and making a noise which I never heard before or afterwards in the woods. All I can say it was like an ARK vocal. It ran like a bulldozer, it was coming to our ramp. It was definitely bi pedal. Step after step going through bushes and trees, it was nuts. I have a lot more to tell and would like to talk with you and my best friend that was there. I never saw it, I ran. Scott saw it. Thanks for your time.”

I spoke to three of the witnesses and they have agreed to come on the show. Scott the witness mentioned above was within 6 feet of the creature. I also spoke to his brother Dave. Dave also saw the creature that night. All men describe the creature making a strange sound, Scott said “It was weird…kind of robotic…it was screaming ARK ARK and right before it chased us one of the guys thought someone was playing a joke on us and said ARK ARK who goes there! It got REAL really fast, this was no joke.”






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78 Responses to “SC EP:948 Remembering Scott, ARK! ARK! Who Goes There!”

      • daniel t

        No, its a lazy filler show. He can pay respects at the beginning of the new episode that was allegedly all ready to go 🙄. Not my fault smooth-brained mouth breathers like yourself are ok forking their money over for repeats. The owner of this channel lives very well because of us, and this is a slap in the face to everyone who pays to hear NEW content

  1. Shaun F

    Stop saying “FIRST” and stop complaining about a relevant story being re-released with the reverence that Wes understands. Of all places where this subject seeks a respectful refuge, SC is unrivaled. Don’t be a dick here. Rip mr. Scott.

      • Gabriel H

        Sorry for your loss Dave. This was one of my favorite episodes, not only because it took place less than an hour away, but for the unique vocalization of “ARK”! My teammate Brian from SEMIBRO (SouthEast Michigan Bigfoot Research Organization) and I went out to Brighton right after we heard this episode the first time it aired. We looked around a state park near a popular Metropark for any evidence that he/they may still exist there, but I don’t recall finding much. If they can live East of there near Pontiac and South near Chelsea, it’s pretty likely they can be in less populated Livingston County as well

  2. David P

    I’m glad we are getting their perspectives about this “re-run” cuz having more people talk about the incident usually brings back other memories from it.

    let’s just enjoy it!

  3. Wade M

    we also have the right to tell you Greg N and anyone else with a shitty selfish attitude 🖕 you don’t like it then Don’t pay anymore and unsubb

  4. Alexander R

    Wow some kids didn’t get their nappy time. We pay for the member episodes plus its Wes’s show he can do whatever the hell he wants. Hopefully he does UFOs or Ghost next Sunday so I can watch another full blown meltdown.

  5. Radman

    F.S is a douche and we all are completely aware, but this is America and we are free to say whateverwe want unless it is the truth revealing a lie. Let’s go Brandon! Personally, I think if we are fighting with each other than they must be winning

  6. Laurel B

    I somehow missed this episode. I gotta go back to the beginning and listen to the older episodes. Sorry for your families loss Dave RIP Scott , my brother Ben took a jet plane a few years ago ,I miss him so much .

  7. Elizabeth E

    Dave, my condolences to you, family, and friends of Scott. May the Peace and Love only Jesus can bring be upon you and yours. God Bless you. (((HUGS))) Thank you Wes, much respect.

  8. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes. Dave, condolences to you and your family. Only those who have experienced a deep loss will understand because you feel it in your bones. Giving us a gentle reminder that life is fleeting. May Scott rest in peace.

  9. Christopher M

    Members show was already released. If you feel it’s criminal to pay then why are you here? Have some respect for others instead of worrying about yourself. Rest in peace Scott. Condolences to your family and god bless!

  10. Linda B

    Love and peace everyone. Thanks Wes for your heart and the sweet friendship you offer to everyone here. God bless. Thank you for supporting your members. I know if I ever lost anyone, God forbid, you would be there for me too. Blessings again to you Dave and to your family.

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