Apr 22

Bigfoot A Living Legend LP – Sierra Sounds

This album from 1975 predates the Bigfoot Recordings/Sierra Sounds by many years. Journalist Al Berry and Warren Johnson produced this ultra-rare record. Until now, few people will have even known about this album—that’s just how rare it is.

This video displays Side A of the album. Also look for Side B on this channel.

From the back of the album jacket:

“These remarkable sounds, publicly presented here for the first time ever, originally were recorded under darkness October 21, 1972, from within a coarse deadwood shelter located in a remote region of the middle High Sierra. They occurred during what was otherwise a routine investigation of Bigfoot phenomena in the area, including the appearance of five-toed footprints ranging in length from 11 to 21 inches. Similar sounds have been heard and recorded in this area on numerous occasions over a period of four years, yet sightings of their “creature” source have been rare and their exact origin and nature remains scientifically unexplained.”

5 Responses to “Bigfoot A Living Legend LP – Sierra Sounds”

  1. Janetta V

    I’m 71 years now and have been aware of their existence for many years and there are many evil things on the earth, but these are the creepist and also the most stupid sounding things I’ve ever heard.

  2. Charles R

    I have owned the Sierra Sound CDs for about 15 years, very high quality. Until now I did not know there was an LP of the sounds, but of course there would have been. I wonder if they made an 8 track of them which was popular at this time? R Scott Nelson, likes to go by Scott, has a series of youtube videos of his work over the past 10 or 12 years on these sounds and makes no bones about it, this is a language and being a many years, Navy Cryptologist, is certainly more than qualified to make this statement.

  3. Mark R

    Being a record collector I’ve seen this 7″ come on the market on and off. I’ll have to check with my Friends who own a great little record store in Montague, Michigan. I have access to their basement and have found some gems down there.

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