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SC EP:941 Something Out Of A Nightmare

Come hang out with us. Merkel Media is heading to Washington state in a couple weeks to shoot our next fill investigating bigfoot encounter locations! While we are out there we are going to do an advanced screening of our next film “The Shape of Shadows” at Battle Ground Cinema on April 6th at 6:30pm PST!

After the advanced screening, we will be doing a town hall where bigfoot experiencers can share with everyone in attendance. Lastly, after the town hall, we will wrap up the night with a Q&A section hosted by Wes Germer and Tony Merkel.

If you are interested in this event then get your tickets now because they are going to sell out fast!


DATE: April 6th, 2023
TIME: 6:30PM to 9:30PM PST

Battle Ground Cinema
1700 SW 9th Avenue
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Tonight we will be speaking to Matt. Matt writes “Hello Wes, so I had a horrifying experience when I was 14 years old. I live in Youngstown, Ohio. I grew up on the Northside of town in the city. If you look up pics of the old steel mills in town you will get an understanding of what I am talking about.

So my buddy literally lived across the street from the mills. We would regularly go down there and just investigate the MASSIVE AREA. All but shut down and dilapidated. Well we had certain old buildings that we frequented and one we made into our home base. We spent weeks making walls and strengthening spots so no one could get in and especially the wild dogs that also frequented the area and were especially vicious. They travelled in packs of 6 or more. The building we went to all the time had no stairs so we had to jump up to get in. Made it safer for us. I was right by an active railroad. The other working steel mill near used it to get supplies in and out.

Fast forward to the summer and we were there one night. We always had guns as this was Youngstown, Ohio in the early 90’s. Murdertown, USA @ that time. Plenty of Bloods and Crypts. We had chosen an old factory building that was huge and we would have massive fires right on the floor of the 1st floor. We erected a wall of these metal U shaped things to give us privacy and safety. If anyone saw us from the railroad they would call the police and security and we would be in trouble.

Well, we were hanging out and we heard a pack of dogs coming and we thought it sounded like they were chasing something. We went out to see and they ran near us over a huge mound of coke that steel mills use in the steel making process. They ran over and we hear a fight ensuing. Vicious attack going on, all dogs involved. After 6-7 seconds we hear a louder dog above all the others and the beginning screams of the wild dogs started. Then to our shock @ different times wild dogs we’re literally being thrown over the mound in different directions. Finally all the wild dogs run away in the direction they came but as fast as they could possibly run, some limping, some with obvious injuries. We were shocked.

Then one of my friends screams “WHAT IS THAT?!…LOOK!!” At that moment, I kid you not, A GIANT Wolf like animal the size of which seemed quite honestly fake crawls on all fours to the top of the mound and is looking directly into the area the wild dogs ran, it lifts its leg and subsequently and substantially releases a urine flow that honestly seemed like it was released out of a garden hose. That right there, may sound amusing. It scared the hell out of us because it have the idea of just how large this thing was. My one buddy stumbled backwards into our makeshift wall and it then turns its attention to US. I cannot relay to you the amount of fear we all immediately felt. I feel it even NOW writing this to you. The hairs on my arm are standing up. It had yellowish amber colored eyes that literally glowed like they had a power source behind them. Looking back on it we agreed it was from the light of the huge bonfire that we had made in our home base. It growls next and it was so deep we all felt it. I said out loud that I just felt that in my chest. My 2 buddies said they were all of a sudden light headed and getting sick. I did not feel that as of that moment. But we all were horrified. It then did something so shocking, so alien to the status quo that we immediately felt in danger and ran inside the building and up 2 sets of broken, missing and falling apart concrete stairs up to a third level. We are all very lucky that no one fell to at least a broken bones type fall, maybe worse. It stood up on 2 legs, it’s back legs. They looked like a huge set of dogs legs but the large leg muscles were reminiscent of a body builder. But thicker. And just the look of its massive body was unbelievably impressive & intimidating. My one friend was crying he was so terrified. When we got to the third floor we had to smack and shake him to shut him up as well as cover his mouth until he almost passed out from lack of air.

We hoped it left. It did not. After what seemed like an hour but only one or two minutes we hear it climb up on the outside and start to enter the building. We first saw the shadow of it which was 10 times as large as the beast. We all froze, no one dared make a sound, we should have dropped down out of sight but we’re so terrified we just stood there staring. It came into the light and we saw everything on the animal. It was at the very least the size of a grizzly bear. Again, the size was so large it was hard to believe that we were not dreaming, that this was real, it was and it was happening 20 feet in front of us. It was growling, sniffing the air and it just automatically looked straight up at us. It knew where we were.

The whole time. It’s eyes glowing, the thing that stood out to us was it started drooling, but not a little. It was pouring out of its mouth, was it pouring from the idea it was about to eat? To kill us? It could have EASILY! It looked away from us and saw the stairs. We froze again and got a newfound feeling of horror. It was heading to the stairs to come up where we were. We started freaking out and looking around and had only 1 escape, an outside fire staircase going up to the roof. The part to go down had rusted and fell off however long ago. It hopped easily over the 3 steps missing and was instantly up on the 2nd floor. It was walking to the next set of stairs and at that moment we heard the most beautiful sound EVER! A train coming right by the building, slowly too, they had to see the fire because when they were passing the building they let loose the treason horn. And it freaked out the wolf creature. It looked towards the opening of the building and in 2 seconds was out of the building and gone! We all started screaming help which no one heard but also we just were screaming from stress and because we felt we were going to maybe be ok.

When the train could no longer be heard, the fear set back in and we thought every single sound was the thing coming back in. It did not Thank GOD! We then started to remember we had 3 pistols with us. We all took them out, took the safeties off and started to make our way back down to the second floor, waited 20 minutes and then to the first floor and waited probably an hour before we ventured back outside pointing the guns and flashlights in front of us the whole time. Remember, we didn’t have LED lights in the early 90’s. These were cheap plastic ones that only lit so much. But 4 of them helped light the way. We thought for sure every second we were making our way back to my friends house that it was coming after us.

We heard the wild dogs from a distance and started running. We ran until we got to my buddies house. Those of us that are still alive, talk about that night everyone time we see or talk on the phone. We will remember that until the day we die. I still am in awe that these things exist. Every time I see or hear a story about someone’s experience with one or more I freeze. I am instantly brought back to that night and I feel true fear again.”





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96 Responses to “SC EP:941 Something Out Of A Nightmare”

  1. Linda B

    Hi guys! Thanks, Wes! Hey guys, get a dash cam! Ofcourse we all would use it to catch a squatch but recently a guy jumped on my car hood to fake a car accident with me and I wish I’d had a dashcam for that! There’s a bunch of nutcases out there doing crazy things like that and setting up innocent people to have a car accident so the nutcase can grab your insurance money. Dash cams or cell phones to the ready! Can’t wait to listen.

    • KRISTA J

      Yes, I heard this story there a long time ago as well… I’m glad he’s sharing on other platforms because then, it’s reaching even more people. Thx Wes, for all you do, and deal with… I can’t even imagine, behind the scenes, the shit( or people) you gotta weed out out to bring these wonderful, credible guests to us every week. You are appreciated. I listen every week, or try too.

  2. Tim K

    How you all doing tonight!
    What an awesome night to listen to the greatest pod cast known to man, women and child.
    Hope all is well.thanks for the interesting pod WES!!

  3. Linda B

    Hi guys! Thanks, Wes. Go, Brian! 🙂
    This was such a great episode. Matt did a great job of telling about his encounter. Wes, you did a super good job asking all the right questions too!
    Wes, I held my breath when you asked Matt if the creature/entity looked evil!! When Matt said yes, my heart skipped a beat! How scary! Matt said the word “murder” that’s exactly what I was trying to say but was not as articulate as Matt, about the wolf like creature/dogman thing I saw in KS and my sister in law saw one too. The creature in her sighting was much bigger, more like what Matt described. I couldn’t get a size on mine because it was on all fours and all I could see in the dim light were the front legs, face (with tuffs in the cheeks like Matt’s creature/entity) and chest.
    I don’t think this animal is natural, I think he’s a cross between alien and wolf. Wolves have those amber colored eyes which glow naturally and they are striking.
    What a terrifying encounter! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your story, Matt! Good luck and have a lot of fun at your Shadows weekend, Wes! Wish we could be there.

  4. Daniel G

    I’m curious where this is. I’m currently living in Struthers, Ohio, originally from Lowellville, Ohio. And there are several old Steel Mills in the area

  5. Lisa B

    I recently made a road-trip to Jefferson, Ohio. We drove up from Virginia to pick up a Pup Pup. It was maybe 5 mins from Lake Erie, it was beautiful there and there was snow on the ground. I thought about the Ohio Grassman the whole time while driving thru the state. Pennsylvania is beautiful around there too. I wonder too sometimes if some of the sightings are actually holograms.

  6. Stacey C

    It’s really sad time we are in when two best buddies can’t joke and just be guys with each other because other ppl’s butt hurt feelings don’t know how to laugh at normal make masculinity today..‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ SMH…. Anyways always look forward to your shows!!

  7. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and Matt for this evening’s show. You know someone mentioned a while back, it could have been Tony, that what we see in movies we should be paying attention to. The Predator absolutely freaks me out. Dogman, Wolfman, I used to watch Lon Chaney change into the Werewolf at the movies as a child when a million kids would go on Saturdays and would be throwing wet, half chewed candy so that it stuck in your hair if it caught you as it flew through the air on its way to the floor. Good Times! This is the stuff of nightmares and I don’t know what I would do if I saw something like this.

  8. Bryan G

    I just heard this guy’s encounter on Ontario Sasquatch, and it’s the EXACT same story being repeated. That’s why I believe this encounter to be real. It’s terrifying to think that these dog men are out there. I know the sasquatches are definitely real. I have nearly 3 dozen still shots of facial videos (all different sasquatches – NONE OF THEM LOOK THE SAME), and they all came from one guy, Rob’s channel on YouTube – “Swan Lake Bigfoot”. Rob has the most incredible collection of up close facial videos I’ve ever seen! They’re all different colors, some brown, some white, some black. Some of them have yellow eyes, some are all black eyes. Some of them have long hair, and some look completely bald. Some look like apes, some look like humans, and some look almost cat or dog like in the face, but some of them look like total aliens! He’s even got videos of them holding their babies. He uses a GoPro camera with a selfie stick to record over his shoulder, and these sasquatches literally step out in the open or stick their faces out of the trees to look at him. His property has several of them on it, and he also knows if several other locations near his home in rural Canada where they live. There has to be millions of these creatures in our forests! Absolutely incredible!!!!

  9. Elizabeth D

    Astonishingly compelling, vividly and masterfully told with frightening and haunting details, unforgettable imagery—best of 2023 so far in my book and among the best accounts on Sasquatch Chronicles I’ve ever heard.

  10. Ricky G

    jesus that was terrifying. i always imagine seeing this or bigfoot as being hard to process as being real. like you just stepped into a different world for a moment.

  11. cynthia s

    I can accept Sasquatch as a natural creature. I get a vibe that dogman is something else. I think it’s engineered. I see the military making it. They have already created a synthetic DNA code announced in 2019. Knowledge released to the public is probably a fraction of what has already been researched and created decades ago. Billions of dollars are moved into black op projects every year. They are doing something with all that money. Making new weapons, perhaps making a new kind of ultimate soldier.

  12. Roy F

    Always interesting comments here. It’s funny that some people think Wes is Vic Cundiff with a disguised voice. Just recently I heard Vic Cundiff interviewed on another Sasquatch podcast. Believe me, Wes and Vic Cundiff are 2 different people. It seems to me that Vic Cundiff broadcasts the encounters that don’t pass Wes’ muster. I can tell in 1 minute those encounters are egotistical creations from attention seekers. Conversely, on Wes’ Sasquatch Chronicles, the encounters are told with a sincerity and emotion that transcends the digital format and enters our ears as living words. Hearing Sasquatch Chronicles stirs some experience from my rural childhood that hasn’t revealed itself to my consciousness yet. I’m patiently waiting for that day. In the meantime, I’m content to know that a humble man has realized success with the creation of a product that means so much to so many people. Wes Germer and Sasquatch Chronicles are one of a kind. .

  13. Charles R

    As much as I want to see a Bigfoot again, no way in hell (hell maybe where this entity resides) do I want be around this abberation. And yet it did not directly attack these 14 year old boys, I have yet to hear of one directly attacking – strange indeed. So what is this Dogman, Wolfman? Like most, I have no clue. I do know that the French in North America came up with the term Loup Garou maybe as early as the 17th century in Canada territories and as they made their way down into now Michigan and Wisconsin , these creatures popped up there. Then the French made their way down the Mississippi to now Louisana and New Orleans. The Cajins then called it the Rougarou because Cajins do not exactly enunciate they way us Northerners do. Now they seem to be in most parts of the country. To some native Americans they are Skinwalkers where a human transforms, kind of like what Lon Chaney did back in the early days of motion pictures and many movies have been made depicting this transformation. Just one guess on my part and it goes to the UFO aliens. Are they creating this thing to play on our fears?

  14. Melanie W

    Wes, can’t we have a part two? Or follow up, just really want to know how all friends got through such a horrifying experience, felt so bad for those boys

  15. Stacey C

    The issue I have with ppl who think this creature is created in a lab, they like Sasquatch has been seen for hundreds of years…. They don’t have to be created by God… Satan, the fallen have their offspring and things they manipulated as well. No one really truly knows, if they do they are government and military and don’t talk…. Thanks Wes!

  16. Randy O

    This guy tells this story in much more detail on DE. If I remember, its on the best of DE episode.. it’s actually scary with the added detail and how they fought it floor to floor and what each kid was feeling.. , and he lets you in on what happens in the following days/weeks

  17. Sheila L

    Randy, which DE episode is it? Thx.

    My goodness, this was just insane. I always say if I ever saw a bf I would simply faint. To see a dogman? I would probably die of fright.

    Thanks, Mister Matt. You were excellent. Wes, you did your usual bang-up job and I am grateful. Awesome episode!
    Kevin L

  18. Elizabeth B

    This story was so scary and awesome! I’m finally up to the most recent episodes. I’ve listened to all of them and SC is easily my favorite show. Well, this, and The Mandalorian. Thank you Wes!

  19. Blanche D

    Defo, one of the scariest. A drooling dogman. It does not get scarier that than, expect the one with the woman on the beach in MA, right in front of her. To think he could hear the drool landing on the concrete floor. Sends shivers down me spine. Thanks for sharing. I love a dogman encounter – they are the creepiest.

  20. Jason G

    Wait a minute, I KNOW I’ve heard Matt’s story before from somewhere! He must have told this story on someone else’s platform or channel. Has anyone here else heard this story previously also?

  21. Ellis M

    I’m from the Cleveland area. I had some strangeness happen to me and some friends. You can go from suburbs to rural in a second. The was a big metro park called Squaw Rock . All the teenagers would go to “The shelter house”. We always had a fire and smoked pot and drank beer. It was only one way in from the main trail. Everything else was thick woods. We could here something coming towards us from the woods. And I mean its pitch black. I’m thinking how are they walking in the dark. And why are the footsteps so loud. Have you ever seen birds in a tree, or on a wire. And all of a sudden without a notice. They all just flee or fly off? That’s what the kids did. They just all took off !! I tried not to be alarmed so I just walked off slowly, looking back to make sure nothing came out. Never did ! But damn was that strange. Ohio is a hot bed for real.

  22. paul p

    wes this had my wife and i on the edge of our seat . this sounds like a Stephen King movie ,
    i rather see a big foot than this thing , WOW, great story

  23. Marcus G

    I think that Wes has a beautiful God given gift to talk and to listen to people that have gone through traumatic experiences. He is so patient and you can tell that people feel a therapeutic relief after talking with him.

    This encounter was very scary!!
    I have a very hard time believing that packs of stray dogs were killing people and I definitely struggle with the idea that these dogs even dared to even attack the warewolf. I would believe that from wild African dogs, wolves or even coyotes, but is hard for me to believe that stray dogs in America would do that. I enjoyed the show, and I’m probably wrong, but that’s the part that I’m having a hard time with.

  24. Gerald R

    This Dog Man or Werewolf must be a different type of creature than a Sasquatch. The reason is that the pack of wild dogs attacked it. Dogs cower and run away from Sasquatch.


    • Karen C

      Or…the beast was tracking the wild dogs and he caught up with them, it doesn’t need composition for food so take them out…Now on killing this beast you have to literally have to remove its head to kill it, I’ve heard it done once in the South by brother’s who took turns firing at it’s neck area till it was decapitated…Then because it was harassing the farm they cut it up and put the remains all around the perimeter of their land, no more trouble….

  25. Pat B

    Just a comment that the metal frames they built into walls were likely ’flasks’ used to pack with sand around a pattern to make casting molds. Having worked as a patternmaker in a previous career, across from a foundry, I can tell you, foundarys are pretty creepy places at night without werewolves stalking you!! Glad that you seem to have recovered to a great extent. Amazing account, very detailed and descriptive. Thanks for sharing and to Wes for bring the story to the forum.

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