Mar 24

SC EP:939 Salish Sasquatch – The Browns Property

Jonathan Brown returns to the show. I have talked about the Browns property on many shows. For newer listeners, I asked Jonathan to give us a history on his property. We will be discussing ongoing activity on the property. I will share some stories of when I was on the property and what Jonathan recalls over ten years later. I have always wanted to get his take on the night we saw the light and what sounded like a truck hitting the building we were standing next to.

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68 Responses to “SC EP:939 Salish Sasquatch – The Browns Property”

  1. Linda B

    So much fun being here! Hi, guys! Thank you so much, Wes and thank you too, Jonathan!. Have a nice weekend everyone, and if anybody has any extra sunshine to share with my family and I, we’ll take it! the entire month of March has been nothing cloudy.
    Love the way this episode started off with a whistle. I’ve been waiting to hear about a one syllable whistle. I bet it was loud too (confirmation of an experience I had a long time ago).
    This is going to be amazing to hear.

          • m99

            ~Like, Lisa B, Claire L, Debbie C, John B., just to name a few who’ve kinda disappeared.

          • Claire L

            I haven’t disappeared m99, I am still here, I have just been very busy on the farm and preparing for another manic audit season – Our councils in England and Wales all have the same year end, 31st March, and then we internal auditors have about two and a half months to get their internal audits turned around so the councils can send them to the external auditors by the 30th June deadline. I audit just over 100 councils now so I do as much work as I can upfront, before the madness starts and the phone starts ringing off the hook!

            Any how, love to you and yours, to the magnificent Wes, and all the other wonderful Sasquatch Chroniclers! ❤️

          • Dale M

            is Claire L the same person who had the ‘beach experience with a sasquatch family’ that was truly amazing/terrifying, years ago? She is from the UK! (sorry to ask…hope she is keeping well???)

  2. Joey S

    hey Wes for some reason my app will not play the videos in the blogs I have Uninstalled the app and then installed it and it doesn’t help the videos still will not play. Thanks

    • Linda B

      Hey guys, for fun just want to share we bought tickets for the Estes Park Bigfoot Festival next month!! Two of my heroes will be there, Buck and Jeff off Mountain Monsters! They’re so funny. Matt Moneymaker will also be there, it will be fun to meet those guys if I get that close.

  3. m99

    Wow. Fantastic Episode Wes and Jon. So happy to hear news from the Browns, once again, and the recap of past experiences. Geesh. Makes us feel like a family! Loves from S & M, Wes Germer. Thx You Guys! Be Blessed! _m99

  4. Linda B

    One more thing….the loud bang on the building, I’m thinking energy being manipulated, the same energy that keeps them from being seen visually. The same energy that keeps pictures at the blob squatch stage. The same energy you feel in your body when you hear them howl/scream/growl. And….tonight I realized….the same energy that creates those lights. I’m guessing they are (some/all?? are) paranormal (cross between alien with alien technology?, Then animal/human cross). More and more I think it points to that.
    (See Robin Haynes McCray’s interview by Jason MCKenzie, youtube video)
    Until Sunday you guys ❤️👣!

  5. Christopher M

    Not to hurt anyone’s feelings but you have an 8 hr encounter with 2 of them trapped 35ft up in a deer stand and you will get that cloaking and supernatural alien junk out of your head. They are PRIMATES! ACT AND LOOK AND SOUND JUST LIKE A DIFFERENT EVOLVED SPECIES OF A DAMN MONKEY. I say kill em all.

  6. Charles R

    I/m sure it is a Sasquatch also in the thermal and the photograph picture. Huge chest that has definition on the thermal. The photo reminds me of Patty if she were looking straight on at the camera. Conicle head and bangs down to the eyes. Impressive. Hearing little singing and such in the woods is creepy. Illinois researcher Stan Courtney on his website from years ago had a couple different recordings of what sounded like kids in the forest. It might still be on there he had so many recordings.
    That is a pretty good recording of a Sasquatch, definitly Ohio Howl type which I have heard in the MIchigan Huron National Forest in 2011. Great to hear about Johathans and Wes’ early investigations again.

  7. Brenda B

    Great episode! Enjoyed hearing from one of the Browns personally. Really enjoyed hearing Wes talk about some of his personal experiences on this property! On a side note, would love it Wes, if you could somehow incorporate the old 54321 intro into your next intro reboot… that was my fav!! I don’t often post, but as so many others do, I look forward to every Fri. and Sun. SasChron episodes. Thank you for keepn on keepn on!! We love you!!

  8. Robert E

    Thanks Jonathan. Wes, I’m 71 and one big foot already in the grave. Maybe we can see more of Browns ‘ pictures and videos from previous years before I go?

  9. Bradford L

    Wes, you had me at “sticker bushes”!! That’s what we called any berry bush on the west coast. It’s fascinating to hear you recount a personal experience, since all I’ve heard from you are your narratives and introductions as a host. I suppose I did overhear you mention that your own personal encounter is in an early episode, but I’m working backwards from the latest to the first episode and I haven’t found it yet. Cheers from BC

  10. Janetta V

    Sure enjoyed the show, it was great to hear from Johnathan again, I’ve thought about him and Sarah over the years and how they were doing with all those squatch around there place. Very glad they are doing well, would love to hear more from them, if possible. Thank you Wes for reaching out and making this a great show.

  11. Robin W

    Has anyone heard of the metal clanging before? There was a hunter who went missing, never to be heard from again. His friend who was part of the hunting party reported hearing the same type of sound!

  12. Dave A

    I liked this episode. Listen…..Sasquatch are responsible for the structures that all of us see out in the forest. Especially the large ones.! When you see otherwise healthy trees that weigh 1000 pounds….. broken off at the bottom…..and broken off the top….. and with all of thier branches broken off…..and then placed upright into another gigantic living tree… cannot deny that they are responsible….and the reason for that is there are no groups of men with machinery…..or Boy Scouts….that are even capable of going into the woods to thousands of different places to make these pointless structures…..many of which are only seen because some individuals just happened upon them . I don’t know why they make them and they don’t make sense to us….but it’s not freaking people. It’s not even possible for people to make these things. The large ones I mean. I’ve seen giant tree trunks that weigh hundreds or even a couple thousand pounds placed up into a tree canopy 30 feet off the ground…..and I’ve seen it many times.!! . There’s absolutely no question. On top of that I’ve had many Sasquatch encounters…..and every single one of them have been in an area where I was almost completely surrounded by tree structures both big and small. Every single time.! It’s good to question stuff and it’s good to be skeptical, but not to the point of being ignorant and blatantly stupid about the evidence you’re coming across out in the woods. Just my two cents man.

  13. craig d

    Whoa, those are good pics!! ( as far as Sasquatch pics go).
    Awesome episode.
    I still don’t know what show the Brown Bros featured on to go back for a re-listen. Anyone know?

  14. craig d

    @ … I was going to have a go at one of the know it alls who have sussed everything out and claim they are just apes. What a narrow mind to have. If that’s the case then everyone who had had a encounter with any strangeness is just lieing?
    These are the delusional, not the people who experience supernatural Sasquatch.

  15. Bob G

    If ya listen to enough of these, you realize that they really dont let you see them unless they want you to. It was like they showed themselves to this guy in 2013 and then they knew that he was aware of them so from then on all their interactions are based on common knowledge of one another. And thats how the Sasquatch want it.

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