Mar 23

Upcoming Show: Unknown Animal Sound

A listener writes “This is an audio recording taken August 16th, 2018, near Kensington, Ohio. It sounds to be a large animal, though it does not sound like anything familiar.

I never saw anything, but if you follow the link above you can hear a 4 minute recording I took. I was working as a security guard for a pipeline construction project in eastern Ohio.

Over the course of about 3 months I had a lot of secondary evidence and experiences that led me to believe we had a resident squatch. There was a very large rock thrown clean through a shipping container, handprints on the very tops of shipping containers, a few sightings of “a HUGE dude in a ghillie suit” that I had to respond to along with a few other mysterious incidents.

The recording took place sometime in july or august very late one night. I heard it from a long ways off, and started recording. in the four minutes of the recording, this thing went from out of earshot on my right, then crossed my field of hearing to the left and went far enough away in four minutes that I couldnt hear it anymore. This thing was HAULING through the woods. I spoke to some of the nearby houses, and one of them confirmed hearing this and said they’d never heard anything like that in the woods before. This all took place just east of Minerva, Ohio.”

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  1. Charles R

    Sounds very distressful, maybe angry, a sound I have never heard before, however a very good recording. Of course this is an area of Ohio that has a rich history of sighting and encounters and Columbiana Cty is where Matt Moneymake recorded the Ohio How. I can not fathom how even a Sasquatch could throw a rock through a shipping container, unless rusted out. Sign him up for the major leagues – just have to find another as no human catcher could catch a baseball thrown by one of these guys.

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