Mar 17

SC EP:937 The Helicopter Incident

Tonight we will be speaking to Joy. Joy had an encounter in the mid 70’s, in Michigan. Joy and her sister were walking their dogs when a large creature covered in hair crossed right in front of them. Joy said “We didn’t know what to call it besides a monster. I was seven years old at the time and the creature looked at us and turned and walked into the tree line.

We will also be speaking to James and Amy. Amy writes “My husband is a truck driver and I ride with him. It was dawn and we were on I-94. Early morning traffic on one side of the road was a bear curled up and looked to be sleeping. Which was strange to me with all the traffic going by. Quarter mile from the bear on the other side of the road were two dairy cows laying on the side of the road (dead). Another quarter to half mile from the cows were three deer on the side of the road (dead). None of the animals had any blood or looked as if they had been hit. No tire marks that I had noticed.

My husband and I discussed how strange it was and continued on our way to unload. We got unloaded, got reloaded and were headed onto our next delivery. We were on back to I-94 on a two-way highway traveling along the Mississippi River on highway 61 just past Lake city, Minnesota. We saw a black unmarked helicopter, blacked out windows, it looked like a two person helicopter with a cable hanging from it.

We couldn’t see what the cable was attached too, at first. As we past by, we were watching in the mirrors to figure out what it was trying to pull up from the banks of the river. It had a huge white bag attached to it. It looked like it was have issues pulling it up. About 20 to 30 minutes later, both my husband and I got text on our phones from an unknown number. All the text said was….”we need to speak with you.”

My husband and I just deleted the text and kept going. I’m not sure what all that was, But something is strange about it.

So forward a few years, we bought some property and decided to build a cabin located in the Mark twain National Forest. We bought a shell of a cabin and are finishing the inside, we installed security cameras on the outside. Right after we installed them, we got deer, fox, coons, all kinds of animals for the first few weeks. Then suddenly our cameras were triggered but no animals or anything were on the cameras. Strange noise, tree breaks were the only things we could hear but see nothing.

Last summer we walked around our property. Our lot is only about 100′ by 200′ we are building in a very small town in Missouri. I will forward pictures of some of the strange things we found.



I am cleaning up the ringcam audio. If I can clean it up I will post it.










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78 Responses to “SC EP:937 The Helicopter Incident”

  1. Linda B

    Yay!!! I am so glad to be with my S C Family. Congrats Paula!!
    Thanks Wes! It has been a rough week. I feel like a lame duck sliding into a home filled with people of like minds. Can’t wait to listen, thanks to your guest(s).

  2. Geneva V

    Thanks Wes for another Great show!!

    Does anyone by chance remember which show it was where the man talked about the guy that had a pot farm and shot a BF in the head through a hole in the cabin door?? I’m trying to find it and I’m not having much luck.
    TIA 😁

    • Brian L

      Hey Geneva,
      I sorta remember an encounter like that….
      Didn’t the guy dump the Squatch in the nearby river….???
      Not sure that encounter was on SC….
      May have been another podcast…..
      “of lesser quality of course”
      but still legit encounter

  3. Linda B

    Good show! I agree with Amy’s take on the creatures being more than just flesh and blood. The mindspeak thing and the “disappearing trackways”, and people being somehow followed home miles from their encounter sites exceed the capabilities of a normal flesh and blood animal.
    Thanks, Wes!

  4. Maria G

    Hey SC Gang I’m happy to be here. looking forward to listening to tonights show, sounds like it’s gonna be a good one. …F.S feel better soon.. sending love and prayers. I had bilateral pneumonia late December into January and actually needed oxygen for 4 days 24/7.. crazy but Im healed and feeling better it just takes a little time and some good medicine and you’ll be back at it.. keep us posted on how your doing on Sunday I’ll be looking. 🤗

  5. Bob V


    Not being a jerk. Just making some clarification. I live here in MN grew up in Wisconsin. Took 94 at least 100 times from Milwaukee to Minneapolis.

    Along the Misssippi river is 10/61 on the MN SIde.

    I believe he’s trying to say Menomonie WI. It is on 94 and close to the MN border.
    A lot of Native American Names in both MN and WI.

    Want to say the descriptions of the roads they are talking about are accurate.


  6. Shelly B

    This is the thing I most look forward to all week and then Sunday!! I don’t know what I would do without my SC..thanks Wes. BTW I’m writing to you from Southern Oregon..everyone has a big foot story here.

  7. cynthia s

    Dead animals along the road makes me think maybe a truck carrying a toxic load had a spill of some kind and there was a minor leak, killing animals that were close to it. Perhaps military cargo. Helicopters trying to clean it up. Toxic chemicals are transported by truck all over the US. I’d think the road would have been closed down for clean up so not a likely scenario.

  8. Laurie T

    I live about an hour from this helicopter incident occurred. very puzzling. I think the phone contacts are the strangest. if “they” were really concerned about talking to them why was there no follow up. possibly just to say hey we know who you are and spook them. Apparently that didn’t work haha. sorry for my poor grammar I’m sick and too lazy to fix

  9. avila

    David Palaudies video, Missing 411 The UFO Connection,
    his video he talk’s to eye witness about the same thing these two
    people are describing.
    UFOs abducting animals and releasing them on the side
    of the road deseased.

  10. William D

    That 2nd story was incredibly strange indeed. The text BOTH James and Amy received was very scary amidst EVERYTHING going on. But whoever sent it, DIDN’T attempt anything further?????? ?? C’mon, they WANTED to speak with them. I can’t imagine James/Amy failure to respond discouraging their efforts.

  11. Dennis U

    The helicopter was probably picking up water with the bag..seen them fly with these tear drop bags that are scooped up from a water source to put out fires ..

  12. Juli W

    Oh, man! A Grand Haven girl! I wish I could talk with you in person. This area has been know for years for Dogman, Lemonheads, and UFO’s. This is the first Bigfoot I’ve heard of in this area. Very cool.

  13. Gumshoguy

    Michigan more than 2,093 BF reports ~ Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner
    This is the second such report of helicopters pursuing Bigfoots in Michigan. The first such incident involved an unmarked low flying OD (olive drab) or forest green chopper chasing a large hairy black 9-foot in hot pursuit. Residence is sandwiched between State and National Forest. A couple had friends oversitting at back yard picnic table when they hear a “bullcharging” through the woods they all turn in unison to see a large hairy black hairy man run across their yard with incredible speed as it clears one tree line for another. Seconds later they see and hear the thumping sounds of a low flying chopper overhead with lights blinking low enough to see the pilot looking down at them.

  14. craig d

    Airwolf!! Superb, they don’t make shows like that anymore, now we get wishy washy, proppaganderised, politically correct, utter garbage. Shame, not just our TV shows either.
    Sorry, off on one there!
    Great episode, sad im almost caught up, 937 episodes in 10ish weeks – phew!! Been a ride!

  15. craig d

    @Collen G. Special police, Government operatives and anti terrorist units etc. have access to every mobile (cell) phone number,this can be localised. “They” can track your movement and the majority of what you are doing. They could have tracked via cell and license plate to find out exactly who just drove past. They also could text the two of them at the same time, it would only take a short time.
    So their story is indeed plausible. The question is why they never followed up and just allowed them to go about their business… or did they???

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