Feb 10

Upcoming Show: Like a man with a beard

A listener writes “My encounter happened in 2014 in Mendocino county, CA. I was there to stay a week by my self. I went upstream fish. The trail going up had a big rock formation I had to go around.

That’s when the smell stopped me in my tracks. It smelt like a zoo were there big animals are kept. I looked across the creek and dust was in the air as if something jumped 10 feet across the creek. I now looked behind me and on the other side 75 ft away was a massive creature standing next to the trees.

I stood there and we both just stared at each other for about 5 seconds. It blinked and steeped behind the trees out of sight. I panicked and started walking further up stream I turned around to see were it was and I just kept walking until the canyon got so narrow I told myself I had to stop walking or be lost.

So I climbed on a big boulder in the middle of the creek thinking it would be the best place to hide behind till it felt safe. For 2 hours I stayed on that rock fishing and looking for movement. I was afraid but knew I had to head back for my dogs back at camp.

So I started walking back real slow and when I got close to were it happened I started to whistle a tune trying to let the big guy I was just passing through. I started talking in a calm voice saying I am not here to harm you and I was just leaving.

I made it back to camp and loaded up my truck. the bigfoot was at least 8 to 9 ft tall with an upper chest as big as a barrel and arms the size of my legs its hair was reddish brown and its face color was like tanned buck skin. It had very dark eyes but its look wasn’t angry towards me it was calm looking, no real hair on its face not like a man with a beard.”

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  1. m99

    Man Wes. The hits just keep on coming. I imagine it is overwhelming sometimes. But you seem to handle it well. Looking forward to hearing this one! Thx for posting. _m

  2. Linda B

    Really scarey. When you put yourself in these witnesses’ shoes, it really takes your breath away. It’s especially scarey when these poor folks have to walk back the same direction to get out of the area. That takes guts, and this poor guy had to go get his dogs; that’s a loyal pet owner and extremely brave.
    I’m kind of glad I live in a small town now and don’t live in a rural area anymore (like Bailey, CO where we used to live). It feels safer knowing no sasquatch is going to bother me where I live, except for our camping trips. Thank you Wes.
    Love to m99. Hope you are well. 🙂

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