Nov 18

SC EP:905 Bigfoot Of The Rockies

Tonight I will be speaking to Jason Frank. Jason had his world turned upside in 2007 while out turkey hunting. Jason and his wife found tracks they could not place with any animal that is known to science. He later became friends with members of the BFRO. His friends would take him to areas that are known for encounters.

Jason writes “I was born and raised in Western Colorado. While Colorado has always been my home, my father’s career as a gold miner required that the family follow the work and therefore we lived in North Central California, all over Colorado, and Moab Utah where my father worked at a uranium mine during the Cold War, before Moab was the tourist destination it is now. I was raised hunting, fishing, hiking, and all things outdoors in a family that has generations of outdoorsman and women, cowboys, miners, farmers and explorers.

As an adult, I joined the U.S. Army in the early 1990’s and served as an Airborne Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division based in Ft Bragg North Carolina and a tour in Sinai Egypt. In 1993 while in Sinai Egypt, I was stricken with a serious and mysterious autoimmune disease that severely impacts my life to this day.”

Jason wrote a book, “Hairys” True ongoing stories of Sasquatch in the Rockies. The book is available at

Also check out his YouTube channel “Bigfoot of the Rockies Outdoor Adventures.”







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78 Responses to “SC EP:905 Bigfoot Of The Rockies”

      • Candice W

        Right. Plus (How to hunt) & (Bigfoot Odyssey) & (The Paranormal Portal) & SO MANY MORE..Its Almost like most people have had a sighting of sasquatch but never wanted to admit it because the media doesn’t want to recognize them. people didn’t want to be ridiculed…The more I hear the more common I’m starting to see it is. I still haven’t come forward PUBLICLY So Thats Another & My Son. So there’s 2 more..The List KEEPS GROWING!

  1. Larry W

    In the hospital after s a atv accident. Been 1 week and 2 days just snuggling in for the nite and this show makes me so happy and has something to look forward to. Thanks so much SC. THANKS WESlong time sub well well worth it. Thanks..Rob from Nova Scotia ..CANADA

  2. Virginia S

    What a fantastic show tonite, Wes. I could listen to Jason speak about his experiences for hours. Absolutely amazing.
    I hope you can get him back for another show to go into many more of his encounters. This one is definitely being added to my SC”favorites” episodes.
    Thx, Wes😉

  3. Barry W

    After you hear as many of these stories as we all have you just know. Had me goin to until had to wake everyone up after all that commotion. But who knows just my opinion and my opinion doesn’t matter. Thank you Wes for what you do. White star rocks.

  4. Matthew J

    That was excellent. It has got to be very upsetting after an encounter and folks close to you think you are nuts. They’ve been trained to think that way. I sure hope Jason took the Mrs. out to dinner after what she went through. Curious to know if Jason’s wife goes back out any more or was once enough. Good show.

    • Steve J

      I’ve ran into spirit world voices before. Usually it spoke into my right ear. Generally it was a warning. eg: there is a bear up ahead. I tested the spirit world voice with scripture. And it made me say yesu- f***ing -wah with my own voice. Don’t believe the spirit world voice is of God. I think it is an unholy spirit tring to win my favor.

  5. Rodney P

    Wow Jason’s encounters must have been terrifying. I am sorry but If that was me in that tent with that bigfoot inches away from my face Growling and snarling at me I think I would have pulled that trigger. There’s no way I would have gone back camping looking for these things after that particular incident. Thank you Jason for sharing your encounters they were all terrifying. And of course thank you Wes for all your hard work you’re putting into sasquatch chronicles it’s number 1 for a reason 🙂

  6. richard r

    was it fake? why would you do that? it lessens the believeability of all the shows before this one. if it is ill not believe any of this stuff and just just stop listening to any more shows. but no because ive heard the same things myself and know there is something to this. maybe some of the commenters just arent listening and never took your show seriously in the first place. what an odd response to this story.

  7. Janetta V

    Great show Wes. I have no doubts this military man was telling the truth, thank you sir. It seems to me that if a story is incredible, then here come the doubters “calling all doubters. You all need to go and read Ephesians chapter 6, and then think about incredible.

  8. Steve J

    Phantom Canyon lol Have xp with rock throwing behaviors at Skagway Reservoir. I want to try the area east of Gillette Flatts. Above where the old dam blew out. Seen a Sasquatch family group watering at the artesian well, back in ’95 there on Highway 67.

  9. Stephen S

    Wes when you talk to people like Jason is there a part of you wondering why we still don’t have a film that challenges Patterson Gimlen yet? if In fact we now are confident enough to know that you will almost be guaranteed an encounter how are we not using all the new technologies to document the sounds and the picture ??

    • Mark R

      I checked out his YouTube site and based on his words I expected more evidence. It’s always cheap gear or malfunctioning gear, which can and does happen but I would think that you would catch some great video sooner or later if you go out as much as the experts claim they do. A black screen with people talking about what they’re seeing through night vision or FLIR isn’t convincing.

  10. m99

    WOW man.

    It was a pleasure listening to this guest. I like regular people who come into this totally open. The one thing I didn’t like is when he, Jason, didn’t take his wife home, right then, right there. They’ve never hurt me before is like saying, I drive this car and have never had a wreck. Well, there’s that one time…

    I agree they’re a type of people, too human to not be. Plus, I maintain, if scientistists want to prove these creatures, all they’d need to do is ask someone like Jason. And yes, in total agreement, fully support Dr. Ketchem, then and now.

    Again. Wow man.

  11. STEVE W

    I dont poke the bear , But no doubt they have areas they don’t want you in, And I also can go back to an area I know they are in , I don’t go looking for them at all, I go to hunt , But they come to me , 90% of the time they greet me in some way , I park in the same spot , Walk in the same and hunt the same tree ,

  12. Gretchen W

    Great episode Wes. I also was thinking that perhaps the voice Jason heard, was another Squatch communicating to him. Perhaps a female knowing what would placate the Alpha Squatch.

  13. Vivian M

    Great show! This man has 10 ft cojones! To be that close to an unknown being! I most definitely on my best day, even with a good shot of bourbon couldn’t do it! Brave man!

  14. Linda B

    Hey, guys, pretty late in getting to the show today but just have to say, Wes, Jason and husband Steve and I have mutual friends in Bailey CO, the Meyers. I can send you Jim Meyers ‘ number. Jim is a go to guy out there for squatch reports. God bless. Great listening here, just getting started with the episode. It’s awesome. Thanks so much, Wes.

  15. Linda B

    We had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jason at the Honobia conference last fall. You can tell by listening he is completely sold out on bigfoot, he’s the real deal, very transparent and sincere. He showed us on the tent he was camping in at the conference a mark on the tent which was part of the bigfoot handprint he mentions in this episode.

    These things are real, and I need to know what they are, especially with the paranormal thing. Kind of funny, we heard a large pop like you would make if you flipped your thumb out of the inside of your mouth off your cheek, in the house, while we were watching TV last night! In the house! No explanation. It was weird. We both heard it. The voice Jason heard was God’s voice telling him to kick his legs. Love this guy!

    Wes, Jason will tell you, please call Jim Meyers Jason’s and our friend. Wes, you are awesome. Thanks for this. P.s. Jim is really down to earth and you’ll enjoy talking to him. Sasquatch Outpost, Bailey, CO. His wife Daphne and her south Africa accent has been talking to people about sasquatch for several years. They bought me dinner one cold December night when as a flatlander I drove up into the mountains the first time in my life to go to a parade that was cancelled, I was super scared to drive back down, so they cared. They’re awesome. I just love the fresh honest Colorado personas.

  16. Dawn G

    I would like to make a comment on the language. People talk about the clicking and such. I hear this from lots of different encounters in different websites and podcasts. The only language that I know that sounds similar. Is African they do a lot of at smacking , clicking with their tongue so.
    I propose that we all do research on just the language, there is a man out there.
    I can’t remember his name.
    But I think that is a great approach. I also listen to one of the earlier episodes that you got on here.
    You couple different guys and you were all trying to figure out what’s going to take to make it real for the nonbelievers. The gentleman that made out some of the language. I want to find him and tell him to look at that. Because if you understand what they’re saying that’s key.The gentleman who is hearing his encounters here that’s explaining about what he thinks the chattering is and what he believes there saying. I quote) they’re in charge.
    Mike Paterson is communicating with them with a chalkboard asking simple questions. And them answering yes or no.
    I really believe that’s the next step because
    I know that you’re tired of listening no disrespect to anyone to the encounters because everybody’s having them but nobody understands anymore than that!! only obvious tracks broken branches, tree structures, thermal images, etc.
    Please continue to have people on with their encounters. I enjoy it very much. Otherwise I wouldn’t have subscribed.
    Language, that’s the key!!! someone please comment on what I’m talking about!!🙏🏼

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