Oct 21

SC EP:897 “Movement up the hill!”

Ric writes “I am a 22-year Army Veteran. It was the greatest joy in my life being a soldier next to being a father of two.

At that time, my MOS was 11B (Infantry) and my specialty was Infantry Scout. I attended One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Ft Benning, GA, where I was taught the skills necessary to be an effective scout. I did deploy to Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Bosnia, Kosovo, OEF, and OIF.

In my heart, I know I served with integrity and honor. So it makes it a bit difficult for what I am about to tell you, but on the eyes and souls of my children it’s the Gods honest truth.

I was based at Fort Bragg, NC in 1996. I was with HHQ Co, 1/505th PIR, and in 1996 we were going to be involved in a joint training exercise at Fort Lewis. While preparing all the equipment and other additional things needed to be done prior to leaving, I was informed that I was going to be the Op-For leader. I had been in Op-For a couple of times before and I will admit that it was fun to do. I had several meetings with the Battalion S-3 in charge of operations and planning and others and was given a long list of actions that the Op-For would be doing. It was a surprise to be informed that we’ll be “let loose” and engage the units however we wished as long as it followed the planning schedule. Two of the missions had us as terrorists with a suicide bomb vest. We used brown cardboard tubes from paper rolls and toilet paper and painted them and glued and taped them with wires to make them look real. In other missions, we were to penetrate the AO (Area of Operation) and plant “bombs” on vehicles, next to crew tents, and leave without being seen. The S3 would be informed via radio calls to the TOC (Tactical Operation Center). We were causing havoc everywhere and we were having a blast. We’d set up our “campsite” and get our rest near the areas where we were to do whatever the plan called for.

On the night in question, we checked the map to see where the company we would be attacking would be since all locations were predetermined. Seeing where all the other units were on the map, I made the decision of where to bunk down and get a few hours of rest before we would go on with the mission at hand. We parked the humvee as close as possible to the hill that I thought would be best to keep us from being noticed and climbed up to the hilltop. The next day’s mission had us attacking on or about 5 a.m. The plan was to get up at 3 a.m. and I would take the 1 to 3 guard shift. It was close to midnight when we were awoken by live small arms fire. Everyone involved in this training exercise carried blanks and all had red blank adapters attached at the end of the muzzle.

There is a very distinct difference in sound between live rounds and blank rounds. The firing was about 350 to 400-meters from our location on the opposite side of the hill where, according to the war map, no unit was to be. Within moments of the firing starting up, there was a very loud roar. I’ve heard lions roar and this was much louder and you could feel it. The guys and I were scared straight. The weapon fire lasted thirty seconds, give or take, and then quiet. Two of my soldiers were about to run down the hill to see what was going on and I had to stop them. We gathered our M-16s and night vision goggles and cautiously proceeded down the hill going from tree to tree and hide. There were a few bright flashlights we could see as we approached. We were about 75 feet and could hear men talking and one was on a radio when suddenly one of them shouted out “Movement up the hill!” We got caught and were told to reveal ourselves and approach. And that’s where we saw them! There in front of us lay two Sasquatch. The male was obviously dead, and the female was breathing heavily, spitting out and choking on her blood. The men there took our weapons and night vision goggles and the one talking identified himself only as a captain. He was talking loudly and was pissed off that we were there. Much of what was said at first didn’t relay to us because we looking at the two Sasquatch. The male was sprawled on his back and with the light they had you could clearly see his penis. The female succumbed to her wounds, stopped breathing and died.

Me and the boys were in shock at what we were seeing. The captain who was talking to me gave me a slap in the face to get my attention to him. Once I did look at him and come out of the spell I was in, I noticed the smell coming from the creatures. I had identified to them who we were and why we were there. Once the shock wore off I took a really close look at these men. Their equipment and weapons were not standard issue. I knew they were Delta Force because of the hockey helmets they were wearing. Five minutes after we were found out, a humvee was heard approaching and now a colonel came up and gave us an ass chewing. We were moved down the hill, but before that the Delta Force were prepping the Sasquatch for extraction because a black hawk helo came in low and hovered above. We were put in other vehicles and taken away. We traveled like two hours until we arrived at a location. We were ushered into a room where we waited an hour. They had all our information, unit and all our equipment. That colonel, other military officers and that Delta Force captain came in and gave us direct orders not to speak of this matter and that if it was discovered that we did we’d be facing UCMJ action against us and we’d do time at Leavenworth. Wes, they really put the fear of God in us. We were told that our battalion commander was informed of us “interfering on their training mission” and we were to return to the TOC after we were debriefed. Since I was the only NCO of the group, I was threatened with having my career ruined if I ever spoke of this again. Sometime later, we were loaded up on 5-ton truck under guard and driven back to the hill where all of this took place. We were allowed to gather our stuff from the hilltop and followed to the TOC’s current location, and the truck following us just continued moving on down the road.

We were given another ass-chewing by our battalion commander. Although he didn’t say it, I got the distinct impression he knew what had happened. The S-3 major and others appeared after we got chewed out and we were chewed out once again. As the old adage goes ‘shit rolls down hill’! For the final three days remaining on the FTX, we would do the Op-For missions and have to return to the TOC afterwards.

In 2000, I was based in Germany. I had gone to Würzburg to visit an Army buddy based there and while at the commissary, I saw one of the soldiers from the Op-For team. We talked but what had happened at Ft Lewis was not brought up until I simply asked “Do you ever think about it?” His face went pale and he nodded. We left it at that.

For years, Wes, it’s eaten at me. I wanted to climb the roof of my house and shout it out loud, but the fear of reprisal from the Army or the government kept me from doing so. I kept thinking that some government man is listening to your podcasts to see if anyone military or government-affiliated ever came on your show and spilled the beans about what goes on. I don’t know why those Sasquatch were hunted and killed. I just remember her labored breathing and seeing tears rolling down her face as she died. There were several things that also that are not included in this letter to you because it would be a book, more or less. I just wanted to state the most important things of this encounter. I just needed to get it out in the open. Set myself free from this! It’s been 26-years and whatever happens, happens!”







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101 Responses to “SC EP:897 “Movement up the hill!””

  1. theresa m

    Woh! The outro was fantastic. Loving tonight’s show and cannot wait for Sunday’s. Wes, thanks so much for tonight’s guest, Ric. Ric, thank you for coming forward. Thank you, too, for your service. I haven’t been at the wrong place at the wrong time in my life so I cannot imagine the shock you experienced in hearing the gunshots and then seeing what you saw. I suffer from vertigo from time to time and it is very disconcerting so when you talked about trying to keep it together to now vomit, I felt that. Looking forward to your sharing again on Sunday’s show. Thank you again.

    • Terrence S

      I liked this one a lot. Especially the supposition/connection that a fallen angel breeding with an ape would create a sort of ‘ape of hell’ with paranormal spiritual aspects. That makes sense. The Book of Enoch concurs with the supposition that the benehaelohim/apkalu did create giants which did also have sex with animals.

      • Ric M

        That’s exactly how I came up with my theory, Terrence. I have The Book of Enoch, and three books on case studies on the book. Like I said on the show, ‘can I prove it? Is it factual?’; no, but it is how I believe they came about. It will continue to be my outlook on Sasquatch until someone comes along with actual evidence that disproves that.

  2. Linda B

    Hi everybody!!!! Thank you Wes and Ric for everything 🙏 you do and have done. I can’t wait to listen. Funny thing, was eating dinner at this cute restaurant by the lake where dad taught all six of us to swim, and have recently had activity there while camping, and the shape of the lake on the map on the wall at the restaurant looked just like a squatch with arm swing. Hummm Hehe talk to yall Sunday!

    • Virginia S

      Hey Wes…what an amazing podcast. Ric’s story was incredible. So thankful he was willing to come on and share it.
      Just another confirmation that our government absolutely knows about the existence of these creatures. I’d love to know WHY they continually deny this fact…or, maybe I don’t…the reality might be more than some of us can handle. That gets my head spinning!
      Thanks again for all your hard work and bringing us the very best😉

  3. richard r

    i totally believe this man, i didint really know for sure. im very suspicious any more .where the heck are these bodies stored? i dont think they store them ,the government i mean. i believe they cremate them. i also believe they are partof some bible mystery. its too bad we cant believe in both the paranormal and things that dont follow the laws of physics because these things can break the laws of physics.

  4. Linda B

    Wes, love the ghost busters music.. Wow. Very cool story at the end about the haunting. Man, Ric. You have had so much happen to you! Isn’t it wonderful we can call on the name of Jesus and command using his name these nasty things that are real!! I will say in Evergreen, CO there is an old hotel which was reportedly a Natzi headquarters in the US and the hotel is haunted. My husband reserved a room for us one Friday night (I wasn’t in favor of it, not looking for trouble). So…..husband is in bed and I go to crawl in and the bed jumps a bit while my husband was perfectly still. So….I said, “you wil have to try a lot harder than that”. About 3:30 or 4 am, I wake up and I see a shadow move in the room between me and the bright yard light outside the window. I knew something was in the room. I waited, wide awake, not saying anything or waking up my husband who had rolled over and turned away from me. WHAM! Something smacks the bed like a cleaver, hard, or like a karate chop. Yep. Didn’t really sxare me. Husband rarely reserves rooms these days, yuck yuck. Love your encounters, man. P.s. big swastika painted on the floor of that hotel hidden by a rug. What’s with the natzi ghost thing? They must be pretty p.o’d in this life and the next.

  5. Linda B

    I just wanted to say it made sense when Ric referred to Genesis 6 and the book of Numbers, saying fallen angels probably have disappearance qualities which correlates to squatches taking the invisible or nearly invisible route.. and squatches look too man-like, really, mixed with beast which is an abomination. Those factors really line up with what the Bible says about those dark angels having relations with women; why I think they are kind of like a relic people group. And the mindspeak thing fits because supernatural entities do communicate telepathically….lots lining up there.

  6. Barry R

    I have all the respect in the world for our military. But due to stuff like this, not much use for our government. Like the guest said, crap flows down hill. The Delta Squad where just following orders too from far higher up the ladder

  7. Matthew J

    Thanks, Ric. I don’t understand the debate over supernatural vs. Flesh & blood. It could easily be both. About 1/3 of the encounters have the creatures doing something that we don’t understand. Bullets can bring them down.

    Wes had a show about the military in helicopters shoot a female in the chest and put a cap her young BF’s head. That was told by a Mormon missionary who spoke to a man that was in one of helicopters. All the on base encounters seem different. Some places they kill them and other places they just avoid them. It’s always a big secret. (Likely because it’s a human hybrid.)

  8. Ron S

    When you think about how little we truly know about every underground advancement that could’ve been made in extracting, splicing, rearranging or altering dna ever since it was basically kept on the hush hush after the world went into a conniption fit over cloning, the possibilities could be and can be endless…simply put, if you clone a bird it will fly, a cloned dolphin will have the same abilities as a natural one, if you cloned or created from dna something from long ago with powers beyond our own, I wonder if it would be the same in the hear and now….Now let me submit for your perusal…science…always finds ways to look at things closer and scrutinize in minute detail…ever evolving. We are some curious little rascals aren’t we?…. We’re at the point where nabbing a little dna from a river or lake to see which wildlife came in contact with it, probably old hat..like really old…like derby hat old by now I suppose. It makes a person think, that if us surface dwellin’, knuckle draggin’crust monkeys have labs for it, that says it right there I think. (No top secret=No big deal)…Now visualize you have top clearance in my imaginary underground lab of misfits and mischief…let’s get crazy and say you have the ability and science to crack the code and you take your river sample, do a little splicing and dicing if necessary, and recreate the animal that had touched this particular river 1000 years ago…yeah, I’m talking we’re that good…but let’s amp it up…now instead of the sample from a body of water, our science is so good let’s say you can get workable dna from some big old ancient bones discovered in a cave or mound, you dig?…don’t stop there, why not swab yourself a tomb, or get yourself some dna leavins’ from an object touched by virtually anyone in history for your premade scapegoat or even a leader. I can hear the Clonies commercial already…”We’ve got you covered from Capone to Throne”.
    How would we know if there isn’t a little swaubbie daubbie doo going on around some weather baloon crashes…you know what I’m saying?….If my government had this kind of knowledge I’d probably want to keep the science of all of it quiet, and the really top shelf dna a secret…especially the kind that came from things that had amazing traits such as intelligence, long lifespan, strength or supernatural abilities…I can see it now as I slip into madness, the potential mashups would drive me a little cukoo for coco puffs…hehe…after a while..I’d probably be nonstop wringing my hands together maniacally while smiling way too big and looking mischievously from side to side, like I’m half court at a tennis match, but there is no match and I don’t even like tennis so why the hell are my eyes doing this I wonder?!…and the dna concoctions flowing from my lab would actually be like bringing myth and legend to the hear and now….IT’S ALIIIIVE!!!…..I, I have to guard this information, but what do I do?….I’ve got it!…I’ll throw up a smokescreen…they’ll never know..hehe…I’ll snarkily tell those nosy rosies and bumper intoers of my precious pets…“There’s no such things as that”…or intimidate them….”You saw a bear if you know what’s good for you!”and my mind slips awaaaaaaay!
    Lol….I gotta stop now….I think I’m actually scaring myself with my outrageous ideas…………………………………………
    or are they?………………..DUNT!..DUNT!..DAAAAAA!!!👀
    Stay safe everyone and get into the Haloween spirit already

  9. Timothy D

    Quite a story Ric. Thank you for telling it in a way that used your gifted, descriptive powers. And for me, you retold your experience in a way that respected your colleagues, as well as the subjects lying on the cooling earth of Fort Lewis that memorable and mysterious night, and all the while, engaged in necessary warfare preparation.
    The irony. of which war you were fighting that evening is not lost on this listener, or others, I presume. The wars against the imagined enemy AND the wars involved in telling truth, are not dissimilar.
    And Linda, thank you for sharing your story of the Nazi hotel with the Sasquatch Chronicles Community. We all live much closer to the edge of the great mysteries, then we realize.
    Following Ric’s, well told, and sobering experience, sets us up for an important next chapter. I’m sure we’ll see how closely related these stories are, during Wes‘s Sunday Show.
    And speaking of Wes, you seem to be more on your game than usual lately, by exploring the mysterious ‘edges’ referred to above, in a more conscious and sobering way. It makes sense that all your work on the website, app, and new studio, while trying to actually live a personal life, is beyond admirable. Thank you for being a consummate, high-standards professional and remaining humble at the same time.
    What makes the whole community you created so valuable, is there is room for the larger questions and not just some entertainment value of someone’s life altering experience. God for bed any of us treat your guests experiences it’s only entertainment, and not as the profound life altering experiences. Each one possesses.
    I used the word sobering above, and I apply it to your approach, Wes, of being the steward of relaying these mysteries, as well, as compassionately shepherding, both your guests, members and general listener, toward a place of mutual respect. The comment sections, the blog and forum even seem to more and more reflect this civility and mutual support we all desire, and need in these times of social media, polarization and disrespect.
    And finally to Ric, God bless you my friend, for your courage and service to our nation.The seriousness and joy you expressed in being a father to your children is comforting.
    I share a similar privilege being the father of two grown sons, one of whom served our nation as a marine while serving in the last Iraq war.
    The Great Parent, often referred to as God , is the One who Self-describes as, “The Great I AM; I Am who causes to be” (Exodus)
    So it really is All tied together. And it’s our stories that are the threads which weave a, “Coat of many colors”.
    One day, I hope to put my own numinous story together to send along to Wes, in case it may be worthy of adding to his and our catalog of truth.
    Shout out to Claire, Sue (?) in episodes 433/ 434 I believe, and Connie, whose stories I listened to again these last weeks. Good listening on my weekly Amtrak commute to New York City from Valley Forge, PA – another mysterious and haunted sacred American site.
    Apologies for my loquacious ramblings on this early Saturday morning. Just feeling really thankful for the company. We keep in the Sasquatch Chronicles community. And mostly grateful, for Wes, and the authentic quest of his own Hero’s Journey (Carl Jung)
    Sasquatch is a link, and not a missing one. He/She is right there in front of our eyes, seen through the prism and reflections of each guest’s profound experience.
    “What we don’t transform we will transmit.”.
    those words are so important to me. I am have it as the footer on my personal and professional email template.
    The ongoing conversations, usually by the imagined campfire each Friday and Sunday evening, are food for the soul.
    Important and deep work being done here my friends. And Wes is a worthy steward of such a journey and adventure. Thanks to all of you who tell your stories, share your experiences, and provide us all with various detailed sign posts in our own quest for meaning. and understanding.
    The Danish existentialist writer, Soren, Kierkegaard, once reminded us that ,“Life is best lived going forward, but can only be understood, looking backward.”
    And Wes, I never miss the opening, and always listen through to the end. Why? Because You are the best Camp Director/Host, hands-down, in the business. Tim

    • Linda B

      Timothy D, my friend, I really appreciate your comments and I agree 100%. I so appreciate your remembering anything I have to say of importance, just can’t help but share. It seems if we don’t share the weird things that happen to us, they will soon be forgotten but if we add them up and share them in a group maybe we can learn from them, there can be added meaning to them, which is what is happening here on SC. I have learned so much from Wes and all of his guests, also from the members’ comments. What a totally cool group of thinkers

      • Timothy D

        Totally agree, Linda. And you are one of the great contributors. Never underestimate how many people read these words and never comment. Let’s hope and pray we have some positive influence on where all the stuff comes from so people can get their lives aligned toward the love God so freely gives us to share with one another.

    • Ric M

      Hi Timothy!
      From me to your son, I say thank you for carrying the mantle so many Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen had previously carried. Thank you and Semper Fi to your son.
      Believe me when I say that my stomach was in knots the whole time I spoke with Wes. He made me feel at ease with the telling of my story. I thought I would catch hell and mockery from the listeners thinking my event was way too weird to believe. But living with it for over 26 years just eats at ya. It was Brian from Episode 894 that inspired me to tell my story to Wes. During my next interview for Episode 898, before we began Wes told me that Brian knew the area, as I described, where it happened and those “mysterious buildings” out in the middle of nowhere.
      I like what you posted about your sons. For the first two years after my divorce, my kids lived with their mom. I was still on Active Duty status and due to rules and regulations of the Army, it was difficult for me to try to get custody of them. Especially with my combat MOS that would make it difficult. I saw my kids just about every day, and that’s a whole different matter for that. Once I became a civilian I hired an attorney to get primary custody, and eventually full custody. And that is difficult to do in Oklahoma. I never denied my ex to see our kids; she just didn’t. So in closing, I’m a proud and happy father, just as I’m certain you are as well.

  10. Charles R

    I do not know how many stories such as Rick’s, at least 20 and more, that I Have read or listened too. They are all different but also similiar, in that there are forces such as Delta and probably others that are contractors that go to these bases and in our forest and take down these Sasquatch. What is the purpose of this out and out murder? There populations are sparse compared to us. I hope it does not happen a lot, but who knows. If there are any members of these type of groups who’s conscious is eating away at himself, I wish you would come forward with the bravery, as has Rick and let you story be known and maybe, just maybe, shine some light on why this goes on and for what purpose.

    Thank you Rick for your service and for being brave enough to come forward.

  11. Rob M

    Ric had an amazing story. wish more spec ops and military service personnel could come out and tell their stories like Ric did. Thank you for your long service Ric and thank you for being an American patriot.

  12. m99

    Thank you for your service Ric. I look forward to hearing more of your experiences. Thanks for the shout outs. It brought tears to my eyes… God Bless you brother! I too loved the outro! Thing is, we are spirits living in a spiritual world…

    • m99

      OMGooness! We just listened to this episode for the second time, and as I’m listening to the outro again I had a realization, which IS ~ Wes IS A Ghost Buster! Whoa…

  13. Todd E

    Compelling and affirming . Hopeful for better days ahead by who knows what agendas are president in our government. Thank those who serve. Good stuff Wes..Thanks man.

  14. ruben c


    Holy Shit, this is a complete equal to what I read in a three book series, with three additional books authored by D. A. Roberts, The Wild Hunt. The entire series is about a black operational unit of the US Army, the unit is comprised of Tier 1 ops, expert civis and some SWAT dudes with mil spec training. The reading is fast. FYI. I thought some of you would enjoy the books, avail on Amazon and kindle or hard copies avail.

  15. Roy F

    wow. this shoots to top of encounters I’ve heard. You can not disbelieve this. From being in the army, this is exactly how they handle situations. When I hear someone recount an experience, there are little tendencies that make me doubt either parts of the encounter or the whole story. This experience was void of any of those, and included so many truth tendencies. Fantastic encounter and so humanly spoken. I’m searching my old brain trying to think of words that describe my feelings about the encounter and how Ric recalled it. That’s why Sasquatch Chronologicals and Wes are the best podcast and host. You had one job, just one job, and you maxed it. Great job!

  16. Kelly K

    One of the best, Wes!! Thanks Ric, for deciding to reach out to Wes and share your experience. To be present at the moment any animal or person expires is quite emotional. I would encourage you to get together with a sketch artist to create a drawing of what you saw. Again, thanks for sharing and thank you for your service, sir.🙏

  17. Sam M

    What we need is an inside man whistleblower a sort of Bob Lasar of the Bigfoot world to come forward and tell us what is going on with these things that the government does not want us to know

  18. Shane M

    All I have to say is go FN figure. I can’t FN stand the US GOV & Military… Nothing but lying sons of bitches! Corrupt dog shit human beings and the tyrants deserve nothing but death! FN can’t stand them! Literally all they FN do is lie!

  19. Shane M

    I understand both the GOV and the Military need to have certain secrets, but this isn’t one of them. These lies not only destroy lives, they cost lives… The two Squatch included! I gaurantee you put military REGULARLY hunts these things and does little projects and etc! All dirty, all corrupt, all crimes against humanity and the lying like this has got to stop or people will keep dying. I respect honest soldiers and agents, but all you lying POS mother fuckers can go straight to hell…. I piss on your FN existence! I hope you lying sons of bitches all FN die! Every last one of you!

  20. Shane M

    Oh and just another wonderful example of WHY YOU NEVER TRUST THE GOV, MILITARY, or POLICE! All they FN do is lie, steal, and destroy life as we know it! All gov’s and all militarys need to be deactivated and all truths disclosed so we as a FN SPECIES CAN MOVE FORWARD! These lies do nothing but hold our species back… Literally nothing but! Stop FN lying you jokers!

  21. Michele C

    Fascinating insight. I’m sure the guest during his remainder of service was silenced about what he witnessed by the Military. Just what is it that makes all so smoke and mirrors about Sasquatch, the world knows already, there isn’t anything to hold a secret for anymore, the cat is outta the bag ! I think personally they do a cull of these creatures every once and a while on these forts, to keep the numbers down, in fear of the species from becoming over populated and then becoming a far greater threat to the human population, just a theory. Anyhow , loved the show, told brilliantly

  22. Rob S

    Hey Wes, just a heads up last ap update on Google play Australia was Oct 11. I did hear you explain you had some issues that were resolved but I’m not sure the update hit our google play and currently the latest ap version available can’t be logged into. Keep up the great work mate.
    Cheers Rob

  23. L. Oriana S

    RIC- What an important event to share!! Please, send your write-up to Steve Isdahl at tellmystory@howtohunt.com. He has a huge following on YouTube (search -How to Hunt’ for his two channels) of fellow truth-seekers eager to find out exactly what these beings are and how the military are involved with them. Your information will add a huge piece to the puzzle. We all deserve to know more than our lame governments are telling us.

    • Ric M

      I’ll definitely consider it. If I don’t do it right away, please understand that every time I think about what I had done here on SC, my stomach gets all in knots. I’m still waiting for the ‘men in black’ to come to my house.

  24. Tim N

    this is another complete B.S. story. almost nothing he said about the military was remotely correct. Do people realize there stories will be picked apart by people who actually served. Just have fun with our uniforms and not wear your BDUs, what!! Delta has been known for decades before this person supposedly served. he made a decision to go 5 miles from the mission. This just does not happen. Once again a want to be soldier let there ego tell every one they did not serve.

  25. Carl H

    Wow amazing encounter! Thank you so much Rick for sharing this with us all. God Bless you and thank you for your years of service for us all. Thank you Wes for such a wonderful platform for people to share and unburden themselves.

  26. D.J. K

    The mental picture of those military Delta Force soldiers seeing A Taliban dressed insurgent come out of the woods after they just eliminated Two Adult Sasquatch must have been crazier than seeing the Sasquatch’s hahaha

  27. James G

    Civilian here. Maybe someone can clarify something for me – someone with actual military training? Why … in holy hell … would they be sending an entire FOUR guys, with supply and logistics jobs, to go out and perform “opposition force” guerrilla raids as part of a training exercise? Nothing about that makes any sense to me. To send supply-guys – and only 4 – for this, with no training to speak of (at least not mentioned). Sounds like something out of a poorly written B-movie.

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