Oct 14

SC EP:895 The Creature On Grandpa’s Property

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Tonight I will be speaking to Kody writes “I hope that you’re doing well; I had come across your podcast while listening to and researching to find the answer to the phenomenon that we all call Bigfoot… That being said, I had a run in with a creature that has me questioning everything that I’ve ever known in the woods.

I’m an avid outdoorsman and have fished and hunted my entire life. Although being born and residing in Texas, I grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma, hunting the mountains with my dad, uncle, brother and grandpa. The majority of my extended family still lives in a small area in south east Oklahoma so we normally go up a couple of times a year during the holidays to see them. Which in my case being an avid outdoorsman gives me the opportunity to deer hunt. I love being in the outdoors and had aspirations to be a wildlife biologist, but was turned towards a business degree when I was afforded the opportunity to play football in college. Every waking moment when I was out of class or practice I would be headed off to hunt of fish.

2008- Onto my story, I was redshirted due to a football injury in college and had time off between school and football practice in Texas. I called my best friend to go make a trip up to my grandads in Oklahoma just in time for the opening weekend of Turkey season (April/ May timeframe). We had a cold front move in the day before season had opened, which in turn shut down the turkey gobbling and activity. It was early afternoon and we both split up to different sides of the ranch in hopes of roosting a gobbler for the following day. I traveled up a canyon with hopes to travel up to the top of the ridge and get some higher ground to at least be able to roost one before it got dark. I jumped a creature (up out of its bed I’m assuming) at very close range (10ft away from me) that brought on a range of emotions and things that I cannot explain and have not discussed with anyone outside of my family and a couple of my very close friends. After the whirlwind of events during and after this encounter, years of strange things happening while I was hunting in the woods began to add up. I am familiar with every animal big and small native to North America and the creature that I ran into was like none that I’ve ever seen in my entire life or care to see again. I’m 6’7” and this thing dwarfed me and made me lock up like a baby. I’d like to discuss in detail if you have some time in the near future.”







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54 Responses to “SC EP:895 The Creature On Grandpa’s Property”

  1. Linda B

    Omgosh!! S E OKLA. Wow!! I used to live there and got creeped out of Beavers Bend State Park (which I loved, Chad, you there with me on that Buddy?), and my brother Brad saw a squatch walk across the road between Broken Bow and Idabel. So stoked to listen!! Wes, man, you rock! Loves to m99 too! 🙂

  2. Linda B

    Wow, Kody! Glad you’re okay, and sorry for that awful situation. I truly appreciate the hunters’ perspective. You guys know the woods, you know animals, you have insight and when you come across something as weird and bizarre and off the charts as this, something that totally does not fit, I’m sure it’s mind blowing. Take care and keep in touch with Wes and join the podcast for support if you haven’t already. God bless.

  3. Scott R

    I’ve calculated my credit, you owe me 57 cents for the three days I’ve been unable to log in. I’ll take it in trade though, how about a bonus episode, maybe have Shannon co-host for old times sake?

  4. Gregg S

    Wow, thanks Kody and Wes! Still couldn’t sleep so randomly scrolled down to 481. I like the series in that range. In 481, Wes interviews an encounter with what this man thought were hogs in S Okla instead on the River also in 2008. Very interesting as well and what a coincidence. I’m from NE Okla and these areas we all know are legendary…

  5. richard r

    there goes another story happening in my backyaed .i live in SE oklahoma. never seen one just the signs like hittijng the house once ,close enough. yhanks Wes i wish more people in oklhoma had more stories.

  6. Seamus J. C

    Great show, great stories well told. Of course it’s the hunter who is mindful to keep the wind in his face who catches a bigfoot napping! And then the ape-man slides down the ridge on his BUTT?! Wild stuff. And the 6’7″ football player feeling puny when faced with a sasquatch really highlights the massiveness of these creatures.

    I don’t know about BF having a sense of smell better than a bear’s. It seems like, for that, a creature would need at least a muzzle. Unlike gorillas and chimps, BF has a nose to speak of, but it’s still less pronounced than that of a human. Seems like Kody was trying to explain their supreme awareness of what goes on the areas around them, but I personally tend to think that their intelligence, stealth–and apparent ability to make the woods go quiet, making any noise by clumsy humans to stand out–account for that pretty well….Just my 2 cents.

    Again, great story telling. I retold it ALL to my wife, and I could remember it all, too, it’s having been so memorable in the hearing.

    Ha ha Grandpa: “I don’t believe any of that hooey!” Even though he did….I guess he knew how to avoid being the butt of jokes.

    • Charles R

      I too would not think their smell abilities are better than a bear or a dog or a host of forest creatures with muzzle noses and a highly developed ofactory. I would expect it to be better than a human since it would be hugely benefitial in its environment. I also have read and heard sightings in which the witnesses stated it was using it nose to sniff around. Just my opinion and subject to being wrong.

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