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SC EP:894 I Was Being Stalked

John writes “January of 2017 I moved to Pikeville, Eastern Kentucky. The apartment complex I moved into was an old abandoned coal mine holler that had been converted which had an old coal road that went up a mountain and then swing around it with acre’s of woods.

Well, whenever Id sit in the picnic area to have a cigarette id notice around 10+ at night this howling out in the nearby hills which now i can say sounded almost identical to the Ohio Sounds. I’d hear one howl and then maybe 30 seconds later there’d be another one from another hill that was maybe a mile or so away, and then I’d hear another, and another, and you could listen to these call and responses for hours without end. Well by April I was trying to get back into shape and I love to hike so I decided I’d get up around 6 am and hike up that coal road and back. As I’m hiking up and it got darker and darker up that road I noticed this strange bird whistling at me. It was strange because of how loud it was, and I mean the pitch was just so loud and I thought to myself, “that’s a big damn bird!” And I whistled back. Wes, my grandpa was a Green Beret in Vietnam who partly helped raise me, and I’ve been in the woods of Illinois and Wisconsin my whole life and never encountered much that was weird, although my Grandpa did and told me stories here and there, but I wasn’t afraid of much. Well, I’m hiking up and not only is that whistling getting closer, and I mean close to where it was like ten feet from me in the treeline of woods. I turned on the flash light on my phone and couldn’t see anything it was so dense. But then I noticed this “bird” was keeping pace with me.

Then small pebbles started landing in front of me as I walked down. At first I thought it was just loose rock sliding down, but then it became apparent that something was tossing them right at my feet. At this point I’m about 300 feet up this old road in the pitch dark. So, I gently tossed one back, and then a big one, maybe 1/2 pound rock flung right at my feet. I froze man! Now, I gently yelled out, “is someone out there?” And that bird whistling started up even louder than it had before! Idk what overcame me, but I started belting out the St. Michael prayer in Latin and then the Hail Mary pretty audibly, and not wanting to turn back continued up that road. All of this whistling, keeping pace, and Pebble tossing just amped up as I was coming to a bend in the road that turned with the mountain. Idk what it was, but as I reach it with rosary in hand I got this bad bad feeling like something is really wrong here, and I spoke aloud and said, “idk what ya are, but im just walking here…” And the Pebble tossing got more intense and I could now hear “things” trudging through the wood at paces that I knew werent people. So I turned around and calmly began to go home. I thought that this could be bear or well hell a damn bigfoot. How loud the trudging was, combined with the whistling, and Pebble tossing I wanted to run the hell outta there down back into that holler, but if ya think that there’s an animal ya just don’t do that. And idk why, but something told me do not turn your back to them. So I’m trying to make it down while keeping an eye on what’s behind me, and the moments that I looked down the road towards the apartment complex something just leaped from the side of the mountain onto the road, and then down into a bunch of thicket. And I stopped and yelled, “what the fuck was that!” If it were a man he’d have fallen 400 feet down a vertical fall and broke his neck or something I mean it was steep! And covered in thicket and thorn bushes. And how loose the rocks were I mean if you did get a footing you’d just fall on your ass and slide and tumble down. Whatever this was got it’s footing and slid and trudged down with great volume like stomping through a huge snow drift. So there I am feeling like a fool the sun is begging to make the horizon pink up just a little at this point.

I kept thinking to myself that this is not how I’m gonna die! By this point I felt with all of the noise that had to be five to eight things in the woods stalking me. Honest to God I knew that I was being followed and scrutinized and that I had pissed something off with my presence! The pebbles were being tossed at an alarming rate, there were by now eight or so “big birds” whistling at me from about ten or so feet in the woods, branches were snapping, and it was like multiple freight trains just trudging through those woods! This is a steep hill I mean it is steep I cannot imagine men being able to do this without falling down the only flat surface was the road. When I got about 100 feet down before the apartment idk what overcame me but something told me to just book it for the farm lamp and I ran like hell until I got to it spun around. I stood there watching and couldn’t see anything! They had stayed up there, but were still just making all sorts of noise.

Idk what I started, but after that I felt like I was being watched whenever I was outside in that holler. If I went outside my apartment by my car to smoke pebbles would start getting tossed right at my feet in the parking lot from a mountain side, or a big bird would start whistling at me. And we had huge street lights shinning onto our parking lot. And as this is happening I’d take out a big old flashlight and shine into the woods. I did get eye shine a couple of times, but couldn’t make out faces of what they were which just creeped me out to no end. I went up the mountains couple of times in the day and found what appeared to be tree breaks, a couple of structures, sticks in the road. Now idk, these sticks were just laid ever so carefully in the road. What creeped me out was that they’d appear when I was coming back down. On one hike, idk I got dizzy on the way home. Now I do have epilepsy, but this was different. I’m hiking down the road and suddenly I got dizzy, the sound in my ears was like tv static, and I wanted to take my shirt off because I felt so hot, but I laid down in the dirt ditch for a few minutes and just felt drained of everything I just thought of my mother and picked myself up and forced myself down that road. When I got home I just collapsed in bed and slept for a good six hours. Now I think looking back that that was side effects of infrasound.

But then one night my roommate and I went out to one of the picnic areas to smoke and talk and as we’re making it back toward my building idk Wes the ground shook to the point I felt like I’d lost my footing like a giant was stomping in front of us BOOM BOOM BOOM and let out this scream I’ve never heard before or since it was like a woman mixed with a bear, a lion, and a witch all in one terrifying scream idk, but I JUMPED like three feet up and just ran up a picnic table and I could not look at it! We were stuck in that parking lot until the sun came up! Everytime we even made an attempt towards my building it would scream and we couldn’t find it, couldn’t see it! We had the sensation that it was behind this old 100+ year old white oak tree, but we made five attempts to go home and it was not having it. But when the sun began to rise we made our sixth attempt and then heard something just trudge up that mountain side in time that no man or woman could! I’m talking a 100 foot vertical hike that this thing scaled in seconds and just kept going until we saw trees moving at about 500 feet up. We never went that far out at night again and that was a lighted parking lot/picnic area in the middle of an apartment complex. After that I’d smoked at night at the door dealt with the whistling and Pebble tossing give it the finger and go inside. I moved to Louisville in June and never went back! I’m not afraid of the woods or anything, but I definitely will never go in them again without a 30-30 or something bigger!

The power just in the lungs of this thing it could have killed us if it had wanted to! I ldk what we did that night; we weren’t messing up in the woods or nothing and I feel like I was being stalked for having gone up there, but over residents went up there, but not at night. I have a deeper respect, appreciation of the mountains and the woods. Since all of this the guns I have and carry with me in the woods are enough to take down a bear, but yeah, like I said I will never go in the woods unarmed again.”


I will also be speaking to Brian. Brian said “I was stationed at Ft. Lewis in Washington state. We were running a training exercise and we saw what we thought was someone in a ghillie suit. This made no sense since we all had the same equipment and there was not any snipers present. This “guy” was huge he was about 7 foot tall, I am 6’4. I did not know anyone in my unit that big. We decided to track it and find who is was. That is when it stood up. I thought it was 7 foot tall but it was crouched. When it stood up it was closer to 9 feet. Five of us saw it that night.”









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54 Responses to “SC EP:894 I Was Being Stalked”

  1. Maria G

    Yay ..hi guys, I see that the SC family is gearing up for a great episode. I got my listening ears on. Thx Wes you’re the best. Be safe everyone and have an amazing week

    • m99

      ???? Yep. Love your salutations to Wes. And Hi to you Paul R. ????

      ~ Wondering something Wes… what’s the story with the picture above. Like it. Though it is creepy for sure.

  2. Linda B

    Yay, Brian!! Numero uno amigo.:)
    Tonight I realized how much I appreciate the sound of incredulousness in the voices of witnesses with fresh experiences or having freshly made interview statements. Having been a guest once on the show, my favorite event over the past couple of years since moving back to Kansas, I know these are real stories from real people and how uncanny is it we are hearing these eye witness accounts and that Wes is up to 894 episodes.
    I’d like to thank some of the members here for their honest and frank support which has been both kind, has been enlightening, and has been encouraging over the past few years that I’ve had the distinct privilege of being a member. God bless.

      • Linda B

        Absolutely not, Ms. M99. this is one of the most important things in my life, being friends with all you guys. Thanka for checking on me..:)
        Just watched Kerry Arnold’s tribute and man, life can be short. He was such a wonderful person and I wish we could bring him back! Love you guys.

  3. Lisa B

    Hey M! Hey Linda! Happy Sunday! I agree with what you wrote Linda..we definitely have great members here! Wes is the best, we all love him, and we love you as well!

    • m99

      Hi Richard R ~ I considered the same, then I thought, some of the experience wasn’t talked about I’m sure. I can imagine those two guys in their priestly garb, standing on the picnic table, and fervently praying all night. Just sayin’. 🙂

  4. Andrew A

    Wes….did you ask him about the Middle East encounter in your ore-interview? I assume you did and he couldn’t elaborate or you got the guys number to call them. Great episode….thanks for all your hard work!!

  5. Charles R

    Honey, these Priests just dealt with the Mountain People. I about busted out laughing. And she makes them blackberry cobler and other treats from time to time. Maybe they get a little riled when other come up that road and have nothing. Would love to know the name of that Apt complex John. Me and a buddy are planing a SE Ky motorcycle trip in late spring 2023 and Pikeville may well be our staging area.
    Wes, most interesting that you mentioned the Air Force often being the ones to debrief. I investigated a case south of me outside of New Lebanon, OH, I believe Memorial Day of 2014, about 15 miles south of me.
    I am not Steve Wystrom, however the location he gave was easy to find and I drove out and the Father was feeding his stock. I talked for close to an hour with him and was most convinced he and daughter were telling the truth. At the end he said that Steve the investigator was hesitant to interview due to this being agricultural area like all Ohio is in these parts. However he was getting reports from neighbors about them. This must have peaked the interest of the powers that try to squelch the Sasquatch. He told me a few days after his interview with Steve, Air Force personnel came out from Wright Pat AFB, Dayton and told him and other neighbors that what they were seeing were escaped Asian monkeys. Right-sure they were. Mistaking a huge bipedal humunoid type creature welll over 7 feet tall running down the road at 35 mph and stealing all there chickens and tearing off the wings, for a 3 foot 40 pound monkey.

  6. Michele C

    The Military encounters are one of my favourite, you can guarantee they are going to give a description with pinpoint accuracy as they are trained to notice the details. The 2nd encounter was certainly a wild one, that throwing pebbles and sticks, what creatures can throw with that level of accuracy, to my mind there is no animals or manimal that can do this. 2 great sighting, thanks for sharing

  7. Ron S

    Here’s a funny thought…what if a Sasquatch is the product, or the proverbial Ironman suit for an extraterrestrial, which is actually an illusion created by what is essentially a spiritual or dimensional entity? (Or vise-versa)…wouldn’t that be a loophole?…If we can’t even unravel the first layer and come to a unified conclusion wether Sasquatch even exists or if it’s a ManMonkey thing, we must look pretty funny to something watching their favorite episode of “stupid human tricks” every day and watch us try to catch it (longest running show in history I bet) lol….I’d have to say we’re screwed without some kinda miracle…but who knows, maybe the consensus is right and each phenomenon is truly different and we’ll solve just one some day with our crappy digital technology in an era where virtually anything can be faked…good grief Charlie Brown????

  8. Nick R

    Hey was, thanks for everything. Just a few days ago I heard a owl followed by what I believe to be a Sasquatch. After the owl would go the Sasquatch would repeat and mock it but then would break into something that sounded kinda like a monkey at the end. It happened 3 times then the woods went silent. The monkey sound was almost like it was laughing after. It was odd. Few weeks before I heard tree knocks. Anyway thanks for what you do.

  9. Jay Carlsen

    I have made that ” IT IS TIME TOO GO RIGHT NOW ! ” Feeling stop & go away when I said the Lords Prayer one night. ( And I did not even Believe in GOD at the Time )
    John – These things are Edomites , ask the Native Americans ( I Did )

  10. Tammi C

    😳No offense but that “Priest” was unprofessional and made some serious faux pas in terminology for a true Catholic Priest (quick example would be referring to his Parish as a “church”), which leads me to be skeptical about the credibility factor. Also, to claim he assisted in exorcisms is highly unlikely because only specially trained Priests do exorcisms and even the best don’t do “many” of them because they are highly filtered so to speak and many steps have to be taken before any true exorcism is performed. There are a few more points I could make but I’m trying to be polite.
    Thanks Wes (still love your music choices) and guests (despite my doubt I appreciate everyone who comes on and shares)❣️

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