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SC EP:883 The Spider Crawl

Tonight I will be speaking to John. John writes “I am a Registered Nurse at the hospital here in town. My encounter happened on approximately November 17, 2020.

As Covid was in full swing many of us had to take our turns working on the Covid unit. My home unit had high risk patients so I was being swabbed twice a week to try and prevent Covid from coming onto that floor. Prior to leaving work on Tuesday morning, the 17th, I was swabbed for Covid prior to going home with the plan to come back to work that evening at 7 PM. As I was ready to leave for work that evening I received a phone call from the hospital. I was told I could not come to work because my Covid swab from that morning came back positive and I would need to quarantine for the next 7 days. My problem was that my Father-in-law, who would be considered high risk if he contracted the virus, was staying at our home during that time. My wife and he were not in the house when I found out I had the virus so I formulated a plan and called her. The plan was that I would get out of the house and go quarantine at our cabin at Rough River Lake, KY. She brought my Father-in-law home and met me in the parking lot at the grocery store. I waited out in the parking lot in my pickup while she went in and bought enough groceries to last me during my quarantine and came out to my pickup and she put the groceries in my tool box so we had no contact.

The next morning, my wife and Father-in-law went and got tested and were negative- thank goodness because I would have been the one to have given it to them and I did not want to have harmed them. The Drive from Owensboro to the lake was about 56 miles and it was really dark that night. I remember seeing only a sliver of the moon earlier, but by 9 pm or so when I made my drive it was just really dark with no moonlight that I could see. On the way up to the lake I had the radio off (it is usually on) as I was deep in thought about the whole situation. As I drove on I came to realize that my biggest fear would be laid to rest one way or the other in the morning when my wife and Father-in-law would be tested for the virus. I then thought about how I could actually make the most of the quarantine by calling people I hadn’t spoken to in a while and working on my book which I was working on at the time and has been published since.

The route I take to the lake once I get through Owensboro is Highway 54 east for roughly 25 miles. When I got through the small town of Fordsville, I turned left to go North on 261. This is an 11 mile stretch to get to a junction called McQuady where I would turn right on 105 south to take the rest of the way to the lake. Ten miles in on the aforementioned 11 mile stretch is where I had my encounter. I had been deep in thought coming through the dark, wooded area. I came to an area that had a row of trees along the road to the left coming off a ravine. When I passed the end of that there was a second ravine with trees about 30 yards back that came to an end roughly 100 yards farther than the closer ravine. What initially caught my attention was the yellowish/white eye shine of a deer off to the right side of the road. I started to slow up as this really nice white tail buck walked right onto the road in front of me and just stopped in the middle of the road. He was not looking at me and paid no attention to me coming toward him! He was gazing to the left side of the road toward the end of the second tree row/ravine I mentioned. As I got within about 20 yards of this deer and had almost come to a stop, I looked over toward where the deer was watching. You know how your car headlights cast light off to the left and right of the vehicle?

Well, in that cast off light I picked up what I would describe as very large orange eye shine, about 4 feet off the ground near the end of this stand of trees. It was coming from the back side of the trees around the tip or end of the tree stand, so It was facing me at about 9 o’clock position when I picked up the eye shine. I can only describe that I saw a dark creature, moving like a spider but about 4 feet off the ground, with a large head with eyes almost as large as silver dollars around 6 or 7 inches apart that shined orange. When I looked back at the deer standing on the road before me, it suddenly took off in the direction it was facing into open field. I then saw this spider creature turn toward the running deer and started to quickly move toward it. That’s when I about dropped a biscuit as this thing rose up onto 2 feet in fluid motion to take flight after the deer! I rolled my window down to see if I could smell anything which I did not, but I heard in the trees to the right side of the road, where the deer had initially come, what sounded like a large branch breaking, so I hit the gas and got the heck out of there.

I feel that there was a creature on the right side of the road in the woods that pushed this deer toward another creature at an ambush point and I came along at the wrong time. As fast as this thing took off, in an open field, I have no doubt it would catch up to the buck.”








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189 Responses to “SC EP:883 The Spider Crawl”

      • John R ep: 883

        DMT found in our blood, possibly produced by the pineal gland but not proven, is not in sufficient quantities to produce a euphoria. Many scientists conclude that DMT found naturally in the body is just metabolic waste from synthesising serotonin. THE MOVIE Spirit Molecule that popularised that we have enough DMT in our body to make us trip was not proven by real scientific studies. AS OF NOW THE ONLY PROVEN WAY TO HAVE A DMT TRIP IS BY USING DRUGS LIKE Ayahuasca and the like.

    • Linda B

      A trick I use to relax on a new job is I tell myself I have done this before a million times, and I also envision how I want it to go after I’ve learned enough to do it and know what to expect. If for some weird unlikely reason it doesn’t work out, you deserved better.

  1. Mark R

    Time for some dark roast and dark chocolate trail mix! Paul R., congratulations on the new job. I will pray your stess level goes down as you get more experience at it. Best of luck!

  2. Maria G

    TGIF..for sure. Hi everybody…hope everyone has a great weekend, I personally cannot believe it’s the end of August at least I can sit back and enjoy tonight’s show. Be safe everyone. Thanks Wes you know we all love ya…

  3. Jason D

    Great show Wes. It’s my Father’s Birthday today. Lost him 13 years ago to cancer. I’m a 23 year survivor of Lymphoma. Hats off to all the Doctors and Nurses out there. A few of you saved my life. ❤

  4. Jaclyn G

    is it just me or is it dusty in here ???????????? lost my bil to suicide … I am sitting here bawling like a baby … thank you for bringing awareness Wes and thank you for sharing John

  5. theresa m

    Hey Everyone! Thanks for the show tonight, Wes. John, thanks for sharing and thank you for the work you do in the hospital. Come from a family of nurses and I appreciate the hard work and difficult conditions you all work under. Nurses give so much of themselves and if you’ve never been told how much you’ve meant to a patient, you need to know that you are the angels we sick folk need in our time of need and vulnerability. Thank you!

  6. Linda B

    Lots of nice people commenting here to support one another, it’s wonderful. A shout out to Jeremiah S. For his kind words re my husband last week who came through the covid illness just fine. I found an antiviral med called Paxlovid to help me this week with covid. It has been a life saver. Can’t wait to listen!!

  7. David F

    First time commenting, Wes thank you for your show. I discovered your pod cast during the pandemic and it reignited my love of the phenomenon I had as a child.

  8. Linda B

    Man, thinking about the spiderlike moves is changing my mind about the human ape hybrid thing I was starting to think they are. Apes don’t do that. What moves like a spider? How creepy is that? Is that more alien-like? Good grief.

  9. Lisa B

    Wes, is that the same guy that sings..I Am Here..or something like that. You’ve played it before. The video shows the guy visiting his fathers grave I think. Can’t remember the name.

  10. Linda B

    This was a very special episode. I love the song at the end. I saw an angel in my son’s room and now he lives with them in heaven. Wes you’re a special person. Thanks for everything. Keep reading brother. He proves Himself when you receive Him, a free gift. Love ya.

  11. DeAnna M

    Wow…John first off thank you for sharing everything with us tonight. So sorry for the loss of your beloved sister, heartbreaking. Wes, keep reading your Bible! There are so many answers to so many questions in there. Too many people look for answers in Podcasts and Google but the real meanings and answers are in the Bible. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth…BIBLE ????❤️

  12. Bonnie A

    As a Kentuckian I believe him as having some strange experiences myself. As an Anthropologist, I believe his theory of “not animal, not human” that’s totally plausible. There is fine line between the natural and supernatural. Same as a fine line between genius and I insanity.

  13. Chad W

    This is an especially meaningful episode. Thank you John, and thank you Wes, for being willing to discuss such difficult topics. This openness benefits everyone.

  14. Joseph G

    Wes, great show as usual…. you never cease to humble me. you’ve said before if you could do away with your experience you wouldn’t have this show. we all love listening to the stories about our furry friends but Wes you make a difference. you touch subjects that matter…. your podcast brought me back to our Lord so I know you have touched so many people in ways you can’t imagine. God bless you Wes and thank you for being you. John I’m so sorry for your loss, Wes you’re doing this for a reason higher than you know my friend. I’m convinced you’re right where God wants you because you matter……

  15. Matthew J

    This was a very good show. I wish I knew how the sasquatch crawls. Does it use it’s knees like people or is it foot-to-ground? I have heard a few claims that they use their fingers and toes to crawl. That seems unlikely to me.

  16. Donna K

    Wes, I have listend to you since 2012 when you first started SC and I just gotta say… you are awesome and I know that God is moving in your life. I just know it! Blessings!!!! Donna Kelly

  17. squatch

    One of the very best episodes i’ve heard on this show. I’d like to thank both Wes AND John for this one.

    John – you are an angel on earth my brother. Thank YOU for the human being you are. Thank YOU for the man you are. You are a better person than most of us could ever hope to be. If we had a country full of men like you – this nation would be the greatest in the world again in short order. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful sister who is with the Lord in Heaven now. I have a younger sister – and you sharing your story really touched me deeply as i cannot even fathom how you could be strong enough to handle that. I am praying for you and your family tonight – and will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Many of us are struggling with the state of this world right now – and what Wes and John say here is so true. Each of you are LOVED and NEEDED by the Lord above. We need to love our fellow brothers and sisters b/c we ARE going to get through this storm – and with God’s help – we will defeat the syndicate of evil plaguing our world right now…. and the world is going to be a much more beautiful place when we do. But each of us needs to shine brighter with light and love to defeat it – and NEVER GIVE UP.

    Wes – you keep getting better my friend. You are such a wonderful human being and no one can touch the greatness of what you created. (God put you in this position to help all of us through education and sharing) You really did such a beautiful job on this one letting John tell his story and then touching on the “human” aspect of all of our lives and the pain so many of us have been experiencing over these past 10 years or so (some feel it more than others) – and then ending the show w/ Buckley’s “Hallelujah” was just so incredibly fitting and beautiful. Ya know Wes – i’ve been a member and listener for a long time and you really have impressed me w/ the depth & breadth of your musical knowledge. (as in – the “good” stuff that most of the normies are clueless about since “the controllers” of this world choose to prioritize & push darkness in our culture (movies/music/media, etc) – instead of beauty, love, and light – so thank you for sharing beauty, love, and light)

  18. Johanna V

    Thanks Wes for another great episode and having John on. John, thank you for sharing your experience(s) with us, and I wish you much success in your new endeavor with psychiatric nursing. Keep on it, and don’t forget to take time out for yourself while continuing your studies. And, for the future, if someone (admin) sites your age, remind them it’s experience that counts, not the years. Thumbs up!

  19. Tinker B

    Great show! Best wishes on your career choice, John. Nursing is definitely a calling and you are a man of faith. The world could use more people like you. Love the music, Wes.

  20. Michael J

    Wes’s is makes me so happy your getting closer to God. I am such a happy person now that I have God in my life. He is real and will help you when your in need, maybe not the way you think but he is there and loves you. He took so much pain away from me.

    Because he took so much misfortune from me I prayer walk and cast out anything satanic from parks, neighborhoods and stores. During prayer walks and other times me and my family have seen
    Rods, orbs, shadow people, hands come out of walls, screaming witches, tall green man throwing our silverware around and I have had 12+ Sasquatch encounters. Never saw one but believe me they did some supernatural bs, and they were within 10 feet of me before. Screams, footfalls 5 feet from me nothing there, rock throwing, bluff charge, women and baby and people talking nothing there, women screaming at me from 50 feet and soooo much more.

    People God is real and loves you, I believe in all this supernatural crap because me and my family have been there done that. Also if your depressed God can take that and flip it so your actually happy, depression is something that you don’t think can get better, well I am telling you God can make depressed people happy, I am one of them, and I love Papa Jesus, the Almighty and the Burning Holy Spirit and I am happy. God Bless you all, God Is Real, search him out he is waiting NOW for you, yes you, wWhy do you think you read my long post. A message to you

  21. Kelly K

    Wes, you continue to raise the bar my friend. Great guest, genuine heartfelt sharing of his encounter and his experience with the passing of his sister. John, you are an earth angel with the work you have committed yourself to. Thank you for your service. The same holds true of you, Wes. Keep up your good works, guys!❤️

  22. Gail S

    O my. Had to just stop what I was doing while listening and comment. What a very very nice man John is! He’s in the right profession, that’s for sure. His Sasquatch experience was super interesting but for him to share the story of his sister’s death was really selfless of him. I’m so sorry for his family’s loss! It never goes away. Those of us who have lost young siblings & parents need to hear of patients passing and seeing the beauty on the other side. It’s very comforting because I’ve spent years asking “why”?

    And thanks for ending with that song Wes. An exceptionally insightful show all around. A lot to ponder.

  23. david b

    Thank you Wes for a great show. I have been a member for many years and have listened from the beginning. It just keeps getting better! Hard to imagine! John, John thank you so much for sharing for encounter and other life experiences. I know it would be very difficult for me to do that. I would like to say, there is a heaven, there is the God of heaven, and yes he loves us dearly. He also provided the way from us to spend eternity with him thru his Son!

  24. Carmen G

    My first time commenting. Fellow Ky girl here.

    I’m crying. Thank you Wes and John for this inspiring show. I’m walking laps in my pool this Saturday morning, crying. John thank you for what you do, thank you for sharing your personal experience…. God bless and keep you. Wes, I’m a new member, but I’ve listened for a long time. Thank you so much for making this show, public. So, so important. The ending music, spot on. Thank you Wes. God bless and keep you. ????

  25. Maria G

    wow…John and Wes that was so touching. Thanks for sharing with us. I’m still emotional listening to this encounter and about his sister. Big big Hugs ????

  26. Maria G

    @Jason D. I’m near Belfast a little more inland. Have you ever been up to my neck of the woods. it’s really beautiful. I love Kennebunk such a great town, just a little too south for me. lol

  27. Janetta V

    How sweet and humble of you Wes to play that song at the end. It closed out this somber show with such taste. I thank you for all of the kind things you said to John, I know you helped him and many as you have always done. Whether you know it or not you are working for the Lord. He will reward you greatly for all of your goodness. Thanks Wes.

  28. Janice K

    Awesome show Wes! Thank you so much. Loved the Hallelujah at the end. Blessings to John and his sister. I lost my husband thirty three years ago and one of the last things he kept saying was about how beautiful it all was and he saw, and named, his grandparents who passed years before. Great account of his experience, touching truths.

  29. Cristina J

    Well I was crying during the last ten minutes and then the song came on.. that was it. Beautiful show. John, thank you for sharing your encounter and your story of your sister. May she Rest In Peace and be with god.
    Wes, as always god bless. You are an incredible man.

  30. Brad C

    Pretty brave guy. The best stories aren’t about monsters anyway, they’re about men and women. People that have to overcome something and find a way to move on….

    • John R ep: 883

      Allen: I am truly sorry that you feel this way. All I can say is that I, in my whole life have strived to not insult my fellow man. I ask you one request. Please give the show a listen, the whole show and if you feel you wasted your time or perceived some kind of political motivation I would like to pay your next 2 months of membership for taking the time to listen. I would value your opinion after listening Alan, I truly would. It was never my intent to be political and if that was the case I believe Wes wouldnt have put my interview on the air. Thank you, your SC friend, John

  31. Karen C

    This story just got to my heart, had me tearing up at the end, Thank You for a lovely and yet scary story “hate the spider crawl” creeps me out to the max, HaHa. John, thank you for doing what you do, your much appreciated

  32. Michele C

    Beautiful and sometimes sad, yet Inspirational and Moving episode. I listened from the very start to the incredible choice of music at the end. Then happily drifted off to sleep

  33. Sonia C

    Amazing encounter and episode, thank you to Wes and John. The spider crawl sounds super creepy! Does it mean the sasquatch has their extremities completely stretched out, or is there some kind of bend? I’ve been wondering this for awhile now.

  34. John R ep: 883

    THANK YOU all for all the kind words. I think Wes does an awesome job. I was a little nervous at first but he has a way to make you feel calm. I appreciate that he lets you talk and doesnt judge. I feel fortunate to have read all your truly kind words. For that, I am grateful. Thank you all so much! John

  35. cheryl z

    Great show ,great message , the mental illness needs addressing in this country, like Wes said we have all been broken, but reaching out is a hard step but once done you start healing my mom said
    ‘you never walk alone ” great song as well, stay safe folks !!

  36. Jon A

    Catholic church paintings put wings on angels so you knew what they represented because in Scripture they appear just like us. If something is in your presence with wings, run. It’s not something from God.

    • John R ep: 883

      Jon: If I may ask you to read Exodus 25:20, Ezekiel 10…Isaiah 6. So, yes some Angels DO have wings to be technical. ANGELS are spiritual messengers and as such I personally believe they will appear to each of us in a manner we will be most apt to expect them to look when they appear to us. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all contain verses about angel wings. Angels are spirits and do not always appear in one physical form like a human. They will show up to us in whatever way best suits the purpose of their mission, such as guiding a soul to the Lord.

  37. Deb A

    Thank You Wes…
    All nurses are angels.
    All care givers are angels.
    Thank You John for all that you do.
    My dad died of cancer in 1997.
    My dad was terrified of dying.
    No matter what we said to him about
    passing on, nothing calmed him.
    Hours before his death, he was in a coma.
    I whispered into his ear, it’s time to go home.
    Several hours later, my dad still in a coma,
    opens his eyes and has a big smile on his face.
    He looks to the right and to the left all
    the while smiling. His eyes look away.
    My dad went home.

  38. Monica T

    I usually don’t post comments but as things happen, this was the day time or moment to listen and the impact was perfect.
    So appreciated SC, your guest tonight John was incredible as he shared his experience and continued to share his personal life event. I lost a younger brother to suicide and so many times, I think, why didn’t he call, talk or ask for him? I will never know the answer but I can do my best to prevent maybe advocate, just as John does. Mr. Wes, thank you for sharing the HELP # because we just dont know who is hurting today and this may have save someone today. Great episode, you make a difference, Mr. Wes.

  39. Russell W

    I’m like John when I was younger I kept my encounters quiet. I’m 50 now and I talk about it freely. sure people laugh but every now and then I run across someone else with an encounter. Good day

    • Brad B

      So many comments that I had scroll so far to and past but should be reading. It is a real testament to the power of this thing you’ve created Wes.
      I’ve listened to this 3 or 4 times and admittedly at night and often fall asleep but I kept being drawn to this episode not having fully listened…maybe that’s why.
      A tremendous privilege and gift to hear from you John.
      Both of you have been through a lot in your lives and these things are so important to hear.
      Thank you so very much for your service and for extending your care to so many.
      I’m truly moved and humbled.

  40. Mai M

    John what an amazing person you are, you chocked me up talking about your work, how many hearts you must have touched. Bless you

    I really loved your explanation about these beings, it’s the first time someone brought something new to this question, I feel you are so close to the truth.

    I’d like to recommend a YouTube channel called JeffMara podcast, there you will find interviews with hundreds of people who have crossed over and them came back to tell others about what comes after this life. From my own experience I’d like you to know that your Sister didn’t suffer at all, from the moment we cross we are in the arms of our creator, in bliss, peace and compassion, your sister definitely wanted you to know that she’s more than ok.

  41. Evelyn L

    How could any area sustain a group of these huge beasts? Yes, some areas have a lot of deer but if you had a group of six of these things living in a 100 mile radius they could kill off much of the deer population in a very short span of time plus other wildlife. They would upset the ecological balance. There is just so many things about these beasts that do not make sense. One creature with huge muscle mass that stood eight or more feet tall would need to consume a whole lot of wildlife in one day to maintain that kind of body mass.

    • John R ep: 883

      EVELYN: I think your questions are interesting and I thought a lot about this. I submitted a post to Sasquatch Chronicles Fan page with my answer that I thought about. Hopefully it will get approved to post, I would like to see where the discussion would go! Thanks, John

  42. Holly G

    John and Wes…..What a remarkable talk you two had; and I’m not talking about sasquatch. This was truly two “bros” talking about life. A beautiful talk between friends. Thank you both for sharing this with me/us. I have never commented on any computer account ever. John, I hope you and yours are well. Wes, you have a subscriber(s) for as long as you have this site. We have watched your youtube videos for countless years and feel dirty for not becoming a members earlier! Wes, you may never see this; but “you’re a good man Charlie Brown”. Hopefully we will have the fortitude to share our pictures, videos, and encounter with you someday soon. God bless you Wes, family, and friends…..Will and Holly from upstate NY 🙂

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