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SC EP:867 Encounter On The Mogollon Rim

Tonight I will be speaking with Aaron. Aaron will be sharing with us an encounter he had almost 30 years ago with his brother in Arkansas. We will also be speaking with Dan. Below is Dan’s account.

“I went camping one weekend when I was 15. I am now 43, and I remember the weekend like it was yesterday. I was with my dad and all his friends up on Mingus Mountain which is on the Mogollon Rim in Northern Arizona. Mingus Mountain is on the backside of Jerome which is said to be a haunted ghost town.

We only stayed the one night because my dad had to work. We met some other friends up there for a fun camping weekend. It’s a trip the group has done for many years and every year we passed except for this one. So we drove up Saturday morning and planned on coming home Sunday afternoon. The group had been there all week, so they were probably loud overnight leading up to my sighting.

The group is a loud party group and they even bring their own little bar on a trailer up there for drinks. There were games being played all day, like carry the egg with a spoon, gummy worm competition, pie eating and all that. Everyone was cheering and yelling throughout the entire weekend. It was a great day and ended with drinks. I am sure my dad had a few beers. Two and he is pretty much drunk. So once we settle in the same tent to go to bed, he was out like a light. I fell asleep shortly after. Around 1 or 2 am, I had to go to the bathroom so bad. I got up, grabbed my dads super high power mag light and decided to walk out to the field to go to the bathroom. That day, we played a ton in the field, and there were daddy long legs everywhere. Me being not afraid of spiders, laid in the field and had a million crawl on me and then stood up and scared some of the younger campers. The field was probably 4 foot ball fields in a grid square. So about 100 yards Depth by 200 yards long. And it was just grass, no trees except for the ones surrounding it. It also was a little swampy in the middle. As I walked out to the field, I remember it being a little cold, but not bad, I had shorts and a t-shirt on. It was spring time.

I walked right to where the grass started and started to go to the bathroom. I remember hearing footsteps from my right and looked back at camp and no one was awake, the whole camp was out cold and even the fire was just a small light, no flames. I figured a deer was walking in the field but I remember thinking it was walking like a person. So I shined my mag light straight out and it was no deer. This thing was massive. It was walking from my left to right in long strides and as my light hit him he looked right at me, but without stopping walking and only his head turned at me. I remember not feeling in any danger, but was frightened because I didn’t know what I was looking at. It was light brown, ape like face, long arms, long legs, and because of my flash light it’s eyes reflected like a dog. The eyes were not red, more a brown reflection look. No neck, and large shoulders. At 15, I was 6 foot, and this thing was well over my height. I think close to 8 foot. I was standing about 20-30 feet from it when it passed. It felt like he could have took two steps and been at me.

It was so fast and also felt like forever at the same time. Now I don’t remember why I shined the light back down, but I did for a second, and then right back up, maybe I thought if I shined it down, he wouldn’t see me or come to me, but by they time I shined it back up, he was gone and I panned the light left and he was already past the tree line. I could still hear him the entire time walking. I knew he was there, but was just out of sight. I zipped up my pants and ran back to my tent. I wanted to wake my dad up so bad, but he had some beers and was snoring and I was afraid to wake him, plus he would never believe what I saw. I didn’t sleep that night. We got up the next day and said our goodbyes. And drove back to Phoenix. About 3 months later I did tell my dad. He said he wished I would have told him. And he was disappointed he didn’t get a look at him. I have told people over the years, some believe and some don’t. But as I tell the story, I feel like most do because of how detailed and serious I get telling it.”








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63 Responses to “SC EP:867 Encounter On The Mogollon Rim”

  1. Brandon W

    I feel abundantly confident saying there have been many shot and killed. Im sure there is a secret pocket if Dorty rotten government that knows full well what these are and what they do, and are intentionally blocking the general publics knowledge on them. I believe when an individual or a tribe becomes a problem they fly in under cover of darkness in a black helicopter and neutralize them, I also think Sasquatch are aware of this and that may partly be why they want nothing to do with us. Just a thought

  2. theresa m

    Thanks Wes! First share – maybe Sasquatch gets really upset with fishermen is because fish are more plentiful and possibly an easier food source than a deer that needs to be ambushed and requires more energy and time to catch? Just a thought. Thanks to your guests for sharing. Happy Fourth of July and everyone stay safe out there. The world is a crazy upside down right now!

  3. m99

    Oh boy. Just got home. Running ALL day. Will listen @ the am. Thanks for all you do Wes, for the members and the guests. You are a champion.

  4. John A

    Thank you Aaron and Dan for sharing your personal experiences with Sasquatch and other phenomena. I think it’s important to have a safe place to recount your stories with an empathetic interviewer such as Wes.

  5. Aaron W

    Thanks for all your hard work on these shows Wes! I know you’ve been going hard for awhile now, and it gets exhausting, however, your work is much appreciated sir! Hand salute to you Wes! ???? And also the hard working Americans this 4th of July ????????…………….the ones NOT destroying this country. 2024

  6. Nigel R

    As a Brit, the Mogollon Rim sound like somewhere from Star Wars.
    You guys are so lucky having such vast expanses of beautiful countryside. Except for the Squatches, you can keep those.

  7. Shawn M

    The only problem I have is Mingus is not on the Mogollon Rim, its an isolated Mtn between the Prescott Valley and Verde Valley and having lived here in Prescott for several years, and after also living in Rim Country of Arizona as well, Im fairly confident there are no creatures in the Mingus area but hey, more power to those who think there are.

  8. FlagStaffer

    being quite familiar with both areas, I was waiting to see if anyone else was going to mention that the Jerome/Mingus Mountain area is not a part of the Mogollon Rim. It is completely different in topography/climate/vegetation etc.

    “According to the United States Geological Survey, the Mogollon Rim extends from the head of Petrified Creek (about 8 miles southeast of Show Low) to the east and Nash Point (about 21/2 miles northwest of Strawberry) on the western end.”

    • Carol W

      Thanks for that geographic description. It helps me since I spend a lot of time in Arizona camping. Before summer is over I hope to 4-wheel along the entire rim just sightseeing. And you never know, maybe my dashcam will catch a bigfoot crossing the road. If so I’ll send it off to Wes.

    • greg L

      Yes me too also I was confused when he said ‘all the video looks the same as ours’ but moments later saying he regrets not being able to have recorded the event. Strange..

  9. Jason G

    Not sure if Wes is cool that I post this here, but I’ll try anyway. Is anyone here in or near Columbia county OR that knows a good place to look for sasquatch? I like to night hike and would like good company.

  10. Mary M

    wow. the comment “big” Christian sounds insulting. I am a “big” Christian and I believe in Sasquatch. knowing God’s abilities only strengthens the belief in me. what a dick…go visit your grandfather, why haven’t you anyway? those old people are precious.

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