May 21

SC EP:856 Alaskan Killer Bigfoot

Have a great weekend everyone! Jeff Davis has a BS in Anthropology and an MA in Archaeology. He lived in England for nearly a year, while working on his Master’s Degree on the Vikings in Greenland. He also worked for several years as a field archaeologist in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeff spent many years in the U.S. military, serving in Italy, South Korea, Japan, Bosnia and Afghanistan in a number of positions, ranging from Infantryman to military historian, to putting on puppet shows at orphanages. Jeff has written several books on military history, ghosts, mythology, and archaeology. His best selling books were Weird Washington and Weird Oregon.

Topics To Be Covered:
Kennewick Man
The Solutrean Hypothesis (Origins of the Clovis People)
Alaskan Killer Bigfoot
Paisley Cave

Weird Oregon: Your Travel Guide to Oregon’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

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68 Responses to “SC EP:856 Alaskan Killer Bigfoot”

  1. Scott M

    Should have consulted Beans Baxter about Chatham/Portlock, he is pretty much the expert on the area. My property is also on the Kenai, just finished up filming out there for 7 days with part of the Small Town guys.

  2. Derek R

    I loved hearing about Portlock my experience with the smell I told you about was just on the other side of the mountains from there. I always thought it was weird their weren’t more native settlements on the Kenai coast I wonder if these creatures didn’t have something to do with that.

    • Steve W

      Hey THOMAS & TANNER. you’re so RIGHT!! WES has a knack for pulling it out of people who are reluctant to come on because of negative comments…. Maybe we’ll get through this episode with nothing but uplifting comments!!! Hey, a guy can wish, E H ???????????

  3. Jay Carlsen

    I am only an ignorant Oilfield Laborer. ….but if it has a Sloping Forehead and a Mid Tarsal break across the center of it’s Foot ? Then it’s a Sasquatch.

    Masons own the Moon.

    How Tall was the Kennewick Man ?

    The Sasquatch People are Cannibals. ( Ask the Native Americans ( I did )
    I believe the America’s was Jotunheim of ancient Times , because of all the Giant Remains found here underneath the Mounds. O wonder if the Giant Remains have the Mid Tarsal Break across the center of their Feet ?
    Nephilim were the Scandinavian Pantheon ( and all the other little ” g ” gods ) Because the Ragnarok Event of Scandinavian Folk Lore is the Nephilim War detailed in the books of Enoch & Jubilees’. Which was fought on the Island Continent of the Antarctic. upon the 100 mile x 100 mile Vigard Battle Plain. Which is somewhere at he base of Mt Vincent ( Tallest Peak on the Continent )
    Just imagine what could be just laying on the ground down there ( Underneath 2 miles of Ice ! )
    – DEEP DIVE ! –
    Did German Whalers find something down there in the late 1920’s & 30’s ?
    Was the European Holocaust some kind of Blood Ritual that allowed these Foul Things who sneak around by night abducting People for genetic Sampling , back into Our Reality as in 1947 crash in the Desert of New Mexico ? Who’s to say ?

    • Scott M

      Agreed 100%. In fact I don’t know anybody that thought it was even good. I cringed a little bit when Wes said that he only heard good about the show… Anything on the Travel Channel is shit for the most part.

  4. John B

    I like hearing about Port Chatham. Alaskans have known about this place for a very long time. I’m born and raised here, half Alaskan native, that being said- have you considered talking to Larry “beans” Baxter? He put out a movie about port Chatham 2 years before this one. He lives very close to the mentioned site. Also, here are semi recent news paper articles of encounters in the villages of Alaska. These are the most remote locations in America, no roads. Only can get there by bush plane.

  5. richard r

    music songs was invented to bring news to people before the newpaper was invented, our brains remember songs easier than retelling something through a long story which can get corrupted as time passes. these old tales are told in rhymes because they are easily remembered when retold over and over again. so old music and old chilrens rhymes may have been something passed down from a factual news story a long time ago.

  6. Jewell H

    Fantastic show Wes. Great guest and conversation.
    Can’t wait for part two!! I for one did very much enjoy the AKB show and hope they will do another season.

  7. Michele C

    extremely credible guest. I for 1 enjoyed the Alaskan Bigfoot Killer, batteries and equipment draining. Ash getting visibly shaken after his experience in the tree blind, either that response was genuine or he deserves an Oscar . I beleive in recent years the world is being drip fed very slowly whether it be by government or higher officals and media about cryptids , until before to long populations will then simply know and acknowledge their existence. Its just not going to be officially declared or announced. Its the slow drip feed filtering down to the public. Just my opinion of course, not fact


    Guys 100% give the program a watch on discovery!

    Mind blown! I can’t help but think that some of it could be staged though, for Instance the cabin at the end?

    Either way it was soo entertaining! Thanks for the episode Wes

  9. Ron S

    I have a theory about the Lovelock giants that I’ve never heard brought up pertaining to the artifacts found. To me it makes more sense that the artifacts found in the cave were left as gifts or a peace offering to leave their Native people alone…gifting is very common even now. Who knows, they may have at one point even left human remains of the already dead.
    Gifts of decoys, tools or sandals would make sense as they would try to offer the Giants some way of gathering food more efficiently or become more civilized so that they themselves would no longer BE the food. This also coincides in my mind with the Giant stories coming from Afghanistan…the garments and goat paths etc.
    It seems various peoples tried to make peace with Giants or other “critters” as Wes says, by worshipping them as gods…when they finally figured out living peacefully with them wasn’t an option they were extinguished, or in some cases still worshipped to this day.
    A few years back in Google Earth, near and to the West/ slightly south of the Lovelock cave I saw more than 6 obvious and fresh rectangular excavations approximately 10 feet in length and spaced apart by maybe 10-20 meters coming from a south facing slope and cave-looking entrance which was following the edge of an early water level…a few others singular scattered sites within 20 miles were also spotted and a pile of dirt was very obvious next to each one…I looked a month ago to find them again as I assumed they would always be there but they were gone. I spent hours scouring the images in a large radius looking for possible answers to early water levels and travel routes. I had even discovered a prison to the south that depicted a large pentagram to be viewed from above in what may have been a courtyard or entrance….seems odd.
    Here are some other references when it comes to Giants and the like that I haven’t heard talked about, but they are worth looking up to read in entirety.
    Book of Wisdom 14:6
    “Near the beginning, at a time when proud giants were being destroyed…..”
    Also interesting is chapter 11:15-20
    “Because their foolish and wicked thoughts led them astray……”

    I’d like to thank my fiance for the references as I personally haven’t read the Bible yet.

    • Ron S

      Also of note about the pentagram at the Lovelock Correctional Center (back entrance now that I look at it?)it seems to be placed next to what looks like the symbol for a Native American medicine wheel and some other more primitive looking circular symbols I’m not familiar with.
      You’ll need to zoom in pretty close fyi

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