Apr 22

SC EP:847 Encounter In Connecticut On Family Property

A listener writes “I recently came across your podcast on Spotify and figured I would reach out to you. A few years ago I had two brief sightings and heard an odd vocalizations. At my home in CT. At the time I reached out to the BFRO and reported them. Eventually after years it was posted on their site as a class A sighting but after trying to get back in touch with them it’s been radio silence. I love your show and have a few encounters I’d be like to share!. Let me know if you are interested in some more info!”

The listener has agreed to come on the show.







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72 Responses to “SC EP:847 Encounter In Connecticut On Family Property”

  1. Linda B

    Thanks Wes! I didn’t think the vocals sounded just like a pig or hog although the vocal did sound “like” a hog. I think pigs make more varied sounds, not so even toned and this vocal sounded more throaty than a hog if you really listen. That said, it has a certain creep value. Thank you to your guest. I was amazed at the beautiful farms back east when we visited 25 yrs ago. It’s a beautiful part of the country. I’m sure squatches would be up there.

  2. Christian B

    In my opinion that hog noise was definitely a bear. I’ve heard them make noises like that. They’re better at taking food than people think. Doesn’t sound like any sasquatch vocals I’ve ever heard. There are tons of black bears in that part of CT, I live close by and they are everywhere. I don’t doubt this guy saw a squatch, but he’s hearing squatches everywhere now lol. Next time take a peek!

    I’ve heard the ohio howl near that part of CT though. Would love to hear a wildlife expert’s take on the howls.

  3. Maria G

    This was a good one. Although I was a little disappointed that once again we have a man with no horse. SMH.
    Have a great weekend everyone and looking forward to Sunday.

  4. Jeremiah S

    Happy Friday, thanks Matt for sharing your experience and thanks Wes for making our Friday night! Love ya Big Guy, hope your doing ok the best you can and know somebody here at SC’s is always thinking about you and your family.

    • Maria G

      Donating land is a great way to protect that land that you love. If you donate it to a park or state (or whatever it may be) there can be stipulation in place to keep development or harvesting away from said land. Also I imagine taxes are very high in Connecticut, which again is a motivating factor also. There is obvious love for this property they’ve had it for over 300 yrs. That is amazing. I’d also like to add if they want to donate any more land… i want 1st dibs.

  5. Melissa P

    Finally, one in New England! Hey Chief, I really appreciate all your hard work getting out these fantastic episodes. And I am still heart broken for the HUGE loss of your mom. You and your family still have my deepest condolences.
    When my mom died I was broken for a long time. The wound is still very raw after almost 4 years now. My hardest time was after everyone said their sympathies and their lives went on as usual, but my life would never be the same.
    Just know that there are those of us that still want to keep sending love and prayers to you and yours. We haven’t forgotten.

  6. theresa m

    Hey Wes. Thanks for tonight’s show. I have had the same experience seeing a UFO in the night sky. From a party boat on a lake in Maine with my husband and two lifelong friends. It looked like a round shaped object at a low plane level, not huge airplane height way up. It moved toward us, stopped, flipped up and shot up like it was shot out of a gun. It became the size of a pin. I have lived in New England all my life. People do look at you like you are crazy when you mention seeing something odd because we don’t look up at the night sky and we are not out in the woods on the regular. I saw the exact same thing that your guest saw. It was larger than a softball. It looked like a round bathroom light to me. It was lit inside but did not shed light. Interesting.

    • Maria G

      Hi Theresa. Where abouts in Maine were you? I also live in Maine and have heard what I believe to be a sasquatch hollering in the middle of the night and I saw a UFO. (Not at the same time) It was amazing to see. Totally mind boggling. I lived in the Etna area at the time. If you’re uncomfortable giving location that fine too. Thx for sharing your story.

  7. Peter D

    The gentleman who reported this, I’d like to further discuss this with you . I know exactly where this is and I live 10 minutes away , my brother lives about 5 minutes from you. Thanks

  8. Roy F

    Food for thought:
    1). Unless you activate camera software, a flash photograph will produce “red eye” on humans.
    2). My Dad rescued a baby crow from a storm blown down nest incident. He fed and cared for Blacky as a pet for its whole life, approximately 20 years. Blacky could be released from its kennel sized enclosure and could be summoned back by calling it. (They lived on a small farm) Crows are very smart birds capable of face recognition and a lot more. Just one more fact before I get to my point. Blacky liked playing hide the quarter (or any shiny token). You could give it a quarter that it would hide somewhere in its tree doctorated enclosure for you to find. Blacky could also play the counterpart of this game. Okay, my point. Blacky was very good at imitating sounds it heard repeatedly. One was my Mom’s voice calling out for my Dad, asking where he was, “William, where are you?”. When the rooster crowed at sun rise every morning, Blacky yelled out “hello, hello” until the rooster stopped crowing. Blacky also imitated an owl, and it could whistle. Blacky’s enclosure was right next to a german shepherd/husky mix named Bernie. Bernie was on a long close line style lead with a nice dog house. Blacky could imitate Bernie’s bark/howl by reaching way down into its lungs and bringing up the loud low toned bark. It was interesting, let alone amazing to watch Blacky physically prepare to release its sounds. Blacky wasn’t shy about making her sounds, and it (I never bothered to ask my Dad if Blacky was male or female, which is why I refer to Blacky as it) could be coaxed to perform.

  9. Tina R

    I have also heard different interviews where people also said they almost sound like a gator but in the mountains l know isn’t possible of course.

  10. Sheila C

    Thank you Wes for keeping this show more about personal experience alot of other shows just interview researchers .
    And so called sasquatch experts , not so interesting. Way more personal interesting and believable to hear first hand real experience with emotion !!!

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