Apr 15

SC EP:845 Correlations Or Coincidences Part Two

Rick returns for part two as we deep dive into Sasquatch, UFO’s and the Paranormal. Timothy Renner from Strange Familiars Podcast joins the discussion. Are there correlations or coincidences?

Rick writes “I’m a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a Ufologist, Paranormal Researcher, and Cryptid Investigator together in order to compare notes on the potential similarities/ connections within all three fields.

During my tenure with MUFON, I investigated many sightings to include the abduction phenomenon. I found that many of those cases had elements of the paranormal associated with them, which intrigued me. I then began investigating the paranormal with the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CPRI), also in Virginia. I’ve investigated many cases. Some involved negative entities or the “demonic”. One of these cases was featured on an episode of “A Haunting” entitled “Mark of Evil”. That was a rather serious/ horrific case that changed my life dramatically.

I’m still with that organization. However, my wife and I also started the Virginia chapter of the North American Dogman Project (NADP). We’ve been investigating Dogman/ cryptid cases for the past five years. During my research, I’ve seen some cases that have “crossover elements” to them.”







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101 Responses to “SC EP:845 Correlations Or Coincidences Part Two”

  1. Alexandra H

    So excited to be early living in the UK it’s not easy!!! Love this beautiful opening lots of love Anastasia is still with us but she is in her last moments we thinkx please anyone who believes in prayer and positive energy send it for my little girl battling cancer. I just want her to go so she won’t be in pain any longer. It isn’t the way 7 years old should be.

      • m99


        @Alexandra H ~ I’m sorry for this happening to her and the whole family. Some years ago I knew a family that just prayed and prayed. Finally, their little girl said, please, stop praying and let me go home to Jesus! She was relieved and later went home to be with the Lord.

        There’s so much we don’t know or understand. But one thing seems true, we are all interconnected. Prayers to you from PNW USA. Loves_m99

      • Alexandra H

        Thanks everyone absolutely believe in the power of prayers and positive thought it has always worked. Unfortunately DIPG is fatal but my faith is strong and I’ve seen enough things to know this is not the end. She will be in heaven with Jesus. I told her that it isn’t scary but I think she just misses me the same as I will miss her. You have no idea how much I love this podcast and your sister podcasts Strange Familiars and the Confessionals. Big Art Bell fan from the age of 8. Thanks for keeping us smiling. Anastasia used to always laugh at me and my Sasquatch chronicles she got in arguments with the kids at school telling them about how Sasquatch was real as I heard one when I lived in WA. Lol she got so angry at the boys who said it didn’t exist lol

  2. Lawrence M

    Thoughts and prayers for Anastasia and everyone this Easter weekend.

    Wes, your great radio voice is back! Your the best story teller! Another great show & guests. ????????????

  3. Stacey C

    Wes, not all of them are possessed. Just hear this, Esau really read the description of him… His mother had to put the coat of a goat over Jacob in order to fool Isaac into thinking he was Esau…. There is a tribe of biblical ancient ones that are here still today!!!! No they are not ALL of this tribe, some are good and some are not… Love this show…

  4. Timothy M

    Great subject matter but the MUFON guy sounds like a politician. He uses too many qualifiers and talks way too fast to be believable.
    Sorry but I can’t listen to this guy.

  5. Dovie D

    I totally agree these creatures are demonic. I told my brother many years ago I thought UFOs were demonic or Satanic. Satan is a trickster. Thank you for bringing this out. Thank you Rick, Tim and Wes

  6. Jeremiah S

    WOW! Wes, I really appreciate the work you put in and your genuine effort to bring, week after week, episodes that not only entertain but educate and inform. I feel like, for you, this isn’t just another day at the office and it shows. By the level of quality, creativity, and expanded ways to experience the show. Best of all, keeping an open mind. Not to just this subject, but to others as well. As they present themselves. Exploring the possibilities and following where the evidence leads. Where ever that may be. Great show!

  7. Connie F

    Thank you Wes, Timothy and Rick. This is how I’ve always wanted it to be, people not arguing to win, but showing absolute respect for each other and the audience by being humble and truthful. I can tell you have all heard and seen a lot, thanks for bringing all of the topics together with the intention of helping people at your own expense. I respect and thank you for that.

  8. Troy T

    Been listening on YouTube for a couple of years but today I decided to join the web group and this is the 1st episode I’ve listened to as a Yowier! Shout out from Australia
    And a massive thanks Wes n Woody.

  9. Annette H

    Interesting discussion. I too have wondered whether all these things are connected or not. Maybe some are and some aren’t. One things for sure, there are more things on heaven or earth than we can possibly understand.

  10. STEVE W

    I had many spirit encounters in my life, At times I thought I was crazy, Especially when I was real young. In 2020 after 30 plus years of hunting, Walking miles deep into woods all over SE Ohio I had my first BF encounter, Sabe trigger the same bodily response that spirits do. Maybe even a little more intense of a reaction, I will go to my grave saying humans have abilities we no longer realize, We do not hone our 6th sense, That is our link to spirituality, Going in the woods is still tough, Especially when you realize everything Sabe do is hunting us without being caught, But one good thing that came out of the encounter is the 6th sense practice I now get, I now trust it 110% in the woods , Sometimes I can feel eyes on me, so much soo It seems I can pin point the location, I wave at the spot and the feeling starts to go away, , Ill never know if I am right unless I see one, Im fully aware that our minds can play tricks, But I look at it as practice, Something I should have been doing from a young age

  11. theresa m

    Great to hear Timothy, Wes. Picked up his first book. Very interesting and I enjoy his delivery. So low key and relaxed. Thanks for tonight’s show. It was good to hear Rick for part 2.

  12. Stacey C

    Wes, is there any other stories of the very different and very strange or unusual that you haven’t told us that you’d be willing to share??? You can change names and locations yet allow us to hear?? Thank you for all you do..

  13. Jennifer B

    What a WONDERFUL interview!! I loved all of this! I want to hear you go outside of your comfort zone and say what you want! Unfortunately NOT a fan of the Stranger Familiar COVIDTARD guy .. had to inscribed from his pro-masking bullshit. Looking forward to more like this! I will be at a Bigfoot convention next week with some awesome people!!

  14. Nicholas F

    absolutely a breeding pop in PA. it’s one of the most forested states with tons of cave and high sheer rock faces….. and they do leave their mark just look at all the accounts in PA Alleghany forest and all the state game lands. I’m from NY between Buffalo and Syracuse

  15. Kathy R

    Wes, I think this was a FANTASTIC episode! Thank you for taking the subject of Bigfoot and looking at the correlations to the ‘paranormal’ and spiritual realms. I’ve been a member a long time and I think you are on the right track here! Thanks for all you do.

  16. Chuck C

    Thanks Wes, Rick, and Timothy! Very interesting episode that the other podcasts avoid – similarities between the three subjects. Rick is right in that the rabbit hole goes deep. Cannot wait for Chronicles After Dark.

  17. Antonio C

    I saw this when I was 5years old. Living in Mexico, a ball of fire came in through the kitchen window, it was the size of a volleyball. It was floating 5 feet above me for a few seconds. My mom saw it too, she scare it away. I only saw it one time in my life. My grandma said it was a witch that takes kids.

    This is similar to I saw in this tiktok

    I never tested myself for any radiation. Crazy to think about.

    God bless everyone

      • Alexander R

        Your cells are like water balloons and radiation like pellets firing from a BB gun. Now imagine a million water ballons being shot at by a million BB guns. The longer this happens the more damage to your cells occurs or the more BB guns you add (higher does) the worse the damage over time.

        Once that damage occurs to your cells they are pretty much dead. Your body can replace them over time but only up to a certain amount. No medicine or special tricks can fix a lethal dose.

  18. Ann Y

    Evil counterfeits holy. So many things you mentioned are first done in good supernatural realm. …Provisions, money, mama from heaven, protection, ECT. Also, other languages (speaking in tongues), transportation, portals, angels taking on human forms, cloaking from the enemy, the wonderful exciting list is endless! Best of all, we have a creator who loves us,and died for us! Happy Resurrection Sunday! ( But I celebrate Easter all year). Or happy Passover!

  19. Sidney R

    Such a great show! I applaud you Wes for following your curiosity into the paranormal aspects of the cryptid encounters. The guests add so much to the discussion. It’s all so interesting.

  20. Ron S

    I have been waiting a long time for a discussion like this with people from different respective fields who I feel are genuine. It’s refreshing to see guests contribute years of knowledge but also be humble enough and honest enough to admit that they don’t know everything and remain open minded.
    I believe this is how you get closer to the truth, when what you seek is doing everything it can to cause separation, fear, animosity, confusion and basically try to convince you on many levels that it has more power than you.
    Question everything as even things you might consider a gift could be a negative force/entity planting a seed for something darker to grow that it eventually thrives off of.

  21. Cristina J

    What an amazing show!! I really enjoyed the conversation between the three of you. It was fascinating to hear how the topics all come together. Would love a part three 🙂
    Happy Easter all

  22. Jan F

    If they only saw left foot after having shot a sasquatch ??
    A THEORY Can be that they had one foot in this dimension and the other foot in this World .
    Even i dont fully bellive that they move between dimension.
    BUT you dont know what you dont know.

    And Exsperts dont eksist coz you dont know what you dont know.
    Lets Call Them specialist and not Exsperts

  23. Jan F

    To the two guest…you dont know what you are doing.
    GOD was and is and Will always be.

    And the you two guest are being suck INTO the Dark if you dont stop.
    GOD warns about this.the WARNING FROM THE BIBLE: dont talk to the dead or ha e anything to do whit mediums and carlatans
    Or do not talk whit people that do those things.

    Its a Rabithole that make people like you two Fall INTO the Dark .
    Plz if you have time to relaxe.then Read a CHAPTER each Day and Pray and see what Will happen in your life.
    I regeret i gave this show 5 Stars becoz what i heard in the end,about your dog.
    Stop that hobby plz..the bible is Tour Daily bread i bellive.

  24. Evelyn L

    The breath of God is one of the things that separates us from the other living creatures on this planet. God breathed the breath of life into Adam. The word for breath and the word for spirit are the same in ancient Hebrew. You can interpret that section of Genesis 2 as “God breathed spirit into Adam and he became a speaking spirit.
    Adam was the first of his kind. A spirit inside a physical body. Other spirit beings did not speak as Adam did because they were not made of the same substance. Adam’s body came from the planet itself. (Even evolutionists have to admit that our bodies need nutrients that come from the earth).The other spiritual beings had bodies but not made of the same substance.
    Many do not believe that God is real because so much evil and suffering takes place on this planet. Unfortunately, God has been greatly misrepresented by even the very people whose say that they believe in him. It says in Genesis that God gave dominion over this planet to Adam. The exact details are not given but later Jesus talked about the situation in the parable about a man with a vineyard that he rented out. There was a lease for a specific period of time. “Gods gifts and callings are irrevocable.” The lease continues even though Adam was forced to leave the garden before he finished his assignment. He was given the task of spreading that garden, which was both physical and spiritual, all over the earth. If Adam and the woman had finished their task the planet would be perfection but they didn’t. They rebelled and bowed to the serpent. They did what the serpent said to do. They had to leave the garden. If they ate of the tree of life they would have lived forever in a fallen state. Redemption would not have been possible for them or us. They eventually lost all spiritual perception. The serpent and his followers usurped mankind’s dominion. People began worshiping fallen celestials instead of the Creator.
    The New Testament writings call Satan “the god of this world.” Really mankind is supposed to have authority but mankind is caught up in this physical world and has shut out the spiritual. Even the modern Christian church rejects the spiritual aspects that the Christ came to restore to mankind. What an awful situation. There is still hope though. There is always a remnant.
    Every person is a spirit being inside of a physical body. The soul is the mind, will, and emotions. When a person receives the new spirit that God made available to believers in Jesus, the Christ, they become a new creation that has never existed before. Unfortunately it takes commitment to bring that new spirit to maturity. There are instructions to the churches on how to operate but most have rejected those instructions. People pick and choose what they like and what they reject in the New Covenant scriptures. Unfortunately, nothing works right that way.
    The churches have not taught believers how to deal with the enemy that still fills this planet and will not stop trying to takeover until Christ returns to take back this fallen place. The lease has to expire before that return.
    It would take a month to go over the scripture involved in explaining all of this but anyone who seeks the truth sincerely will find it.
    It concerns me that these cryptid creatures are now being seen all up and down the Eastern part of the USA. They are being seen in places where the first European settlers lived but never saw them. The first recorded sighting were not until at least a couple of hundred years later and they were in areas further west. They are now being seen near populated areas throughout the East. Why the increase? I used to think that people are more willing to speak about it but that is not it. There is something else happening.

  25. schlad

    Thank you Wes and your Co hosts, this is a brilliant episode, fantastically informative, I Love the diversity of subjects, I hope you do more like this..Amazing!! Your panel are off the charts in knowledge and experience, obviously that is a testimony to your natural way of bringing sensible, valuable voices to these complicated subjects. This is for me is the best example of real, first hand knowledge being presented in a smart, scientific way, effortlessly highlighting the possible connections between these seemingly unrelated genres.
    I Love this, more please!!

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