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  1. theresa m

    Thank you so much, Gabriel, for coming on tonight to share your experience. This is truly a terrifying experience. It sounds like the being you witnessed looked different and may have very well been different than some of the other type that have been reported about. As an older person on the other side of life I’d like to share that you have no need to feel the feeling of failure on any level. This was not something that you or any of us would expect to see or would be prepared to see. It is out of our realm of reality. Shocking, to be sure. I’m glad you were able to talk about it and if there is any chance you are able to speak with your friends and mend the break in your relationships, that might also give you closure and help you to have less negativity surrounding this. You sound like a quality person, honest and true. Be well, Gabriel! Wes, thanks very much for tonight’s show.

  2. Jesse K

    WOW, that was some testimony. Powerful and Scary at the same time. Thanks, Gabriel for sharing this encounter. Thanks again Wes for what you do to help others get the stories out there.

  3. Timothy D

    Best group of comments I’ve read recently.
    When Claire is in the house, it’s time to listen…
    Thanks Wes. You’re on your game with tonight’s introduction.
    Thank you for always delivering, when it matters most, Tim

  4. Robert J

    That was a very interesting encounter, it’s amazing that it walked pass them and didn’t run away or show aggression. I do believe that this creature probably had cataracts and was an older creature and did not want any confrontation. I wonder if the marks on his back might have been an injury from the bear. Definitely an excellent encounter, thanks Wes and Gabriel.

  5. Chad W

    Thank you, Gabriel. You’re much braver than you think. On that day, you were thrust into an impossible situation. None of us know exactly how we’d react until we face ultimate fear. Your willingness to share your encounter speaks highly of your personal strength.

  6. Tim M

    If I lived in the woods with my family I would kill any predators that were a threat to mine. If one of the little ones were harmed in any way in anger, I would probably use a more vindictive form of retribution.
    In the 2 stories I heard where a BF saved a hunter from being killed by a cougar the BF slammed the upsidedown cat into ii’s uplifted knee braking it’s back.

  7. Tim R

    Great Show , I highly recommend Gabriel listen to episode 232 . Thank you Gabriel for sharing, your a good man . check out episode 212 as well … Ironically I believe there Nephlim . Gabriel one of the Good guys ; ) … Great Name BTW !!

  8. cynthia s

    Of all the guests you’ve had I believe Gabriel speaks to the truth of what Sasquatch is. Not long ago in geological time modern humans existed along side several other hominid species. Modern humans interbred with a least two that is known, neanderthals and denisovans. There were probably many others. Two different species can mate and have viable offspring as long as they shared a common ancestor within a two million year span, Two millions years covers many generations and possibility of evolutionary development. We think all other archaic human species went extinct but what if that isn’t true? What if Sasquatch is an archaic human species that has managed to survive in spite of modern humans? What if it has developed through evolution and possible genetic variation different anatomical abilities from us. Such as the ability to use infrasound, natural cloaking ability by being able to change its body hair to blend in with it’s environment, the ability to create a form of luminescence. Impossible? Other animals species do all those things and we accept it. We can’t accept that a distant archaic human ancestor developed these abilities and is also similar to us in that it can think, socialize, have a language and yet live in the natural world, wild as other mammals do, Truth is stranger than fiction, much stranger.

      • cynthia s

        Great minds think alike Charles. I do believe that Sasquatch probably has a ancestral link to Gigantopithecus. It was a primate, and since all human species that have ever existed are primates, who knows what interbreeding took place to create what is now the modern Sasquatch species. The truth will be made evident one day.

  9. Cassidy L

    I think it’s the 3 one in the beginning when he says listen to the one in the background, the foreground is a mountain lion, female in heat. But the long screams in the back……

  10. Andrew A

    Gabriel’s shame is derived from his inability to distinguish between a threat that could be conquered and one that cannot. He and his friends had a 0 percent chance of protecting themselves and each other. It would be different and justified if the Sasquatch was a 100% human being but they aren’t. If they tried to restrain that beast all of them would have had lumps like the bear and coyote but also each limb would have been torn from their sockets. Under no circumstance, in my opinion, did they have any chance of affecting that creature. So, either Gabriel enjoys punishing himself or his knowledge of the creature is such that he equates their ability to a human. They aren’t humans. Their strength is possibly 100 x’s a human. The ONLY way they could protect one another is to do what they did and that is to not do ANYTHING. If they had, they would be another 411 case from Dave Paulides.

    Sasquatch definitely does have human DNA but so do earthworms. Your self loathing is a product of your lack of knowledge about these creatures because you could have had another 20 of your friends and you still wouldn’t have had a chance against this creature.

    BTW, reptilian Wes?

  11. Rick P

    I’ve seen coyotes hanging in trees while out hunting over the years in strange places. I always thought it was human done. but now I don’t know. Great show.

  12. cynthia s

    For Gabriel to feel that he somehow failed in any way during his encounter is to deny his humanity. We tend to think modern homo sapien sapiens are the alpha species on this planet. But we are not. Technologically, yes but in the natural environment without technology (weapons) we are nearly defenseless. In our primative primate brain (which still exists in us) we have not forgotten that at one time we were stalked, hunted and eaten as prey animals. Our only defense was to outnumber predators staying in groups and to be able to flee and hide. That primative instinct for survival kicks in when we encounter another species we know has the ability to kill us. Fight or flight kicks in because that is our only means of survival. The fact that Gabriel and his companions reacted as any other mammal would do in a possible life or death situation is perfectly normal. What would have been abnormal would be to try to stand up to a creature you know could kill you and all the others without much effort. Plus, the Sasquatch smelled and saw you way in advance of you seeing him and could have used infrasound to partially disable you by causing you to feel fear and disorientation.. He wasn’t out to harm any of you only wanted to be left alone. I believe Sasquatch understands we are another species directly related to them but also dangerous to their existence. They don’t see us as a food source. Of course, there could be examples of rogue members who suffer from metal illness who are violent or who have had family members hurt or killed by humans and have a hatred for us and choose to take out revenge by killing us. There are probably varied kinds of Sasquatch as there are in our own species.

  13. Linda B

    Hi guys. Very late post, caring for my mom who became suddenly ill. I love SC. It’s such a great time, especially when you have troubles. Gabriel, what a great name. Have only listened for a few minutes but hearing about the badly beaten animals. Very scarey. Cant wait to hear the rest. I think I understand very well those reactions, staying to check it out vs. Running for the hills, what an adrenaline rush. Well, back to mom’s house (out of the hot tub with the raspberry liquor on a break at home) where two years in a row we have had the sasquatch activity at mom’s in March. When her house heater kicks on I think it’s a squatch knocking over a trash can outside. I imagine them looking in the window at me. Yikes. Have a good week everyone, talk to ya Sunday night. Thanks, Wes!! P.s. boxer! Very cool, Wes.

  14. cynthia s

    I know I’m being mouthy on here the past couple of days and I apologize if I’m being annoying and I will stop after this. Although I’ve been a member and listener for some time now and not made many comments. I have a comment directly for you Wes. First I want to state I admire your forum and presentation of giving people who have had encounters a platform to discuss their experiences and for those of us who are believers in Sasquatch but have not had encounters a way of having our thirst for knowledge and curiosity quenched. My comment is I know you are a believer and had your own encounter. Many have come forward with their own terrifying experiences. You have made references many times to your belief Sasquatch are not friendly forest brothers and believe they are potentially dangerous. I give a counter viewpoint. You have had people state they had knowledge or were apart of kill teams enforced by the government who’s purpose is to kill groups of Sasquatch. If this is true, and I believe it is, how would you expect a species to behave that know another species they encounter have murdered many of their own kind for no other reason than that they exist? What if they communicate with one another through the many groups and families that exist throughout the world. They know they are being systematically hunted and slaughtered when they have done no harm to the entities who are murdering them. And yet with this knowledge there are hundreds if not more people who have come face to face with Sasquatch, and live to tell it. Who instead of being murdered on site when people enter their habitat are instead paced and scared out of the area. They are not afraid of us unless we have weapons. They know they could kill us with one blow. And yet they continually use great restraint in not killing us but moving us out of their areas where they are trying to live and raise their families. The fact there are witnesses living to tell of their encounters shows Sasquatch is a species capable of higher thinking and a willingness to refrain from violence as a means to an end. If they were human, they would probably kill every one they encountered for revenge for the needless slaughter they continue to endure. Which in my mind makes them superior to most of us. If we stopped killing them perhaps they could be our friendly forest brother. I don’t believe we have given them that option.

    • Melissa V

      What you have just said I feel in myself. I can relate being Anishinabe and Irish ancestory. Thou there are different personality types, just like us. What we fear we kill just like other human types. Other races of humans have conquered/kill other races of humans and continue to do so. Maybe they have an understanding of something we do not yet know. There are whole worlds under our feet above our heads and all around us that we have no knowledge of and will never see. But oneday .

  15. Connie O

    cynthia s…wow! I guess you could think Sasquatch is all cute and fussy since you never saw one or experienced a encounter. You seem to have come to the conclusion that any aggressive behavior towards us is all our fault. You could only say that logically by not having a encounter yourself and seeing what they are all about. In my opinion and respectfully, you are so wrong. Some of these creatures are monsters that would rip you apart for no reason other than they are pure evil. Many more would have killed humans if they had the chance. A gun, car, circumstance, or other means of protection prevented them from doing that. Some of these monsters are very intelligent and are pure evil. Hopefully, you will never see one that would ultimately change your perception of them. No matter the reason for how their behavior originated, there will never come a time of living in harmony with these creatures.

  16. Connie O

    Hello Wes, thank you and Gabriel, for a great show. Gabriel, try not to let that creature keep you down. Look forward as much as you can. You are brave to have shared your experience. Wes, I’m so glad that you sound like your health is better. Blessings to you both!

  17. Christian B

    That sound form Maine is even more of an exact replica of what I heard here in upstate NY/taconic region. This is either another animal that lives throughout the US and is making that noise, or its sasquatch. I can tell you the lung capacity is massive, and anything short of a moose or bear would be unrealistic. Have any wildlife biologists etc chimed in on this vocal??

    Amazing story. Sounds like Gabriel grew up with some pretty toxic masculinity lol. No 19 year old is prepared to go to war, much respect to those that did, but most of the ones that survive wars came back with PTSD and/or bury all their feelings. No shame should be felt by this poor guy, there was nothing else to do. If anything he should be very proud that he didn’t confront it or do something stupid to get them all killed. To know your capabilities is important, and your body’s instincts should be trusted. He sounds like a great guy.

    Also, it sounds like this squatch was older and had impaired vision, and was probably somewhat concerned himself that he’d have to fend off a bunch of humans. They usually seem to scare people off and use intimidation tactics, or on the other hand are curious, and this guy just seems like he was totally resigned and weary. One thought I had is that it might have been beating up the animals the way that it did because it no longer had the capacity to see them very well and kill them quickly and efficiently. Or maybe it killed them quickly and was then tenderizing the meat by throwing them around afterward. Somehow I doubt that torture is on these things’ agenda, though there are always bad eggs.

    I’m with Cynthia on all counts, the more encounters I hear the more impressed I am by how much restraint and compassion is shown by these creatures. I’m sure they do take a human once in a while, but if they were like us then there would be a lot more people hurt and missing. It’s homo sapiens that is the real monster. We make war, ruin the planet, live out of step with other creatures, make up idiotic religious fantasies and then kill each other for disagreeing on them. These guys are just living their secluded life as part of the food chain. I only want to see them recognized so that we can put a nail in the coffin of the old growth logging industry and protect larger areas of wilderness. But I think the key is not to kill one, but to shift public opinion. I’ve put around 10 of my friends onto this podcast already, and I’m just one dude. Wes is doing a huge service.

  18. Jeremy N

    I can tell this man has struggled with this his whole life and I hope he gets some peace after taking to a down to earth person .I thank you for your encounter Gabriel and don’t beat yourself up over being afraid ,we all have gear.

    • Josh J

      Poor bear. Imagine what they can do to a person. I agree with you cynthia, they are living breathing organisms with communication, intelligence, and family like characteristics. If you think about it they are smarter than us. How can you go without being seen to the point that people dont think they exist. Also leave a human in the woods with no clothing, food, tools or shelter. That person would eventually die. I dont believe in cloaking. Their hair works as a natural ghillie suit breaking up their form in the brush. If you look back say about 40 years, how many sasquatch related deaths were there compared to people killing people. The government wipes them out like parasites. Ive listened to so many accounts that an individual says was bad but they got away without being touched. If they wanted to kill you i think they would, and easily. Oh it grunted at me oh no!!! What if it was saying hello or acknowledging their presence. I think the ultimate factor is fear. You see a creature larger than life and your fight or flight kicks in. You were afraid for your life so therefore it was a monster. Most of the bad accounts ive heard the person had a gun or some sort of weapon. They know what guns are and thats a good reason for them to feel threatened and protect their familys and territory. This is just my thoughts so if you disagree its all good.

    • Mai M

      Dear Gabriel, I think you are a rare being. The level of respect you have for this other soul and your ability for self reflection is truely touching.

      Only a man of courage and deep humanity and humility, would be as critical of himself as you are. I agree wholeheartedly with Wes when he asks you not be as hard on yourself as you are. Your experience was something that would push any human to the edges of our wits and who knows what’s we are capable of when fear and the most awesome of situations overwhelms us and takes hold of our very being, let alone our human faculties and what it does to social expectations

      I too feel that these beings share a human spirit and like much of humanity the depth of spiritual awareness varies greatly in each of us and these creatures are no different. It is clear that they are like the rest of us some dull and some awakened, all at different levels of experience and capability and awareness.

      It was such an honour to hear your story and reflections on this experience. Might I venture to encourage you to write about your experiences? Thank you for sharing something so personal with all of us. I feel that many would love to read whatever you might produce on this subject and whatever else touches your heart.

      This was one of the most touching of all the interviews I have ever listened to, thank you for being so courageous to share your vulnerability with us.

      Warmest Regards


  19. Melissa K

    Well, Wes, just when I think I am going to not be immersed in this topic anymore and move on, you got me. This was fascinating because he has been dealing with this on his own. Not like us who have heard thousands of reports.
    Wow. I, too have trouble calling what I saw a ‘Bigfoot.’ I wish he did not beat himself up for his reaction to the creature.
    This was also interesting to me because I have had two encounters now and I would never think ‘human’ to describe what I saw.

    • Mai M

      I don’t think that they are all the same, in fact far from it. Listening to so many encounters it is clear that there are many different, species, and possibly races amongst them. They obviously come in different physical builds, levels of intellect, awareness, behaviours and temperaments. So I believe many are more and less evolved depending on the group.

      I believe we would be making a grave mistake to believe that they are all the same. This would explain why there are so many differences in the experiences we hear about.

  20. John B

    When the witness described the eyes of the subject, the first thing that I thought of was the nictitating membrane on birds.

    An example of is the Black Vulture on my profile picture.

  21. William H

    Great episode. Thank you for sharing Gabriel. Now that you know about Wes and Sasquatch Chronicles, I feel that you would be well served to go back and listen to as many episodes as possible. Knowledge is power, and it will help you develop a better understanding of what you experienced. I know, from personal experience, it will help.

  22. Curan H

    I wonder if Sasquatch has an nictitating membrane ? episode 820 the gentleman described the eyes in a similar manner when it started talking or mumbling .

    “ Nictitating Membrane – a transparent or translucent third eyelid present in some animals that can be drawn across the eye from the medial canthus to protect and moisten it while maintaining vision.”

    There are many pictures of raptors birds of prey displaying their nictitating membrane. it’s almost a grey coat across the eye .

    Thank you Gabriel for sharing your experience .

  23. MONTE M

    Thanks Gabriel and Wes really great telling and guest. Great episode.
    Happened to be watching an episode of Nature and it was about Polar Bears. Massive they are, and to think Sasquatch are bigger yet gives you a small sense of how big these things are.

  24. Steve X

    Gabriel, thank you for coming forward and discussing this intense encounter. It takes a LOT to
    come forward and share things like this. When I spoke to Wes a year ago I was terrified inside because you relive it in your head. Hang in there brother. You have peers on here that have been overwhelmed too by their encounter, whether at that precise moment or afterwards reflecting. Sharing your encounter helps and this community here and Wes are very supportive.

  25. Dennis D

    to me that first moaning sound recorded in Michigan sounds like the ghost moaning sound I remember from old time scary movies. Makes me wonder if a long time ago people heard moans coming from the woods and attributed it to ghosts when it was really Bigfoot.

  26. Meesha F

    thanks Gabe and Wes .. you won’t really hear them and it’s mostly because of the mid tarsal break in their foot and they walk nothing like us especially without shoes on rocks and forest alike. eyes could have had cataracts.. I’m sure they get old age issues very similar to us but the inner eyelid makes a lot of sense especially when you think about all the eye shine and glow experiences.. a lot of ppl don’t see them in enough sunlight to get details of the eyes but bumping into one another on a trail would give you a eye view advantage of sorts.. thanks again for the account and I’m glad you made out ok ???? down here in the deep south isn’t where I want to meet one face to face for sure lol they’re honorary as a hornet here.. like a chimp small but mean where gorillas actually kill almost nobody.. hell maybe they are an alien abducted ape human hybrid.. ????

  27. Meesha F

    I love this episode lol and Wes is totally right the Government knows about Sasquatch and Dogmen and I believe that they have tried to weaponize the dogman and killed and studied Sasquatch. Our Government and Military knows more than anyone else put together they have to sign they won’t talk about certain stuff but some encounter it as a civilian and talk about it but yeah our sweet little Ole Government has been aware of and at times culling the population of these creatures but I don’t think they mean us harm and I’d like for them to be left alone but in a way I’m glad the Military can step in if they get too human numbers but I don’t want them to be experimented on for bad purposes or weaponized.. remember the Nazi Dr’s trying to make human ape hybrids for soldiers? just making a whole new problem

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