Feb 25

Tonight’s Show: Its Face Was A Man’s Face

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A listener writes “This was back in either 89-90. My age now is 50. Friends and I would go to lake shasta area california. We’d explore the cave systems and mines. We’d go above the tree line. We came across a dead black bear. There were no bites and the bear was beaten up.”

Its head was bashed/punched in and swollen. The body was beaten with swollen bumps on it. We all ran. We’d go back often looking for anything. Just adventure. We went back to what we remembered to be the area of the bear. We went on into a cave/mine. It was wide, deep and high. There was a awful odor. Some stayed back and we didn’t. We came across a bunch of dead coyotes. They were beaten badly. Swollen lumps, bashed in heads. One had a broken back. It looked like a V. We all left. We were scared, angry, yelling, very afraid, lost, pissed at each other. No one wanted to be there.

A few of us would go back often. Curious, angry, looking for answers. No one wanted to talk to the police or rangers. We thought we were tough and could find answers. This day on our way down from the rocky area heading towards the trees is when we saw it/bigfoot/human.

This creature (I say it respectfully) was just there, standing right on our path out. Not moving and just staring back. It’s distance was about the length of 3 school busses. No one moved. It began to walk towards us. Upright. It was right on us and walked passed us literally by about 6 feet. It had a face of a neanderthal. It had a broad human nose. It/creature/man had lips. It’s eyes were dark and there was a dead stare in it. The eyes definitely 100% had a white/gray film over it. It had nipples but no breast. Parts of the body had less hair. Muscles. It had less hair on it’s sides of it’s hips. The skin that I could see looked raw,dry or scaly on it’s hips, there were wrinkles on the area of the chest connecting to the shoulder. Its face was man. It had teeth, not fangs. It’s hair was black with reddish in it. Hair was longer in it’s back, back neck, shorter on head. Under the arms were long hairs. Upper arms looked like thinned hair. Legs were hairy on upper legs and shorts from knees down. Front part of the chest and stomach had hair that was either just short or thinned. This is where you could see more skin than the rest of the body, and hips, and face and I saw front neck with patches of hair.

The facial skin had was dark tank with reddish irritated areas near the under eyes crossing the top bridge of the nose. The eyes were Asian shaped. I’m 5’10, one of my friends there was 6’3. This person/creature stood about 7’7. My friend said as it passed he saw bloody claw marks on it’s upper back. This creature was very very wide, square, too thick. It’s arms were long and it’s hands were visible. As it’s arms went up it’s hands would start to close as it hit the too position. I remember this because I thought it was an expression of hate or anger and thinking it was going to grab us. I want to clarify the neck. There wasn’t a neck like a human. I’m referring it to the neck area known to us as humans. I saw flesh there. It appeared to have no neck from behind. So I’m just saying that area under its head above the chest had less hairs. I don’t recall any bloody scars.

The whole body had muscles moving under the hair. It just did. It passed. Minutes before any of us moved, or began to communicate. Minutes from walking down and the further we got we ran in a very close right formation. When I saw the creature we all had the same thought. Were dead. We had similar thoughts, our minds were trying to run but our bodies were stuck. My body felt emotions that I have never felt again. My body felt physical aches of soreness for such a long time. I had panic attacks, nightmares, anxiety, and cried a lot after. There’s no way the government doesn’t know. If a hunter shot it it would need strong ammo.

They would have realized they shot something more man than not. So saying anything could make them afraid of prosecution. I think. I just can’t see how it’s a mystery. Too big. Too, way way too easy for us to have encountered it. It wasn’t angry, scared but it was aware. I’ve never been back to that, area. When I hike, camp elsewhere I stay where the people are. I have lots of questions. Personally I told my family at the time. I think about it often, in my way. Its mouth for a second opened a little. Normal teeth. I can’t tell anyone so I’m saying it here. Non of us from then could even stand being around each other after wards. We tried. It just f$%@# with our minds. Even felt guilty for seeing it. There’s no understanding it. Its face was a man’s face.”

18 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: Its Face Was A Man’s Face”

  1. devon c

    Oh, Wes! If you don’t already have this person lined up for a show, please reach out and ask if he’d be willing to talk about this encounter. His observations from such incredibly close contact are fascinating.

  2. m99

    @al ~ Yeah, can’t wait to hear this one.

    One thing that occurred to me is the guy “needs” to talk to someone about all of this. The adventure. The intrigue. The fright. Then, the complete break down and break up of a whole group of friends. That’s huge. That’s a big loss because of the incident.

    As well, I bet they all thought they were going to die, paralyzed by the thing walking passed them on the trail. Talk about therapeutic. It’ll be a blessing for him to share this sighting and what happened after. Thx.

    Looking forward to this one. _A Fan of SC


  3. Amy H

    Ya know, in this “free” country, honestly is paramount. But if honesty isn’t paramount to freedom, then we’re not truly free. If our government is willing to lie about the existence of something that literally harms it’s citizens, then we are not free. Freedom is about honesty. You cannot have one without the other. If people don’t care about the treatment the government perpetuates upon its citizens, we’re all in trouble but just don’t know it yet. This guy is suffering repeatedly because of lies from our government. If that doesn’t chap your ass, you should move to Canada. Poor guy. It’s horrible to read the torture someone tries to endure…

  4. Stephen S

    move to Canada? really? you think that little dictator will be honest with you?The Truth is going to spill out very soon ….we need a chance encounter like this to be video taped, shot on an IPhone etc…once one of these chance encounters is even partially filmed it will be out in the open …

  5. Stephen S

    we can’t have the Patterson Gimlin film be the only Amazing footage from 1967?? I’ve always wondered about the people who say they have interactions like the brothers who say they have been chased
    into a garage ? if you have constant activity film then !! Wes said they have incredible photos on f these creatures ? show the picture ??

  6. Christian B

    Damn. You need to get this person on the podcast. Sounds like he really got a good look. Encouraging that it didn’t rip them to shreds, and further evidence that these guys are probably some form of hominid that’s either very related to us, like neanderthals, or even has homo sapiens genes. Might even be homo sapiens that strayed into the woods and evolved separately out there. Would explain why the dna never comes up different or neanderthal. If you think about how much variety is present in known human specimens, it’s not a huge stretch. If I didn’t know any science and saw a sudanese person on an australian aboriginal, I’d think I was looking at a different species too (and probably feeling is mutual for them).

  7. Charles R

    I agree with the above folks. Would like to hear his story. Sounds like another traumatized individual in the same manner as my friend Rob, who saw one to close for comfort.

  8. Shana K

    This was a big step for this individual to share his encounter. The emotions that were felt by the witness that day must have been more than overwhelming and clearly changed everyone there that day..I can only imagine. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Chad W

    Wes, this gentleman’s story is remarkable. I hope that his sharing it proves to be therapeutic for him – he’s struggled with this experience for so many years. This would be a memorable show, if he’d be willing to come on as a guest.

  10. Joey S

    Dam that’s a lot of details! From these details you could draw a picture, I bet they were scared stiff when it walked towards them and when it walked on by them I bet they ran like the wind! Heck I would have had to throw my underwear away!

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