Jan 9

SC EP:821 Which One Did You See?

Robert writes “I had encounters in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the 90’s. I think it’s still a hotspot but most people won’t talk about it. Most of my encounters were brief except for one.

I had a bear walking towards me and one came running down the mountain and actually chased the bear off. I was walking back down a gravel road as my car was broke down. It actually jumped into the road, slid in the gravel before coming to a complete stop. Turned towards me and bluff charged me twice to push me out of the area. It was 7.5 to 8 fat tall, browns oh red with white hair which made me think it was an older one. Right before it turned towards me I could see it looked like it had “road rash” on the back of its left shoulder.

You could see it had hair missing as it looked scabbed over. Kind of like the aftermath of sliding in gravel while wearing shorts for us. There are a lot more details about that encounter but too many to type up.”








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81 Responses to “SC EP:821 Which One Did You See?”

      • T Q

        I live in southeast ky and if you want to be ridiculed just mention bigfoot…and I’ll put myself at the top of that list at least I was until I wasnt.
        Now the old timers will speak of boggers but most people think its dumb…however most young people these days never leave their comfort zone and travel deep into the woods…
        They’re out there.

          • T Q

            Hey robert good for you..
            I’m 57 and getting to that stage as well..I recently spoke up at a family reunion for the first time..a few of the family members were looking at me like I was crazy until I reminded them their mother my grandmother seen a dogman..She thought it was a demon from hell but she described a dog man to the tee..

  1. Esther L

    Happy Sunday everybody! Wishing everyone the best. Thank you as always Mr. Germer and Robert! Hope you have a peaceful week to come.

    • Melissa P

      Thank F. S.!! I don’t know who she is, but i will still give my support to her in her IG account. That was great if you to put out there. One of my really great friend’s was just diagnoned with lung cancer. Not sure what stage yet. Thats how my mom died, cancer is an evil organism.

      • F S

        I’m so sorry. I helped my mom die from cancer 12 years ago, and I just helped my dad day on Labor Day weekend. It helps so much when people support those with grave illnesses and their caregivers. I hope your friend is healed. ????

        • Melissa P

          I am so sorry FS I am sure it gave them both comfort to have you by their sides. They were lucky to have you, especially at the end.
          Thank you for the positivity toward my friend. Prayers are greatly appreciated.
          My mom died 4 years ago, I moved into her house and took care of her, even spending almost every night when she was admitted to the hospital. I was her Health Care Proxy and she had told me that she didn’t want any advanced directives so I had to make the call for no more help from medical staff. She went home on a Friday, next day she was on hospice. Next day, Sunday, she died in my arms. I miss her every day. She was my best friend as well as being the best mom ever!!
          Again, I am so sorry for your losses.

          • Dovie D

            Wow I am so sorry to hear about the losses. I am a social worker snd have worked in hospital setting and now mental health. I work full time and care for my mother who was dx with dementia 5 years ago. No help from siblings and work full time. I know this disease will kill her it’s hard to watch some you love decline. One of my brothers died from cancer in 2014. My husband has had cancer 3x. It sucks. I appreciate the time I have with my mother. Every day is precious. Good self care is important.

  2. cyndie r

    Great show! Robert I have a question if you don’t mind me asking… when you were up the mountain at the cliff, right before you saw the bobcat, you said you saw some branches and leaves gathered up maybe like a nest. So do you think it was a bobcat nest or a sasquatch nest or another creature’s nest all together? Was it real big? Like big enough for a sasquatch? I am just curious and trying to picture it.

  3. Ron S.

    I had a bear chase me out of the woods as a teen so this was instantly interesting.
    Here’s a funny thought…Seems to me the bear or quite possibly the “bear” wasn’t sufficiently doing it’s job in scaring the guy off so someone else had to step in and show how it’s done. It has entered my mind stemming from some of my own personal encounters that these things might possibly be able to shape shift, but it still seems so inconceivable I’m still fighting my own thoughts if I want to buy what I’m actually trying to sell myself lol.
    It sure would explain most of the unexplainable aspects to this topic…tracks that just end, the thing you shot that either got away or disappeared, how it vanished behind something or impossibly fit behind that tree, how you could smell it and not see it, heck maybe there’s even rules to this game where we aren’t allowed to witness the shift, so it’s stuck in it’s visible form as long as we’re looking at it…but what do I know, in the end it could turn out to be just a darn dirty caveman and I’ll be satisfied with that answer too:)
    IMO we aren’t getting any closer to figuring these things out because we aren’t thinking outside the box of cavemen and apes, but hey it’s a start at least and I’m thankful for the people brave enough to come forward.
    The part of the story where the being was gesturing a “come here” motion with it’s arms could be a way of gathering your scent better (like a chef whiffing a pot of sauce) maybe it likes the smell of fear but could also be signaling the one’s behind you to move in closer, or trick you into thinking others beings that actually AREN’T there are moving in closer…they really thrive on games and constantly testing our actions…I think they really enjoy scaring the dooky out of certain people because it’s like they only tolerate so much and they either don’t like your actions, your location, or they might even sense your energy unfavorably that day so they want to show you who’s boss.
    I have a feeling that even when we figure out a few more things on how they do what they do, we still may not be much closer to knowing everything…it’s an interesting ride though.
    I’d sure like to know the state of mind the guest was in just before his encounters (hunter/ predator mindset or just enjoying the outdoors etc.). Wondering if he has some Native American ancestry or has experienced any type of premonitions or happenings with the other side. Sometimes questions like these need to be asked so we can look for mor intricate patterns…if the scientists won’t touch the topic I guess we’re going to have to question everything ourselves…it might just get us closer to the truth.
    It’s definitely not fair something is learning our behaviors all the time while we’re just scratching our behinds trying to learn theirs.
    Great show and great guest once again!

      • Charles R

        And what a great thing it is to be in the outdoors and woods, Robert. I and my buddies spent a great deal of time ub this environment, except in central Michigan we had small forest, but no mountains or even hills. Sadly, a great majority of this countries youth never experience this, even when it is around them.

        Curious if the interceptor Bigfoot was male or female? I suspect they have been in this area for a long time, maybe generations due to the farms, water, and forest animals in this area you spoke of. I am certain they knew about you and your Grandparents farm, at least from their nightime activities which always includes spying on humans. And I do think that Bigfoot was protecting you from the bear, and then sent you home as this was their territory. There may well have been some kinship towards you, however when it comes to the Sasquatch, it is always on their terms. Thanks for enlightening us of this fantastic encounter. Chuck

  4. Chad W

    Your grandfather seems to have been a wise and patient man. I’m glad that you had such a relationship with him. Fascinating accounts from you, and all your family members. Woolly boogers! I heard that phrase a number of times, growing up in eastern Oklahoma.

  5. Daren c

    Incredible , Thank you Dave for sharing your encounter with us. You really did an exceptional job if painting the picture for us, shew what an experience to live with…

    Thanks to Wes for being such an amazing dude the guests trust Wes to be real while reliving and telling their encounter to us . Nobody does it better than Sasquatch Chronicles imho

  6. James N

    Great encounter Robert and thank you Wes.

    in regards to the shape shifting @Ron S, if the bear had the same “road rash” injury that would have really thrown everything into a whirlwind. LOL

  7. m99

    Wellll…. We Just got to listen to this excellent episode. The Skipper had to work Saturday and was exhausted Sunday after working all week, so I saved it until he was ready to hear it. I like that he likes SC a lot now, but probably not in the beginning. 🙂

    Wow, Robert, the Good Lord was watching over you! One day I asked my spouse, why haven’t we seen these thigs, since we’re out and about in the woods sometimes? Without missing a beat he quips, because of this 9 foot guardian angel that’s walking just behind us. I thought for a minute and said, could be. Animals see things and feel things humans don’t see or feel, so could very well be.

    Anyway, Robert, thanks again for sharing your story on SC with Wes. If or should I say when you get that book written, I’d sure like to know how we can buy it. Be blessed. _m99

  8. NHSquatcher

    Great episode! And the app seems to work perfectly for me. I have a new iPhone 13 Pro. That said I really look forward to these shows because I am cooped up here for two years now caring for my 100-year-old mom who can’t be alone. all I can do is comforter. She’s not physically sick but has lost her memory is very confused and frightened. They’ve shut us down to visitors again so I get occasional help from some health aides but workers are hard to find Thanks to this miserable virus.

  9. Colton W

    Love listening as i’m going to bed. Don’t take it the wrong way if you read this, Wes. You have a very soothing voice and the way you talk with the guest is so comforting and the witness accounts are some of the best bed-time listens. Makes me have some pretty crazy dreams too lol.

  10. Evelyn L

    So maybe some of these creatures are not as vicious as others. Maybe. I do believe that the reason that they do not usually kill people is because they are smart enough to know that a missing or dead human being is going to bring a lot more people out into the area. They are not smart enough to wear clothing or use tools but I believe that they are clever enough to have figured that much out.

  11. Eli K

    Honestly believe these ” beings” are smart enough to know killing people isn’t a good thing for their area, even if it had let the bear maul him, a TON of people still would have showed up and trampled all through there. The creature DEFINITELY scared it away ….????. maybe it knew this bear was a little off…who knows. buttress beings generally throw rocks, sticks, logs or bluff charge to get you to leave. if they wanted him, there would be no 821 ” Robert” interview. great encounter wow ????????

  12. Beth E

    I’ve listened to most of these episodes and I really enjoy this podcast. In the majority of episodes, they’re not violent in terms of causing physical harm. Anytime I read statements that they’re evil or an abomination, I have to shake my head because human beings are so much more violent. I recognize that some have been violent but from these accounts, it seems to be the exception and not the rule. Thank you, Wes for continuing to put out a quality program. I admire the graciousness, kindness and empathy you show to your guests.

  13. Daniel Y

    Just twigged the comments are in reverse order to the website…thought I was losing it….another great show. Thanks Robert, and, Wes, keep on keeping on. Much love.

  14. Robert W

    I actually went back yesterday and visited several of the sites mentioned. I took several pictures and a video. The place has changed some but it was still like stepping back in time.

  15. Kimberly M

    Loved the story. My dad was a WWII vet. He, too liked sardines and to have time to himself. I Think the one with the ear was protecting you. I wonder where momma was in the family unit? Your grandfather sounded like a great man. That era of men were truly amazing!! Thanks for sharing your story.

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