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It Felt Like Those Eyes Went Right Through Us

A listener writes “I am 59. I grew up in Ithaca and my folks owned a farmhouse way out on Rte13 near county line road. We had gorges in the area and our house was once a saw mill but when the State Hwy Dept moved the creek for the road in 1950s the house was no longer on the creek.

It was built about 1830. Same family owned it until just before my folks bought it. It had an artesian spring that ran down the north wall of cellar and drained into a small hole in the dirt floor. We had a lot of odd experiences in the house, and on the property and area in general. A UFO Flap was well reported in a magazine in 1966-7 and J. Allen Hynek and his team came to Newfield, NY to investigate – among his official findings he recorded “I believe these people experienced something…” and there were at least 100 people at that town meeting. We moved to the farm in 1968-9. I used to see what I called the tree people, and hiking as a kid I’d “hear” them talk to me. I was never ever afraid in the woods hiking. Matter of fact I felt protected and safe. The old barn was a scary place.

My mom and I both saw red eyes peering out from behind the second story hay door on several occasions. I had a “ball” appear from over the west hills and swoop down over my head about 5 foot above my head and my mom and older brother saw this but I could not hear them yelling at me on my bike in the driveway… I had my back to them. I felt “weird” and all the hair on my head was on end and my nose started running and I got dizzy putting my feet on ground I looked back and saw my family running toward me… that ball took off to the East and got real big as it dropped behind the hill. I saw it then but I did not see it over me or when it approached – I still recall that like yesterday.

That house has changed since we lived there, and that old beaten down barn still hides in the thick trees and bushes – it was falling down in the 1970s! A brother of the great grand uncle of our neighbor died in the barn when his brother pulled up on the hay fork to pull hay up through the floor shoot onto the second floor, the hook slipped and ripped off the front of his face and forehead. He died there. We were told that story a week before we moved from the farm. I think it explained some of the cold and ominous feelings in the barn but not those red eyes – that was something different and very scary… it felt like those eyes went right through us. We moved to Southern California in 1977. I went back in 2017 and the area still has a haunted feeling in places. Almost a lonely foreboding feeling that seems to call out to me to this day. ”

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  1. Charles R

    By 1966-67, J. Allen Hynek knew the gig was up, and UFOs were something not of the US military or any one else’s military. Interesting in that you went back 40 years later and still the same feelings.

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