Dec 12

SC EP:816 I Saw A Monster

Tonight I will be speaking to Darren and he will be sharing an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. Darren talks about finding a structure in the woods and this monster came from around the structure. Darren and his friends were about 30 feet away from the creature. Darren said “At the time I did not know what it was…”





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64 Responses to “SC EP:816 I Saw A Monster”

  1. Chad W

    That’s one incredible encounter, Darren! I’m glad you, your brother and your friends made it out of there in one piece. Thank you for sharing it with Wes, and with us!

  2. Leon M

    Ive heard a more detailed version of this amazing encounter before. I dont know if it was told by the same guy or from another one of the kids in the group, nevertheless, its gonna drive me mad trying to remember!

    • Timothy C

      Me too Leon! I remember the guy talking about the Pipe in the spring and the dome that was built. I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy too.If I’m not mistaken it was an episode on ”Bigfoot Oddessy” with Kerry Arnold.

  3. Johanna V

    Thank you, Wes, for the excellent show! Darren, thank you for sharing your story; and I like how, even though it was extremely terrifying for you and your friends at the time, you ‘re able to put the pieces together and see it in a light of more understanding and even compassion. Recognizing now that maybe it was ill, and really needed that deer meal, and didn’t need or want you messing with it’s food, has hopefully brought a measure of peace and awareness to your thirteen-year-old self. Be safe and respectful out there, and enjoy!

  4. theresa m

    Wes, as the year comes to a close and I think about the things in my life I am grateful for, I want to let you know that I am grateful for the caliber of show you put out week after week for us to enjoy. I do believe that the platform you provide is a solid, honest and truth/fact finding one that allows the experiencer to come forward and share. Darren, thank you for your story. It gives us a window into the life of things that live in the woods and share the world with us. Have a good week, everyone.

  5. Esther L

    Haha. Does everyone else say the whole intro as it’s playing, like I do? And also pretend drum the heavy beats at the end of it? It’s such a great intro. Thank you sincerely Mr. Germer and guest!!

  6. Nate H

    This guy is a great story teller. I get a Sandlot/Stand By Me/The Goonies vibes from this story. Epic childhood story! And clearly honest and truthful. This would be a good one to let a couple of my skeptical friends listen to.

  7. Zac T

    I just want to thank you Wes for always going out of your way to ensure a kind and welcoming comment section. There is more than enough Hate out there everywhere and it should go without you saying ” be kind” but kindness seems to be lacking these days. Thank you again Wes and a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and yours !!!! ???? ✨

  8. William S

    Is anyone else having a problem with signing into the app? I deleted the app and reinstalled, changed password on the website but it still says that I entered the wrong password or email/name. Happy I can still listen on the website.
    Keep up the great work.

  9. Charles R

    First sighting I have heard in the Jersey Pine Barrens for far too long. Darren’s terrifying encounter took place in roughly same time frame as the famous Lonnie Strickler encounter around Sykesville, NJ and sometimes known as the Sykesville monster. Also it involved either gov’t or as Wes likes to think (I do also) gov’t contractors came in for days to maybe hunt this one.

  10. Derek R

    I got chills when he described the structure! That’s exactly what I saw with my friends and tried to describe in “the rock thrower” episode. Amazing job Darren!

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