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  1. Sheila C

    Hey Wes just wanted to say the show us so much better with just you !!! Been listening to all the old episodes ,with all the other host interruptions and repeated stories and self indulgence ,you are the best by far ! Live what you do and how you do it! Keep up the great work

  2. Sheila C

    Hey Wes just wanted to say the show us so much better with just you !!! Been listening to all the old episodes ,with all the other host interruptions and repeated stories and self indulgence ,you are the best by far ! Love what you do and how you do it! Keep up the great work .

  3. Tony s

    Snakes are cold blooded. They don’t really show up on thermal. Snakes are only going to be the temperature of their surroundings and thermals work by showing a visual difference in temp. Thermal hog hunter here.

  4. Derek M

    Charles didn’t believe what the hippy’s tie-dyed shirt said huh? Very interesting….what if the hippy has also never gotten in trouble and has a degree as well, then what Charles? Then what?

  5. Tracy L

    I agree that the claim that a woman (or man) was held as a “sex slave” byy a Bigfoot is most likely fake no human woman could safely make love or have sex with a Sasquatch because if everything is in proportion, the his penis is so big that it easily could rupture her organs.

  6. susan w b

    What a pleasure to listen to this episode. And I needed that. I love how you do this sow Wes. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here….
    I am grateful for you Wes, in particular.

  7. m99

    Good thing they had a thermal. It’s my thinking , these creatures don’t know the difference between a thermal and a pistol.

    Also, when he lost the big guy on the thermal I immediately thought of Wes’ and Woody’s encounter. The BF may have dropped down on it’s fingertips, out of view.

    And (I mean this in a respectful way) yes, these things DO come out on golf courses, edge of town, and graveyards.

    The weird hippie guy that Charles mentioned is actually a kooky spoofer. If it’s the same guy he is just getting clicks. He (the goofy hippie dude online) obviously thinks Sasquatch is a joke.

    Great interview Wes. I love the way you relate to people. Good job to the guests. Thx y’ll!

  8. Matthew H

    DUDE! I find these X crossed trees all throughout the woods here in Central Kentucky. I’d be curious what direction the ones they find face; seemingly, all I find can be lined up with the western sky where the sun will pass through.

      • m99

        Hi Matthew H ~ What’s standard is to email your request to Wes. Put a clear goal in the subject bar so it will be easier to see. Something like “Contact with the Thermal Camera Incident Guys’ . If you haven’t heard back in a while repost it and ask again. As I understand it, Wes does read comments in his time, but seems to focus on production, being a one man operation. Just my thoughts and opinions. I’ve wished for a tab to share information like you requested between members only, like if not a member you couldn’t see the content. Anyway, I hope that helps. 🙂

  9. connie m

    well, finally….2 guys with enough money to get and use great gear. thermal drone 9inspire, thermal camera, mavic 3, mini2 and parabolics. this team of monied hikers stand a very good chance of capturing a great optic show for us. well done boys. i have mini2 and am amazed at the capabilities of this drone. now , we need another team of 2 to start hiking behind them with same equipment. when activity happens the other team ca close in very quickly with mavic3 nd inspire. for about 25gs a 2 person team w/ iq’s to match could box sasquatch in. all high end drones have active track. follow subject right back to clan location.

  10. Maxx B

    Hey Wes I don’t know how to get ahold of you but the app isn’t allowing me to login any help would be appropriated. I’m so excited for the app keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  11. Justin F

    Awesome show! I was really enthralled w these guests. I tend to yawn at people who “ think” they had an encounter. All blah blah blah. But these two guys seem so straight up and no “ blah blah blah “ . Thanks, WES! You the Man!

  12. Charles R

    This Rockcastle River that empties into the big Cumberland River seems to have it going on, see below. Great interview with Greg and Charles and would love to know which model of Thermal they have that is this good. Difference between the at least Southern Kentucky woods and here in Ohio is the copperheads. We do not have them that I know of, just to cold, not sure. Back in 2019, visiting my sister in Jensen Beach, Fl for my niece’s wedding my other sister and I rented a house in Port St. Lucie. 739 SE Calamosa I believe. The house was at the end of the road that backs up to a forested area. One night we were outdoors sitting in cushion wicker chairs. My BIL decided to lift the cover off the chair next to me. Then I jumped as did he as there was a small snake I had never seen before. We looked it up, my gosh it was a Copperhead. Boy are they small and would be not easy to see to avoid in the woods. Earlier that day I had sat in that chair. Next morning it was going home day. At 9 am I am out in same area. Then in the woods was this terrific snap of a branch on a tree, like a gunshot. The wildlife went nuts for damn near 10 minutes. Up and down the trees and running all about the woods. I have never witnessed such a scene. I kept looking for what snapped the branch, but just to thick. Later when I got home I looked up that area on maps. This wooded section of the St. Lucie River goes all the way to the Florida interior. Made me wonder if it was you know what.

    Here is another encounter of the Rockcastle River although it took place about 25 miles north of Greg and Charles a few months ago.

  13. Evelyn L

    I just do not understand why two guys are out in the middle of no where AT NIGHT TIME wanting to see deer or a bear?? Come on. You do not have to go out in that kind of wilderness late at night to see a deer or bear. When the one brother said he saw this creature he says to his brother, “I’ve got one!” One? One what? A deer? A bear? These guys are supposed to be hikers. People do not hike at nighttime. If they are truly hikers then they have seen plenty of deer and bear during the day especially out there. I see them, and about every other woodland creature, often by looking out of our windows and we do not live in a national forest!
    These guys were not going to see a cold blooded snake with a thermal at night time. You might see a snake that has been sunning itself for a while DURING THE DAY but not at night and you don’t use a thermal during the day. The only time a snake is warm is when it is sunning itself out in the open during the day. At night they are cold.
    These guys were out stalking these creatures, whatever they are. So why the big deal about not wanting to admit it? Does it make the story scarier or what? Just tell the truth. I’m surprised that Wes fell for that story. They may have seen a Sasquatch but they were not out there for the purpose of spotlighting deer or wanting to see a bear.

    • Jeremy P

      Once I heard him say “I’ve got one” I cocked my head sideways & immediately gave the side eye bc they were actively either poaching deer or hunting Sasquatch! No doubt in my mind that these dudes wanted to come on this show with a story! 100% agree with your comment!

    • Gregory T

      Good Day Evelyn L
      There are a lot of benefits and advantages in hiking at night.
      Completely different perspective of the forest, animals are more active, no crowds of people, forcing oneself out of your comfort zone, getting exercise, cooler temperatures, less humidity, and awesome star viewing and gazing on cloudless nights.
      Night hiking is popular in Central Kentucky, year-round people hike trails at Cumberland Falls State Park after dark to get different views of the monthly moonbow. Cumberland Falls is the only place in the western hemisphere that regularly produces a moonbow – a.k.a. lunar rainbow.
      In London, KY they have the annual War Hammer 100-mile ultramarathon endurance race on the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail. Runners from all around the US and foreign countries make their journey on this trail during the night and day hours continuously for 25 hours and longer: https://calendar.ultrarunning.com/event/war-hammer-100-mile-endurance-run
      There are several night hiking groups across the US, on Facebook, and other social media outlets.
      True you can see deer during the day, I’ve never seen a black bear during the day with the exception of being at a zoo and have been hiking in the Daniel Boone Forest for many years. Both deer and black bears as well as some other animals can become more nocturnal to avoid people – you’ll see a lot more animals at night with a thermal device. I ask that you do a simple Google search, “can you see a snake with a thermal monocular or scope.” You’ll get many different images and videos made during day and night hours of people using FLIR, Pulsar, ATN, and Trijicon thermal equipment. This is a good link for viewing a snake in the bushes during daytime hours with a thermal device using a “Black Hot Setting”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOL0RocIUI0
      I use the Pulsar Helion 2 XP 50 and have seen snakes and frogs on trails during the day and night. I’ve seen snakes in trees during the day with this thermal when they were practically invisible to the naked eye. I’ve seen a snake at night in a tree with this thermal. I’ve seen a fisherman pull his fish from the water during the late-night hours and was able to see the fish flopping as the angler attempts to unhook it. And on many occasions, I’ve seen spiders spinning their webs during the day and night.
      Maybe older thermal devices can’t pick up cold-blooded animals – I cannot accurately comment about their capabilities or limitations. I can say with absolute and total certainty the Pulsar Helion 2 XP 50 is able to distinguish the smallest temperature differences and cold-blooded animals are visible on trails and in trees during the day, night, and fog.
      Hope this helps in clearing up any confusion or misunderstandings.

  14. Mary H

    Hey Wes….have you ever thought about asking David Paulides on the show for an interview? Also, have you, or anyone else, thought of a feral human as the reason for some Bigfoot sightings? Thanks!!

  15. Chris S

    Why does everyone come out with Bigfoot encounters from when they were children. Do they think that somehow protects them in their adult life? Can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear it almost every time haha. I am from northern Ontario Canada First Nations reservation, and I’ve had an encounter at 15-20 feet away from Sasquatch and I was 35 years old. I went back a second time and had encounter #2, let me tell you, these things will stop some men / woman’s hearts upon sighting them. It is my wish to have truth serum administered to me as well as a lie detector test, and additionally undergo hypnosis to recall the events in the greatest detail for research purposes. They are real, I’ve seen them twice now and know many others with stories in our little community.

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