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Deep in the darkest heart of the Philippines sits a terrifying creature. As night falls it begins the hunt for human blood, stalking its prey in the shadows of your town, neighborhood and even your own home.

Its tongue drips in hunger, emitting a tick-tick-ticking noise from the vast darkness. This is the aswang, the most feared creature in Philippine folklore.

According to Philippine folklore, an aswang is an evil, shapeshifting creature that shares the grotesque characteristics of werewolves, vampires and ghouls. It has no consistent image or description because its appearance varies per region. People have often characterised them based on hearsay, which is why the term aswang has commonly been used as a catch-all description for most evil creatures that lurk in the night.

But sometimes….things are not quite as they appear.

“To the superstitious, the Huk battleground was a haunted place filled with ghosts and eerie creatures.” -Air Force Brigadier General Edward G. Lansdale

Tonight I welcome Anthony from NY who had a very strange encounter on his property while hunting.








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89 Responses to “SC EP:808 THE ASWANG”

  1. m99

    ~ Okay, I came to the blog to relisten to the fascinating short you posted Wes. And I find the great job of posting your latest episode, early. Thank you! Now, onward through the fog. ????

  2. m99

    Wow Anthony,
    What a great rendition of what you guys experienced in upstate New York. My in-laws are from Queens and once had a cabin & some land upstate. One of the stories my husband’s grandfather passed along is told this way:

    One day Grandpa was sitting on the the back porch checking his ammo before going out to hunt. He had his deer rifle beside him and was ready to leave when suddenly a deer sprang onto the porch! Grandpa shot it, took off his gear and started processing the deer, right then and there. Well the family always got a good laugh about that, and I did too when my husband told me the incident. Then after hearing great experiences from members on Wes’ podcast, I started thinking about that happening. It had to be real early -thirty and probably still dark. I now wonder if the doomed deer was trying to escape from something when it jumped on the back porch? I’ve heard people talk about infra sound making animals behave strangely. And like in Mike Wooley’s experience a deer came right by his tree stand and it was exhausted. He found out what it was so afraid of, didn’t he? Amazing what we learn here, huh?

    Anyway, Thanks for coming on! Also, you mentioned the fact people don’t believe Sasquatch is real because there aren’t bodies found. So, because of the fact bodies aren’t usually found, I want to post this excellent article that was featured a while back on SC. It’s a great resource and hope you’ll save it under bookmarks.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences on the podcast! m99

    Enjoy ~

    • m99

      I do too, but what kind of scout? UFO’s? Demons? Angels (fallen or otherwise)? When he (Anthony) was speaking about them changing colors as they moved the first thought I had was ‘reconnaissance’.

  3. Whizbang

    If we find out what these things are. Will we really want to know ? I’ve heard somewhere, it’s all fun and games until you actually run into these things. Understanding what these things are, gives us ammunition to make them submissive that’s nature, then they’ll be a lot of life’s in jeopardy.

  4. D.J. K

    Ahh Yes, Good ol’ Psychological manipulation. What’s fun is when you know there doing it to you, So you mess with them back. And no I’m not talking about B.F. . I’m talking about A.I. and who has been messing with all of the electronics i used after the “Righteous” event I experienced in the Wilderness 3 summer/Autumn’s ago. … it was as if I was downloaded with ancient knowledge. I was also told something “BAD” was going to to happen that would be worldwide, and also something with the Sun. I drove straight to my bishops house to relay the information. (I know he thought I was crazy) But than BOOM.. 1.5 years later, COVID. And now we are entering a solar Maximum.. meaning we could have a X-Flare fired at earth, sending mankind back to the Stone Age. (Not saying it will happen) But I still have the video I recorded directly after the “event”, o seriously look like I’m on drugs… but in the video I say what I wrote above. How do describe an event that you seriously cannot explain, other than RIGHTEOUS. When covid happened, that was proof for me that I’m NOT crazy and what happened, how I interpreted it, was Accurate.

    Fun Fact: without Wes creating S.C. , a tremendous amount of the population wouldn’t have this outlet. Because God knows that we have been hiding in the shadows with our thoughts on the subject and no one to talk to or listen to us. I’ve been obsessed with BF since grandpa told me about them when I was a little kid. 30+ years (I’m 37) that I’ve been reading/watching anything BF. In junior high I checked out the schools Bigfoot book (has a yellow cover), but I remember staring at the photo of Patty and analyzing it and with my faculty of thinking I realize that that is a real creature.

    (I will volunteer MY LIFE & My K9’s LOFE for 4 months of my life to be in a shipping container (inside said shipping container would be my living quarters and all the electronics I would need and food ) …out into the middle of nowhere, A REMOTE AF “hotspot” by A helicopter to dropped me off.

    All I need is a financial backing and next spring/summer/fall I might be able to possibly get phenomenal video proof. (OR DIE TRYING)
    I have thought this through in my head for the last three years and I know it will work I just know something has been telling me that you need to do it because it will change your life for the better or possibly for The worst. if anyone would like to contact me about the shipping container idea because all I need is financial backing to cover the costs and I will sign my life away.. I don’t have a wife I don’t have kids I’m just a man with a fantastic K9

  5. Cosmic M

    My father saw his first orange orb in 1964 while driving one of his trucks from Venezuela to Colombia. The orbs, according to him, moved like intelligent beings in the woods and not inanimate objects.

  6. Maxx B

    Didn’t the CIA admit to kidnapping people puncture their throat and hang them upside down and leave them on the side of the road as psychological warfare against the Filipino people? The Huks didn’t support the US basically controlling them after the war.

  7. Bonnie I

    My father who was only 18 at the time was an Army soldier stationed in the Philippines during WWII. He told us he drove a jeep for the Commander so was able to stay out of combat areas. However, the local tribesmen were told by the U.S. military they would pay them $50 per head for every Japanese soldier they killed. So some of these local tribesmen would attack and kill Japanese soldiers. And my then teenaged enlisted Army father actually witnessed these people running down the road kicking the heads of dead Japanese soldiers as they ran towards the military outpost for payment. It’s no wonder that even today there are some very strange paranormal events taking place in that country.

  8. Garret S

    Not sure you’ll see this Wes and you probably know anyway, but the Philippines has a bigfoot called the kapre. I was over there researching for a film involving witchcraft and met a chief of the Ati tribe. He told us that they used to see kapre, but not so often anymore. This might be due to the fact that they’ve been forced to leave their ancestral land, but he gave the impression that there was less of them now.

  9. Ken K

    Wow. Anthony’s encounter really hit home for me. Goose bumps the whole show. I too live on Long Island and I too had an encounter upstate NY, while visiting a friend who lives in the area. It is what got me interested in this topic in the first place. My encounter occurred in Fulton County, NY. Lower Adirondack Park region. Wes or Anthony, if you read this comment, can you please give me a hint as to where Anthony’s encounters occurred? I’d love to know the general area. Soooooo curious if it was close to my encounter. The area of my encounter is roughly a 5 hour hour ride from Central Long Island to the area in Northern Fulton County. Thanks in advance. Stay well all. My wife and I love the show. Longtime listeners from back in the ‘Damn Dirty Apes’ era. It’s been awesome to see Wes evolve from the beginning of SasChron to present days.

      • Ken K

        Thanks so much for responding. I was up in Roscoe last month fly fishing with my son and my buddy. Stayed in Downsville at the Pepacton Cabins right on the River. Saw a number of tree twists/ breaks and other ‘sign’ in the area. DEFINITELY a good area for Sasquatch to thrive. Headed back up there next month. Beautiful area.

        • Ken K

          Anthony, if you are still checking comments on this episode, I’d love to know your feelings on a local Long Island guy that runs the Youtube channel ‘Long Island Bigfoot’. I’ve commented on his videos in the past and he seems like a great guy. He has caught some really interesting things on video, on Long Island.

          • Anthony R

            I’ve seen some videos. Seems compelling but I have my doubts. I just left my property today I had 3 wood knocks 5 seconds apart this morning at 4 am and I also found some tree structures.

      • Ken K

        Wow. Sounds like you have ongoing actively near your property. It’s definitely a great area for them to stay hidden. Beautiful area. I started looking for land up there. Been looking for 5 to 10 acres in Delaware or Sullivan county. My son loves fly fishing and that area has amazing fishing locations. Do you have any recommendations as to what town to focus my property search in? Looking to be close to the rivers and have enough privacy to do some hunting/ target shooting. Thanks in advance.

  10. Laura K

    HI Y’all. Loved the show, Wes. Like Christmas spice in my coffee. I live in SoCal and am always listening in the dark for BF. Would totally freak if the government put out wild sounds and mind speak in my location. That door would be locked. All’s fair in love and war they say. These days we get all that woo from the news and Face book. Hard to know what is real and what is not ’til somebody stops/starts listening. Having an open mind is helpful when listening to new things. I watch the Osbournes want to believe so I am used to odd. Always a bigger fish when is comes to strange. Thanks for not being afraid to report odd from the past. We must be reminded we are not the 1st in most cases.

  11. Stephen W

    Good show Maestro! Whats the complaint about screaming and gunfire…heck I liked it.This is not Walt Disney productions.It was probably alot worse.Didnt know about the cia exploiting phillipino culture to drive communism out.Again good job Wes.Keep em coming.I can take it.

  12. Jon T

    Great shows! (Both of them)
    I listen to be educated and entertained. You never miss the mark with your content. You be you, and keep creating the shows that got me to become a member. -Cheers

  13. Evelyn L

    Was the CIA ever held responsible for their actions in the Philippines? Or do they just release that kind of information after everyone involved is long gone? Just because they are the CIA does not mean that they can kill civilians indiscriminately.

  14. Evelyn L

    It is strange how people can hunt or hike in an area for years and never see or hear anything strange and then out of no where suddenly have something weird like orbs or some weird creatures show up. It’s like they travel from place to place.

  15. Matthew K

    nice to hear someone else my age from Long Island lol. I’m in Suffolk and usually hunt in Rocky Point. Never had any weird experience before all my time in the Catskills but im down to hunt your property and see what happens haha

  16. Ariana G

    I love this show. Hiwever, this episode should probably have a disclaimer. The introduction is extremely alarming to me. Maybe I’m alone on that, but I think it could be triggering to others as well

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