Nov 12

Sierra Sasquatch: Mysterious Prints

Sierra Sasquatch writes “At around 10,000 ft elevation I come across some trackways of 3 different individuals. These tracks not only do not look human but are doing things humans are not capable of doing.

After going through my data of the area I come to the conclusion of what might of possibly been happening at the time the prints were created. A trackway also leads me to an area of what appears to be an impromptu shelter. With the use of castings, prints, terrain features, wildlife, military and medical knowledge, I create a logical possible scenario. Follow along as I use evidence based science to solve this mystery.”


2 Responses to “Sierra Sasquatch: Mysterious Prints”

  1. Knobby

    that is absolutely not a sasquatch footprint. their toes don’t tapper off like that, like they do many human prints, but are more straight across, and they don’t have arches like the cast shows, they are flat footed. Their foot anatomy is different from ours. even those he took to Meldrum he was told they were more typical for humans.

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