Oct 31

SC EP:805 The Halloween Show [Members]

Sharon returns from episode 802. I have a really cool show for tonight I think you guys will enjoy it. Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It begins the observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the departed.









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140 Responses to “SC EP:805 The Halloween Show [Members]”

  1. Derek G

    Yes, November is the month dedicated to all souls who have passed. Specifically Nov. 1st is all Saints Day and Nov. 2nd is all souls Day.
    All souls especially the deceased who in the Catholic Church who have passed in the grace of God or His friendship but not perfect and still have to pay restitution for sins committed.
    Much like someone who has stolen in the past. They may be sorry and even been forgiven by the person they stole from but in justice restitution should be payed.
    This is the place called purgatory. A place or state of purification like gold refined in a furnace before entering into the state of perfection of heaven.

  2. F S

    Happy Samhain!
    To our dearly departed (Día de los Muertos): “Bienvenidos a casa!”

    “Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the starshine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die.”
    – Mary Elizabeth Frye


  3. theresa m

    Okay! Holy Moly! What! A! Show! Wes, thanks for all of your hard work getting this show together. Sad about the brothers! Such a disturbing outcome for what is going on at that property and for how things turned out. I hope these brothers can reconcile. Life is way too short and there is a lot of love there … they had each other’s backs all of their lives. This was such a different show. Loved part two of the story that Sharon started and her daughter finished. So much unsettling distress on their property. Some people might think it’s cool to be able to see dead people but it sounds exhausting and must take a toll. I appreciaate all of your guests, Wes, who come on and share their experiences. Tonight was definitely heavy.

  4. Miss Kendall S

    That was an awesome show Wes thank you so much..
    You really do an amazing job for us, I hope you know just how much we appreciate you and all of your guests that come here to tell us their encounters.. ????????

  5. Stephen W

    A great Halloween Show! Hope everybody has written their letter to the great pumpkin cuz he will be rising out of the pumpkin patch and will be giving presents to those that have asked.Happy Halloween to all!

  6. Jess M

    Evil has no physical power, it can only influence and Cause you to destroy yourself or other but it has no physical power over man. If you live in your thoughts which are all lies you can easily be decided. Your thoughts build you up to bring you down, have you thinking of the past which is over and the future which doesn’t exist all to destroy you.

  7. E R

    I enjoyed this show; thank you. Creepy! I liked the slightly different format. Thanks for the update on The Two Brothers – as too bad as that was.

  8. Alan Y

    Listened to it last night. Really awesome outside from episode. Wes how clear were the pictures those brothers sent you, we’re they super clear? You must see a ton of evidence from the people who seek you out.. that’s something I never thought off, all the knowledge you get. even if they will not come on your show

  9. Nigel R

    Wes your list of common things attributed to hauntings made me think of when a puppy barks at the dog in the mirror. Let’s take the knocking sound, what’s making the sound? Causing the sound? What actually is sound? Or colour, or smell, or an image? Electrical signals? The real question is what is consciousness? This world is, well it’s us, but it appears separate from us. Appears.

  10. Norita B

    Can’t think of a better host to stray off the beaten path with. The curiosity and fascination with Sasquatch is just the tip of the paranormal cryptid ice berg. Better to keep an open mind to all things that ARE of this world. Not seeing doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Would be curious to know what these sentient others think of us as we bumble about our existence

  11. Robin D

    PERFECT show for Halloween! Your shows just keep getting better and better. I was really happy to hear the brothers’ part because I can never remember to ask what episode that was whenever you mention them to other guests. Thank you – artistically and technically and content-wise, you get 5 stars!!

  12. Holly M

    Awesome show, Wes! I really want to hear more about the brothers’ experiences. That’s a four hour show I’d gladly listen to. Sad to hear of their rift; hope they can heal their relationship.

  13. Jo Ann P

    Thanks Wes!! What a fantastic Halloween show!!! I’ve been here since the beginning and I just want to say the shows (and music) get better all the time! Thank you for what you do in giving people a platform from which to share their stories and thus begin to heal! Jo Ann

  14. Evelyn L

    I experienced horrible harassment from an entity, off and on, from the time I was about four years old on into adulthood. I never knew when it would happen. I was the only one of my siblings that experienced this. I did not realize why until later. I know what it is like to have people deny what I was experiencing and ignore my pleas for help.
    There is another realm that surrounds this one. Many different cultures refer to what separates this realm from the other as a veil. The mistake that some people make is thinking that every “paranormal” entity is some see through “ghost.” There are many different types of entities (few are ghosts) in that other realm. Many are shape shifters that can appear as anyone or anything they choose. They thrive on deception and also upon making people suffer.
    Some of these entities can manifest physically. You should listen to what the people who owned what is called “Skin Walker Ranch” experienced in detail. They saw portals open and creatures coming out of them. Those poor animals on that ranch endured horrible things as well.
    There are a variety of different ways that an entity can enter this realm but most of it depends on a human opening that portal to begin with. Human beings still have the legal dominion over this planet though few realize it. Scott Carpenter has some idea about this. Ron Morehead has his own version. They both have some understanding of authority though. Some of the natives around Skin Walker Ranch say that a curse was put on that area by a tribe of natives. It is possible that they did open a portal which was never shut. Some shamans know how to preform specific rituals involving blood. Notice how the activity all but stopped when the researchers bought the ranch and moved onto it. These things know exactly what they are doing. They are not going to present themselves to anyone except maybe a victim that is about to die.
    Mark Barton, who was a Sasquatch researcher for several years, came on Bigfoot Odyssey to tell his story of what he found these hairy beasts to really be and it was a horrible experience for him. He no longer looks for the creatures. He knows all that he wants to know. If you have not heard the interview I suggest that people interested in this subject watch it and give it some consideration.
    Many of the people who believe that these things are wood apes or the friendly forest creatures rejected Mark’s story. Some said that these friendly forest creatures that “mind speak” them are the good tribe of creatures while there are others that are the bad creatures. Really? Now we have to determine which are the good monsters and which are the bad ones? Isn’t it bad enough that we have giant hairy monsters that can turn up almost anywhere? Obviously, people are encountering them more often than in previous years.
    Of course people get the blame for any bad behavior that these creatures exhibit. “We” are such an evil race that they have to hide from us, right? No. There are bad people in this world but there are a lot of good people that are constantly taken advantage of by a few very bad people. OR maybe these things hide because they are illegal aliens! No, not the kind that fly in space ships. The kind that were not given this planet to dwell on to begin with. Not everything on this planet is original. This is not exactly the Garden of Eden anymore. A lot of harmful things have been added.
    Anything that runs around the forest naked killing animals and eating them raw, peering into people’s windows at night, and speaking to certain people’s minds without audible speech, telling them how to save the planet is not some friendly forest creature. If they are people then why don’t they have homes? Why don’t they use tools or even fire? They have such intelligence that they can explain how to save the planet AND have world peace but have not one tool? Something is not right about that. Why haven’t THEY saved the planet if they know so much??

    • schlad

      ‘ There are bad people in this world but there are a lot of good people that are constantly taken advantage of by a few very bad people. ‘ A brilliant description of our farm/society, perfect summation, thanks.
      Love and Peace

  15. Robert S

    Why would the brother keep feeding them? Seems like they got enough confirmation this is more than apes in the woods. The whole thing is paranormal. Wes you would be great expanding into a more paranormal show, or starting a second podcast. You have a great voice and head for the material.

  16. Deedee H

    Wow! I live near the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation and the town of Grand Ronde in Oregon, so now I’m very curious about Sharon’s story! Thanks Wes for a great follow up to her first episode and I enjoyed her daughter’s stories as well. Well done! ????

  17. Johanna V

    Thank you for the awesome Halloween episode, Wes! Especially for giving Sharon and her daughter the opportunity to safely and freely continue sharing their experiences. Truly horrifying. Sharon, thank you for telling your story in such a straightforward, honest way. A weird question: the man that you saw, with the fedora, standing beside the fridge in your trailer (first episode)..have you considered that maybe, perhaps, he was actually protecting you from whatever was outside the trailer? Given the fact that there may have been a very real threat outside the trailer, and even though he was very scary himself, could he have somehow been stationed there to see that nothing harmed you in the trailer.? Thank you again, and stay strong! You’re an excellent relator of your experiences.

  18. Nikita V

    Great episode, Wes.
    In regards to spirits in peripheral vision: That’s how I experienced spirits most of my life. I have experienced this countless times, on multiple properties throughout my life. Always a dark shadow either cross the hallway between bedrooms in my fathers house, between grain bins outside (again at my fathers property) and also multiple times at my grandparents property. Instances have died down now that I’ve gotten older, but I am still convinced we have an animal spirit (either small dog or cat) in the home I am currently residing in. Even my husband (who isn’t into anything paranormal) has acknowledged it.

    The only two times it wasn’t out of my peripheral vision was once, at a rental property – I was about 13 years old and was in the basement on the computer, in the corner of the main room. In the reflection of the computer monitor, I distinctly saw a dark, clearly human figure (roughly 5’6″) walk across the room behind me, from the stair entrance across the room to a storage room on the other side of the basement. I thought it was my brother – so I yelled ‘grab me a Pepsi’. After several call-outs… but no responses, I got annoyed and got up to see what he was doing. I went into the storage room and there was nothing. I immediately thought he was hiding on me …and spoke out loud to him to smarten up. I opened every cupboard door and even the fridge to see if he was hiding in there. I ran upstairs to find him watching TV in the living room. I grabbed him and told him we were going for a bike ride. I needed to leave the house. I was extremely creeped out and didn’t want to leave my little brother on his own.

    The only other incident where it wasn’t out of my peripheral vision was while I was at my fathers farm. I was about 18 years old, laying on the grass outside and turned to look towards the farm house. Side note: I’ve always hated this house (or rather…what was in it) and have had encounters there all my life. This one was the most clear experiences (visually) that had ever occurred. I saw one of the bedroom lights come on in the basement. There was a small half-window at ground level that I could see into. Then I saw a man walking back and forth in the room. All black, silhouette – no details visible. I could see him pacing back and forth and even move his arms around, and at one point lift them up to rest them on his head (creating a ‘V’ with his elbows, if you could imagine). I was watching him pace for probably close to 45 seconds (which felt a lot longer at the time). I thought “what the heck is my dad doing? and why is he down there?” He never went downstairs, unless he had to grab something from the potato cellar (our chest freezer was down there). I could then hear something coming towards me through the bushes on my other side – I flipped around and saw my dad walking up to me, through the trees. I turned back around to look at the house again, and the basement light was still on, but I couldn’t see the man pacing back and forth any longer. It was such an odd experience, but didn’t surprise me at all given what I had experienced in the home previously. It was almost a comforting (?) confirmation that there was ‘someone’ there and I wasn’t losing my mind all these years. I grew up thinking that maybe I had mild schizophrenia or something… anything to help explain in my mind what I was going through.

    Anyways, sorry for the lengthy stories. I got chills while listening to the part where people were discussing dark figures that were being seen out of the peripheral vision and had to comment. Thanks for your time – cheers!

  19. sandy m

    I wish you could do shows like this more often – this was great!! Love the Bigfoot stories but this was a great break and very interesting!! Loved the show- thanks

  20. Danny D

    What a well put together show.. Very creative Wes.. Every clip was interesting especially the update with the brothers.. Thanks for all you do brother in order to bring us the best stuff.. You’re on it bro..Thank you again..

  21. Paula B

    Wes – thanks! That was an awesome episode. I can attest to seeing things out of the corner of the eye – it’s happened to me on many occasions in our current home. My whole family has had strange experiences. So many small things we can’t explain. Not sure if these are necessarily malevolent or not, but I’m not taking any chances. Sage is regularly used!

  22. Eli K

    So hey wes, why can’t you just crop out any identifying landmarks in the pics and just show the sasquatch’s.?? We ALLL WANT TO SEE AN ACTUAL NON BLURRY GOOD PHOTO! You know….atleast release them for the people who lay to listen to you….????‍♂️????????

  23. Jay Carlsen

    well isn’t that just cheap ? No One is ever going to believe a Picture , even it is plain as Day.
    This is the ” Last Tribe ” As James (Bobo) Faye told Joe Rogan that Native Americans from Northern California say the World will end right after these Feral People are exposed to the Public. And what a Coincidence that it says the same thing About Esau in the Bible ?
    Will ANYONE care to guess these Things Reaction if the Nuclear Event Happens ? ( HEY ! I just got an Idea ! )

  24. David S

    What’s with the voice in the background at 5:35? It sounds like someone corrects Sharon on a detail in the story. But it happened to her, no? Why would she need correcting on her own experience?

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