Jan 25

SC EP:75 Looking back over the last 75 shows

Tomorrow night is our 75th show. We invite everyone to call in and share their encounter, comments or whatever you want. This is an opportunity to ask questions on stuff we have talked about in the past or future plans.



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210 Responses to “SC EP:75 Looking back over the last 75 shows”

  1. pam

    This was an epic show. Hearing Stacy’s voice and emotion and the way he is still in shock- the way he still has to tell it and get it out…
    resounds with me.
    I relived the horrible fear through his retelling.
    I relived my disbelief; the relief from being able to get the story out and the affirmation of hearing others tell me I am not the only one.
    WES WILL SHANNON…listen. Listen to what you did here- one more person whose life has been positively relieved and affirmed.
    I am one of those…so many here are also.
    NOW, do NOT listen….to the ones who gripe about not getting their $7 worth; and those that wish you’d divulge all the discreet info on the site and put REAL peoples REAL lives in danger. This isn’t a reality show folks – this is REALITY!
    I feel better now. 🙂

    • Scott

      Pam Purple Rose….You said everything I was thinking and more. The only difference is, you said it with a lot more class and polish than I could have. Thank you for your comment from the bottom of my heart.

    • Joseph B

      I agree completely except for the “extra super secret info” they say they have. If you are not going to share it after you are charging us a premium, then don’t say things like “if you only knew what we know”. That is just piss poor. If you have info that may be of interest to your members that are paying, share as much of it as you are able without giving out names, or never mention it at all. Not a cool move. It is a high school type move when a certain group are privy to some inside info and then keep it from everyone else. Like Wes says, dick move!!

      • laura t

        Iam very happy to see that the show has some integerty in regards to their sources.. The government has and is causing issues in people’s lives. Iam glad to see this show takes it seriously . For the government to cause this meany issues in there lives bob was very close to exposing the truth about bigfoot. I don’t think the show should divulge info for yours or mine entertainment or for a show regarding bigfoot.. People lives are more important .. Yes we are all wanting to know all the info regarding torn up camp, in the big picture of things, bobs family is more important.

        • Michael M

          The Federal Gov’t does not believe we have a need to know the truth about BigFoot. We need to make more noise and “everybody become Bob Garrett”. Eventually they will have to ‘fess up. Public Safety is a winnable issue. They won’t be able to harass everybody like they are doing to Bob and his Wife. They don’t have the resources. We have the strength by our numbers. It is time for us to STOP being the SILENT MAJORITY!!

      • John s

        Stop moaning about the money it’s £4.80 for goodness sake just do what everyone else does who enjoys this show for what it is- turn up the volume immerse yourself in the show as you will not find any other show like this, its not a piss take or somewhere to have a go at people and it couldn’t be further away from the rest of the bigfoot merry-go round world if it tried GREAT SHOW GUYS ENGLAND LOVES YA!!!!

        • Patrick W

          Why dont you shut the fuck up? Kiss much ass here lately? Some people live check by check.Every penny counts to some of us, So keep your uppity rich boy comments to yourself. What? your better then somebody that cant afford to throw away money? What a yuppie bitch ass attitude. Kinda dude I like to catch up with face to face….

          • Thomas H

            I’m definitely not a rich, uppity guy. I do “gigs” for a living in this “gig-economy. Dog walker, lawn maintenance, house sitting and running errands are some of the things I do to actually pay my rent. I still save the $7. monthly to be a member because this is my relax time.

      • carla r

        I get what they are saying. If they just blast everything we would lose the show all together. I don’t get why people always throw the money thing out. No one is forced to listen to this show and no one is forced to pay for the show. It’s not like we have to pay a shit ton of money to listen. Sorry I just get sick of seeing post about having to pay for the show and what everyone thinks they are entitled to because they are payed members.

    • Tracy G

      Pam,I’ve been listening to this show since I found it.Which episode is your story on?I want/need to hear it!I might have heard it already but I’m not sure!Can you please help with that info?

    • Angela L

      Pam’s description of her aftermath…Always searching and the fear of the trees. That is what I feel! I am always looking into the trees and bushes. My family loves to camp but for me the experience is nerve wracking. I am terrified when I get too far behind when we are riding four wheelers. Thank you Pam. You made me feel legitimized.

  2. pam

    One more thing- YES I am still on a rant!
    The tiny piece of info Will said he wasn’t disclosing was what other attributes white or gray sas may have in common.
    You guys on forum are having a cursing rant over THAT?
    He also gave reason for not divulging it- the same type reason law enforcement do not divulge every detail about a crime scene.
    SO if a person comes along and says “I killed the victim and I used a sword!” And the law knows it was a gun shot kill- they know this isn’t the true killer.
    So if one comes along and says “I saw a white sas and he had special short arms unlike other sas ” for instance and if Will knew that to be true he could lend credence to that report- let’s say.

    AND THIS leads to The admin is holding out- accusations of hierarchy etc. hmmmmm
    don’t work for the govt. do you ?

  3. Mr.Crypto

    Wow. after hearing that encounter of tonys i just wanna say, Wes and Shannon, be careful and pack plenty of heat at the browns and especially if you come down here to Texas to the big thicket. Its clear to me from what bob said and from what i have read and heard, these Squatchs down here are just mean as hell.. i know you already know this but just be safe out there if you go. H

  4. DonRay

    Congrats on your 75th guys…. Getting comfortable & ready for the next 75…. I missed the show, out feeding lil creatures…Also, I agree with Shannon, when i try to introduce the site to my friends,,, Ep. 2 is the 1st one i have them listen too… then i tell them to listen to the rest.. Wes.. You wont lose credibility… people who dont really understand how this country is run, will always question everything that sounds unbelievable to them.. Many listeners im sure are capable of believing what your telling us… Ciao

  5. Aaron A

    Tracey’s encounter was one of the most terrifying encounter stories I’ve ever heard.
    It makes that Coast To Coast episode last week seem like an absolute joke.

  6. Audie J

    ROFLMFAO !!!!! Wes you are the funniest guy ever ……Will leaving the ” Cliffhanger ” and you sayin ” What a dick!” I Love it …you are great ! ROFLMFAO !

  7. jamie smith

    Excellent show !!! Thank you too the guests who are brave enough to put there encounters out there because I understand how difficult it is to say “I seen it” but your common sense tells you that it can’t be real . I think that if you talk about it you will gradually begin to accept what you seen because at the time it is just way too much information for your brain to process. And Tracy , I believe you 200% mate !!! I had my encounter in late November 2013 and I am still getting people laugh and say that I’m a liar and a fool for still going on about it but I will stand by my word on what happened untill the day I die. Honestly now I just don’t care what other people think because I know that I have been truthful ; some people have stopped talking to me because of what I say is out there ; I even offer to take them with me but they would rather not talk to me than go where I go . Wes , Will & Shannon are the right people to talk too and Will is so spot on with his information !!! Thank you Sasquatch chronicles for such an outlet , it really helps !!!

  8. greg d

    Wow the dude taking a leak out the van door and comes face to face with the beast. You can feel his fear. Absolutely crazy. If he hadn’t had the .45, he surely would’ve ended up a missing person.

  9. Robert V


    It’s highly probable the ones who want you to tell the sources are the GOVERNMENT themselves. The rabbit hole stuff isn’t hard for me to believe if you understand world history. History is full of, again is full off, COVER UPS.

    I’m going to propose an idea. The missing piece could simply be they mess with our military. If a creature, person, thing, organization, or thing puts Military operation in jeapordy or just hinders it; well that THING will be TAKEN care off.

    Another suggestion orginize your information and make multipule copies of all your information (sorry I’m not a great speller).

    Keep up the good work.


  10. diana m

    Great show!!!
    Took notes of my thoughts as the show progressed:
    regarding the sounds – I’d say we were listening in on Squatch having intimate relations..

    I paid for a year – to acknowledge, empathize & support with callers traumas & to send along as much calmness as often as needed. Folks will never forget the story but the emotional impact decreases… just from having endured so many things myself, there will be occasional flashbacks triggered by sounds, smells, sights, etc… damnit.. but that’s how our brains work.

    I’m transfixed on the Garrett guys – past, present, future…the shenanigans of hairy & hairless boogers.

    At this point in time, I’m feeling like us hapless &/or arrogant/entitled humans are an easy food source for Squatch like we treat other animals. No wonder the Power & Wealth treats us normal folk like something to be used & abused along with stripping & killing the earth… fun times…


  11. Donald B.


  12. matthew D

    The part about the whizzing out the van side door threw me off, because I was thinking the side door opened perpendicular to the van. So looking up Dodge Sprinter you can see that its a sliding door. So the creature could stand right next to Tim without the door being in the way. Freaky.

  13. Hayden

    Tracy was the absolute real deal! It was up there with Mike Wooley and Wes and Woody’s encounter. In all three, I could have easily turned into a battle for survival. About the $7 deal, the owners spoke to the subscribers on this over the weekend. They are the one’s who needed to speak to this, no one else’s say really matters does it.

  14. Gordon O

    I felt his pain when he looked at the face of death for a brief history of time.
    I broke down the same time he did oh my fuck.
    :(. And he healed as you went through it with him. Thank you All of you.
    Wes, Woody, William, and Shannon
    You are not just a show anymore
    So much above anything out there.
    Integrity Is the first word I can think of to describe you.
    Much Love

  15. Terry R

    Wow!! As always a good show. They just keep getting better. I have to wonder if that beast figured the guy in the van was marking his territory and got peed on in the process. That must have really pissed him off. It’s a good thing he had the 45 or he would have been dinner.

  16. Sean C

    Amazing show! CONGRATULATIONS on the 75 wonderful shows, and as other members stated, looking forward to another 75+!!!! Thank you so much, Wes, Will, Shannon, and Woody, for giving us such a wonderful program to look forward to, and such a wealth of information on this awesome website! I have listened to each one of those shows, some of them multiple times, and I never seem to get enough. My wife doesn’t really care for the subject matter, and doesn’t understand why I seem to be obsessed with Bigfoot, but she will listen to some of the shows with me and even at least pretend to be somewhat interested, and that’s a big deal. Anywho, thanks guys, FOR EVERYTHING!
    Wes, if you guys really come check out the Big Thicket with Mr. Garrett, I would do anything to be able to join you guys for even just a little bit, of the time you spend out here. I live about 20 miles north of Houston, so I’m right south of where I believe he spends much of his time. Either way, I think you will find plenty of signs in the area. Thanks again!

  17. Karen D

    75 episodes !!! Thank you so much….wonderful no nonsense information and such gratification and help to the ones that have to silently suffer the trauma .
    Also thanks to the brave people that have stepped up to the plate to be interviewed.
    And Pam said it the best… 🙂

  18. Perry M

    Amazing account by Stacy. While, initially, it is very helpful for folks such as Stacy to share their encounters with people who have had similar experiences (such as Will and Wes), please consider really encouraging them to be assessed for Cognitive Behavioral treatment for trauma. To name his response to his experience “shock” understates the impact his encounter has had on his life. He has symptoms of PTSD. He has been avoiding aspects of his life (stimuli) that have become associated with the traumatic, perceived life-threatening events and he will not have his life back until he his able to cease avoiding (not that he should re-engage actually threatening environments). Science-based treatments (e.g., Prolonged Exposure for trauma) will use exposure to these stimuli until the strong emotions associated lessen such that they don’t interfere with his life to the extent that they do currently. There are treatments available that do not promote life-long dependency on drugs. I will say that I was listening to the account while typing this and the quality of Stacy’s voice indicated to me that allowing him to ask questions of Will and Wes was very helpful. You guys keep up the great work.
    My guess is that the “O” shaped lips (upon observing the handgun) were either evidence the emotion surprise which gave way to fear

  19. Perry M

    My comment “My guess is that the “O” shaped lips (upon observing the handgun) were either evidence the emotion surprise which gave way to fear” should read “My guess is that the “O” shaped lips (upon observing the handgun) was likely facial evidence of the emotion surprise, which then gave way to fear.”

  20. Bill M

    It was a good show but some things stand out. The yelling or sounds early on was clearly a person nothing ape-ish about it. And if you knew what we know. Come on. Leave that in the 7 th grade. But all in all it was a show.

  21. Dave T

    Great encounter! There are white BFs out there and Wil whats’s with the secret info? You could get hit by a bus tomorrow and your secret dies with you and Dahinden. Favorite guests so far are Coonbo and Bear. Favorite show so far was ” The Siege of Honobia.” I’m sure this show and website are a lot of work, but it’s so good! Wil, Wes, Woody, and Shannon please keep up the good work. This show is setting a new standard in this field.

  22. bill l

    Thanks guys all the work you due to bring us all this information. Please keep pursuing the government coverup. Exposing it is the only way to end it.People have the right to know that these dangerous creatures are in the woods. I understand the economic issues , national parks etc. but peoples lives are more important. Thanks also for driving me nuts now by saying you have all this other info you can’t reveal! We have no wilderness here in Holland, definitely no bigfoot around here, so I really look forward to and enjoy this show.This has gone way beyond proving they exist, this whole coverup thing really has me intrigued. Wes, the volume keeps changing on your voice. Are you backing away from the microphone or something? Just wanted to let you know that.

  23. Michael M

    Account given by the van driver had the hair on the back of my neck standing up….. That guy is so believable, the way he tells the story incredible. wow! that’s worth $7 wow

  24. Lisa

    Great show guy’s and gal 😉
    I agree with Pam Purple Rose…Don’t get discouraged with people making a fuss over the fact that you’re not at liberty to disclose EVERYTHING that people share with you.
    And in my opinion that will NOT make you less credible at all.

    Also…I am wondering where all of the older episodes are?
    Those were very good as well and I would love to re-listen to them.
    One that pops to mind is the one with they guy in (I think it was ) Mississippi who had the encounter on family land hunting as a teen, and the other where he was basically in a trap while in his car? I think it was called something along..”It’s A Trap”?
    I, and I know everyone else would love to have access to them please?
    Thank you, and God Bless you and yours

  25. Dutch W

    Oh every episode I learn more, the different types, 1,2,3,…. The type that Tracy encountered had to be the worst type you could run into, he sounds like a country type who is God guns and guts and to hear him relive it, really confirms to me I do not want to see one, I do live about 5 miles from a sighting in 2010, but where I live it had to be on the move….I hope! This is also proof that this show unlike others doesn’t just provide education for a lot of us , and of course entertainment , but healing and as time goes I suspect we will be hearing from more Stacy’s and will come to recognize what most people do not is that we are /might not be alone during our camping, 4X4 wheeling, paint balling, hiking, getting in touch with nature, kayaking, taking a break on a lone stretch of highway, sleeping in a tent in the back property or yard, toweling off in front our window on our property thinking were alone, nope now I am a little more aware for it and for SC I am grateful, also my Colt .45 with hollow points.

  26. Tracy G

    I would like to thank EVERYONE for your kind words and encouragement,Especially Will and Wes for letting me talk about my experience. It has altered my life in ways that I never thought possible and just being able to talk about it was a big help.Thanks Everyone,

  27. Mark b

    Hi everyone
    Wes you say you have the evidence that would more or less prove the existence of bigfoot. But then that would basically be the end of the show. But is that not the main reason for the show, to finally prove it’s out there? Really loved this episode it’s top draw, and without doubt the best show on the internet.

  28. Scott B

    @ Pam, Thanks for saying thank you like you do, and I have said this many times, but telling my story to Wes was like taking medicine, because I felt so much better after the many years I had bottled my experience up inside. I am honored to be part of the members site and get very disgusted at those who think that they are wasting $7.00 a month. Just keep up the great work guys and Shannon, just having people like myself on the show to tell our encounters is worth every penny! Also Tony, and Tracy, those were some scary as hell experiences, and I sure hope you two sign up as members and start the healing process!

  29. william g

    This was a great show,however,what I took from it is ,”the door is closed on the Bob Garrett incident”and I find that a shame.Here’s why,the govt has no regards to the average American except as a source of revenue during our productive lives.The general public goes through life day to day in a shroud of ignorance,forced on them by a govt unwilling to see us as anything other than children.It’s always the “average Joe that pays”.Instead of disclosing to the public the real threats out there to the “average Joe” they keep us misinformed,like a condescending parent would a child.This boils my blood,especially,when it is we who pay for their “service”.Tracy is a perfect example of what I mean.He was damn sure told as a serviceman who and what the threat is,but back in civilian life he’s in the dark just like all the rest of us.You hear all the rhetoric that these creatures are harmless and yet a Stacy comes along among many other aggressive accounts.How many children have been taken off our parks ?How many adults have been taken?IMO it is an insult in the highest degree to ask a person to go fight a threat 10000 miles away and keep him ignorant of the threat in his own yard.What I took away from this episode is that the MIB who got to Bob Garrett have also got to SC.

  30. Diana I

    Fabulous show guys! Congrats on your 75th show! I agree with Laura on letting Tracey get his encounter in at the last minute. Wow! thats got to be the scariest one yet. I felt like I was there while he was telling his story. Poor guy. Now imagine if it were a female broken down without a gun. What would the outcome have been? There has to be disclosure on these creatures! The show needs to be 2 hours of just encounter stories. Keep up the good work guys we are listening…..”THE TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.”

  31. Eric H

    Great stuff…… both guests were terrific…… what you guys do is valuable, I have not had an encounter, but always been fascinated with the subject, after hearing your show 75 times…… Im fine if I dont have an encounter other than seeing one on TV……. ….. Congratulations on 75 shows…… I look forward to so many more……..

  32. Damon M

    I would guess that the Beast killed the Foal seeing the way the Mare was responding running down the hill.
    It would be a help if folks could provide photos of their encounter locations.
    The delivery driver was over the top. His reaction I am sure brought back all of his PTSD issues from combat.
    PTSD is what these folks are experiencing – so why do I want to see one…from a distance?


  33. Gail d

    Can you guys have a contest or drawing to take a couple of listeners with you to the Big Thicket and meet Bob Garrett. How about it guys!!
    Great show, my heart goes out to Tracy!!

  34. Eric S

    Holy hell this guy had an incredible encounter…..best yet imo.
    Totally understand if you guys have to hold stuff back…its clearly from reason and not ego driven….this episode ranks up with the rabbit hole ones due to all the info Will gave and Tracy’s encounter obviously.

    Wes….you are a great host fo sho!

  35. Blake S

    If you look at how the government cover-up plays out, I can make an educated guess that the logging industry etc would make large payments to the gov’t to ensure this is kept quiet, “hush money” if you will, as long as that cash is being paid the government will do it’s best to keep it secret, and that includes intimidating witnesses.

  36. Terry W W

    Yup! Tracy’s encounter was the most intense. Man, being within inches of one and urinating on a Bigfoot, Tracy is one bad dude and lived through it. I really hope you recover from the encounter. I think it would have messed anyone up mentally. You know the Chickasaw Indians occupied the Tishomingo and Burnsville, Mississippi area a long time ago before the Indian Removal Act of 1830’s. I would imagine what stories that the Chickasaw people and other Southern Indian tribes would have on Sasquatch or Lofa. Lofa is Bigfoot in the Chickasaw language. Choctaws called them, Shampe. Creek Indians call them, Honka. Honka means Hairy man. Choctaws do have another name for them that means Cannibal man. It is Kashehotapalo. These tribes lived in the South before Indian Removal. Native Americans did know that Bigfoot were very dangerous and needed to be left alone and respected. With the population of the U.S. growing, encounters are just going to get worse.

    • Tracy G

      Terry,I AM NOT,”ONE BAD DUDE”,as you phrased it!! It’s not like I pissed on it on purpose!! It’s comments like you just posted that have made my life a living hell ever since this happened to me!!I DONT THINK THAT YOU,AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU GET IT!!! I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFETIME,FEARED MORE FOR MY LIFE,THAN I DID AT THAT MOMENT!IT IS NOT A FUCKING JOKE!PLEASE DONT MAKE JOKES OF IT,OR MAKE ME OUT TO BE SOME BIG BAD ASS MF ,JUST BECAUSE I PISSED ON A MONSTER!

  37. Tracy G

    I’m very sorry Terry for jumping you like that! I just want you to understand that this has destroyed my simple little life.I have a shop building that is full of hunting,fishing and camping gear that I have started selling and giving away,because I will never use it again.My experience has made me a prisoner!And I want you to know,that at that moment,I learned what it is to feel fear.

    • Mark b

      Tracy your story scared the hell out of me, so god knows how you felt at the time of your encounter. I can imagine how life changing it has been for you, and I sincerely hope that oneday you will be able to come to terms with it all. Everyone on here is 100% behind you mate…..

    • Hayden

      Tracy G….your story really drove home to everyone why this thing is so important. The public needs to be warned that these things are running around; they are not friendly and they are killing people. Hearing you the other night cemented the belief that I have always had that these things do exist–monster are real! Don’t listen to anyone on here who is giving you shit or doubting your experience. Please please get the help that you need to beat this thing and move on with your life! The more I hear on this site and other places, the more I believe that everyone should get their concealed carry permit and travel armed!

    • Terry W W

      Tracy, I apologize for the use of the wrong words. I should have used, you are one fortunate guy who lived through an horrifying experience and lived to tell about it. I didn’t mean to use words that hyped you up. We are all human beings with different strengths, but your encounter would have put the fear in any man. I am not how I would be able to handle a situation that you experienced. Either it would have grabbed my leg and pulled me out of van and never seen again or it would have just left. You had to make decisions and hoped that you guessed right on your decision, but one thing stands out. YOU SURVIVED! You have a strong guardian Angel watching over you, during that time and when you were at war. Oh yeah, I am with you on the decision about going camping, hunting, and fishing. I had an encounter during a deer hunting trip, but I only heard some sprinter speed bipedal running in front of me. I didn’t see it but I heard it. I knew that I was being watched all day long. If I had your encounter, I probably die of a heart attack before it took me. Tracy, I offer my extreme apologies to you and I am deeply sorry, Sir. I hope that you can overcome this and be able enjoy the outdoors again. I hope we are cool. I didn’t join this to make enemies. May God watch over you and protect, Tracy.

  38. Dave T

    Tracy G, I don’t think any of us can grasp how extreme your encounter was and what it can do to a person. I think your on the right path talking about it especially to people who believe you and got your back. Says a lot that you made it through it and even fought back when I’m sure your brain switched into survival mode. Hopefully this thing doesn’t own you the rest of your life and you can take your life back. Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing such a personal and life altering event.

  39. John Ellison

    The interview with Tracy was incredible. He told it so well that I felt like I was right there. I am a morning show radio host in west central WV, and I leave for work real early, and I was on high alert when I went to start my vehicle, after listening to his encounter. Anyway, I love you all’s show and I can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the great work and I consider it a badge of honor to be a paying member of such a well put together show. All the best!!!

  40. Nicholas P

    Will, hate to say it, but that IS kind of a dick move to not divulge that ‘secret’….as a person who HAS NOT seen a sasquatch, I’m a devout believer, and the show is a MAJOR way for me and many many others to learn SAFETY and how to protect themselves in the event of an encounter; how to safely maneuver onesself out of a potentially deadly encounter situation, it seems the personality of these white sasquatch is unknown therefor highly unpredictable, any info on them would be just added safety measures.

    afterbirth has VITAL VITAL vitamins in it and horses often eat it themselves as to so so many other animals on this planet. with the facts available that we know these beings feed on vital organs all the time as it is, could there be a need due to their biochemistry that they not only need massive amounts of calories but MAYBE THEY DONT but have evolved to run and function on off-the-wall hardcore nutrient sources such as afterbirth? i know not alot, but i thnk that holds alot of weight and should be looked into for anyone wishing to. it makes perfect sense to me.

  41. Michelle L

    Thanks for all the hard work put into this – it is, as one early caller said, ‘the tip of the spear’. I think you may have saved Tracey’s life last night – he sounded so anxious and desolate that it was hard to listen to. Well done for extending the show and giving him the space he needed and the reassurance he needed. His story was the toughest to listen to. Again, thanks Will, Wes and Shannon. You are very appreciated!

  42. Andrew O

    That was the best show yet, and I do hope Tracy recovers from his quite horrifying ordeal.

    Could Will post a photo of the ‘adjusted’ Them & Us image somewhere, as I would like to see something a bit more realistic.
    To me, the Them & Us images have them having cat-eyes, but I assume they are more like primates eyes, and the more human-like nose, as Tracy described.

  43. willowswhispers

    Tracey, your story is the nightmare of stories told to date on SC!! Cannot imagine how an encounter like this changes your life. I am a knower but my sighting was a visual not an interaction of the deadly kind. So glad you have found SC, hopefully you can find some comfort here.

    Wes, Will and Shannon I KNOW, with out the mentions all three of you are aware of far more information then what is spoken. That is fine with me. SC would not be possible without the confidentiality. CONGRATS on the 75th it was awesome. THANKS!!

  44. Robert V

    We do have two Rob Vs on the site, although I have been debating whether I will remain a member,
    I am glad that less time is being sent on the conspiracy angle, keep up the encounters as that is what
    set this show apart. If the Government is covering up the actions of this creature they will be exposed
    in good time, and the show exposing them will only cause them to up their game.

  45. Steven W

    Wes, William, Shannon. You guys will not loose credibility with me! You have provided vastly more on this show than the other guys.
    Maintain your sources, reveal what your comfortable with. Thanks for a great show.

  46. Robert V

    I the skeptical RobV have been pretty tough on Wes and Will and I would like to
    give them the benefit of the doubt on this conspiracy thing, although I wish the show
    would continue to focus on encounters. My comments were all sincere reactions to what
    was being said, I take none of them back. I have been tough on Will, mainly because I
    put him on a pedestal due to reading all his books, now I simply accept him for who he
    is, another researcher, but one with a world of experience. Thanks guys and I will most likely continue
    my membership, there is nothing that really compares to your show at this point.

  47. Kay S

    Well done! Hats off to you Shannon, Wes and Will for not breaking your sources confidences! You have kept your integrity when it must have been so tempting at times to break it. You are obviously trustworthy, honest people who are head and shoulders above those that intimidate people like Bob Garrett!
    Keep up the good work, and don’t let the bast#%ds grind you down!

  48. Kay S

    Oh yes! One more thing. For those of you that are moaning about paying $7. No one ran you arm up your back and forced you to pay. If you don’t like the show, don’t listen! It’s as simple as that! Leave the show for those of us who do thoroughly enjoy the show and are happy to pay for it!

  49. Gabriel H

    I don’t get it. Respect to everybody here, really. But everybody’s yelling FANTASTIC SHOW! BEST ONE YET! Didn’t you guys hear Wes (whom I respect, not disrespect) didn’t you hear the weightiness in Wes’ voice when he said (multiple times) that because of what he now knows, he has been seriously considering whether he wants to continue.?.?. Y’all just ignoring the magnitude of what he said? “Can’t wait for another 75 more!” Your HOST just said this goes farther than we a know, and knowing the details has SIGNIFICANTLY impacted him. And then Will said to Wes – “It’s worse than even you know. You haven’t received what I have received” FANTASTIC SHOW!!!! I bet Wes doesn’t feel that way. And it really bothered me when Will and Shannon were laughing over having secretive understanding and no one else “having a clue” That laughter didn’t bother you guys? Wes didn’t laugh. That was downright mean.

      • Gabriel H

        When Wes Germer admits that the remaining 90% of what we DIDN’T hear, affected him THAT much, and Will Jevning said it “completely changed my outlook on the whole thing”…. and they told us A LOT. None of you are wondering what the hell caused such a change in our hosts? You think everyone would be as excited if we knew the remaining 90% that will NOT be coming our way. I’d love to know. How come y’all just highfiv’n and saying BLAM! NEXT!

  50. Robert V

    After fully listening to the episode I was stunned by Tracy’s story, and I think this does more to inform the public than any conspiracy episodes could hope to accomplish, true or not it is simply to mucky of waters to see anything clearly.

  51. Reed D

    I’m glad Wes and co are being careful about what they do and don’t reveal. Wes saying that he’s not even sure he still wants to be here tells a lot. There is more to this subject than folks would have ever guessed and most still don’t fully grasp (myself included). It’s become pretty clear that there are truths the powers that be don’t want revealed. Wes and co are in a sensitive and probably dangerous situation. I for one am glad they are exercising good judgement in being very careful in what they say. I applaud them for their hard work, diligence and integrity. What they are achieving is pretty awesome for being in such a difficult spot!

  52. Zach S

    that was probably one of your best shows. both guests were tremendous. The second one with the gentleman scared the hell outta me. I pictured myself back into a corner of that van with that Bigfoot head looking directly at me at night.it was late but I could not stop listening to the show, took me awhile to unwind and go to sleep afterwards thanks guys great work.

  53. Jacqueline N

    Tracy, thank you for sharing your story! I’ve been thinking about your story all day. Please know we care and will listen when ever you need to talk! Please post when ever you need some comfort!

    • Tracy G

      Thank very much Jaqueline,I can’t tell you how much the support I’ve felt here has helped me.Up till now I’ve felt totally alone and lost.Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  54. Melissa H

    Holy, holiest of crap- that poor man! (Tracy). The fear in his voice was actually palpable. How can he ever be in the dark again? I am an armchair enthusiast (three years) and I don’t even live in America , but I have filtered through the masses of information presented on the entire subject of sasquatch and can honestly say that you guys at Sasquatch Chronicles have nailed it. There is so much crap out there and stupid information that actively discredits the entire subject. This however is just the cream of the crop.

  55. Kenneth M

    Wow – Great episode. I really liked Will’s detailed account of his encounters Something I wanted to know more about since he’s dropped lots of details in a breadcrumb trail to this episode. Stacy’s episode was just pure glue -I was on every word of this and listened to his story several times now. Lesson for all – If you carry a firearm Get a firearm that has a “point and shoot” interface without safety’s e.g. use a double action revolver, Glock or similar “point and shoot” arrangement – In a panic situation you may forget to take the safety off or rack the slide properly or at all and be left with a paperweight. Stacy reacted and was able to react with the part of the defense response he knew – point and shoot, but the mechanical “safety” and slide is something we may forget in panic. For all those “Flute Players” – trade in your flute for firearms.

    We should sponsor ” Surrender you Flute for firearms” event. Trade in your flute for a firearm! That flute is just a toothpick for a squatch meal
    Stacy good luck to you sir – glad you are still with us.

  56. Jay Carlsen

    Dis-information ? would they keep this Bottled up , because it would suggest that Evolution is Wrong ? I Understand Survival of the Fittest , Only the Strong Survive . That is Only how things Work – ” Law of the Jungle Baby !” . But , there is No Way a Fish ( cold Blood ) or even a Frog ( also Cold Blood ) can become a Monkey . let alone a Man . Humans have Human Baby’s .
    Remember Science Class ? The Geological Column. Please let me give an Example …. Do you Realize , Just how they they tell the Age of a Fossil they find in the Ground ? NO – They do not waste Money on Carbon Dating … They look at the Strata the Fossil was Found in & they determine the Age of the Fossil , By the Age of the Rock it was Found .
    Pretty Nifty right ?
    Do you realize how they determine the Age of a Rock ? or Rock Layer ? NO , No , no …… Not Carbon Dating . They determine the Age of a Rock Layer by the Fossils Found Within .
    Did you Catch That ? wouldn’t THAT be Circular Reasoning ?
    Sir Francis Crick – Co Founder of the Double Helix , The D.N.A Strand. Was Ask after the Find , If this Pointed to Evolution. He said … it would be like the analogy of a Hurricane Blowing through a Junk Yard . And coming out the Other Side a Fully Operational 747.
    I am Down w/ the Law of the Jungle – ( Baby ) . Only the Strong Survive .
    But everything tracing it’s ancestry back to some single celled Organism , That Magically appeared in some Mud puddle somewhere … Not so Much . It breaks down to Kind . Fish do not have Little Mice baby’s – they have Little Fish Baby’s .
    End of Rant .

  57. Randy M

    Wow! Fantastic show Wes, Will, and Shannon! After 40+ years of interest in the subject, having read or listened to thousands of encounters over the years, and also having worked, lived, and played in the bush for extended periods, I must say that Tracy’s experience ranks very close to being the most intense and I’ve ever heard. I can’t recall anyone having literally come face-to-face to one of these creatures as Tracy relates. I imagine those who have come so close.. did not live to tell the tale. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Tracy. It’s very clear that the encounter has left you a changed person, with a new view on what we consider to be “reality”.

    It may be that this group of Sasquatch were scoping the highway for road-kill. Tracy happened to break down relatively close to their position along a quiet stretch of road. They investigated, and as opportunists, decided to make a play on the stranded motorist.

    Tracy, if I may ask; How long do you estimate you were you stranded before the encounter took place? Did many other vehicles pass during this time? How far was your van from the actual highway? Again, an absolutely incredible encounter. Thank you for sharing.

    As to the information and those sources that the hosts are not able to reveal, including the apparent graphic and/or shocking nature of some of the material Will and Wes have been sent: It does not take a great stretch of the imagination to realize where all this is pointing and what it could mean, not just to western civilization, but to the world in general. After all, does the subject not have us all imagining our worst nightmares becoming a reality?

  58. willowswhispers

    Tracey, the most terrifying experience I have ever heard. Cannot imagine what this has done to your physical and emotional being. I am a knower Tracey but my experience was from a moving car in the mid 70’s. Am so glad that you have found SC. Hope you can find the emotional support here you so need.

    Wes, Will and Shannon I sure do not expect you to divulge information that has been told to you in confidence. That is what this show is based on. Beware of the infiltrators they can twist, turn and manipulate. Congrats on the 75th show!

  59. james b

    I cant believe people feel like these guys should compromise their integrity because we pay $7 a month. I feel like we get our moneys worth and then some.

    information because they pay $7 a month.

  60. james b

    If these sasquatch were hunting that man and are able to move so quickly and are so strong I don’t understand why this creature didn’t grab that man by the head and sling him into the tree line so the others could get him. Or when the man fell back into the truck and was kicking around trying to get to a pistol why didn’t it grab him by the ankle and sling him out of the truck, maybe slam him on the pavement a few times and drag him back into the woods. I absolutely believe this man had an encounter with a sasquatch but im just not so sure of the sasquatches intentions. It sounds to me like this thing had at least two opportunities to kill this man easily but hesitated. but then I ask myself why would they have surrounded his truck if they weren’t hunting him? I just dnt know.

    • Tracy G

      James,Please don’t think that I haven’t asked myself those same questions a thousand times over!I DONT KNOW WHY! I just know what I experienced! You sound like one of the few that I’ve told my story to that just doesn’t believe me! I do not care!

      • Kay S

        Don’t worry Tracy, most, if not all of us believe you. I think you must have had ‘an Angel on your shoulder’ that night, to use an old expression. I feel you were on the menu, but something you did, or didn’t do, wrong footed the beast. We’ll probably never know what it was, as these things seem to be a law unto themselves.

      • Kelly E

        Tracy I was terrified for your life and well being as you shared your account. I felt as if I was there experiencing it with you. I only hope that you find the ability to move through this; maybe through the help of others who also have had similar experiences. Your life has changed forever from this. You now need to learn to find a “New Normal” for your life. Thx for sharing, my heart and prayers go out to you. And a big Thx to Wes, Will, and Shannon for giving Tracy the much needed validation to begin to cope with his terrifying experience. Love this dang show!!!

      • james b

        Holy crap!!!! Are you the guy who had that encounter? didnt you read what I said? I said “I absolutely believe this man had an encounter with sasquatch” As a matter of fact i would go so far as to say your interview was the most fascinating one to date on this show. It has just left me with some questions about their actions. Im glad you responded to my message because I dont want you to think I doubt your experience because I dont. I was facsinated by your encounter although I realize it was traumatizing to ypu.

  61. willowswhispers

    Well I sure look like a goof ball.. Should of checked before I commented again. The other day when I commented it did not post right away do just assumed it never did…then I am going back up re reading comments and there it was…embarrassed. Sorry folks.

  62. Asheim

    I second the other kind and supportive comments to Tracy. You are a brave man and held it together to reach your weapon and take some control. I think too an angel was looking out for you. It is so creepy to think they were there and you had no idea. My whole life spent jogging, hiking, fishing in the woods and mountains without an inkling of knowing what can be out there lurking. (i am from America but now live in Norway.) Tracy my husband and I are good friends with Mike and Jackie Woolley. Mike suffered as you are with the after math of his encounter but it will get better as it did for him. It happened back in the 80’s for Mike but now things are opening up a lot as with this show and people have platforms to share their encounters. So many people have had encounters and are having the courage to come forward and share them. Hang in there, it will get better! Bonnie

    • Tracy G

      Thank you,so very much for your kind words and advice.I really don’t know how to thank you and everyone else,except to say that just being able to talk about it without ridicule has been the medicine that I needed.And they are out there!I no longer doubt my sanity about that!

  63. Patrick W

    Yea fuck Rev Jeff Kelly the Bigfoot Rat boy. Hes still calling this show and the Garrett thing one big lie. He cant shut his wanabee Fed ass up about this tore up camp. Shit I known about that for yrs. I would stomp a mud hole in Rev kellys fake ass if I was a relative or close friend of Bobs. Shit I better not run into him or his buddy studdering john . Oh sorry bout the rant ..

  64. Patrick W

    Was the last caller getting paid by the hour to tell his encounter ? I liked his story the first time he told it but then it turnes into him strokeing staff ego’s by turning the interview around with past episode type questions. Seems to happen alot here lately. I thought there was a bunch of callers on hold waitingt to share??????? Hmm either someons loseing control of the show or B.S. is a factor. Mabey just rude and boreing…. Otherwize great show. 🙁

    • Patrick W

      I wasnt talking about tracy. I get it that he saw these creatures. As far as the Bigfoot community goes kiss my ass. Thats what I think about that. Im 60 and was redneck hunting buggers in Michigan 40 yrs ago. There was not any “community” or internet then. We would gang up w firepower and drunk hunt anything that moves. Didnt mater what time it was . Chaseing a howel or scream wasnt real productive, but at least they knew we would stand our ground to protect our family’s and property. It was real, and city folks liked to poke fun at us for yrs. Not to our faces because we also ride harleys and fly colors.. Now we have this fake ass “REAL BIGFOOT COMMUNITY” what a fucking joke.,Its pretty funny that when my picture is up nobody wants to talk shit at me but here its differnt. How do we post a picture on our profile.????

      • james b

        Drunk hunt anything that moves? That is not something i would brag about or be proud of. You should have a little more respect for nature, especially at your age. You keep foolin around in those woods like that and you’re liable to find what you are lookin for. And that will be that.

  65. Gary P

    Just want to say good work guys, iI started out watching finding no Bigfoot with great enthusiasm but now can’t even stand watching it for 5 minutes.
    Don’t know how I found you but I can’t go a day without seeing the latest show or listening to the older ones,
    I have to say your unbiased look even after your own sighting is refreshing and addictive
    I have always been a skeptic but I’m am finding it difficult not to be a total believer the stories are original and believable in my opinion,
    When you decided to have a membership site I said I will not be paying to my self but I could not help my self and joined and I’m glad I did.
    Not only do I enjoy your show but my 24 year old daughter is now addicted as well and can’t stop talking about it lol.
    Love the call in shows and especially the 2 part series the insider Iit was riveting.
    I can no longer sleep without my earphone in and I blame you for waking up every few hours every night.
    Keep up the great show guys.
    Gary – Australia

  66. james b

    Its a sad thing when a person asks questions and is deemed a hater and a non believer. Even when they say that they absolutely believe the encounter in their comment. Yeah thats what we need… mindless zombies who agree with the hosts opinions no matter what… Pathetic,

    • james b

      Yeah, tracy. I think there was a misunderstanding. I made a comment earlier questioning the intentions of the sasquatch’s intentions in your encounter. It just didnt sound to me like they were hunting you. I dont know if i just didnt make myself clear or what but i obviously gave you the impression i didnt believe your encounter, and that is far from the truth. I was fascinated by it. One of the best accounts i have ever heard. I later heard kumbo give his opinion of what he thought the sasquatch were doing and that sounded way more reasonable than the theory that you were being hunted. I agree with kumbo. I think if they wanted you You wouldnt be here to tell your story. What did you think of kumbos theory? Anyway the bottom line is i never meant any offence by my questions if anything i was doubting will jevnings theory about what they were doing. not your encounter.

  67. Tracy G

    James,I took no offense! I just wondered what you meant.
    I actually spent several hours on the phone with Coonbo and several others after he was on the show and something was brought to light that I had not realized .I had stopped earlier that day and bought a bag of apples and a bunch of bananas,and had actually eaten a banana while waiting for my boss to call me back.
    So I totally believe Coonbo ‘ s theory!

    • james b

      I guess I just didnt make myself clear.It kind of surprised me when you told me that I sounded like i didnt believe you when all I was doing was questioning the theory that you were being hunted. not your encounter. Either way Im glad we cleared it up. Im curious. Do you think this new theory will help you begin to work through some of the extreme fear you are struggling with about being out in the woods. hunting, fishing and the like. I realize these things can be dangerous but I get the impression that most are more or less like other wild animals and generally avoid confrontation. Also do you think when you pissed out of the van the wind could have blown it onto the sasquatch and that is why it became so angry? Thats what I think happened, I think thats why he snorted like he did. Thanks again for responding to my comments. sorry for asking so many questions but im just fascinated. PS.- thats awesome you remembered that about the bag of fruit. it just reinforces coonbos theory..

      • Tracy G

        Yes James,my newfound knowledge actually has helped.I might post some details later,I haven’t decided yet,but I have already taken steps to get my life back.Its just going to take me some time,but I’m confident that I am on my way to getting my life back.
        And I am almost 100% positive that I actually urinated ON it!Coonbo told me that doing that is a define challenge in the creatures mind! And ask any question that you want!I don’t mind,and believe it or not,answering these questions is helping me come to grips with what happened to me.

        • james b

          Im glad to hear that you are taking steps toward getting your life back. If you are anything like me just being out in nature is a form of therapy, I realize how hard it must be to have that one thing taken away. I have had several strange experiences years ago when i was 15 and we moved to an old farm house. Now that i look back im certain it was sasquach related, there are just too many parallels with other accounts. So if you dont mind me asking questions, when that thing stared at you did you get any sense if this thing had any kind of intellectual ability? I realize it was a brief experience and you probably wasnt worrying about its intellectual capacity at that very moment but I keep hearing accounts of these things having their own speech. what do you think about that? what do you think they are? I listen to one account and they sound like they could be some kind of humanoid then i listen to another and they seem more ape like, others say they have spiritual abilities. any insight would be appreciated you can answer me here or you can email me at stevebledsoe71@gmail.com. thanx Tracy

          • Tracy G

            James,it was much like looking into the eyes of any large predator.Thats the only way I can explain it.I think it did have intelligence enough to know when I pointed my pistol at it that I was potentially dangerous,even though I certainly did not feel like I was the dangerous one!
            And I don’t mind answering any questions you have.

  68. m99

    My dad used to say that was coyotes…. I heard those same type sounds when I was growing up in East Texas woods. Occasionally he’d tell me the boogeyman was out there, or it was a booger, to keep us (kids) close when we’d go to reunions or camping, etc.

  69. m99

    OMG ~ WHAT would we do if not for WILL? (Shut up! Would you?!!!). Has Wes interviewed this witness by himself? Will needs to shut the front door already.

  70. Kaitlin W

    I love you guys, I really do. I just wanna say though. The way you talk about keeping everyone’s secrets is exactly why we are in the predicament we are in in the first place, the government won’t tell and I guess neither will you. Why are you advocating for being the secret keeper. What a sad circle we all have to go in because people can’t be honest and truthful. Are you doing this job to be the Sasquatch secret keeper or did you start doing this to bring light to Sasquatch and the secret being kept???? I’ll never understand I guess. And please Wes don’t take offense, I really do love you and your show. I just think you should reconsider why your doing this

  71. Jonathan H

    I do love to hear the insider info. That was the episode that was the one that made me want to join. I wish there was a way to meet you guys, also Bob. I’m pretty sure that can’t happen these days though.

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