Mar 19

SC EP:740 Hide And Seek Champion

Darvill said “18 years ago, I was in the Uinta Mountains. We were hunting and having fun. I remember seeing this big guy dressed in all brown. I thought he had on a brown sweatshirt and sweatpants. I watched him more and thought someone was dressed in a bigfoot suit.

While hunting you yell at each other in a whoop or woo sound just to say I am over here. I made that sound and this thing jumped behind a tree. It happen so fast. I did not think at the time how impossible it was.


Confused I sat there waiting for him to come out. I finally decided I was going to walk towards the tree. As soon as I did this thing took off. It was not a man, it was something I had never seen before.”

I will also be speaking to Jeff. Jeff had an encounter with a white creature when he was young. Jeff said “it was strange I didn’t know anything about Bigfoot. I had no idea it was in the Ozark Mountains.”








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102 Responses to “SC EP:740 Hide And Seek Champion”

  1. Clifford B

    Wes … please tell us next time where your vacation is going to be ahead of time so I can stalk you … But mostly just buy you lots of beer … All my friends are dead Lol it’s sad but funny and true at the same time ….

  2. m99

    Okay, there you are. So Happy You’re back. I hope you had a great vacation and got to spend it with the ones you love. Blessing to you & yours Wesipoo! Now, we’ll settle down and give it a listen. ????

      • Melissa G

        You are exactly right Wes.

        I’ve been a newspaper reporter off and on for many years, and I have done countless interviews.

        People often laugh when they are talking and sharing their story because they are so nervous and they aren’t used to being interviewed.

        You do such a great job making people feel comfortable though, Wes. I know they appreciate you letting them just be themselves.

        Discussing this subject matter especially has to be one of the hardest things anyone has ever had to do.

        I’m sure most have been ridiculed if they do talk about it… But I’m sure most have just kept things to themselves.

        Thank you for making it safe for them to tell their stories. Your interview style is on point.

      • Clifford B

        Oh no Wes, please don’t get me wrong , I thought it was great that his answer was that along with “ I’m a Falconer” … I need to clarify that before your small contingent of boot lickers eat me alive LoL .

        • m99

          Thanks a lot Clifford B.

          Boot Lickers? I was under the impression “we” (members of SC Podcast) were in this thing together. Maybe I was mistaken?

          I thought it was nice of Wes answering the comment you left. I thought the same as you. And agree.

          Really enjoyed his & the other man’s encounter story’s. Those guys, both of them are blessed beyond measure.

          Take care_m

          • Clifford B

            I like you . In fact I like you a lot . I would never want offend people like you here ( the ones I like a lot ) or a guest that has put themselves out there unless of course they are a serial or even a 1 time Hoaxer ( I only know of 1 ).
            There are a few folks that I have noticed in past that would kill if Wes “directed them to do so “… I don’t want to be killed lol .

  3. Randall F

    Welcome back Wes.
    I really hope you hade a great vacation and you and your family got to go an have soem fun and get the rest you and they so rightfully have earned!. Thank you for posting this story early, I have to travel for work ALL weekend and this will make a great story for the road trip.
    Randy F

        • Wes

          Russell Crowe? Never heard of her. I know Maximus Decimus Meridius, he was the commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions. Some might describe him as a loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. He was a father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. He claims he will have his vengeance, in this life or the next.

          • m99

            OMG! That’s really Too Good! WOW! That’s awesome Wes. Please spout off more. Love it.

            ~ I used to have a dog, a beautiful German Sheppard. I called him Brutus. But his name was actually Et Tu Brute ! ~ If you catch my drift. Anyway, I love the explanation. Brilliant.

  4. Rick P

    Welcome back Wes I hope you vacation was relaxing. Caught up on some old episodes that I hadn’t heard. But glad put a fresh Friday episode up. Can’t wait to listen

  5. Tim M

    In 1960 at age 4 I had a dream about a white BF. I had no idea there was anything like BF on this planet until 1970 when a neighbor lady showed me a magazine. I remember every detail of the dream and I am baffled why I would have a dream about a strange people I had no idea existed.

  6. theresa m

    Wes! Loved the Gladiator opening! Hope vacation gave you a renewed energy. Thank you for tonight’s show. Darvel and Jeff, thank you, as well for sharing your stories. I was so excited, Wes, to hear Darvel’s story tonight after I had read the short write up in the Blog this week. Such a patient Sasquatch to wait it out until Darvel made a move! And Jeff’s experiences were interesting from childhood all the way up to the Olympics in Washington. I’ve only seen that mountainous area from the city of Seattle and it is awe inspiring. Sounds like he was definitely being watched from the woods with the single repeated whoop as he traveled along the edge of the waterway. Great Friday night show.

  7. Joan h

    I hope you had a nice Vacation Wes, It really wasn’t too bad ….We were on Vacation too LMFAOROF…. Staying busy , drinking,gambling,winning some over all great time …. just listening to reruns of Sasquatch Chronicles when laying down to rest or taking a deep hot bubble bath ????….. flying back east coast was a nail biter or butt pucker when there are tornadoes around lol ????

  8. Josephine L

    Welcome back Wes, I know what you mean about a vacation from the vacation❣ Happy Friday everyone ????. I love reading the comments first…now onward for the show. Until Sunday ????

  9. Jesse K

    Great Show Wes and thank the two gentlemen for sharing their encounters. Glad Your Back, Wes, and looking forward to many good shows ahead. 800 is coming up very soon!!!

  10. Timothy D

    Hi Tim M., Might want to check out some of the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung. His thoughtful t rule work over many decades of the 20th century, sheds great meaning and light on the core archetypes of our human experience.
    He explores the symbology of Sasquatch, as well as the UFO/ORB experience. His work reminds us that the inner journey, can be as important as the outer experience of the supernatural in the physical realm.
    Just a thought.
    My own experience leads me to believe in the interconnectivity of the physical and the numinous. We have multiple layers of human experience, as Wes and his brother’s own experience can attest. ( it helped leaf to the creation of this podcast.)
    Anyway, enjoy yourself; and Wes, welcome back!
    We missed you and happy you had a bit of a small break. Plan the next one now, as regular times away from the routine make for a well rested storyteller;)!

  11. Debbie S

    Welcome back Wes! Hope your vacation was really great…a vacation from your vacation, LOL. Been there done that before. 🙂 Really good show with two excellent witnesses. Loved the slingshot angle and loved Jeff’s voice…just two really good witnesses. Thanks for sharing guys! 🙂

  12. Linda B

    Husband steve and I listened tonight and loved it! Steve says keep up the good work! Loved it!!!! Welcome back!! Vacas are always too short, I try to plan the next vaca before the 1st one is over.:) lol thanks, Wes!!

  13. Lisa S

    Really enjoyed both these guests. Jeff’s dog is totally amazing & I totally believe he was protecting his kid from a Sasquatch. I had a Australian Shepard with champion blood lines that was this smart as well. They simply amaze you with their intelligence even if you have been around many dogs. Not even unusual in Shepard’s as my son & his wife have one now whose sole purpose in her mind is to protect them all but especially his wife, no fear and smart as many people I know. LOL
    ALSO Danville’s comparison of his falcon’s processing of sights and movement is fascinating and to me possible explains Sasquatches’s supposedly superhuman characteristics of disappearing in plain sight, being able to hide when we think we should be able to find them, abilility to step behind something knowing they can’t be identified to us if they freeze and possibly more of the “ woo” . To them this is a inherent characteristic of their specie, just like the falcon can process what it sees and how it maneuvers in the air and we can not see it because our brain and ability does nortriptyline have the ability to correctly interpret it. Does not mean it is supernatural, just beyond our ability to see. Very interesting correlation, of which there are many in nature.

  14. E R

    I just listened to the first guest, Darvill, & so appreciated his thoughts/insight. I was fascinated the last few minutes of his encounter re: the frames per minute which humans visually process information vs falcons/predators.

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