Mar 3

SC EP:738 It Was Too Big To Be A Man

Tonight, I will be welcoming Johnathan to the show. He had an encounter in Utah in 2020. Johnathan said “I was camping with my family and we kept hearing this bonking sound in the woods. I had no idea what it was.

Long story short I ended up seeing what I thought was a guy in a ghillie suit but the suit looked strange, it was too thick. That is when I saw the muscles flex on this creature. I never really thought about Bigfoot before this moment.”






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88 Responses to “SC EP:738 It Was Too Big To Be A Man”

  1. Greg O

    Funny thing I was 6′ my whole life til I had an early mourning Dr. appt and low and behold he measured me at 6″1″. I grew an inch at 48! LOL! So, I can vouch for that fact of being taller in the AM.

    • m99

      Part of the vernacular of the guests on Wes’ show is how they express what they have heard, seen or perceive, from that regions dialect or forms of speech. Although I thought it was different, it was his way of expressing wood knocks. Other than that, wasn’t it a great interview and guest to you Scott? It was to me. Good Job Wes & guest.

        • Chuck P

          Hey I’m from Utah as well , utah county … we spend a lot of time up there in upper setting . I’ve listened to to episode a dozen times and still not sure exactly sure where he had his encounter up in upper setting .. are u familiar with the area and of so can u pin point where on upper setting ?


  2. Aron T

    Well I had to cancel my subscription due to me losing my job in the oil and gas industry. So I just wanted to say goodbye, while I still could.

    Also, does any one know the episode where a guy is living on his family’s property by himself… And at one point he says a package was to be delivered but it never came. So he drove up to the package place (ups) and was told the driver quit because a dog chased him off the property but the guy didn’t have a dog… That is about what I can remember from it. I would love to download that episode before I can’t. It was one of my favorites. Anyways love you all! Gonna miss you! Great show Wes!

    • Nathen C

      Sorry to her that brother. I do not think I heard that episode so it might be an older one? Pretty sure I would remember that one and I have heard almost all of them for the last 4 years… Hopefully someone will know. It does sound like a good one.

    • Linda B

      I’m sorry for the loss of your job, Aron! We didn’t vote for the one responsible for that. I hope you can get settled. Maybe you can go looking , very carefully and with friends, for the big guy. My email is and I can keep you posted to what wes and guests share,, if you have access to email and happen to read this. I use to go to the library for that myself. Be blessed. LindaB

      • Jay Carlsen

        YOU BET ! ( sorry about the Job loss…… Hang in There Man ! )
        I was raised a Democrat for the majority of my life , until I turned 21 and got a Job in the Oilfield doing Seismic Survey , mapping underground Formations to tell the Rigs where to drill.
        I had just been denied the chance to Join the Corp after I brought my Recruiter a letter from My Doctor that said that even though I sustained a Basilar Skull Fracture , broken Neck , 9 broken Ribs , I broke my left Knee , and also the first Digit on my left Foot. ( Big Toe ) But I was Still Physically Able to join the Military. But the Recruiter read the Letter and handed it back to me , telling me ‘ Don’t waste my time. ‘
        I stood there , and I am sure he seen the Question in my face. So He told me that The Marines were looking for People who Physically Fit , with No Broken Bones. But I was already Broken. I walked out with my dreams of escaping small Town Northern Michigan smashed.
        Coming up to this I was employed at a Local Fruit Packing Co – Op. And the Man who stacked Boxes of Apple Juice on Pallets , who stood across from me all night. Well now He is a Marine. And when I first dreamed up this Idea He was all Gun HO ! Telling me that it was the hardest thing he ever done – But if He had to do it all over again , He would still be a Marine.
        He would encourage me , Telling me to Go For It ! And He would tell me tales of when He served. And ever so often , He would tell me of when He worked in the Oilfield doing Seismic Survey. And when I asked him about it , He only said that it was a very Hard Job. And He did not think I could handle it…….
        Which just BLEW ME UP ! Because He kept encouraging me to Join the Corp – The Hardest Thing He had ever done. But He did not think I could do this silly Oilfield Job ?
        The first Job I got after losing my Factory Job after missing a few days after my denial. I found a Seismic Company that was Hiring ! And when I went and applied , I was Determined to do this Job.
        I had a 8 inch Pony Tail off the top of my Bald Head – Ripped Up Megadeath T – Shirt – Black Fatigues’ – and Combat Boots. I told the Party Manger that I might have a Funny Hair Cut ? But I could work like a Horse. He told me my Hair Cut wouldn’t matter when I am Neck Deep in a Beaver Pond carrying Equipment. ( Maybe I should have listened ? )
        I watched other ( Some who were experienced ) come & go , but every time someone got Fire or quit , I still had a Job. Because I would do ANYTHING asked of me. ( which blew up in my face – more than once )
        I was there for 3 weeks , after work in the Fall I got back to the Shop and the Driller were standing around a Case of Beer. I walked up and stood there listening to them talking Politics , and I was offered a Beer ! ( Which I took as a good sign ) After standing there , and when a moment of silence presented itself I stepped into the middle of them and asked them who was going to Vote for Billy ? ( WHAT WAS I THINKING ? )
        I almost got jumped that night. But an Old Man who took a shine to me because I could roll Him good Joints played it off that I was only Joking. ( But I was Serious.) They asked me if I was religious ? and at the Time I was Furthest from it. But I did like Guns !
        And that was the Night I became a Republican. As I was instructed to Never Vote against my Job. And I have been true ever since ( which drives my Mother INSANE ) What can ya do ? Good Luck finding the next Job !

      • Dorothy S

        Aaron, I’m so sorry to hear about your job. The next 4 years are going to suck.
        I remember that episode, but do not know the number unfortunately. It was one of the earlier ones I believe.
        I hope and pray that you’ll soon find new employment and come back the SC! Bless you, my friend.

        Michael S.:
        Have you ever lost a job? Have you ever been responsible for someone besides yourself? Have you ever lost your home because you were unemployed? I have – and was responsible for two children 6 and 8 years old. As a single mother, I worked 3 jobs and $7 was more than I could afford to pay for entertainment. We didnt even have tv. Please think before you ask questions like the ones set forth here.

    • Dorothy S

      Aaron, I’m so sorry to hear about your job. The next 4 years are going to suck.
      I remember that episode, but do not know the number unfortunately. It was one of the earlier ones I believe.
      I hope and pray that you’ll soon find new employment and come back the SC! Bless you, my friend.

    • m99

      Oh wow Aron T, the guy didn’t have a dog! Are you thinking it was a Dog Man on all fours? I don’t recall that episode.

      Sorry to see you go. Hope everything comes out for you. You know you have until the end of your subscription time to listen to member shows, and the forum, right? Take care.

      • Aron T

        I think the delivery guy didn’t want to admit what he saw or didn’t know what he saw. I think it was a sasquatch because the witness of all of this said he eventually saw it through the window staring at him. (I may be mixing up stories though, I can’t be sure)

        • Tyson R

          There are many encounters out of Utah including my own. I’ve heard 3 other encounters at Utah Lake on the south side in the reeds you described. One of them had a dogman come out of the reeds and chase them!

    • Clifford B

      Dude, just give me your email Address, I’ll email you all my log in info , you can change it all ( except user name ) to your preferences.
      So essentially I’ll be giving you my account that’s good for like another 8 months. I’ll buy another account in the future .

    • Tammi C

      Sorry to hear, guess we can also give credit for the already higher gas and energy prices and much more ???? that #46 ????has and will dump on us. Best of luck, Aaron, God bless.

    • theresa m

      Google the episode using key words. Although Wes does not put his show up on YouTube, you can find it there, too. Wishing you the best of luck in a gainful job search and find.

  3. Renee S

    Thank you for this unexpected episode! Ur constant thoughtfulness of ur subscribers is so appreciated! Hope you have an especially awesome & relaxing vacation! Be safe & come back invigorated! Looking forward to next time!

  4. Nigel R

    Fun fact: Fact checker’s English. Specifically either: Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedforshire or Hertforshire. They call these the ‘Home Counties’, even though the Queen lives at Balmoral in Scotland.
    As a Scot, I must say, she obviously impeccable taste. Have a great vacation Wes!

  5. Rick T

    Thanks Wes! Now go take it easy for a week or two. You’ve left us with a huge library shows to listen to. Tons of good shows to keep us occupied while you recharge. So enjoy

    • STEVE W

      And I am glad what he ran into was a cool one,,,, In my case the tree knocks was used to locate each other, I would hear one knock lets say to the west and it was followed up by one to the north, I heard them once do the worst owl call I have ever heard in my life,
      It made me laugh, One called and another mimicked, Both was horrible, But to the average person they may not have noticed

  6. NHSquatcher

    If you were lamenting the fact that Wes will be on vacation see if you can go to the History Channel on demand and dial up the UneXplained with William Shatner and the episode is called The Truth About Bigfoot. I taped it and I’m watching it now you know what it’s pretty good!!

  7. Jon W

    Here I am, kicking a can around because I don’t know what to do without SasChron on a Friday night. I go to the website and log on with a tear running down my cheek. I look at “episodes” and there it is!
    He has done it!! Before leaving for vacation he left one for us!!!
    WHOOOO! (Randy Savage style) it might be a good weekend after all.

    (Dang I need a life!)

  8. Danial K

    The 20 facts bit at the beginning………………………………..
    Ask any real Nebraskan. The Nebraska state slogan is: Nebraska, the good life. At least it was (for several decades). The government stooge that came up with the new slogan needs to be throat punched.
    PS. Go Big Red!

  9. Clifford B

    Ok buddy which is it , a 22 or a 45 ?
    Huge difference 22<45.
    Who uses a 22 for anything other popping Squirrels?
    This was when I forfeited the rest of the story .
    Stronger than Xanax 2.0 this encounter
    Cant all be win win

  10. Jay Carlsen

    Grew Up Religious ? Well me not so much. But I did hold the cast of a 17 x 8 inch Human Looking Footprint in the spring of 1979 , and later that same year I was asked if I wanted to be Baptized ? And I was Petty Proud having been given the reigns of my own Destiny , so September 9 1979 I was Baptized in the name of Jesus who is the Christ.
    And I do not know if it was a Coincidence that I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla one morning in Northern Michigan almost exactly one year before I had this CRAZY DREAM where I heard HIM say 4 words ? But I am no longer a Believer , I am a Knower. ( these things are out there , and everything in that Ancient Book is True )
    One day I opened the book of Genesis to where Isaac was giving His eldest son that empty Blessing. When Isaac told Him ‘ You will live off the Fat of the Land , and drink from the dew of the Heavens from above ‘ the Question was asked inside my Head ” When was the last Time you seen Bigfoot Standing in line at McDonalds ?” …… and you know ? I NEVER Have.
    So I went Backwards in the Story , to where Their Mother was Pregnant , and the Children struggled within her , She was troubled and went Before the Lord GOD to ask ‘ Why am I Thus ? ‘ And the Lord GOD told her “‘ Two Nations grow within you now , and 2 MANNER of People will be separated from your Bowels. And the one People will be the Stronger than the other People are ; and the elder will serve the younger. ‘” and I knew I was ON to Something ! Because the Sasquatch People are NO QUIESTION the Stronger than ANY Modern Human.

    I went on to see that the First came out red , all over ; like an Hairy Garment ( and these things do carry the Dominant Red Hair Gene ! ) ( Like the Orangutan )

    They are covered all over , like an hairy garment.

    They do eat Venison as the main staple of Their diet

    They are the Cunning Hunter ( not because They hunt – But HOW They Hunt ) ( W/ Cunning )

    They do live in the Field ( when I live in a House – just like all Modern Humans – just like Jake was a Dweller of Tents )

    They do eat Their meat raw

    They do have the wrinkly Hide like Skin

    They do emit a Foul Odor ( Just like Jakes older Brothers Housecoat )

    They do live off the Fat of the Land and Drinks from the dew of the Heavens from above

    They do have the Dominant Presence ( Because when Jake heard of His Brothers approach ? He was SCARED ! )
    And with only this I was pretty sure that Jakes older Brother is the Sasquatch People. I was even sure enough that I could argue the Point ! Then like 5 years ago , I found this denomination of People who tried to blame me of being of Jakes older Brothers Lineage ? ( which is wrong , as I am Danish/American ) And how Ironic that it was these People who first told me of the Book of Obadiah ! Because YES ! Now I am Certain that Jakes older Brother is Indeed the Sasquatch People.
    Because the Sasquatch People are NO QUESTION the stronger than ANY Modern Human

    They do live in the High & Rocky Places ( for Tactical reasons )

    It is said that The Males are required to leave with the Space Brothers ( Demons ) for a time. And when They return ? They are “Different” (?) Is this where the Sasquatch Learn to pilot the Demon Craft we call UFO’s Today ? ( I would bet Cash Money on it ! )

    It is a Very Specific Characteristic of these Feral people , that They will never deplete a Food Source. They will always leave a few , to repopulate the Food Stock for the next time They are Through the Area

    The Sasquatch People have NONE Understanding in them. Because of Their sloping Foreheads prove They do not have the same Brian as us Modern Humans do.
    So by Genesis 25:23 is stating that Esau is the Sasquatch People and so that means ” Jacob ” is ALL Modern Humans. Doesn’t It ?

    • Clifford B

      I only have 1 question , because all of it was crystal clear to me except 1 thing ( rolls eyes) . Why not just say “ you would bet money” , or you” would bet cash “
      on it ? Why do you have to say “ cash money”?
      Please explain this to me . It’s kept me up the whole
      night . ????

  11. Nathan E

    Cats do too taste the sweet. Feed a cat some ice cream and see what happens. Johnathon tells stories like a couple of my friends, so it was an okay interview. Nah, it was a good one. Hell, they’re all good!

  12. theresa m

    Hey Wes! Johnathan! Thanks for coming forward and sharing your story. It’s HUGE that anyone comes forward to share their experience. I’m glad you and your wife were not harmed in any way. I might also have shot off some rounds of ammo to let ‘whomever’ was out there know that I knew they were around, too. You ran into some good ones because people have shared that showing firearms or shooting them can cause aggression.

  13. Lisa S

    Really enjoyed this encounter. As someone with a science based degree this type of experience really sets itself apart to me because of what I see as an innate curiosity on the part of the creatures. I notice that when a family is present often times, not always but often the length of time they seem to hang around out of sight but in a close enough proximity to observe us humans increases. Especially if the human do not engage in any behavior that seems threatening. Just one of the reasons I currently think we may be dealing with a type of primate fairly closely related to a more primitive human. That said it does not mean they do not have abilities we do not recognize, understand, or have even viewed at all. We will learn more from these kind of encounters as they hopefully are shared and evaluated without ridicule, doubt, and shaming. Great interview Wes.

  14. Mark B

    Sorry Wes but this new fact idea you’ve come up with just doesn’t fit with the show! You are losing all the atmosphere from the show, not only that but it’s as cheesey as hell, not trolling just saying it as i see it. Im still thinking of some of the facts rather than listening to this mans story!

  15. Evelyn L

    Giant eye roll.
    I had to get my Bible out after hearing Johnathan and Wes talk about Cain. They think he was told to wander the earth forever?? Where do people come up with these things?? Read the text!! When Cain is told that the earth will not yield for him anymore and that he must become a wanderer for murdering his brother Cain complains that surely someone will try to kill him because they will learn who he is. So he is told that he is going to have a mark put on him so people WILL recognize who he is but they will also know that if anyone DOES kill Cain that person will receive vengeance seven times as much. It does not say that no one can kill Cain. It just says that if they DO kill Cain that person is going to receive a big punishment. People believe that Cain is still walking the earth?? Does anyone actually read anymore?
    It is so strange. The Bible is the most published and owned book on the planet but no one really reads it. Some may actually read the words but few actually read and retain what they read much less make an attempt to study and understand it. It is a book based on things related to the spirit realm. A person who wants to really understand it has to at least acknowledge the possibility of a spirit realm and an all powerful Creator and be able to read above a third grade level and take the time to study the way people actually spoke during particular time periods. Just as we use certain manners of speech so did ancient people. Ancient Hebrew is different than modern Hebrew in many ways, just as ancient Greek is different than modern Greek. There is more to it than a word by word translation. Many words cannot be translated with only one word but may need several words to get the correct meaning across. One translation is not enough and the people who worship King James have no understanding of history or languages.
    There are hundreds of denominations that use the Bible supposedly as the basis of their religion but then they make up their own rules and run their churches by man’s design when the Christ himself said that He was sending another to teach us and to be our Helper. Churches that are void of the spiritual aspect of this faith leave people totally empty and many of them are just plain mean. Of course many people used the idea of Christianity as a means of control and gaining wealth and power but that does not mean that what is written is wrong. It means that evil is ever present. Some people prefer being controlled over actually surrendering to the Creator who wants to change them back into the spiritual beings that they were meant to be.

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