Feb 28

SC EP:737 I Quit Hunting After That Day

Sorry for the late post everyone. I ran into technical issues. Tonight we speak with Ted who comes to us from Idaho, he had several strange incidents happen to him over the years. In 2003 Ted and his hunting partner were in between this creature who was in the valley below them.

As the two hunters were communicating via two way radios, the creature was heading Ted’s way. Ted said “I never hunted again. I gave it up. I thought it was some guy at first but this was no man.”





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104 Responses to “SC EP:737 I Quit Hunting After That Day”

  1. Linda B

    Can’t wait to hear it and will be sending it on to my deer hunting bro in Missouri who has been getting that creepy feeling and notices something paralleling him. 🙂 be safe everybody!

  2. Randall F

    Thanks for the great show and enjoy the vacation! I will also be going on one for a week or maybe a bit more. Stay Safe get some rest but most of all have some fun!!

    Randy F

    • Scott B

      Hey there Wes,
      I think the Sasquatch is more violent towards fisherman because I believe the whole BF clan is there by the water, like a Family outing. The males are more protective to the little ones and the female.
      Just a thought.

  3. Rick P

    Should be a interesting show. The 20 fun facts was very interesting. A lot of them I didn’t even know. Have a great vacation. It will give a person more time to catch up on any old shows they may have missed.

  4. Lee N

    Thanks Wes!! I thought you had left for vacation. If anyone deserves it, it’s you buddy. Looking forward to the show. Long week coming up for work. Need to get family business taxes done. Big yuck!!
    Enjoy your vacation when you finally get away!

  5. Josephine L

    Wes❣I’m so glad to hear you’re taking a vacation. Wishing you the very best R&R life has. Will be here when you return ????. Always grateful & appreciative of you, your show & all your guests. You’re #1 in my book. Take care. And to all my SC friends, I hope everyone has a great week ahead…until later, let’s enjoy ????

  6. Linda B

    Wes, thanks very very much for making it possible for all of us to hear this incredible story, and Ted, WOW! Ted, I applaud your going back out in the woods, I know that has to be scary and I would be making myself do that too, but I’m a lot more chicken than you. I would sit with the car door open and put a foot in the grass, then put my foot back in the car and leave. That would go on for about 6 mos before I would be able to stand up outside. These big things are very scary. Its amazing you saw one. Don’t pressure yourself too much, stay healthy. Best wishes. Take care.

  7. Miss Kendall S

    I just want to say that I did not try to lick my elbow ????
    That was great lol, ok so I hope you have a great time bcuz 10yrs with no vacation is definitely a long time smh so
    Stay safe and thank you Wes ????

  8. Renee S

    Ted, thx for sharing! It would be great if you could perhaps take a pic if/when you do go back to that same spot (the “alcove”), & maybe send it to Wes to share? Just a thought. Thx again, Ted. Thx Wes.

  9. Matthew J

    Sounded like Ted was pretty nervous giving his account. No need because we’re all in this together. Very good story and enough details so that I was able to paint a good picture in my mind. I wonder what could have happened if Ted’s friend just started his out of view walk back and the creature decided to walk back at the same time. Wow. Scary thought.

  10. Janetta V

    I’m sure sorry to hear that your friend has passed away. It was a great story and I hope you don’t have any PTSD, from this. I agree to not go back in the woods, trouble lurks in them. 411 eight books are written now. Don’t be in one of them. Thanks

  11. STEVE W

    I understand why people would not go back into the woods afterwards , It screws your brain up for sure, But this is how I look at it,
    I hunted 35 years before I ever seen one, When you watch Scott Carpenter videos you will see most of the time you have no clue they are around, He catches most of his on trail game, They want nothing to do with us, Odds are you will never encounter one again, If they want to kill you, Nothing you can do about it,
    What really sucks is now I dont relax like I once did, Head is always looking around at any sound, Ill never be able to lay on the ground and take a nap in the sun, But I also know now, somehow they understand our language and can somehow hear us speak under our breath, So act like a guest and be respectful, Sounds crazy, The group of at least 3 that I ran into was very cool,
    Never ever shoot at one, Unless its in defense,,

  12. Whizbang

    After listening again, I’ve come to the realization that Wes you’ve got to be the best interviewer by far ever. Your awesome, hope I never become an interviewee, keeping quite for so long is stressful. Keep up the good work.

    • Denise F

      I do agree Whizbang, there’s something…. therapeutic about getting things off your chest. Wes has a way of making people feel comfortable, that’s the key.

  13. Johanna V

    Thank you for sharing your story, Ted. You were able to recount it for us while still honoring your friend’s wish. Be careful returning, not just physically, but for the emotions as well. Excellent show, Wes. Enjoy your vacation, and look forward to hearing from you in a couple of weeks!

  14. KY I

    Great show..great encounter..
    Go get some r and r wes come back with your hair on fire (well you know what I mean) and we’ll be waiting….impatiently… but we’ll be here.
    God bless,

  15. Patricia D

    Thankyou for your great show! And thanks to all the guests that share their stuff. I’m from Aust, so with a smaller population, there are less stories of Yowie encounters, and not a lot of forums. Maybe you can get some Aussies with chilling stories from the Pilliga Scrub. ???? the sound of didgeridoos in the background maybe? Cheers Wes.

  16. James M

    Glad you’re going hunting again Ted. I didnt give it up after my experiences and some were terrifying but I wasn’t going to let them chase me off my land or away from my passion. Unfortunately, I can tell you, it will never be the same. It’s been a little over three years and yes they are still there.

  17. Leann G

    Excellent encounter- you did really well telling it-thanks for sharing!
    Wes – I can’t imagine where to vacation in March? Bet you wont tell-lol
    I did try licking my elbow immediately. The DB cooper bit was hilarious

    • Walter L

      After seeing the sighting area last week, my wife commented to me that i was way off on my distances. As we stood there and discussed it, i saw my mistake. My referral to 600 yards would be as you travel on foot and not as the crow Flys. Its a mistake i have made before but its the way i refer to everything. I guess it comes from being raised in a logging family and talking about distance in a manner that was critical to that field. I hope this helps. I promise to take a range finder and post a straight line distance on this comment thread when we visit this fall.

  18. theresa m

    Thank you for tonight’s show, Wes and Ted. When we go out into nature, we are not at the top of the food chain any longer. These creatures are. We are in their home. We need to be respectful and I like how Steve W said they want nothing to do with us. Just remember we are fishing from the steams and lakes they eat out of and are hunting the animals that they also hunt so whatever we capture or take down is less food for them. My husband and I have not been in the woods for years and when we were younger we went up into the White Mountains of NH. Those days are gone but we never had any issues, although we have experienced that creepy feeling out there. Wes, enjoy your well earned vacation!

  19. Nerida H

    My opinion of why they are more aggressive around water….after listening to 1 story of a boy who was taken under the water in a large pond, through a hole into a bank, + entered a large cave, full of bones….made me think they live in these caves near water. That would explain why they dont like people in/on near water. We are too close to their homes.??

  20. Clifford B

    To alleviate the pain of no shows that week , I too will take my vacation . That’s what I call a dedicated fan (me lol)to the SC show .
    I can go anywhere and do anything I want since I have the disposable Jack lol.
    Maybe I’ll go to the Montana Vortex … The Montana Vortex is a genuine quantum or gravitational anomaly that may re-define the laws of physics and nature. BF sightings as well in the Columbia Mountains me thinks I recall. Or I can do the luxury 4 star thing via the Four Seasons Acapulco near the big cross etc… IDK …Maybe Amtrack it to Yellowstone and back without leaving the private train car . I have decisions to make

      • Clifford B

        I did the Amtrack from LA to Chicago in my own private car right at the start of Covid .
        It had a bunk bed above my 4 seat private section . The concierge guy was outstanding.
        I saw America from the train and loved every minute of it. Amtrack has themed trips etc… I’m actually leaning that away again for sure .

        • Debbie S

          I’ve always wanted to do that. My mother and I did a day trip on Amtrak several years ago all the way across the state of WV at the height of fall. It was gorgeous and fun. I wondered then why more people didn’t travel on Amtrak.

  21. Debbie S

    Thanks Wes….enjoy your vacation! You’ve earned it. 🙂 OMG Ted….what an amazing story and you told it well. And don’t worry, I think you explained the area well enough that I got a pretty good feel for the terrain. You had me literally biting my nails ….really good job. Thank you for coming on and sharing with us all. I hope you can make it back to the mountains. 🙂

  22. Sherry S

    Bible is stolen from Motel rooms – thats where that number comes up. I worked at a bookstore for many years, I noticed the most shoplifted books were adult magazines. I assume the shoplifters werent always “of age” to purchase.

  23. Sherry S

    Some kids at the high school in Orofino ID did a senior project of a film on Big Foot’s existence some years back. Most people who live in smaller communities in the Clearwater and Panhandle regions of Idaho are very open to its existence as many have had sightings or know someone who has (most everyone recreates ie, four wheelers, dirt bikes, anglers, boats on the couerd’alene, snake and salmon waters, hunts and hikes). Sightings are an often accepted event including for myself and a coworker (separate occurrences). Interestingly in my sighting, 90 miles North of this one, the BF also showed intent of wanting to drive home a point. I think he wants us to think he’s the supreme ruler of land and animals. That was my take-away …

  24. Drew C

    Very well told. Could really feel the intensity when you realized just how big this creature really was. I would like to say anyone who really wants to run into one of these things listen to this man and just put yourself really there. These things are very unpredictable and totally in control out there and I for one pray I never run into one of these beings.

  25. Glen M

    Hey Wes, I’ve heard you comment that you are seldom happy with how the shows turn out and that you are never happy with the sound quality and that you hate hearing your own voice recorder and what a poor speaker you are. Well my friend many of us truly love this show and we think you are a great show host and like how well you interview your guests. From a personal perspective I am inspired by how kind and caring you are with people on here. Thank you for doing Sasquatch Chronicles and providing a platform for people to express their encounters and others a chance to listen and learn from people on here. You are doing a wonderful thing and if you quit we will truly be sad to see you go. Take care!

  26. Danny D

    What a great account! Thanks so much ted for sharing it.. Hope everything get better for you.. Wes, Thank you for all the great shows.. Much needed vacation indeed..Enjoy yourself my bro..

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