Jan 18

SC EP:73 Listener encounter stories [Members]


For our members-Episode 73 is now in the Episodes section.

Tonight is a special call in show. We asked our listeners to call in and share their Sasquatch encounters with us. We speak to several people tonight who came forward to share their encounters, including a gentlemen who spoke about his friend disappearing under strange circumstances.

45 Responses to “SC EP:73 Listener encounter stories [Members]”

  1. david s

    The first bad show in the three months since I found SC. With the exception of the guy who’s buddy was found dead with only his running shorts on. Does anyone know why Wes & Will do not have David Paulides from the North American Bigfoot Society on the show? His book Tribal Bigfoot is the best Bigfoot book ever written. Puzzling.

  2. Kim G

    Listened to half the show last night, with my 11 yo daughter. She asked if BF is in the woods behind our house….all I could say is, “could be, we’ll investigate next weekend.” The so called woods are about 10 acres surrounded by homes, so I doubt it, but at least it’s getting her interested !

  3. Dave T

    Great show, what an encounter that family had. I think the calm cool head of the father is what probably saved that family. Confronting a group of squatches with force would have probably got them killed. Without any transportation besides by foot and having a young child, there wasn’t too many other options than to pray. Of course if Moneymaker was there he could have talked his way out that situation.

  4. Zachary B

    Hey Wes, is there any way I can download these member only episodes into an app? I’m a truck driver and drive through areas of low cell phone reception and being able to download them in one app would be very helpful. Love the show keep up the good work and I’m low key hoping for an encounter of my own ha

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