32 Responses to “Watch: Encounters with the Sasquatch”

  1. michael g

    This guy is very informative.You can always tell when a person KNOWS what they are talking about. He seems to be a storehouse of Sasquatch knowledge.
    I would take a day off of my job to hear this man on a call in!

  2. tom b

    Great story, and you can tell how real he is, but once you “know” they are real, then everything changes and you can spot the made-up stories a lot easier. What a good man he is!

  3. Scott A

    I really would love to hear Tom Sewid on the show as well.

    “If you don’t believe in it, come stay out here October into November when the clams get good.”

    I would love to see a pair of skeptics put on the edge between the forest and the beach along the path that Sasquatches travel to get to the clams. Maybe they would change their mind.

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