Nov 29

SC EP:712 The Michigan Encounter Reloaded

On Friday night we heard from Rick who had a recent encounter in Michigan. Rick spoke about his fathers encounters. I spoke to Scott who is the father and he shared what happen to him growing up on a farm in a rural area. He saw the creature a few times and many strange things happened on the property.






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104 Responses to “SC EP:712 The Michigan Encounter Reloaded”

  1. Dean C

    0042hrs here in Wales, UK. Been waiting like a kid on Xmas eve for this. Kids are fast asleep….this sounds like it’s gonna be epic.
    Thankyou Wes, hope everyone had a great weekend.

  2. Rob P

    I heard some weird sounds out hunting with my gfs dad. I’m in Michigan, near Luther. Almost sounded like a monkey followed by a scream. Whatever it was came up behind his blind and let out another yell. He told me it creeped him out. Weird sounds around me all day and neither of us saw a single deer hunting all day.

  3. Leann G

    Incredible episodes this weekend Wes! Your musical choices for the episodes are also something to look forward to,
    Thanks to Scott and Rick for sharing. It’s amazing that you had generations of family encountering these beings and also the support for dealing with that reality.

  4. Susie T

    Really enjoyed Rick and his Dad, too bad Grandpa couldn’t get in on it. Loved his memories of riding bikes and playing outside all day as we used to do. Those were the days. Loved your extra long into Wes !

  5. Lisa B

    Enjoyed this episode Wes! Thank you Scott for coming on and sharing your encounters. Being a child and seeing something outside your window at night is terrifying! I hope your bed wasn’t up against the window! Wes, who was the artist you played at the end? I loved the music, especially the piano and violin, beautiful.

    I’m really missing m99, Claire L and Denise F tonight…wondering what kind of mischief they may be getting into lol!

  6. Nathan H

    Been manning the cold smoker all day and binge listening to some missed episodes. I was thinking, someone needs to list all episodes with squatch audio or if Wes can put an asterisk by titles? Thoughts?

  7. Jay Carlsen

    I LOVE the Encounters from Michigan !
    …………………. ! DAMN IT WES ! You just had to play that part where that poor man zipped up his ZIPPER ! ( OUCH ! I HAVE DONE THAT ! Darn Canadian Whiskey ! )
    YES ! A Location ! And just the County northeast of me as well !

    Beware ! Native Americans from Northern California say when these things are made Public ? That will be the end of the World. I do not care to prove what I already know.

  8. Linda P

    (Montana) That was one of the best shows so far. Scott was so sincere and articulate and just so down to earth. I totally believed every word he said. What an incredible family history of encounters!

  9. Matthew J

    First off, I’d like to thank Scott for coming forward and telling us about his amazing experiences. I hope Scott reads this and at least take my advice under consideration. Scott has often thought about a head shot to take one of these creatures down and prove the reality of them. From listening to many encounters, it seems like sasquatches are rarely by themselves. I think Scott needs to think about the very real possibility of shooting one and falling victim to one of its angry clan members.

    Wes: I agree about deer running near a hunter to avoid sasquatches is really the lesser of 2 predators.

  10. William S

    Hey wes im a long time listener o had an encounter back in the late 70s something came down the river bank and grabbed my brother from behind when one of my friends turned and saw it happen he screamed and it shot back up the bank that was a almost vertical 20 ft in seconds we all jumped into the car my brother drove us away from the passenger side of the car too bad we were drinking this was in Arkansas about 35 miles from broken bow ok not far from honobi

  11. Jeremiah S

    Wow Wes what an Awesome Reload. You my Sir are 2Legit 2Quit,lol. In my opinion there’s not a Podcast out there that can touch you, on any level. Que the music Wes..Can’t Touch This…My my Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. That Outro music was absolutely beautifully cool!

  12. Charles R

    Immensely enjoyed your interview Scott. Straight forward no nonsense guy, like a lot of Northern Michiganders, especially back in the 70s. I was wondering how the one in the creek fishing had gotten a salmon, which was probably a coho or a chinook ( king ). Then I looked at a map and see that Lower Herring lake has a canal to Lake Michigan. No wonder they preferred that area, especially in the fall when the salmon make their runs up the tributaries. My Father and I fished salmon on their very first year, I believe it was 1966 or 67 and have fished out of Frankfort. My best friends Father always fished Frankfort My Dad and myself usually went to Manistee and Portage Lake outlet. That area also is a huge Cherry growing. I Think the Traverse City Cherry Festival is the largest summer festival in the whole midwest. Also blueberries which the Sasquatch absolutely love. Curious how your Father new about Bigfoots. I am a few years older than you, and was an avid hunter back in those days, and no one ever talked about Bigfoots in Michigan. I guess those that knew kept to themselves, for good reason. My very first year of deer hunting 1970 in Roscommon County I had a winded doe also come up to my blind and stayed there looking at me then back at the woods for for 2 minutes before moving on. I never knew what her problem was, but my one Bigfoot sighting was about 5 years after that in the same area. I loved hearing you talk of childhood games almost as much as your encounters. Very reminiscent of my youth in Midland, Michigan where neighborhood kids would gather for games, often in our yard, and as we got older a few close friends ( we still are ) and myself would spend countless hours in forested and pondy areas nearby on a couple of square miles of property owned by Dow Chemical that they never developed. Too few kids these days know the joy of just being out in nature, and instead are prisoners of the computer age.

  13. KY I

    Great show wes..
    Great interview and guest…
    I’ve been here a while before I became a member..going back listening to your early shows I realized you were always good interviewer early on but you sir have really upped your game..and the empathy and patience you show to your guests is exemplary.
    Bravo from kentucky.

  14. Sheila L

    I echo folks here, Wes:

    Great episode! Scott was fantastic and, as always Wes, you have the knack of asking questions at the right time.

    Loved it. Thanks to both of you.

  15. Mark R

    Being a native Michigander who literally lives across a rural two laner from The Manistee National Forest, I knew these men were legit when they talked about two tracks and criks (it’s not creeks in these parts). And they described the joy of growing up in rural Michigan beautifully! I’ve had my own encounter in the Manistee and maybe I’ll email Wes about it. It wouldn’t fill an entire show but it might be a nice little stocking stuffer now that December is here.

    Great show, Wes. Thanks for putting midwesterners and their encounters on.

  16. Tammi C

    Loved your intro.. and your music scores and SFX are really great, as usual, Wes.
    Scott, great to hear a lifetime-long, knowledgeable and experienced hunter’s viewpoint, wow, brave, too!

  17. Cathy S

    Please don’t shoot them unless you are in danger. It won’t prove anything cuz the men in black will come and threaten you and your family. Also they have families like we do. Good show

  18. Catherine B

    Great show …!!! On a side note I bought a SC hoodie and love it…!!! My family loved it also… I bought one for each member of my family for Christmas….Can’t wait till Christmas…lol…..!!!! love supporting the show and Wes……!!!! Thank you Wes and guests…and listeners….!!!! It’s a beautiful time of year…!!!!

  19. Sergio R

    Hey Wes,
    Long time member first time poster. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the creativity you put into the editing. (do you do it? Or do you have an editor?) as well as your choice in music that always seems to fit the place you put it in perfectly.
    The encounters and the interviews of course are always awesome.

    • Charles R

      Yes Sergio, Wes’ editing has gone to new levels. Love the Bad Company. Interesting in that Paul Rogers newly formed band did not have a name and they struggled to come up with one. Then Paul started writing the song Bad Company with that piano intro. and a light went off. Called up this members and said how about Bad Company for our name and all agreed.

  20. timothy w

    Love the choice of music as well.
    Sounds great through my Klipsch Cornwalls mk 3 . 103 db sensitivity
    Cary cad 300 sei 300b 8 watt tube integrated. Pure class A
    Lampizator lite 7 digital to analog set dht converter and Innuos Zenith mk 3 server / streamer.

    One day were all going to see a google maps image of bigfoot barring its big square white teeth peeking through a small hole in leaf canopy rigbt where i had two encounters. Dark grey facial skin and deep sunken small round black eye observing a guy on a tractor taking pi tures for google maps of this forest preserve.
    The crazy thing is its 25 years apart and it uses this area. I mean it has to because its still there..
    Makes me wonder if its all about territory and how were mowing it all down for population growth. Maybe thats why activity ramps up the longer were in there areas. Maybe tbats why there always watching us.
    This image is still there.

  21. Dorothy S

    Scott and Rick were great! Thank you, Wes, for bringing them on. Awesome encounters. Thank you also for the change in music! Always loved Bad Company !! I’m from Scott’s era, and just can’t get into today’s music. Jokingly, I think that’s what’s wrong with kids now-days – they haven’t got decent music to listen to, lol.

  22. Eddie G

    Morning all from a snowy Glasgow, Scotland.
    Great music. Bad Company and Coldplay,s Paradise.
    Long time listener and member. Keep up the good work Wes.

  23. Paul M

    Wow very nice to hear the generational BF on The same land = Other then some very frightening moments = nobody got hurt … And the land must of held very good Water and food for them as well as cover… THEY can’t stay that long without all of that = At least not that I know of… thanks Again to the Guests and Wes = Another fine SHOW

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