Jan 11

SC EP:71 Down the rabbit hole part 2

Tonight we continue the conversation from SC EP:70. We will finish up the discussion with John, who is a retired police officer. In this episode we’ll also bring back Jack to explain the bogus 9-1-1 call he was sent out on.

We will also be speaking with Bob Garrett and hear first hand what is going on with the government harassment. Please visit us at www.sasquatchchronicles.com for extended shows. On our website you will find SC EP: 72 where we talk to a forestry worker who had an aggressive encounter with a Sasquatch and also encountered the federal agents we have been speaking about and claims to know one of them.



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93 Responses to “SC EP:71 Down the rabbit hole part 2”

    • Joseph B

      Pretty obvious they have his vehicles tagged with GPS units and mostly likely bugged as well. He should start to booby trap his camp when he leaves, but is going to come back. Get video of the vehicles racing up on them. They need to get the small video units and have them hidden and feed to a hard drive. Amazon has kits for situations like this. I would be willing to chip in to a pool so these guys can buy the right tools to collect the data and counter these corrupt officials.

    • Dimitri C

      I’m hooked…. big fan of the show, listening in from the uk great job guys. Would love to have david paulides on the show to hear his view on bigfoot and missing people in your national forests.

  1. tom b

    Bob Garrett should check his tag light on the car he was driving when the police kept pulling up on his bumper, I had the same thing happen to me. The police pulled up right on my bumper a couple of times, I was sure he was going to hit me. Turned out my tag light was out and he could not read my tag any other way at night, except to pull close to it.

  2. Blake S

    This guy that intimidates police officers / witnesses reminds me of agent Peter J Keys from the movie Predator 2, here is his biography from the movie: “Peter Keyes graduated with a PhD in Physical Sciences from Cornell University. After graduating college he was quickly placed with the Strategic Defence Institute and two years later was made a Captain in Air Force Intelligence. At some point following this, Keyes became head of the top-secret Other World Lifeform taskforce, investigating Predator-related incidents and trying to capture one of the beasts to harness the power of their scientific technology”

    Also: was a government agent and head of the top-secret Other World Lifeform Taskforce, whose sole aim was the capture of a live Predator for military purposes. In 1997, Keyes was put in command of a small team operating in Los Angeles, under cover of a special DEA task force investigating the city’s drug war, that attempted to capture the City Hunter.

    • diana m

      Sounds like the government has a few lab pets turned loose in the Big Thicket & the military gets the babysitting job.

      Bubba, Cooter, et al, down @ the local PD are gonna get thrown under the bus when Bob’s Family & Friends which have all their ducks in a row, decide to take this all viral.

      $20 trillion lawsuit number sounds like a good start.

      Bob is mad & smart.

      The game is afoot.

  3. Logan E

    I have a relatively weird question. I was a 911 dispatcher for about 2 years. Let me put this out here. 911 lines don’t “hang-up” in the traditional sense. When you call 911, even if you hangup your phone, the 911 line keeps ringing. The info that pops up will show a home address (if a landline) and depending on what “Phase” the 911 center is in, cell phone info including location can be provided. If this was an abandoned house and there was a 911 hangup that led there, that would mean there was an active phone there to dial 911.

    Since it was a hangup call, there was no caller giving an address. The address would have to be taken from the landline info coming through, meaning there had to be a phone in that house that worked to call 911. (Doubtful if abandoned that someone would still have phone service there). If someone called 911 on a cell phone and hung-up, there wouldn’t be an address associated, nothing to lead them to THIS particular abandoned house (address). I’m slightly confused about how a hangup call led to an address at all. Any help on this would be appreciated.

  4. Norman B

    these are hybrid Sasquatch that the government made and are monitoring
    that’s why they gave g men following them and keeping them in check.
    there are 2 or 3 types of Sasquatch and one is a genitically altered kind made by man………….I know this for a fact.
    that’s why they are harassing Bob and company

  5. Stephen M

    I’m enjoying these episodes. But it’s going into areas I’m not sure I always can believe without more concrete evidence other than word of mouth. Anyone can claim anything. Emails can be faked. Computer viruses can affect your cursor.

  6. william g

    This is just another level of govt that must be reigned in.We must restore our Constitution,whether or not it means bloodshed.Sasquatch aren’t the peoples problem, it’s the federal govt.

  7. mick b

    I have to admit that i have had my doubts about a government cover up and the insider situation. My doubts come not from thinking Wes, and co are pulling our legs but from a sense of disbelief and surrealism and shock at the prospect that this cover up is actually happening . It can just be hard to accept that the world is actually a lot stranger than we know. Will Jevning has been researching sasquatch for 40 years, he has written books that only handful of people will ever purchase, let alone read. Unlike all the other researchers out there, Will isn’t making a name for himself or earning a pay packet by appearing on tv, mass marketing his books or selling a stack of bigfoot merchandise. It’s the same with Wes and Woody and Shannon. I don’t think there is much to be gained by making up all of this. Sure one could say that the Sasquatch chronicles team is making up drama to attract listeners, but listeners from where? The general population think Bigfoot is a load of bunk and the people who do believe don’t need to hear about a government cover up to maintain an interest. In fact it’s likely to drive some people away. The Sasquatch Chronicles team has always come across to me as an intelligent and genuine group of people. I feel that they care too much to get blindsided by someone who might be making this up for attention

    • Kerrin C

      I had trouble hearing Jack. His voice was muffled a lot of the time. Great show – can you please define “flanking” for me? I think I know what it is .. two predators closing in on prey from opposite sides – slightly from behind. Is that correct?

  8. Katie F

    Ok, boys and girls. Here is your lesson for today:
    Can you all say: SQUATCHGATE? Together now– SQUATCH-GATE.
    We even have “Deep Throat”
    Oh my goodness you guys– be careful! I think all of you are just terrific with what you are doing.
    Way to go- I hate bullies no matter if it is a single person, a gang of persons or our own
    government. All bullies need to be called out. Please know all of you are
    in my prayers– even if I don’t know you– the Lord does!
    Great show as always.

  9. Brian H

    That really drags that Bob won’t be doing his show anymore. I completely understand, just sucks we live in a society with such an egotistical government that has to bully and harass just cuz they F’d up this situation and feel they have to cover

  10. Blake S

    Don’t give up on the research Bob, get a new computer and start up a new channel and Facebook etc, you are doing important work exposing this stuff Bob, don’t let these scumbags win. Any body out there that can help Bob with counter surveillance tactics should help, they obviously are keeping tabs his vehicle or phone and/or laptop..

  11. Chick

    Bob, don’t pay any attention to those paid troll plants leaving comments around for you!! I have been watching your videos and listening to your radio shows for a couple of years. One thing that has always rang out loud and clear is the kind of man that you are! An honest good guy with a heart! Thats all lies and crap. So poop on them! I am very sad that you are having to stop them but I think you are making the only decision you can.

  12. Renee B

    The government is harassing Bob and other genuine BF hunters for one reason ECONOMICS. Whats a few campers killed or missing each year compared to the BILLIONS in lost revenue that the Feds would have to deal with if it got out that theres a wild animal killing and eating people? Look at these stories we hear on SC. Men who have been avid outdoorsmen their entire lives will now not go into the wilderness or only in a limited way. Multiply that by millions and you see why the government is shutting them up.

    • cyndie r

      The main problem is economics but hunter’s fees don’t play such a large part. Imagine the liability involved in intentionally misleading governmental agencies and ultimately the general public about the known dangers lurking in the forests. Every single family of these missing people would be looking for compensation and punitive damages. By golly they would deserve it.

  13. Kay S

    Following and harassing innocent people must be costing the government mega-bucks! Bob must be really on to the truth for it to have escalated so far. It’s a shame that they have appeared to have won and you are giving up. I can’t blame you, but it’s a shame!

  14. jamie smith

    This show is the best , Bob Garrett is a 100% genuine person and that is why he filmed and tried too offer any assistance when he came across the torn up camp site! !!!!! Let’s just say that if I came across someone who needed help and I decided that it wasn’t my problem, I probably would be in trouble myself for not helping someone who is in need of help or medical care, so why isn’t the Government held responsible for not delivering what they are supposed to do as their job to serve and protect the citizens that pay their wages ???
    I would just like to thank Bob and his crew for all their boots on the ground hard work and I hope he continues his research because if you stop not they have succeeded in what they set out too achieve.

  15. Robert V

    Hey Bob,

    I want to encourage you to keep going, be more stubborn than they are. I say this in front of my computer, I”m scared to death to see a Sasquatch for rea; but it’s just not right what they are doing to you and everyone else. If you don’t come on again I wish you God’s speed, protection, and life. Loved your stories and your bravery.


  16. Patrick W

    What I dont get is why doesnt bob garrett record and film every incodent of harrassment? This is getting really cowboy type yee haa dangerous! Its getting deep, hope everone has their boots on. And get the charges right cops its called” obstruction of justice “not interferenc at least when I was charged &I had one or two of thoes in my life. Theres differant degrees off it by far…

    • Mike s

      Patrick, Bob isn’t afraid of them but he’s afraid for his family. That’s how those spineless cowards work, they go after family. I am pretty pissed off hearing what the cowards are doing to people and really hope they are exposed for what they really are.

  17. Wendy C

    I am intrigued – but a question I would like answered – does Bob not keep copies from his video camera – or does he just down load onto his computer and not keep the video copy ??? Fascinating Rabbit Hole episodes so far but if Bob values his video footages does he never back himself up?? Kind regards Wendy

  18. TheGiant573

    Bob there are plenty if us technical types out here that would help just ask. I am sure Wes has talked to some that could help too. Please keep up the amazing research! Even if you stay off social media send your results to Wes for us here!

  19. Patrick W

    I’m fucking pissed at what’s going on w bob garrett on social media. I’m fixing to shut domn youtube channel myself. I had no idea that he was kicked off youtube for a false charge of pornography. Im done w you tube & facebook.Im all most 60yrs old and if Bobs not good enough for them assholes niether am I…

  20. Kerrin C

    Great show!! – can you please define “flanking” for me? I think I know what it is .. two predators working together – closing in on prey from opposite sides – slightly from behind. Is that correct?

  21. Audie J

    Sounds like someone in the media should get involved…….Maybe Jessie Ventura ? ………Bob Garrett did what any person with common sense would have done at the torn up camp …..I am waiting for the day when those Feds are harassing bob and his team in the bush .. tand a Sasquatch comes flying out from behind a tree and pops the Feds heads off….morbid …I know ……

  22. Nancy A

    Whatever happened to Bob Garret’s 1st Amendment rights? Sone of these black ops guys remind me of Nazi Gestapo. Are we living in the USA or WWII Germany? DIG IN BOB, DON’T BACK DOWN!

  23. greg d

    So I’m listening to episode 71 on my iPhone streaming it through the Apple podcast app. At 1:59am PST it stops an hour into the episode. Now under the Sasquatch Chronicles feed page it says: “No Related Items”. 10 minutes ago there were 72 items. Now all of the episodes are gone from the Apple Podcast feed. I captured the screen on my phone because this is seriously absurd. Beings I’m sitting in front of my computer too I’m forced to wonder if I’m being watched on my computer webcam or iPhone cam. Maybe the feds will offer me a job too.

  24. Rod C

    Bob G. I had a friend in Florida that was out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico last year on his own boat that caught an illegal fish. He decided to keep it and put it in the live well. When he got back to the dock a game warden was waiting on him and ask to see the fish. He asked how he knew about the fish and was told he was filmed with a surveillance drone. I’m sure you know they can also do this in the night with FLIR. Your tax dollars at work!

  25. amused2deth

    I feel for Bob n hope he learned from his mistake of putting that video on his computer. Also why not make copies n send it out to all the media? I myself am very vindictive. I would do what one user said about putting cameras n stuff on the vehicle n get them on video. Either fight back win an attorney or get the media involved. At least try something n not give up. What they are doing to him really pissed me off n I wish I could help.

  26. Sam W

    Sounds like the Feds are watching a Family of Sasquatches using Satalites. Bob and crew got too close so they intervened. I also wish Bob wouldn’t quit, but I understand his position. Great Show!

  27. Logan E

    Normally when you make a copy of a video from a camera, the file itself remains on the SD card and the file on the computer is simply a copy. I don’t remember off-hand if the Windows Restore function will restore files that were removed, but it’s worth checking out at the very least. You may be able to do a restore to a previous state and get your files back.

  28. Gail d

    A real shame that lasting outing Bob was on was stolen would have loved to have seen it. Bob don’t let them push you around the information that you have for the public is vital . People need to know about these creatures so they can protect themselves because our government has failed us.

  29. Michelle D

    It makes me wicked sad that these Federal bullies have picked on Bob so much that he will no longer be posting videos on Youtube or using Facebook. I know that is EXACTLY what they wanted! I say Bob’s best defense against these guys is to keep posting and hosting his radio show like nothing ever happened… I guess that’s easy for me to say. In any case, I just wish he would reconsider. I love his videos!

  30. Gayle S

    What if someone put up a Facebook Page entitled “We stand with Bob Garrett”?
    Do you think if maybe a couple of thousand people liked it that it would make any difference?
    Not sure. Maybe we would need some other kind of media, too.

  31. Jay Carlsen

    Is This the One , where Jack admitted seeing a Sasquatch 10 feet behind his car to that Gary Calahan ? And Calahan ( Big Dude w/ the Beard ) Commended Him for not shooting it ?
    Oh , & Mr. Germer , Am I to Take it that You are one of “Those kind of Guy’s ” Who only care How Much you Make ? And What the Retirement Package looks like ? Then You Call this Guy Out ? Some one say’s His Name on the air – Who His Dad was …….. I Understand it was said as a Joke . But don’t go Pulling anyone’s Strings , & go getting Your Show taken down. I would have to go back to watching Butchy The Kid video’s on YouTube …..
    ( I’ll go to hell – To tell People they saw a bear )
    But as I took it , you only ran into those Two Guys if you shot one , Or had Solid Evidence ? That they really didn’t mind anyone Talking about the Subject .
    You Have a Good Show here . I hope this Asshole doesn’t get it in his Ass to shut you down ………. That would be a Sad Day.Thanks Again – Good Show !

  32. Scott P

    Bob G is just an example of what can happen to any of us that draws the attention of “Big Brother “. Our rights have been taken away and are just an illusion at this point and it’s only going to get worse.
    Susan P- one of the guests referenced the govt’s hacking program as T -Rex. They can access any CPU. It’s not a virus…. Believe it. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
    It kills me that a man like Bob can be pushed to the point of giving up sharing his research. This solidifies my belief that they will do ANYTHING to keep this from the public eye and the next step for Bob, like any of us would be the ultimate silence. Unless one walks up to capital hill on live TV, it’s never coming out.
    The only issue bothering me with the feed is the player. It is so sensitive if I touch my screen it shuts down and I have to retrace where I was. Absolutely thrilled with the content & momentum the show is gathering. Thanks guys.

  33. Sean C

    I live just south of the Lone Star Trail, and have wanted to go hiking back in there for a long time. Now, I’m not so sure.

    I grew up, spending every summer with my grandparents, in Heavener, Oklahoma. I spent a lot of time out in the woods, and fishing those rivers with my Grandpa. I had a very loud dirt bike (RM125) that I used to ride throughout some of those wilderness areas. I don’t think that I ever saw anything, but I do remember things that happened around me, that make me pretty sure that I’ve been very close to an encounter and surely watched by sasquatch on multiple occasions. For much of my life, I didn’t know if I could trust the feelings I had about those times or not. I’m so glad that I found your show! I really appreciate all of the brave people, who share their experiences, and more importantly, pass on their knowledge! That is how the rest of the world will eventually end up opening their eyes, and realising the truth that has been around us all this time, through the continued passing of knowledge.

    How many sasquatch have already been killed I wonder, and it hasn’t made a difference yet? Why would one more make a difference now? Just throwing that out there.

    I love your show! I love what Bob has shared, too! I just want you all to be very careful, because the people who have covered this up for so long, clearly don’t care about human life. If they have modified any genetically, they are probably the ones that are doing the most damage, since all technology has to be used for weaponry purposes first. Not much scares me, but the evil side of mankind, how do you combat that? It goes to the very top! Be true to yourselves, be safe, and always protect your loved ones. Does anyone else remember when honesty was considered a virtue? It just doesn’t feel that way anymore, at least not much in day to day living. Off the soap box now, I really didn’t mean for this to be so long.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  34. SJ R

    I live in New Mexico. When one of the ‘law enforcement’ guests suggested that Albert Fountain and his son were killed by Bigfoot, well, they lost me. The Fountain incident basically destroyed Pat Garrett who was obsessed in finding his remains, and bringing certain locals to justice. I am also rather skeptical of discussing Bigfoot with NM native populations. People here DO NOT talk about it. No one does. I’ve been trying to pry information out of someone I’ve known for years. If anyone says they just bop into NM and have wonderful Bigfoot communion with the locals, bull. It’s not going to happen. It is like the guest presented the First Americans of New Mexico as this glorious primitive culture, in touch with their inner beast or something. Nothing is farther from the truth. They are modern people with casinos, new pick-up trucks, etc. They go to college, and so forth and so on.

    Also, “they were there in September and a lot of the foliage had changed..” Nope. We had a very late fall this year. You don’t hear tales of aggressive encounters. Give me a break.

  35. Mike N

    Does anyone know what happened to people that where in that camp they must should have showed up at hospital or did they just disappear no one seems to talk about that

  36. greg o

    Bob don’t let these scumbag Feds push you around… you should double up on interviews and put out every vid you have…and the next time they show up at your camp tell them to take a hike and tell them we don’t talk to pigs and if you have a charge make it or F%$KOFF.

  37. Eva B

    Chaps my ass how they treat people so wrong! As a concerned citizen, a human being, a gentleman… he happened upon this camp to assist others.
    I was thinking about Bob, so I listened to this again. I’ve heard tid bits to the rest of the story on how that camp became destroyed and what followed in between Bob Garrett fiasco with the Feds. Also, the lone survivor. The whole thing reeks of sadness.

  38. Dean C

    If you can Wes, have a look into the psychology of victims who have been mugged at gunpoint and such crimes. This is all part of the flight or fight mechanism at work. In such situations certain parts of the brain almost ‘shut off’ where as other parts have increased blood flow etc. It’s very common for people to report, when having a gun pulled on them and feeling a genuine threat to life, that they have no recollection of the sounds, smells and colours involved. That’s because these things are not necessary, or the brain perceives them to not be of importance. The victims will usually state that they can tell you in detail what the end of the gun looked like, but not much else. This is due to the brain recognising this as the point of immediate threat. There have even been reports of everything turning black and white. Again, this is for the same reasons as stated. It’s not of importance, so the brain treats this as secondary. Colour, sounds, peripheral details etc aren’t going to save you in that second, where as giving great focus to the point of the threat is the most important. The same applies with regards to time slowing down. The brain takes in things much quicker and processes them at a much greater speed than usual.
    There’s a lot more to it than just this, but this is the crux of it. Hope this helps in some way.
    Kindest regards
    Wales, UK

  39. Dean C

    P.s. disconnecting your modem, router etc etc will only work until you plug it all back in. The remote connection, or programmes, malware etc etc these unknown people are using will be hitting you via your IP address(es). The best way to avoid this is keep data on a stand alone hard drive. NEVER connect it to your own devices. Use an Internet cafe etc or even better buy a cheap phone ( if you can afford to) that has 4/5G. Top up an unregistered sim with a ton of data allowance. Use the phone as a modem to shift data, then after using the sim several times snap and dump the sim in some super corrosive substance and preferably the phone too, but at the very least the sim. Use pay as you go, memory cards, thumb drives etc etc as much as possible. Stuff you can buy from a large store and don’t need to register in a name. ALWAYS PAY CASH. Cards leave a trail that can lead to IMEI numbers, SIM numbers, IP addresses etc etc. Hope this helps.
    Wales, UK

  40. Kristie S

    I’ve experienced watching an accident in slow motion. I was watching two cars hit the other day. It was all in slow motion….I watched them hit and the one car spun around…all in slow motion…and then when it stopped spinning time went back to normal time. It was the weirdest experience!

    I love your show! I just found it a few weeks ago and it’s October 2020. Thanks for being there and giving us the truth!

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