Jan 8

SC EP:70 Down the rabbit hole

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Tonight we are having a round table discussion with John who is a retired police officer, Jack who is a current police officer and Ken our insider. We will be discussing a government coverup regarding Sasquatch. This is an interesting discussion because one of the police officers has had direct contact with representatives claiming to be from the Department of the Interior. We will be discussing personal Sasquatch encounters these guys have had, 911 calls they have been out to. Hang on because this is going to be interesting as the night takes a turn. Visit us at www.sasquatchchronicles.com

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  1. Kenneth M

    When your being watched too closely – sometimes chatting about ms-information can be as useful to cross wires deliberately – Think like that end scene in “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith & Gene Hackman.

    Suppose someone stumbles onto “listen upon-ed” conversation that a bigfoot body was actually discovered and held hidden in a Mosque in San Francisco by Todd Standing working in cooperation with Al queda and several muppets (likely Gonzo)- I wonder how that would be received and acted upon???

  2. MilitantDanny

    I’m anticipating Gov plants on this page, eventually making their way onto aired portions that slowly introduces misinformation to discredit the Sasquatch Chronicles site. I would be extremely weary of any new “insiders” from this point on, even more so than before. Infiltration WILL be attempted if you guys are pushing legit information and they view it as a threat.

  3. Donna K

    Talk about a cliffhanger. Man I can’t believe that’s how the show ended. Tonight is just excellent. Absolutely excellent! Everybody needs to know this stuff. No matter how many stories I hear, it’s always hard to wrap your head around the fact that these things exist.I know they do and sometimes when I get a chance I’ll share my stories. I know I keep saying I will. Mine aren’t nearly as exciting as this though. This show tonight was just over-the-top. And by the way none of it seems crazy at all. None of the intimidation stuff and none of what you thought would seem crazy to listeners sounds crazy at all. We get it. I am so glad you guys have this show. Don’t let them intimidate you. You might be getting a visit from Grizzly Adams too if they are listening to you guys. Unfortunately the masses still drinking the Kool-Aid that these things don’t exist. you know it because whenever you talk about them people look at you like you’re nuts. With all of the TV shows and documentaries and web shows it should be plain as day, but people still don’t get it. Can’t wait for Sunday night show. I really love the fact that these police officers care more about the townspeople than trying to keep a big government secret which puts people in danger. You guys are da bomb!!!

  4. Robert D

    Police lately are taking a lot of heat. (wrongfully in my eyes) but let it be known that the officers appearing on this show sharing their experiences are putting their careers and lives on the line disclosing the information they are.

    I for one am greatful to them not only for disclosure but for being out there protecting us with their lives on a daily basis.

    Thank you!

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