Nov 6

SC EP:705 A Country Boy Can Survive

Jake writes “I live in granbury texas, I have had several encounters happen to myself and my family, I took a picture of a foot print I found in the woods when I was a teenager, which has a crazy story to it.

I wrecked my truck one night driving home from one of these things running out in the road, I’ve been chased on foot by one and even had rocks thrown at me, my father chased one through the woods in his truck once.”





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66 Responses to “SC EP:705 A Country Boy Can Survive”

  1. Michael V

    Thanks Wes and Jake
    Great job at telling your story Jake
    You could tell the fear in Jake’s voice as he told of his encounters that actually left no doubt in my mind that what happened to him was for real
    Thanks again guys and God Bless

  2. Doug K

    Another great program Wes. Thanks for sharing your encounters with these strange creatures in Texas, Jake! Really enjoyed your retelling of them. I can picture it and almost feel it as you were describing it. I know I would have been just as scared. Thanks bud. YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  3. Josephine L

    Long work week and just getting on the late train…again…lol! Settling in for some midnight special of your Sasquatch Chronicles Wes. Thank you! Congrats to 1st and hello & goodnight to everyone. Be back for the Sunday special❣

  4. Melissa H

    I live on Granbury Lake and actually lived in Lipan about 37years ago, it is a very small community, I just passed thru there a few days ago coming back from Big Bend, if you blink you’ll miss it lol, your awesome Wes, thanks for all you do

  5. m99

    Well, thank God for SC!

    I deliberately turned the computer off early last night so I could chill. My husband had to work late & is working today. I have something refreshing and interesting to listen to.

    Thank you for always being here for your guest and members, Wes. Bless you. Giving it a diverting listen now.

  6. cynthia s

    Great show Wes. Jake is totally believable. It’s strange how some people will have multiple experiences while others who live in hot spots have none. I live in Hiouchi CA right next to Jed Smith Redwoods. Several sightings throughout the years around here. I haven’t had anything unusual happen, most people up here don’t believe in Sasquatch or if they do, they don’t talk about it. A lot of people hunt up here and hunters generally are non believes until they have an encounter as many of your past guests have testified too. Thanks for the podcast look forward to new episodes every week!

  7. MONTE M

    Great show again ! I agree with Jake that you can hear the truth in people’s voices so often, more often than not. I agree too that people just don’t want to believe that something like this is real , that these things are a reality. It’s too unreal.

  8. Shawn S

    More and more encounters from the Tarrant County/ Parker County area. Getting closer and closer to home. My friend and I are starting our own “show” soon and we’re going to go investigate a few of these areas. Me and my friends had a possible encounter in Benbrook, TX which isn’t far at all from Fort Worth. We would go there camping a lot and this one new area we went to something paced us in the woods. Shit… My family alone can tell you some crazy stories just from when they were kids with Momo, demons, ghosts… the list goes on.. lol I was actually talking with my sister about weird shit that happened to us as kids. Might have to get a hold of this guy sometime in the future and venture out to Lipan. My friend grew up close to there also so he knows a lot of back roads. Wouldn’t be surprised if he knew this kid, too.

    • Shawn S

      I believe every word he said. 2 times in Benbrook not far from Granbury my friends and I experienced something weird. Looked it up years later and there was 1 sighting in the lake. Then a couple weeks ago in one of the BF groups I’m in someone asked if anyone has ever had an experience around Benbrook and then told us what happened to him. In another group close to Hillsboro,TX someone found some weird, what I can describe, as werewolf tracks on his property and he heard it on his roof. The photos are on FB and they’re clear as day. A lady I met in another group added me on FB and she told me about her husband seeing a large black dog with amber eyes running with some coyotes one night after they moved to Burleson, TX . And their neighbor was like “ah yeah we see that a lot” there’s plenty of weird stuff around here even close to the city. I’ve seen Pterodactyls here, too. I can go on all day.

  9. Dustin S

    I’m new to the site but I’ve been listening to Wes for about a year now. I knew that there had to be encounters closer to where I live, in Wise county, and reading some of these comments and hearing this guys story, I feel more assured of the stuff I’ve encountered on my own land. Thanks Wes for all your hard work and allowing a place for people to safely talk about their experiences.

  10. Michael M

    Wes. Maybe you can pick a provider that doesn’t cut out fifteen times every episode on a fast Internet connection. I love your show. I just can’t stand all of the twelve year old posts and slow server. You can afford better sir.

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