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SC EP:704 Living Next To Skinwalker Ranch

Roland writes “I live on Northern Ute tribe here in Utah. I have seen a lot of things being an outfitter and guide here for about 20 years I have had run-ins with Bigfoot and we did see one that we almost shot But I didn’t realize what it was until now. I have seen some strange things, I grew up 2 miles from Skin Walker Ranch”

Roland returns to the show and shares strange events from his life. I was speaking to Roland last night and he said “As a kid I was playing next to Skinwalker Ranch and I think something followed me home.” The story that he shared next was disturbing. Roland will be sharing some of the more scary accounts living next to the ranch.







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68 Responses to “SC EP:704 Living Next To Skinwalker Ranch”

  1. Lisa B

    I wonder…when people hear someone saying “Help me! Help me!” If that’s people who have disappeared and never found. Perhaps they’re on the other side of the veil asking for help? Like they’re trapped there and can’t get back.

  2. Case M

    Hey all! Case here in Nebraska!

    First off – congratulations to Wes on a terrific podcast and format. To aggregate so many stories under one roof is outstanding. It is a treasure of knowledge made available to all of us. Secondly, many thanks to Roland for sharing his life and stories. Thank you Roland! You have a very unique perspective to offer – one of wilderness guide with decades of experience as well knowledge of the deep history of the area and your connections to your tribal people and heritage. I think without the insight of native peoples we will never understand creatures like Sasquatch.

    And lastly a shout out to the community of Sasquatch chronicles. I enjoy reading the different replies in this section after each episode, of how you offer support and community to one another. Very cool.


  3. m99

    After that guy in Texas saw two Sasquatch near the cemetery, I had the privilege of speaking to him out there. One thing he said was the scream was so loud it was startling. I asked him why did he think the creature screamed? He said that one had stooped down and looked like it was trying to go to the bathroom. I said, how about having a baby? Even human mothers scream when haveing contractions or giving birth. His eyes popped & he said could be! The other thing about the scream that rang true to me is, could it have been a way for opening a ‘portal’? The scream was the mechanism perhaps. What is a ‘portal’? _ perhaps it’s an opening into another dimension? or space time continuum?

    This is such a good show. I like Wes’ theory of protocol for entry. It is my belief that there’s a restrainer restraining the spiritual darkness. And yes, they have to have permission. I think it’s simpler than we think. It’s called free will. And, the thing about the lug-nuts incident was interesting. Why would anything demonic give the guy the lug-nuts? I think we have (guardian) angels, and it was accommodating him so he could leave faster.

    Wes! You do not sound like his mama! LOL. Anyways, thank you Roland. You’re a Prince. Stay well & be safe.

    • Lisa B

      Hi Agent99! I have thought that too…wondering if the screams are of the females giving birth. After all, most people describe the scream as a woman being murdered or tortured. I know the one I heard sounded like a woman being murdered, and it was LOUD!

    • Tracy L

      There is the story about the young boy kidnapped back in the 1900’s to 1940’s where a Sasquatch carried him deep into the forest and then made a melodic cry, sound or scream and the ground and rocks opened up to reveal a tunnel to an underworld society. Finally, a beautiful young girl came up to him and the Sasquatch and had a

    • Tracy L

      Dang! I accidentally hit the Post Comment button. Anyway … The young human-looking girl and the Sasquatch had an animated conversation which left the Sasquatch in tears at the end. The girl then told the young boy that if he didn’t want to get eaten, he should leave immediately, and she showed him the way out or ordered the Sasquatch to return him to his home. Of course, no one ever believed his story although he went to his grave swearing it was true. A newspaper article was written about it, and I think it’s in one of the episodes with Timothy Renner and in one of his newspaper compilation books.

  4. Sven C

    Wes, for these things to know to dismantle a trail cam from behind so as not get caught on film, they’d have to have an understanding of the cam’s purpose. How could they even fathom the mechanics of what a camera does and what it produces?

  5. Michael M

    I could listen to Rolan speak all day long. He sounds honest and you can tell what he’s saying is true. If you ever need a host while you’re on vacation or something, I’d love to hear Roland again. I’m glad you had him on Wes. Great job as always and thanks !

  6. Johanna V

    Thanks Wes for having Roland on a second time as a witness. And Roland, thank you for sharing your experiences. Also, if you’re interested, I remember hearing somewhere that there is/are groups out there for CE4 (google CE4) for support and sharing. I have
    no experience with them personally, and can’t recommend or endorse any, but they might be able to guide you should you ever want to
    explore the hypnosis route, or simply to talk. Hope to hear from you again, and thank you!

  7. MONTE M

    Great show, Skinwalker Ranch is out of hand crazy that doesn’t fit in a box it seems. Those are some crazy things to experience and endure. When I read a book on it they said the home there had numerous heavy duty locks etc to keep something or several things at bay( from getting in), no wonder the people sell it eventually and move on it is too much of a strange burden to live with in peace and harmony. I guess seeing UFO activity in that valley is commonplace for the residents that live there and everyone knows that it’s an ongoing string of phenomenon and off the chart occurrences. Pretty scary really but that draws people to it. Not me.

  8. sam t

    You’re right wes. It all points back to the exact same phenomenon, E.S.P. more understanding of which comes through spiritual realization not traditional learning. Truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing. We already all posses the answers and the truth. Wanting it and seeking it out only reinforces illogical beliefs that we don’t all posses the truth. Proof of the presence of bigfoot will topple our entire western civilization….

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