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SC EP:699 The Uninvited Visitor

Stephen writes “I’ve been listening to the show for some time now, and have held on to my story until I heard this week’s show, which also occurred in NWA.

Cass, AR is actually very close to Eureka Springs, which is where I live. Anyways, back in 2014, I was driving my family home (we lived in Berryville,AR at the time) from visiting my dad in the hospital in Springfield, MO. It was summer, right around 9pm, and it was mostly dark. I mean mostly as in you could still somewhat see but definitely needed headlights. We were coming through a heavily wooded area around Cosmic Caverns, and I was on the lookout for deer, since they like to run out on the road at this time of year. I was having a conversation with my wife when a huge black mass came running up out of the ditch toward the car from the woods, which are probably only 20-30 ft from the road. It was massive (much taller than the car) and the speed in which it came at us from the ditch scared all of us. I shouted and swerved as I knew we were going to get hit, but did not. My wife asked me what the heck that was and I told her I thought I knew, but did not want to say. She asked, “Bigfoot?” I said, “I think so. It was huge.” I didn’t think they were in this area. I would have discounted all of this if it weren’t for what happened later.

So the really interesting part happened the next day when we got to church. The pastor’s wife (who regularly ridicules her son who is my age for believing in Bigfoot) approached me with a strange look on her face. She says, “You’re not going to believe what I saw last night.” I knew she lived around the Cosmic Cavern area, so I jokingly said, “A Bigfoot around Cosmic Cavern? Around 9pm?” Her jaw falls open and she shoves me back (think the Elaine from Seinfeld “Get Out!” shove) and says, “How did you know!?!” I told her that we had driven though that area at around that time and something had rushed the car. She told me that she had driven though that same area 15 minutes before we did and saw a massive black figure standing at the woodline.

So anyways that’s my story. We’ve moved out into the woods in the Eureka Springs area this summer, and have had a few strange things happen since. Also, my parents live in southern Missouri, near the Ft Leonardwood Air Force Base, and my dad has shared some interesting orb (floating lights?) stories. I can share those with you too, if interested. Thanks for the show, my family loves it!”



Mark writes “My Encounter Took place in 1984 near Dryden Ontario Canada. My best friend Bob lived in the bush 30 miles from Dryden. His closet neighbor was 13 miles away.

I went up to see him in July 1984,we went camping at a bush lake 20 miles from his house. That night something big was walking back and forth behind the tent. At first I thought it was a bear,I was scared every bear attack I ever read flashed before my eyes. Bob said Mark if something comes through this tent lay still and don’t raise up and I said why he lite his lighter and he had a double edged boot knife swing back and forth. Now I’m ready scared I told Bob I can’t stay in this tent lets get a fire going and he said ok. Wes the only light we had was a candle in a coffee can. Bob said ok he light the candle and he said you go first and i said why me and he said I got the knife. Wes at the time none of this was funny but now me and Bob laugh about the shit we did and said thet night. I crawled out of the tent stood up shining that coffee can all around looking to see what was going to get us. We went down to the rock by the lake got a fire going and this thing keep walking back and forth behind the tent. By now we both know what it was the word Bigfoot was never said but we knew. We had a radio in the tent the batteries went dead so we never turned it off all at once that radio started screeching and making the loudest sounds I ever heard we both jumped about 2 feet in the air and Bob said o my god it’s eating the old ladies radio and he said you have to go shut it off and I said why me and he said I got the knife. So there I went up to the tent with the coffee can with Bob right on my heels.



Wes I thought it was in the tent I took baby steps to the tent and dreading every step I took. I peaked in the tent nothing was in there so I crawled in and shut the radio off. I think when the radio went off it scared him as much as us because it was gone. Then we heard a loud Shrill whistle a few minutes later it was back walking behind the tent this went on most of the night we heard the whistle one more time. When the sky started getting light in the east it was gone. Wes we never seen it but we both know it was a Bigfoot. Wes this story is much better with me telling it then writing it lol. Wes I have some questions about that night maybe you can Answer them. Why didn’t it throw stuff at us? Why didn’t it scream at us. What made the radio come on?”





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83 Responses to “SC EP:699 The Uninvited Visitor”

          • Jay Carlsen

            Now isn’t it a Brutal Coincidence that the Only President of the United States that had a second Hand ” Wild Man ” story to tell ( Theodore Roosevelt ) …….. Just happens to be the Same Guy who signed the National Parks & Recreation Act into being ? Which sets aside vast Tracts of Land in Every State.
            I would wager that Anyone could stop in the Local National Forest any given Evening and get a Response by Tree Knocking. ( But after you get a Reply , You can be Certain they will come to You to see what is going on. )

            I lived in Millersburg oh ( well I lived in Killbuck oh , but Millersburg is the closest Town.) I knew a bunch of Guys from Coshocton oh , And that is right there by Salt Fork. It is even Possible I worked there ( But I would have to dig up my old Road Atlas to be sure)
            Since I seen that 10 foot Tall Gorilla in the summer of 2000 in Northwestern Michigan ? I think anyone pursuing these things are CRAZY. Didn’t the Man who was from Mississippi say they followed Him back to His House 50 miles ?
            Well NO THANK YOU. ……. Maybe if I were in a Car – and looking it it through Binoculars ? No , I do not wish to see it 200 feet away again.

  1. Regina E

    I’m not sure it’s worth the monthly fee I’m paying. You only get new shows every so often. Blogs aren’t always so great. I like the episodes. Am I doing something wrong? Ugh… love listening to Wes but frustrating.

    • Sandra C

      I’ve watched a lot of Sasquatch videos and listened to a lot of podcasts. This show has some features that make it an uncommonly good experience. First and foremost, each episode is a first hand account. Most shows whether video or podcast have a host reading an account. If you compare the email posted on the blog with the richness of the information when delivered first hand, you’ll note a HUGE difference.

      Second, the host is very skilled at choosing music, creating special features, story telling, interviewing people, managing sound and so many small things most people don’t think about.

      Third, the host has consistently managed to produce 2 shows per week, which entails a huge volume of work, for the past several years. He’s human so he’s had a variety of issues crop up along the way, but the show always went on anyway. If the rest of it isn’t enough, this should mark him as a dedicated professional.

      There is a tremendous volume of past shows, representing one of the most interesting topics in the world. Your membership entitles you to every single show since the beginning. If you listen, you may agree that the members-only shows are far better than the free ones. Shows, which have been carefully curated, include a fair number of researchers and authors relating their direct experience. There is an extensive blog that connects you to an entire universe of weird phenomenon. The search function works quite well for finding specific topics. If you wanted to be a Bigfoot researcher, the wealth of first hand information and research here allows you to do it from the safety of your house. Just think of what field researchers must go through to get the same thing! Finally, you get the satisfaction of supporting someone truly worthy of it.

      That’s a lot of benefit for a few dollars a month. It’s far more entertaining than TV (which is entirely passive), but no more expensive than a station membership.

        • Nerida H

          $11 a mth in New Zealand, but I aint complaining, it saved my life, as I listened to the whole 600 free ones, before I paid + went thru again to hear the rest. For some reason it is very calming (I blame Wes’s calm beautiful voice) + pulled me out of severe depression. THANKS WES. Bless you.

  2. TROY W

    There aren’t many places to go or things to do this entertaining or informative for only 70 dollars a year. Money well worth spending even for non believers. Thanks for all you do Wes, I’m a new yearly member.

  3. Melissa P

    Thank you Wes. I’ve been really excited to hear Stephen’s encounter. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and your show. All of your hard work does NOT go unnoticed. Hope you have a great weekend.

    • Melissa P

      Wes, you could never be the “bad guy”. You’re only being honest about how you feel. It would be great if the scientific field would recognize sasquatch so that we wouldn’t need a body. Unfortunately that’s not the case. So in order to prove to the world that they exist, we have to bring one to them, throw it on their lab tables and walk away. It’s not pretty and I wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger, even though I’m a hunter and was a police officer. Never apologize for your beliefs…

  4. Josephine L

    I’m on the late train SC friends! Happy Friday & getting ready to listen to show #699 to kick off my weekend……let’s not dwell on the negative stuff. There’s way too many positives about Wes & the great job he does producing his shows. It’s all worth it! Kudos to you Wes always 👍.

  5. Scott T

    The amount of information I have received from this show in the last 8 months is absolutely mind blowing. I feel like I am getting a free sasquatch college degree. Thanks Wes keep em coming, I am on the eastside of WA state, on the southern edge of the Colville national Forest, lots of sticks over here I will keep my eyes peeled.

  6. Jay Carlsen

    LOVE THE EPISODE ! ……… But you might want to change your stance on the Kill / No Kill Idea ?
    From a Joe Rogan Interview with James Bo Bo Faye from Finding Bigfoot stated a Native American tribe from Northern California said the Sasquatch will be revealed to The Public at Large just before the End of the World.
    And HOW Fascinating that Esau as Described in the Bible will be ruling in the End Times ? ( Could that coincide with The Sasquatch People never being Conquered Recently ?
    Who’s to say ?
    I might not ever wish to see that Ugly thing again….. But I do not wish Death on them.

  7. Debbie S

    It was a good episode Wes…Thanks for your hard work! And big thanks to Stephen and Mark for sharing I think Stephen is in that”we’ll just wait and see what happens” stage. Good luck Stephen and that is in no way meant sarcastically but sincerely. I loved Mark’s sense of humor too! Good story.

    I don’t know what people have to complain about…find another podcast as good. This is the best out there and is why so many try to imitate it. CONGRATS on number 700 coming up. Woot! Woot! Does it seem like yesterday that 100 was looming? LOL passed that then 200 was looming. Yeah, I have been a listener since episode 3 or 4. 🙂 And they just keep getting better.

  8. Pete M

    The two K9/SWAT officers were on a flat, desolate stretch of road between Ozona and Big Lake, Texas in 2009. It was S.C. Episode 37: Cops and Sasquatch if y’all want to hear it.

  9. Kris G

    Wes…I have been a subscriber for yrs…love your show and blog…well done…and v reasonable! Thank you….your show has played (no pun intended) a v important part in my life. To hear your encounter and then all the other thousand!!! I now know squatch and dogmen exist and are present just about everywhere. A new paradigm! You don’t have to see one to realize this is true. Didn’t turn my world upside down, but expanded my understanding of reality. Looking forward to the next show!

  10. Matthew J

    I’d like the folks here that live in our Southern states will take a load off their mind and let Wes know what you saw. No one will give out your name or location. You really have nothing to lose and possibly gain some peace of mind.

    As far as BF running out very near cars when the road is otherwise almost empty, I think the stories like this always happen when it’s dark. It seems like headlights confuse them (like deer) to a point where they panic and lose their normal thought process.

    Stephen said BF seems like there are 2 different entities. I agree. From hearing many encounters, there are two types, some with paranormal aspects and others that seem totally ‘normal’.

    Shoot one for science? I’ve gone back/forth on this issue. I finally decided for myself that I wouldn’t shoot at them unless under attack.

  11. Jay T

    I respect Wes and John Green and both men of the highest caliber, but I respectfully disagree with them on their pursuit to kill bigfoot. I think Wes knows that there is more to this creature as why a body has not been produced. The US Government will not allow it to happen in their agenda and this creature is more than the giganto science creature that Mr. Green originally thought. Jay Carlson and others may be closer to the true story of which only our heavenly Father God knows.

  12. brad b

    In a little late but just wanted to add I’ve been a subscriber for about five years now and I couldn’t be happier with the content we get for a very reasonable price. Wes is just one man not a whole production company. He’s putting these shows together on his own. It’s not like he has the resources of Netflix or Disney to produce endless content. The job he does every week is pretty remarkable. This is the best show of it’s type you will find. Anyone that can’t get that certainly is doing something wrong.

  13. Sarah M

    Stephen, I have an uncle that lives in Berryville. My grandparents lived there for years before passing and half my family lives there And in Eureka. Its a small enough town that I would be shocked if you DON’T know them. Anyway, probably around the same timeframe as you, my uncle had an encounter. He often takes his dog up on “the mountain “ to walk. Apparently one crossed his path one time. I don’t know the details because I was told 3rd hand from a cousin while at my grandmas funeral. I never have had the opportunity to talk to him about it but I know if he claims it happened, it happened! He is a no nonsense kind of guy. When i was a kid my grandparents owned several acres of land on the Kings river. I remember as a child always feeling I was being watched. Great accounts.

    • Stephen C

      Hey Sarah,
      I’ve only lived in NWA for around 10 years, and I’m not on social media, so I don’t know a lot of people. I have however heard of strange happenings along King’s River, but never could get anyone to go into detail. Mostly people getting spooked by something. They always assumed it was some meth-head messing with them 🙂

  14. Karey E B

    Maybe they bum-rush cars in hopes of causing an accident—obviously, they’ve learned this is effective—and the occupants inside become an easy meal. My mother used to tell of the occasional car being found on the side of the road up in the Sierras where she lived (she was part of search and rescue…that’s the simplest way to explain what she did) and every spring thaw, there’d be a car beginning to show from under a drift…with evidence of blood INSIDE and obvious damage to the vehicle that the occupant (s) had been dragged out. Zero evidence was ever found. No clothes. No shoes. No bones. No remains of any kind. Keys, purse, personal affects, all still in the car.

    Makes you wonder…

  15. Johanna V

    Thank you Wes for another stellar episode with excellent guests. And I agree with Sandra’s earlier post, completely! Your second guest, Mark, and his experience with the radio; is he 110% sure that it was the radio? Is it at all possible that he and his friend were so on high alert and adrenaline that it could have maybe been the ‘visitor’ speaking or chattering in the very loud, scratchy-record backwards way they do? If it wasn’t the battery thing?
    Only because the radio itself was not disturbed, could it be a possibility? Thanks again to Mark, for recounting his unnerving encounter in such great detail!

  16. James P

    I don’t know if anyone said it yet but Ft. Leonardwood is an Army Post. Not Air Force. I did BCT there and my wife lived there for many years when my father-in-law was a DS.

    It’s great to hear more reports coming out of there.

  17. lyonflyin

    Yes, if one is killed for science it will be taken by the MIB.
    And if one tries to have it detailed secretly by a forensic or MD of some credible source, if you could find someone to do it, then what or how will it be presented to the world?
    Without repercussions from the gov authorities? At that point it WILL be confiscated, and the reputations of those qualified to have examined it would be destroyed.
    The gov already has all the proof and bodies they need.
    We already know they exist and have DNA to prove that many times over by Dr. Melba Kectchum and other double blind facilities. So we must just continue to speak out and educate the public of Sasquatch habits, foods, personalities, habitats, and how to stay safe as Dave Paulides begs us
    Don’t go alone into nature
    Don’t hike at dusk or after dark
    Don’t go without a cel phone, compass, Satt phone and GPS.
    Go prepared for extra days of food
    Take Bear Spray
    Take a firearm… but…
    Do not shoot a Sasquatch/Bigfoot; they are too massive, and
    they are never alone and will destroy you if you hurt or kill one.
    If you see one, act calmly and try not to let them know you are there, but quietly turn around and leave and get out of there but NEVER run.

  18. lyonflyin

    Kerry EB;
    That backs up my saying. And apparently they had no time to do anything, so sounds like they rushed the car and did not give people time to react after they slid off the road. Slick.
    I was born in Nevada County, California.
    Though I’m an Alaskan now for the last 30 years, my other favorite hang out areas are in Sierra and Plumas Counties. I and a friend saw a juvenile flash in front of his car just before rejoining Hwy 20 in Bear Valley after driving back from Grouse Ridge, 5-Lakes Basin and Fuller Lake at dusk.
    Do you have any other info? My kids live in Nev. County.

  19. Mark S

    No, no “killin”, wouldn’t do any good anyway would just get covered up along with the person who did it. I think they more “people” than animal anyway… just aren’t techy. Aboriginals in the Amazon aren’t techy either, still people.

  20. Scott A

    Not going to read all the comments, but I’m listening at work through earbuds, and again someone likely wrote this already…..but maybe that wasn’t the radio they heard ..🤔🤷‍♂️!

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