Oct 16

Upcoming Show: My house is built next to an Indian burial ground

On Sunday I will be interviewing Stephen who lives in South Carolina next to a Native American burial ground. He has had several encounters with Sasquatch. Stephen said “I have seen the creatures on a few occasions. One night I thought some drug addicts were trying to steal stuff off of my property so me and my brother went out to the treeline armed. We saw three sets of eyes. They had a strange blue look to them and they were the size of golf balls.

Two of the creatures ran off and one stayed. My brother asked if he should shoot it. I am 6’4 and my brother is taller than me. As soon as he said that this thing stood up and it was a least two feet taller than me. It took off running and jumped over this pile of logs that is about 6 feet high. I have never seen anything move like that.

We have more then Sasquatch on this property. The land has been in my family since the 1700’s and it is next to an Indian burial ground. There is all sorts of odd things that have happen to me. I returned from Afghanistan in 2010. I often hear a Native American woman singing in the woods, there have been so many strange things that have happen. I listened to your foo fighter show and I have seen those lights on the property. I feel like I am dealing with demons, Sasquatch and other things.”

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  1. Robin D

    Virtual hand clapping here – sounds really interesting and am having a Pavlovian response just thinking about Sunday. Fridays and Sundays are my new fav days of the week for sure. Just went back and re-listened to your “Explanation” episode about your time in Vegas and what happened to your teeth and I would KILL to hear your stories — this whole weird world that exists in Vegas. Beyond your stories, though, is the production of that episode – I really enjoyed it and, for the first time, really listened to that Tom Jones song. I always thought he was so cheesy and slimy (great voice, though) but those lyrics, jeezamuzz. Yuck, he makes me feel like I need a shower! Anyway, I wasn’t sure where to put this comment, but figured if I put it here, you might see it as opposed to going backwards. Sorry so long, brevity is NOT my strong suit.

  2. m99

    …and a few ghosts perhaps?

    What? Surprised I “believe in ghosts”? I don’t know what ghosts are, but there’s no doubt somethings there. And I could see a human spirit getting trapped in this dimension, and refusing to move on, or not knowing how to move on after a while.

    Anyway, thanks Wes. You never disappoint us. Looking forward to this one for sure.

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