Sep 4

SC EP:686 Municipal Court Judge Encounters Dogman

Shane who is a Municipal Court Judge in Ohio writes “When I was a teenager I was stalked and chased by what I later found out to be a Dog Man. If you are interested in hearing about my encounter, let me know.”

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81 Responses to “SC EP:686 Municipal Court Judge Encounters Dogman”

    • Ben H

      Awesome episode. I remember hearing Shane tell of his encounter a number of years ago. I believe it was on Vic’s show. Being an actual judge lends credibility in itself, but the fact his story has remained the same over the years lends much more in my opinion.
      Must have been absolutely terrifying!

      • Lem

        He may have been on Vic’s show also, but he also tells his encounter on the May 25, 2017 episode on Brenton Sawin’s channel on YouTube. When listening to this episode on SC I thought I remembered it from Brenton’s channel so I looked it up and listened to some of it and he was consistent with the retelling of it. Good show, as usual Wes.

  1. Daniel S

    This is Nathan’s Dad from last Sunday’s show. I wanted to get on and publicly thank everyone who left nice responses last week for Nathan and other guest. As a 14 year old it is hard when you get tons of negative feed back. Last weeks show meant so much to him and the positive things that where said made him feel better about the whole thing. As his Dad it means a lot to me. Thank you Sasquatch Chronicles community. And Thank you Wes for the positive experience.

    • m99

      🎈 Wow Daniel, that is so great of you! You are welcome. I thought your son did a fantastic job articulating what happened. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. Thanks for allowing him to tell Wes about it, and thanks for your gratitude today. Aren’t Wes’ members the best? 🎈

    • Steve W

      Nathan has EVERYTHING to be proud of. No matter who you are, there will always be “nay sayers”. Im glad he told his story here… this is the premier podcast for the subject. WES IS THE BEST !!! You GO NATHAN !!!

    • MONTE M

      I thought your son did an excellent job and was very well spoken.The whole show, the show before it and this show were all great! It’s just such an interesting subject and podcast, the best Eva!! Plus the best host who lets people tell their experiences and isn’t afraid to disagree with someone either. Honesty is best policy. Best podcast in the world IMO.

    • MONTE M

      I think Nathan did a super job on explaining better than anyone has about having revolving feelings about what Sasquatch is. I totally agree with him that it’s hard to pinpoint how you even feel about what you think Sasquatch is and every new encounter and episode kind of reflects a bit on how you feel about it. I agree with people not really knowing what to think of it and that makes it all the more interesting. You can hear Wes voice the same that it can be confusing although he tends to have strong feelings about what it isn’t. One of my favorite episodes was with the California drummer that had one scream at him point blank and said he witnessed lights up in the mountains that looked like a carnival ride or something to that effect. That makes you wonder …What the heck?
      Flesh and blood creature and dramatic lights, that’s confusing. How do you make logical sense of that. It seems the subject can be not logical but some encounters are straight forward and flesh and blood logical. That’s why Nathan summed it up so well that it seems to be a moving target and somewhat hard to wrap your mind around with every twist and turn of what’s being shared by guests. So damn compelling man it’s like always a great thing to listen to. I always listen at night while driving wich is very fitting for the episodes. Thanks to Nathan and his Dad, excellent guests.

      • MONTE M

        I think it was the drummer who said that about the lights? I can’t remember but someone said that. That was a pretty heavy statement. Think about that, experiencing out in the woods evidently back in the sticks lights that were extraordinary as a carnival or carnival ride. How do you come to terms with that? How do explain that away? How do you ever understand that ? Seems as if a Sasquatch encounter would be easy to somehow logically explain compared to that.

    • Scott B

      But of course. Nathan is quite brave coming out in public, sticking to his guns and not letting anyone tell him otherwise. Typical bullying tactics, good for you both! Stay safe and keep us all updated here😉👍

    • Janice K

      Your son is a very smart and well spoken young man. Thank you for sharing. I was so impressed with him. Gives me hope for the future knowing we have young people with courage and wisdom! Best to your family!

  2. Brandy R

    Found Sasquatch Chronicles about a year ago when we were in Gettysburg and saw so many shops filled with generic squatch hunting tshirts and stickers. (Still haven’t figured out why Gettysburg other than appilachian trail nearby) Anyway, it led me to the internet and discovering this podcast. I’ve been hooked every since!! I’ve listened to every non member episode and just became a member this week. Now I’m binging on all the member only episodes while in the car, cleaning the house, before bed, any time. Thanks so much for keeping the channel non judgmental. First hand encounter stories keep me coming back daily. Excellent work!!!!💯

      • TeJay C

        I shared this episode with a friend who grew up in Bucyrus. He said that everyone in that area know about it and alot have seen it. He knows who Shane is as well. Said he was a stand up guy.
        By my friends reaction, I believe him when he said that hes seen it too. He was visibly bothered by talking about it. I’m going to meet some of his family members that have seen it next month. I cant wait to hear their stories. He also mentioned that there is a heavy presence of Native spirits and sightings in that area as well. Which brings more questions…
        Good show, thanks Wes!

  3. m99

    Okay, that was really great. I will look forward to hearing you as a guest Wes, on Shane’s podcast. As a young man it seems like he did everything right, which makes me feel good for all the young men out there. Thanks Wes.

  4. theresa m

    Great Show, Wes. Thanks, Shane. What a harrowing experience. Smart move to jump into the pool! So relieved as I listened to learn you were able to get right into your friend’s home through the unlocked slider. Thank you again for sharing!

  5. Jon W

    Man, I hate a Dogman story!
    I don’t want those things to exist.
    A Sasquatch can be explained as a relic hominid. That I can get behind.
    But, a Werewolf?! Where did this come from?

  6. Joseph D

    Hey Wes,
    Thanks for the Dog Man show. I do have one question. Does the Dog Man have hands like a Sasquatch, Bigfoot or paws like a dog? Just wondering, I haven’t heard anyone mention this.

  7. Jimmy W

    Hey Wes,

    You keep alluding to a theory that you have on what Sasquatch is but you never go into it. You also said like a year ago that you were going to do a few shows diving into this theory and it never happened. Are you going to do that? And if not why do you keep teasing or alluding to your theory and not telling what it is? No shade. Just wondering… because honestly some of the best shows you did years ago when you had your brother, Shannon, and Will along with maybe someone else to discuss theory and cite evidence. I know Will and Shannon are gone, and don’t get me wrong, you are killing it. Idk if you punted on the show idea on purpose, but we’d love to hear what you think in depth complimented by encounters or guests.



      • L. Oriana S

        Just put your ideas into a blog post. Or better yet, have another conversation with Les Stroud of Survivor Man on an episode devoted just to that….but share your theories please. The whole reason we want to hear encounters is really to understand what these beings are, after all. Having heard soooooooo many first stories plus your own, your ideas matter!

  8. Irving G

    Great encounter but for some reason it keeps cutting out starting around the 15 minute mark. It doesn’t matter which player I use. Weird this has never happened before. Am I the only one?

  9. Tracy C

    Thank you, Wes and Shane for a great listen! I was once stalked by a rooster while I was on a run. He stayed alongside the road in the cedar scrub, slowed down and stopped when I did.. that was creepy enough in the day time. I can only imagine Shane’s encounter.
    Love it when people say to Wes, “this may sound crazy to you..” 🐓

  10. MONTE M

    This may sound crazy to anyone but I hope the lady who lets them watch Sponge Bob doesn’t let them watch Teletubbies or we may have Sasquatch identifying themselves as Teletubbies bouncing around in the forest like a bunch of happy fur covered hippie forest friends. What would some really serious self proclaimed
    cryptid researcher who witnessed that sound like telling about that on a National Geographic Bigfoot show? This may sound crazy but there were five of them bouncing twenty five foot leaps thru the forest chattering like ninja Teletubbies. Ha!

  11. MONTE M

    Very good episode it was ! Glad people put aside the ridicule factor to bring forth the truth. I can also understand people not wanting to say anything and more often than not that’s the case, so much grateful to all the guests. Thank you.

  12. Rodney P

    Wow a judge that saw a dogman ,for a judge to come out an tell his encounter and put his reputation on the line tells me he isn’t lying. We need more people like Shane to come out and tell there story. Thank you Shane and Wes.

  13. Jon A

    In the same way these kids have been brainwashed to believe in Marxism, even more believe in “theory” of evolution. Zero proof for evolution. Don’t speak like it’s a fact. It’s the same with saying we are democracy, we aren’t, we are a republic. Dam, feel sorry for how ignorant people are in this nation. Yeah, nation. The US isn’t a country. Each state is a country. Piles if fools, no wonder why this place is such an ungodly mess.

  14. Nathan E

    Finally got around to listening to this episode. Holy cats!! I know where Bucyrus is in Ohio. My niece & nephew have gone to swim meets and ball games at their schools. The traffic hasn’t gotten much slower or faster there either. 😀 That part of Ohio is all corn, beans, some cattle & hogs, and little else. Population density is low, and it is dark at night, little light pollution I can’t imagine it changing much in 30 years either. Next time I head up S 23 or 30 to visit my sister and it’s late I will be aware!

  15. Glen M

    I think dogman might be something created by the federal government or aliens and released into nature. Possibly even to kill Sasquatches and help discredit the existence of them. I think Sasquatches have evolved on this planet to what they are and are a human like species, with exception just like humans Sasquatches and humans both have weird things go on super natural and things that are hard to explain as we evolve we are sure to know more about these weird things.

  16. Dorothy S

    I loved this episode. Shane’s story had me sitting on the edge of my seat!
    I checked out his podcast, which I enjoyed at first, but finally stopped after I got upset several times when someone who was talking was interrupted by another person – which happened over and over and over … It seems like it would have been fun to sit in with the group, but wasn’t much fun watching.

  17. Damon M

    Great interview here… enjoyed this one.

    I actually tried to listen to a couple of episodes of the From the Shadows podcast based off this interview and I was sorely disappointed. Audio from guests wasn’t great and more so the 2nd episode I tried listening to the hosts absolutely butchered it. It sucks too because I liked the guest and thought it was an interesting story…but the host literally had to have a comedy punchline every 10 seconds of an hour plus interview. His humor sucks and it was nails on chalkboard completely ruining the interview of an interesting guest. Multiple hosts in an interview constantly laughing isn’t the way to do it IMO.

    Tony Merkel and of course Wes are the only paranormal/crypid podcasts I’ve found so far that do a good job. Sucks because I was really wanting to like this guy’s podcast based off this i
    Dogman interview.

  18. Clifford B

    I live in Sylvania Oh. ( just moved back from Los Angeles)I was a college intern for judge Amy Berling and was a court runner at the Toledo Muni court.
    So obviously I’ve taken great interest in it as I’ve heard the judges encounter when I was in LA and now.
    I just wish to god I knew the judge ( and his encounter) when I worked while he was in the building.
    I am planning a motorcycle trip to the spot of his brush. I grew up in Kent ( where Matt Moneymaker had his first BF sighting)so I’m glad to be back in crazy Ohio.

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