Dec 26

9 yr old playing hide and seek comes face to face with a small ape-like creature

Witness Observed:

I was playing hide and go seek with my sisters and their friends around September of 1978. I was nine at the time. We were living in Tallmadge Ohio at the time of the incident. We were all inside the house and it was my turn to find them. It was getting dark outside so my mom told us to stay inside and play. Well I covered my eyes and began counting and my sisters went and hid. When I began to search for them I could not find them so I figured that they went outside anyway even though they were not supposed to. Out the door I went. We had a lot of woods behind my house with a grove of large pines. It was just about dark by now and I thought I saw something move in the trees on the outside of our property. I snuck around the trees to find ” my sister” and as I got closer to what was behind the trees it moved away from me staying one step ahead of me. I tried to catch up to it thinking it was my sister. I ran around the pines and could just catch a glimpse of it in the trees, finally I gave up and stood by a tree exhausted. All of the sudden the tree gently moved behind me and I turned and looked through the pine tree. I saw a set of large eyes staring at me with a dark shaped face. It was then I realized it wasn’t my sister. I stared at it and moved slowly around tree and it moved to the other side and we kept eye contact. Then I heard a weird high pitched noise back in the trees and it ran off. Then I realized it wasn’t my sister and ran like hell back to the house…When I got inside all my sisters and friends were there and they said they never left the house and hid with my mom in her room. She said they were there the whole time. I am 34 years old now and to this day I can honestly say that I saw a young bigfoot that day. Had to be because when we made eye contact it wasn’t much bigger than I was.

Follow up notes:

The witness lived there for two years. He now resides in northeastern PA. He cannot remember the exact street location since it has been so long. The wooded area was behind a housing development about two miles from the elementary school. Today he is an active hunter but still has fear going into the woods by himself. He noted that when they made eye contact it was not a scary look, they were yellowish in color. It had a pudgy ball-like nose and smelled pungent like a wet dog. It was maybe 5 feet tall and very quick!! He heard a strange noise then it ran away. Nothing was ever seen again.

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  1. Charles R

    I think the young ones would really love to come out and play with human children and must be fascinated at the games children play. Of course at this time it was much much more common for children to be outside than the game and computer age of today, Lord know I spent my youth outside. I have read a very few reports of the young ones actually interacting with human children in play, but who knows.

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