Jul 19

SC EP:673 The Skunk Ape Lives

Tonight I will be speaking to Orrin and Orrin writes “I just north of Spokane. Ive been listening to your show for a few years now, and i feel its my time to share what ive encountered. Ive had some experiences and one sighting.

My first encounter was the sighting, I was about 12 at the time. My dad, younger brother and I went fishing for the day. We had just left the lake, it wasnt totally dark out but enough to need headlights on. It was a dirt, mountain type road so we werent going anymore then 25mph. I was in the passenger seat of the Yukon and my younger brother was in the back seat, we were just talking about the day and the next thing we know this creature ran on two legs right in front if us. Happened so fast and close enough to the vehicle my dad didnt have time to put on the brakes. My dad and I sat there quiet for like 30 seconds as we kept driving, meanwhile my little brother keeps saying “dad what was that!” My dad and I looked at each other and he asked me what I saw. I said running on 2 legs, he says yep, I say covered in hair, he says yep. I say pretty short, he says yep.

The top of the head couldnt have been 4-6″ above the hood of the Yukon. I remember the conical head, and brown fur and its arm go back and forth as it ran. To keep this short there is a place where we hunt that way off the beaten path and we have found 3 sets of prints, and I had an encounter where I thought I was going to be trampled by something huge and when,I turned to look the sound was gone, no branches or bushes moving. If this is something youd like to hear more about id be glad to talk to you”



We will also be chatting with Gabe and Gabe had a very strange encounter while out camping with his family. He heard something very large walk into their camp in the middle of the night. Gabe says “I could hear it breathing but it had a strange sound along with the breathing.”



We will wrap up with Stacy Brown who has a new documentary out called The Skunk Ape Lives. It is available on Amazon. Stacy interviews many eyewitnesses in the documentary. if you get a chance check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/Skunk-Ape-Lives-Stacy-Brown/dp/B088PXSF2N. Stacy will be sharing his own encounters with us tongiht including one he had with his father.







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75 Responses to “SC EP:673 The Skunk Ape Lives”

  1. Avril F

    Hi Everyone. Thank you Wes for all your hard work so we can enjoy such great shows. Sending you all best wishes from London Town which is not too far from St Albans 🙂

    • Chad W

      Did anybody else watch the documentary? It’s funny because I actually watched it just the other week. During the pandemic I obviously have watched just about every piece of Bigfoot media that there is on Amazon Prime.

  2. Doug K

    Wow!!! Great program tonight Wes!!! Big thanks to all 3 guests tonight……Thanks to Orrin, Gabe and Stacy……Thanks for sharing your encounters with us all. YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  3. Melissa P

    As always Chief, a big thank you for doing what you’re doing. I have a lot of appreciation for you. Great guests tonight too.
    I hope you had a great weekend.

  4. Matthew J

    Stacy has o good head on his shoulders. As I get up there in years, I try very hard to be open minded to still be able to learn. I have to be careful for “confirmation bias”.

    Is there a common goal throughout the entire Sasquatch community? Maybe to just prove to the nay-sayers that the creature is 100% real? If Sasquatch becomes a scientific fact, think, what would or should happen next? I don’t like the possibilities. One good thing about an official discovery would be that people could prepare better knowing what’s out there. Other than that alone, I don’t think the creature needs mankind to “discover” it.

  5. Nicholas S

    I have seen that red light that he is talking about in your peripheral vision. It’s happened to me twice. It was at the Ponderosa Campground in the Jemez mountains in New Mexico….about a decade and half ago during two different summers.

  6. James L

    Good show, Man, thx. I’ve captured those metallic sounds, not too far from my home here I’m SE lower Michigan… Creepy stuff! I believe Christine Parker has heard these sounds as well. What I’ve heard are the cymbal-like sounding vocals. Very alien sounding. Zshin-zshin-jsha-wah!

    • Debbie S

      I would love to hear these metallic sounds, they seem to be all over the place as far as description. I have heard something over on the mountain since we moved here. It sounds to me like heavy machinery or something. After dark. I’ve tried to make sense of it but there seems to be no regularity to it if it was actually someone working. I have passed it off as an echo coming down the valley and maybe it is but it sounds strange. Every time someone mentions “metallic” sounds I think of what I hear off and on. Can you share on the forum….please. 🙂

  7. Debbie S

    Great show! Thanks Wes! Thank you to all three guests. Orrin and Gabe…..thank you for sharing your brief encounters. They are just as important as intense encounters because it just keeps adding to the behavior list. 🙂 Stacy, I remember when the thermal video came out….blew my mind. The pushback was insane. So good to hear the back story on it….thank you. 🙂

  8. Pete M

    I still look forward to your shows each week Wes, they are not boring. I’ve been listening since episode 23 in 2014. When I started listening I thought it was just a wood ape, I no longer think that and I don’t want to run across one. I enjoy all your shows because I’m open minded and want to hear all angles not some narrow view.
    P.S. Thanks for bringing back the old music for these last two shows.

  9. m99

    Fantastic show Wes. We listened yesterday but were a little busy so I went back and listened to it again today. You’re right. Learning so much from peoples encounters, is Invaluable. There’s just no other place like Sasquatch Chronicles. Thank you Wes.

  10. Lisa B

    What a great show Wes! I really like Stacy and his approach, thanks for having him on tonight! Thanks Stacy! And Thank You Wes, for putting the lights on! Woop! Woop! Awesome show…

  11. Wade P

    Hey Wes ! My girlfriend Sandra and I came up with a joke….Based on the first encounter on tonight’s show.

    Why did the Sasquatch cross the road?

    To get on Sasquatch Chronicles!!!!

    Great show again! ~ Wade and Sandra

  12. theresa m

    Wes, Orrin, Gabe and Stacy – Thank you for a riveting show this evening. Really enjoyed the stories and I’m going to watch The Skunk Ape Lives. Take care.

    • MONTE M

      Off topic. We hear witnesses talk about how they move. I can only guess that why they look like they are gliding is because they move so fast and probably keep their upper body quiet as they do so? Like an Olympic mogul skier, quiet upper body except the arms, everything from waste down doing most the moving, quiet torso and head. I would like to see some form of re-creation of this often heard description. Like how researchers re created how Patty walked, how it differs from how humans walk. It would be really interesting to see the same interpretation of how one moves down on all fours as people describe them moving like spiders. I remember the episode where the fellow had giant redwoods in has backyard and witnessed one coming down a redwood tree head first cling to the tree like a squirrel. That was a pretty damn interesting visual in my mind!

  13. Bob V



    Love the personal testimonies. None are boring to me. I’ve been listening since about episode 12 or 13. Haven’t regretted becoming a member. Lost membership a couple times after forgetting put money on my charge card. LOL.

    Wes you are doing a great job.


  14. Charles R

    Wild encounter with the light Stacy. I often wondered had anybody grabbed one and if so what happened. I remember seeing Stacy Brown Sr. thermal when it was first released and was blown away. It was just so fast with massive hands and that one step to get to the next tree was huge. Then when Cliff Barackman did his investigation along with Finding Bigfoot I had no doubt this was an actual Bigfoot. Over 8 feet tall and Bobo took two exaggerated hop steps that were clumsy to cover the same distance as the subject had. Yeah this was a Bigfoot and I consider it maybe the best thermal to date although in 2013, I think, a Bigfoot evidence crew got a pretty good one with considerable documentation in California.
    Fabulous UFO sighting Stacy at Mt. Adams. If one were to pick an area to go to for best opportunity to see a UFO it is Mt. Adams. The modern day UFO craze started in the Mt. Adams area with pilot Kenneth Arnolds sighting of several disc in this area in 1947 in which he labeled their shape and flight of like saucers and the term flying saucers was born.
    I watched Skunk Ape lives a couple months back. Well done Stacy


    I thought this was gonna be like a majority of Bigfoot ‘documentaries’; if you wanna call them that. But it wasn’t. It had me from the first minutes. I remember when they were on Finding Bigfoot. The FLIR video is the best evidence I’ve seen. James “Bobo” Fey is one big dude and he took 2 1/2 steps to clear what this Skunk Ape did with one. And it’s hand; WOW! I would freeze the screen just to study that hand. This was a great documentary that I plan on seeing a few more times. Stacy Brown that is one tuff beard yer growing, Brudda! God bless everyone here and keep Squatchin’!

  16. Joe G

    There seems to be too much evidence given publicly on the Internet on various programs over the past 10 years that have revealed there is a super – natural quality to these beings…something other-worldly. If we can believe in the 1947 treaty/agreement information that has been revealed by various black-project leakers like Dan Burische, Phil Schneider, Al Belick, Steven Greer, Don Philips, etc, about the liberty that was given to alien entities to “examine” human beings in exchange for technology, and how they broke that treaty by actually confiscating human beings and to use women as incubators to birth experimental life, why would we imagine that it was just happening at a point in time when human technology was highly developed? Here’s my hypothesis: back 500 years ago, before anyone knew anything at all about “aliens”, these extra-terrestrials were already abducting human beings and conducting their cloning and hybrid-creating life forms. The result: Sasquatch and dogmen, etc. that have the ability to move in and out of this dimension…….The reason the government can’t share information openly is because by doing this, it will implicate the shadow government in the experiments that have happened in the past half century……there ya go, my hypothesis.

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