May 31

SC EP:659 Where the Footprints End

Timothy Renner and Joshua Cutchin will be my guests. They co-authored the book Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume I: Folklore. It is available on Amazon.



Our forests seem to be hiding something much more complex than an undiscovered gorilla. Bigfoot may be howling from a lonely mountaintop, but the bigfoot phenomenon is whispering secrets… if we will only listen.

Eyewitnesses, investigators, and cryptozoologists worldwide contend ample evidence exists supporting the survival of large, hairy, apelike creatures alongside mankind today, lurking in the wilderness. By all appearances, these beings seem wholly natural, interacting with their surroundings and leaving behind hair, blood, droppings, and, of course, footprints.

Yet despite their apparently physical nature, bigfoot and its hairy hominid kin consistently appear mired in High Strangeness—the peculiar, ineffable, and nonsensical absurdities so often encountered in paranormal phenomena.Some sightings seem more consistent with mythology than biology. Bigfoot often present supernatual attributes, like luminescent eyes or the ability to pass, ghostlike, through structures. Anomalous lights are regulalry seen in areas of frequent sasquatch activity. Footprints persistently, if rarely, display odd numbered toes, and—most bafflingly—bigfoot trackways suddenly terminate in the middle of open, untouched terrain.

In Volume 1 of Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, authors Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner carefully examine not only the intersection of hairy apemen with global folklore—of poltergeists, faeries, extraterrestrials, magic, witches, ghosts, and archetypal women-in-white—but also question the fundamental assumptions underlying contemporary cryptozoological beliefs surrounding bigfoot.

“Impressively, even exhaustively researched, Where the Footprints End should give all students of the anomalous serious pause for thought. By documenting both the high strangeness that surrounds Bigfoot sightings, and the deep folklore in which they are embedded, Cutchin and Renner so far broaden the context of Bigfoot encounters that it is no longer possible to credit any single theory or literalistic interpretation concerning their nature. Indeed, we begin to suspect that the reality of Bigfoot is less a problem to be solved than a mystery to dissolve our view of reality itself. Here at last is the book that dear old Bigfoot deserves.”- Patrick Harpur, author of Daimonic Reality

“This book poses a danger to the foundations of cryptozoology. While mainstream Bigfoot investigators would have you believe that people around the world are merely encountering a lost ape, Cutchin and Renner dig into the details they’ve swept under the rug, excavating countless Bigfoot reports involving glowing orbs, telepathic communication, and paranormal phenomena that have more in common with tales of ancient gods and alien abductions than they do with primatology. Meticulously researched and backed up with a treasure trove of footnotes, Where the Footprints End is poised to do for Bigfoot what Passport to Magonia did for UFOs.”- Greg Newkirk, Director of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult & Executive Producer / star of Hellier


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79 Responses to “SC EP:659 Where the Footprints End”

  1. Denise F

    Very excited about the ‘cross over event’. I’m a big fan of Timothy’s podcast and I love Josh! I’m afraid Josh is going to blow some people’s minds here tonight, lol, but it’s gonna be a good show ❤️
    Thanks guys

  2. Neil S

    Hey Wes, Great show! Very interesting and thought provoking interview! I think I will get a copy of their new book! Thanks!
    It occurred to me that it may be time to give Linda, the cowgirl from Michigan (ep #524), a call and see if she has some new experiences for another show. I remember really enjoying the mater of fact way she talks, she sounds just like my sister. 🙂
    Wishing you the best!

  3. Thomas J

    Great here I am number X. Don’t care about the number just listening to SC. Wes bring all the high strangeness and it just makes the subject even more bizarre but all the better. Keep up the great programs and all the hard work.

  4. Chris422

    Perhaps Timothy Renner should look into Spearfinger or U’tlun’ta.

    “Spearfinger, or U’tlun’ta, is a figure in Cherokee legend that lived along the eastern side of Tennessee and western part of North Carolina. “U’tlun’ta” translates from Cherokee to “the one with pointed spear”, which refers to the sharp finger on her right hand.[1] Sometimes, she was called Nûñ’yunu’ï, which means “Stone-dress”. This name is from her stone-like skin.[2]”

    “Her sharp finger is said to be her forefinger on her right hand.[3] The sharp finger resembled a spear or obsidian knife, which she used to cut her victims. Her mouth was stained with blood from the livers she ate. Often she clutched her right hand tightly, because her hidden heart and only weak spot was in her right palm.”

    “Spearfinger, being made of stone, sounded like thunder when she walked and crushed rocks into the ground when she stepped on them. Her voice echoed down the mountains to the Cherokee villages and scared the birds of the forest away, which the people saw as a warning sign.”

    “Haunting Tennessee, Spearfinger liked to walk on the trail that joined Chilhowee Mountain and the nearby river. She also walked throughout the mountain range, around streams, and through shadowy Nantahala passes. The Cherokee say her favorite home was Whiteside, a thunder mountain.”

    Source Wikipedia

    • LaVonne J

      Wow Chris…I live in and travel this all the time, East TN, WNC. I’ve read of Spearfinger when I was researching for a short story I’m writing on Raven the Soul Eater. I worked and practically lived in Cherokee for a time. Some of my grandfather’s people were from there. Recently some hikers I follow left out of Nantahala. One spoke of whispers and voices she was experiencing on the trail. She felt that someone was behind her but saw no other hikers. She kept turning around and stopping to see “who” was there. Later that night she captured vocalizations as she was recording before turning in. I knew what it was, but since her post was a week behind she’d have already left the area. I was on pins and needles waiting for her new posts to make sure she was okay. The other gal also had some sleepless nights from “animals” prowling around her camp. They were hiking the same sections but a week apart. Brave gals.

  5. Melissa P

    Does anyone know which episode has the follow up to the first one with the “We need help” brothers? I’ve searched far and wide n I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve listened to their first episode numerous times. Thanks in advance

  6. Aaron G

    As always Thanks
    With out you Wes most of us wouldn’t never know any of these other encounters even happen.
    I would still be thinking that a Sasquatch was only after us following us around our ehile entire live..lmao

  7. Ross G

    hey guys, what is the episode number/title for the “Woman in White” episode update with the two brothers? I don’t think i’ve heard it yet.

  8. Pete M

    I love Tim’s art and his books, I’ll be sure to get this one just based on his strengths alone. I hear Joshua is no Bill Sheehan but I’ll give him a shot anyway. 😉

      • Pete M

        @Melinda J, he’s prolific author and story teller from New York, Wes has had him on before. He has some of the best encounters in his book series called Terror in the Woods. He’s not an author by trade, he only started writing about encounters that people would email him and his spelling and grammar aren’t very good. I do enjoy him but Joshua got mad one time on the comment section of Tim’s show Strange Familiars when they compared him to Mr. Sheehan. Joshua uses extensive research and citations in his work so this comparison perturbed him greatly. I was just messing with him a little bit when I said that because I remembered how much that steamed his potatoes that time! Lol, I wasn’t serious, just playing with him. I enjoy all three of these authors.

    • Ross G

      the original “brothers” episode is # 237 “We need help”

      I’ve heard Wes mention that the brothers came back for another show, where they talk about seeing this woman in white.

      I’ve searched “woman in white”, I can only find a blogpost about these two guys and that they had an update or what have you.

      I would love to hear this follow up episode

          • LaVonne J

            A great show, thanks Wes! And thanks Timothy and Joshua….I’ll be getting the book.

            So this show proves I’m not losing my mind. I didn’t ask for weird things to happen on my family’s property. Seems like encounters, for the most part, thaf happen in the forests and woods away from home doesn’t often entail the creepier things. It appears when they feel free to come onto your property the creep factor goes up. I almost dread returning to my family’s property after Covid, but I must. I did check on it in March and got some older footprints while I was there. I hadn’t been back since January, when I had an incredible amount of activity. So these tracks were left maybe the first of March. They weren’t fresh, but when they were, they’d have made a good impression before they were rained on. They were still visible and very close to the cottage. I admit I’ve gone through periods of being scared outta my wits at times. January was one of those.

  9. Johanna V

    Hi Wes, and thank you for your work on this great show with Tim and Josh. Looking very forward to ordering their new book. I’ve done some archival research myself, and Tim’s book ‘Bigfoot, West Coast Wild Men’ was a must read. And just as compelling as the stories themselves were Tim’s comments/reflections/thoughts on these accounts. I’m from the way West Coast and was amazed how accurately a guy from Pennsylvania was able to convey some of our cultural (California) predispositions. Thank you Wes, Tim and Josh!

  10. David J

    An interesting show, Wes. While I disagree on several points, I found it intriguing. Timothy Renner is always a good guess to have on SC. Keep up the good work.

  11. Elaine L

    With regard to the possibility of a ‘woman in white’ in the Middle East. I wanted to mention that a number of years ago I saw a video on YT that now thinking about may have just been that. I believe it’s from the Middle East but I could be wrong. The video showed 1 or 2 young men out at night in their vehicle that come across an old hag in a white dress that appears to be hobbled by the way she is walking. She chases them which is caught on their dashcam. Validity … take it with a grain of salt. Creepy factor … oh yeah! At 0:19 of the YT video below …

  12. Elaine L

    Wanted to mention with the varied encounters that I’ve had over the years I can’t agree more with Josh’s comment at 23:55 of this interview with regard to the belief that creatures/entities having to be one or the other as in physical flesh and blood vs. non-physical paranormal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. Danny D

    Loved the show Wes.. Very interesting stuff.. Thanks Tim and Josh for sharing your knowledge and findings on all this stuff.. Keep up the good work Wes..You’re the man bro!

      • troy b

        Thanks Wes.Great show .I get some good songs from your guy I told to email you about the incredible encounter while tenting got hold of BOBO and Cliff through someone.He said he was still going to contact you also.I told him.your the best of course.I will keep sending them your way.??

  14. Jay T

    I agree that need to keep open mind to possibilities of these creatures or type people. There may be different types as noted by Duke Sullivan or with different talents as noted by Ron Morehead and Thom Powell. I agree with Wes that there is more to them than just a simple ape and lean against gigantapithicus theory, but could be way off too and do not know.

  15. Charles R

    Finally got the chance to listen. Really enjoyed. My mind is now going crazy of what to make of all of this. In the end I am farther from the truth than I was back in 1975 when I first saw a Sasquatch. This I never would have expected back then.

  16. theresa m

    So enjoyed your guests, Wes I just purchased Tim’s book on Amazon. Have to wait for it to arrive in a week. Lining up my summer reading. Terror in the Woods was terrific. I’ve lent it to my 84 year old mother, who knows nothing of this subject except what I share with her. She doesn’t judge but I’m stoked to be able to share the written word because she’s not going to sit and listen to the show unless I’m with her and right now with Covid-19 … we’ve not seen each other in several months. Anyway, great show, as always and I do believe that there is more weird out there in the world than we can imagine. Truly appreciate your giving people the platform to express what they’ve experienced.

  17. Nerida H

    Is anyone else having the podcast stop every 5 minutes.? This has been going on for me, for 3 weeks,> Im also getting emails that I havnt paid my monthly membership, + that there wasnt enough funds in my account to pay the fee, but there is always enough money to cover it, + the fees have been coming out of my account like clockwork, so I suspected a scam.? Im getting kinda sick of both of these things happening.?

  18. William T

    Wow. Jungian archtype, internally generated??? At least they both agreed on it. I’ m not buying their book. Do have a copy of Trojan Feast by Cutchins, which was good read. For both of them to agree Sasquatch is “ internally generated” is like people you told your encounter that say “ I believe you think you saw something.”

  19. Thomas D

    Yep, keep coming with the weird, Wes. I love it, as do many others. It isn’t just about the Sasquatch bro. It’s what you bring, and the heart you bring it with.

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