May 31

Hidden Existence: Larry Battson

Daniela writes “Larry Battson is a wildlife educator and for 40 plus years he has traveled across the country educating all ages about our natural world. He has lectured for the Audubon Society, Explorer’s Club, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Larry will share his thoughts on the bigman, his friendship with John Green and much more. Get your sketch books out, we will be drawing, Larry is a great artist too and if there’s ever a time to learn how to draw a sasquatch… it could be tonight!!!”

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  1. Jay T

    Thanks Larry and Daniela for the great show! Your sketch was good Daniela. I’d be interested in having Larry back for show to talk of more memories of his conversations with John Green, Bob Titmus and others. I met Mr. Green in 2011 at his home and what an honorable gentleman and credible advocate for Bigfoot. I recall him sharing a recent friendly debate with Dr. Meldrum over the gorilla’s hip and association to bigfoot. Mr. Green approached the subject from scientific perspective and not paranormal. I remember talking to him for about an hour and a half and then telling him that I did not want to take more of his time. He kind of laughed and said that you’re not getting away from me that easy and the conversation continued.

  2. Evelyn G

    What a big blowhard. Dismissing the structures for example. They could be for communication, as a place to place a young child, territorial markers, etc. Yet he says they mean nothing. And he doesn’t listen to reports about orbs. I stopped watching at that point. So obnoxious.

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