May 10

SC EP:653 Collecting A Specimen With Matt Pruitt

Matt Pruitt joins us tonight and discusses collecting a specimen and determining the value of evidence. Matt is apart of The North American Wood Ape Conservancy. The group is trying to actively collect a specimen. For more information check out the North American Wood Ape Conservancy.






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84 Responses to “SC EP:653 Collecting A Specimen With Matt Pruitt”

  1. Dean C

    Evening all. Thanks for helping keep me and my family sane Wes whilst these testing times play out. Truly, Thankyou. I hope all my brothers and sisters on the other side of the pond are all as good as can be at this time. No matter how wide the distance, we’re all in this together, so let’s look out for and love each other, because this COvid19 hates any and all of us. Young, old, male, female, black, white, it doesn’t matter, it’s the enemy of all, so let’s all stick together to get each other through it.
    Take care all
    Wales, UK.

      • F S

        Charming message, Dean.
        I dated someone from Wales when I was in college. Wonderful people, the Welsh.
        And Welsh mythology! Some of my favorite!

        “[take] the flowers of the oak, and the flowers of the broom, and the flowers of the meadowsweet, and from those they conjured up the fairest and most beautiful maiden anyone had ever seen. And they baptized her in the way that they did at that time, and named her Blodeuwedd.”

        Tragic and beautiful.
        Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Carl D

    He didn’t really answer how they would actually successfully get a dead one out of the area after it is shot. So I would assume they have a very good (secret) plan on how to get it out of the woods without being attacked by other Sasquatches in the area and then especially how to get it past the alphabet agency which has been keeping the lid tight on this subject for many, many years.

    • Tamela B

      I noticed that he did not answer that particular question as well!

      We have all heard through podcasts what some of the authorities have done when they get involved. They aren’t always forthright with information.

      I am not sure that I would broadcast the answer to that question either.

      I really enjoyed this man today because he was very articulate and clearly has recognition and protection of this species as the primary goal.

      Thank you Wes, once again. I would love to hear more from this guy.

  3. Melissa K

    One of the coolest episodes, even though he hasn’t seen one. Matt, I hope you do see one someday!
    Trust me though, when I saw one in no way did it look like a man. I didn’t even think of it as a Sasquatch, it was a creature or monster.
    Thank you! ?❤️

  4. Mary C

    Sending prayers to the Kevin Laing family and friends. I will miss his since of humor. He knows now what it is all about in the Bigfoot mystery. RIP Kevin.

  5. Michael C

    A Short Visit with Dr Krantz

    It was my last day of college at Washington State University (1986). I have been interested in Bigfoot since an incident that occurred when I was in grade school. We can save that for another time. I felt I had to meet Dr. Krantz before I left school so, that day, I went to his office. I was pleased to find him there. The office was cluttered with latex, plaster, and various other things. Dr. Krantz said he was making plaster casts of footprints to sell thus supporting his research. I was interested in buying two and asked him to pick them out. He picked out a foot cast with dermal ridges and a hand print. He sat down at his desk and we talked for a bit.

    He asked me, “What state, other then Washington, has the most Sasquatch encounters?”

    He elaborated by giving a mathematical process to determine the answer. The process started by cutting the number of sightings in half to eliminate misidentifications, next there were other factors I couldn’t keep track of then and sure don’t remember them now.

    Quickly, I answered, “Florida.”

    He looked a little bewildered and asked how I knew that.

    I said, “Because they swim and there’s lots of places in Florida to swim and hide.”

    The important part of the conversation to me was a question that had bothered me for a long time. It began this way …. “Let’s say I get a Sasquatch. What do I do with the body?”

    “Chop off its head, throw it in your pack and run because others may be around. If you have a little more time, chop off its hand, throw it in your pack and run. If you have a little more time, chop off it’s foot, throw it in your pack and run. But get out of there fast,” he said.

    I hadn’t thought of that. It is good advice but there was more to my question.

    “Okay, fair enough, but what if I get a Sasquatch; it’s in the back of my pickup, and everything is fine? Then what do I do? Do I put it in a freezer or would that damage the tissue?” I inquired.

    When he answered I knew I was speaking to someone who thought about this problem before, someone who thought about it long and hard.

    “Take it to a mortuary and embalm it. Save all the fluids, …. embalm it,” he said casually.

    “Wow. Brilliant,” I thought.

    Dr. Krantz was gracious and kind as we wrapped up our short visit. I regret not getting him to sign the casts but will always cherish the memory of our encounter and his sage advice.

    There is one problem about embalming a Sasquatch Dr. Krantz may not have anticipated. I have gone to several mortuaries and asked them if they will embalm a Sasquatch if I bring one in.

    All I ever hear is a resounding, “NO!”

    I’m not sure I can blame them. Theoretically, embalming a Sasquatch is sound plan but placing it into practice may be as hard as finding a Sasquatch in the first place.

    The world is a lesser place without Dr. Krantz.

  6. m99

    Really enjoyed the episode tonight Wesipoo.

    You read my mind at least twice when speaking with the last guest. I still wonder about that question “Now What?”, meaning how are we supposed to move this thing? Certainly the assumption that his or her troop is present seems like a clear and present danger. I checked out his org’s site while listening & was disappointed that Mr. David Arceneaux’s encounter in Port Neches Texas wasn’t included. I had the chance meeting with him, and I believed him. He remained steady the whole time I shot question after question at him. It is a viable encounter in my humble opinion.

    Anyway great questions all around. Good Job. Thanks again Wes.

    Guess I’ll go have me some cocoa puffs…

  7. Jay Carlsen

    Well I wish them all the luck in the World.
    But I think it is a fool’s errand. Flirting with a Date with the Infamous 2 ; from the Larger Sibling Operation who we all abide by…… ?
    They dare not to let that Catamount out of the Bag. They would never be able to regulate the Gun Sales.

  8. Greg O

    We have hair, blood, tissue and scat. Several tests have been done on blood samples and all have been thrown out because they have been found to be human. Same thing with the dna studies thrown out because found to be at least partly human. We have to go with the repeated evidence. They are at least part human.

  9. Molly T

    Spent a week hiking the Ouachita had one of the most terrifying nights ever.  One member of our 3 girl group got hurt so we didn’t make it to the shelter house we made camp on the trail. The entire night had something circling our camp just outside the fire light. Then we could hear something lifting out packs that were bear bagged and dropping them. The next morning we packed up and found the first road we could ended up hitchhiking out was not staying another night. Wonder how close we were to area X? Ps. Every bear we came on contact with that week ran from us so fast they were just a blur.

    • m99

      That’s frightening Molly. It would be interesting if you could make a forum thread and talk in greater detail about the when, where, what, how and why of the whole thing. A lot of folks mention stuff that’s happened but don’t go into greater detail. Maybe your forum thread might read something like, Here’s what happened to me, Anybody Else? 🙂 Just thinking out loud.

      • Molly T

        Yep just outside Story AR. The Ouachita has a through hiking trail that’s about 220miles it starts in Ok and ends around Hot Springs AR. The trail is kinda like the Applachain Trail where you can hike shelter house to shelter house. It’s not a hugely popular trail but it’s very beautiful and secluded.

        • m99

          It’d be cool if you sent a written out experience to Wes & he’d have you on the show. They say to place something eye catching in the subject line. I’d put something like SC member had frightening encounter on such & such trail… just an idea.

  10. Kathy B

    Matt this was interesting to hear that you plan to bring in a sasquatch as proof they exist. I have heard that several were found after Mount St. Helen blew its top off couldn’t one of these have been used for identification purposes. I heard there was a Dr. Miller that came to Texas to do autopsy on three sasquatch. I wonder what happened to his reports. I am sure they have been shot by hunters haven’t any of these been turned in. It is a shame another one needs to be shot too. I feel the government knows who and what the sasquatch is already. Now I have not seen one but is there any chance the government knows how smart they are and feel they are a little to much like humans? Thanks for sharing the project you are involved in Matt. Thanks for a good show Wes.

    • William T

      Lotta stories post Mt St Helens. The National Guard helo pilot saw groups running another Nat Guard said he drove a truck picking them up alive, need show on that. Whenever i hear peep wonder about government knowledge, i tend to think: Noone hides good news

    • L. Oriana S

      Good comment, Kathy. Many Sasquatch have been killed or found dead and the evidence is always whisked away by gov’t goons, or dismissed as “strange bears.” What difference will one more Bigfoot body make? More than enough proof is out there, including DNA analysis, already…the real problem is how to confront the denial.

  11. Cristina J

    Absolutely fascinating episode. I love hearing it being approached in such a scientific way. I would hate to see one killed but understand it needs to be done.

  12. Cristina J

    I do wonder though with all the stories about the men in black why Matt thinks the government would let him show the existence of they do find a way to kill one

  13. MONTE M

    At the end of the day Bigfoot remains a phenomenon. It’s an interesting thing. The Govt seems to have acknowledged UFO’s but we still do not really know anything about them. I guess it is a step forward. One step forward two steps back. Most the time it seems people are chasing their own tale. It is simple yet complex.

  14. Christine J S

    Fabulous interview; Matt sounds like a great honest source of information. Thanks for all your work Wes. I’m so disappointed that Bigfoot conference in Washington over Labor Day was cancelled. Thanks China. Wes “meeting you” is on my bucket list so if this stinkin virus doesn’t get me I’ll be at the next activity where you will be! Bless you for all your dedication to whiteness s who need your help. ?

  15. Jennifer B

    Great show Wes. Matt seems like such a great guy. And great questions. We know how the Smithsonian treated the Giants, it is a real concern with Sasquatch too. How can they be sure that when they turn this body over to “science” that the body disappears and it’s all shoved under the rug, and it “never happened” I like your idea I’m calling the lawyer first!!!?

  16. Bob V

    The question should not be if we should. kill one, what would you need to kill it?
    Now second question…would it be possible to bring in one alive?
    Third Question, If you actually kill one…what’s going to happen to you when the other ones show up?
    Fourth part of question…how are you going to prove it? I believe one was shot in MN but some even said it was fake.
    Fifth part of the question…how are you going to stop the government from taking it from you?
    Just asking.

  17. jean paul

    Matt is a good speaker & would make a great politician. He answers in generalities & twists off into subjects unrelated to question. I sensed Wes frustration as well. Wes asks the same question on 2 separate occasions. Only to be provided unrelated responses. Matt seems to like to hear himself talk & talk & talk about bfro & his extensive research. “Why havent you shot one?”- Shooting lanes too narrow, stars havent aligned, brain freeze, unlucky. “What happens after you shoot one?” We have several specialists on staff. We’ll need to document. We actually hope someone else shoots one before us. Wes tries again- “So you shoot one, what do you do? Fly in a helicopter? Whats the process?” Well, thats a constant discussion. We have PHD’s trauma surgeons, Biologists to study. Circumstances will dictate. Then onto kill v no kill rant. Very frustrating to listen through to entirety. All fluff & no substance

  18. James P

    Personally I don’t think a “specimen” will ever be taken. There is no way that a Sasquatch tribe would let you take one of its family members after you gun it down. Ive listened to over a thousand encounter stories and they are rarely ever alone. And if they are alone one scream or a gunshot will bring others within minutes. They would literally have to have a chopper waiting overhead every time they go out and even then i think it would be a fool’s errand. I’m not trying to bag on the guests at all I just think it’s not possible.

  19. Jay T

    “I don’t think we have to kill multiple animals”. “Undeniable necessity” to kill one. And Wes “unbelievable arrogant to think otherwise”. These statements are arrogant. What if these creatures are part human as Dr. Ketchum notes and whose position Wes appears to hold in regard. I met John Green and he thought that were gigantapithocus or animal which maybe would support kill – I’m not sure and neither is the bf community. What I’m hearing from Matt is that it’s man over wild and man has to know. I’ll go with the Dr. Jane Goodall’s and Mary Green’s position and root for Bigfoot over science and man!

  20. Molly Hart L

    Bobbie Short estimated there is a Sasquatch killed every four years or so. Probably more nowadays. The real question is why are we not allowed to know about this? What we are ‘allowed’ to know is – not much. That’s the problem.
    Also, it’s good to remember, as investigator Steve Summar always reminds me, “There is no statute of limitations on murder”.

  21. m99

    When someone says one needs to be shot I think several things.

    ‘If’ a mean or aggressive Sasquatch is actively attacking, then yes, kill and report.

    If one is displaying itself around a home, coming in the yard, screaming, or trying to get into a house, and it’s threatened, yes. ‘But’ to just get one in your sites, kill anyway? I think you’re taking away someone’s mother or father, or baby.

    To just shoot an animal because you want to kill it seems wrong to me.

    Plus, as Wes alluded, are you just going to cut it up, or take pictures and take a hand? Seems pretty gruesome, doesn’t it?

    Why can’t /don’t “researchers” stake out a house that’s being targetted? Like the neighborhood the “brothers” are in. At this point, there are many of these types of locations.

    Plus, once it’s down, you had better work fast, because a whole troop is coming for you. Analyzing on the fly is probably the best to do. Maybe you’d have a whole group of people in a circle around the downed Sasquatch person, because it’s family will come in and take off your heads.

    Protected? Just sayin’

  22. paul w

    i bet my boatload the govt knows everything about these sasquatch. They have been studied autopsied and why not? its the weirdest abomination on earth…i still hold to my belief they are nothing but products of beastiality in the past…ape and woman having sex and this is the result. Most likely native americans since the beasts have a language that sounds similar to native americans and they do stuff like make crude teepees and uses their techniques alot. If you find one, capture one or shoot one….dont alert any feds or govt coverup gangsters…its nothing new to them. it will never and i mean NEVER be admitted by them. They are all freemasons that run it all and they keep secrets. They will never admit to sasquatch. If a gang of 20 sasquatch overun a town and are literally in the streets throwing people around like incredible hulk and arent afraid of being seen….the coverup crew will literally make sure its not televised they control the media, they will say “terrorists did it” or “drug fueled men did it” they will do their best to cover it all up and shut up even witnesses in the hospital beds. This is what you are dealing with. In fact i bet these pukes are reading this board and snarling right now at my comment knowing they are evil little dirtbags that cover this up. Let me tell YOU if you are one of them. Your bosses are devil worshipping freemasons with blood on their hands for covering up all the people killed by these halfbreed mutants. Just know that you are scum of the earth. Now on the other hand…..if there are crews,platoons, brigades, soldiers, special op teams that hunt em down whenever they can i salute you and your good deeds…like that story of the two fishermen attacked and one hospitalalized with broken ribs and later the area swarming with govt and choppers to i think hunt down the one responsible…thats good. We need retaliation against them. What we really need is them wiped out…utterly brought to destruction. They should not exist. This is OUR forest not theirs. They are breeding…their numbers are out of control. If you have the tech KILL them but i dont see big squads of choppers at night hunting them so that lets me know you are happy to just let them be. This is why your bosses are evil and have blood on their hands. This aint no movie this aint “XMEN” these are freaking hulk mutants with the strength of 50 men that are BREEDING…..have familys. In many areas the deer are nonexistant now. A 10 foot man/ape with a family of 5 all over 7 foot is eating more than an all you can eat buffet. BET your ass humans are on the menu if they cant find food. We cant just let these abominations contonue to grow and spread….. Before a bigfoot sighting was rare. Now they are literally everywhere.

  23. Tammi C

    I wonder if these creatures can contract Lyme disease. The nastier ones as well as sickly ones could possibly be infected? I know from 30 years of experience that Lyme can wreck havoc on the human body and have domino effects into other health issues. Lyme can affect all areas of the body including brain function. Just putting it out there as food for thought. It would be interesting to take note and see if it applies in any situations out there because undoubtedly these creatures must get ticks?

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