Feb 9

SC EP:624 The Abomination

I will be welcoming Cliff to the show. Cliff is from Louisiana and has hunted his whole life. Cliff had an encounter with a wolf like creature he stumbled on while hunting. He said “I don’t know…I just don’t know but this thing terrified me, when it stood up it was 13-15 feet away from me and it was big. It turned and looked at me and it felt evil, I raised my gun and it took off. I have never seen anything like it before and I have never seen anything run as fast as this thing did.

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106 Responses to “SC EP:624 The Abomination”

  1. Rick T

    Wow! Super, Wes! Thank you so much for the hard work putting all this stuff together. I know it is far from easy, but you make it seem and look easy. The mark of an accomplished pro. You rock

  2. Joe R

    I was listening to the confessionals and heard about the Big Foot conference and I wanna go. Since I started listening and became a member of this site and Tony’s Ive wanted to go to the events. I live and Connecticut and Im kinda of far away from everything. I was stationed in the Pacific Northwest, and northern California. I wish I knew about all this when I was out there.

  3. Robert E

    Thanks Wes!! Sounds like its a gonna be a good show! will be listening after dinner with the family, and super stoked to hear the new Fabrik album will toss a pledge their way to help out the lil I can.

  4. Dean C

    Looking forwards to this. Thankyou Wes. I get the impression podcast work can be a job where many throw criticism, few give credit…..that’s gotta grind your gears. So yeah, I’ve
    Istened to many podcasts, but yours is the cheapest and best..alongside Vic ( Cundiff ) DME.
    Tuning in from Newport, South Wales. Wales, UK.
    2347hrs, raining 70-90mph winds…..add SC’s and it’s my kind of night.
    Kindest regards

  5. Amy K

    Poor Cliff has had a rough time of it. I’m praying for you, buddy. It’s got to cut like a knife to have your dad treat you that way, especially after all of the loss you’ve endured.

  6. winkatme

    Wes, I LUV YA! I’ve been a member on here for over 3 years. You always treat the guests with sincere understanding and respect. I just wish that you could have bleeped out Cliff’s last name. I’m very concerned that now he’s become a target. I wish him all the best and hopefully this new year will be so much better for him and his family. LUV, WINK

  7. Karen O

    Thanks for the spot on Fabrik- love their music and happy to support the new work.
    Wish I could fold the map and make WA closer, but I guess CryptidCon in KY will have to do for this year. 🙂

  8. Carolyn R

    Cliff, Wes, please Cliff, ask Wes for Carolyn’s theory… Wes remember I emailed it to you the day or day before you had that call in show. You had Bob, Russ and I think Duke on. I talked to you and Bob. Anyway if he’d like to have it please send it to him if you would. Also Cliff if you want, listen to episode 307, I’m the second guest. My ex husband was in the Air force, in talking to him, his big fear was “they” threatened his family. With what your dad said to you it sounds as if “they” have talked with your father. Maybe your father feels you have dropped the ball on protecting your family by being so open about the things you know. Myself, I know that your openness is helping mankind.. Just my opinion…..

  9. Greg O

    Great show Wes! One of my favorites so far. Brother Cliff hang in there buddy. You are spot on. Very few even in the body of the church get it. Increasing frequency and strength of natural disaster. Our DNA is diluting quicker but our soul stays the same.

  10. Michael C

    Cliff, keep the faith, brother. Our Father in Heaven holds us in his hand. He is greater than anything, that can threaten or harm us on this Earth. Thank you for sharing your story and your dreams. Much respect sent your way. Thank You.

  11. Denise F

    Heavy show. People maybe surprised to realize how much crazy stuff is out there. This land has an OLD history and it’s not as pretty as it’s portrayed to be. What’s the old saying about history repeating itself?
    The feathers were an interesting detail of his lucid dreams. Take care Cliff and thank you.

  12. Diane M

    Cliff, thanks so much for sharing your encounter. Shame on your brothers for not trusting your word. You have a ton of credibility and integrity. I hope Wes has helped you move forward some. Prayers to you and your family!

  13. Janetta V

    Also you are right about “the deal”, it was a Wright-Patterson air base with Eisenhower, where, just like you said, aliens are to bring abducted people back unharmed, and we get your technolagy. Only aliens or the fallen angels have overstepped their bounds and have gone way beyond the agreement, but it is as the Bible predicted. Thank you all.

    • Christopher A

      I’ve been hearing that story like the perfect spin, it amazes me how much we all simply accept as truth, not one on the this show knows how to sequence DNA or has the tools to do it, every lab with that equip in the nation could be tracked as to not divulge something classified perse’. I’ve heard its not alien tech / advances actually, it’s simply the enemy teaching someone how to get the best minds together ie “The Jason’s “ creating targeted think tanks that do produce, to aliens. All from trying to see if one should really have that kinda of concern when in the woods by looking into Bigfoot. Lol curious if was to say just attempt to validate the deal, where would you start?

  14. Renee S

    Cliff, first & foremost, thank you for sharing ur incredible ordeal. You truly seem like a man of God. May he bless you & keep you. Thank you, Wes, for ur continual support to all of your guests who reach out to you in their time of need.

  15. Stephen W

    Many thanks Wes and too cliff , drop the ball , it’s means in a football terms to make error or mistake, but I did some digging and on all the other sites and dictionaries there the same phrase there ,sign your own death warrant, but cliff is absolutely correct there’s more of these sightings, or is it only now people are actually talking about them more

  16. Eddie M

    My Formal Education is Political Science and tons of History/Western Civilization is involved at the Graduate Level. The Bible IS History regardless of what atheist/ evolution nuts think. Not just speculation just a matter of fact. Read The Book of Revelation. Beasts Of The Earth is part of End Times. More People will Continue to encounter these “abominations”. The Political Science educational part allows me to Mix The History and The Political side. Too many humans have slipped to the side of Lucifer and May Not Even know it. All because of Peer Pressure and being “Cool” in some Entertainment Industries personality’s idea of “Cool”. Sodom and Gomorrah was/is Exactly that Industry’s idea of “Cool” and they influence shallow weak humans tremendously. It’s generational and it’s parental failure. Well Sodom and Gomorrah has gone global. The “Beast Of The Earth” Are Direct Result. Just Take Note of what The MSM / Entertainment Industry deliberate does to Any athlete or Public personality that professes their belief in Jesus Christ or States Publicly killing innocence is a sin. That is Directly Associated with pure evil and pure evil is Lucifer. Im not preaching I’m only using my education of “History”. The Correlation is Easy to see .. the relationship between societal acceptance of evil and encounters with Best of The Earth. It will be a progression and it may already be too late to reverse. Science will tell us exactly what their “Funders” tell them to tell “us”. Money runs the show…The Root Of All……….

    • Charles G

      Thanks for the message and great insight! I have been so encouraged by your comments and so many others too! One of the best shows that I have heard that has brought so many Christian men and women out that are looking for the true answer to this phenomenon of cryptids.

  17. Debbie S

    Thanks Wes and Cliff. Good show. The last part was more disturbing to me than the Dogman encounter. I agree that Cliff obviously knows more than he wanted to know…..the price he paid for being a friend. 🙁 Be careful out there Cliff. Stay in the Bible( I probably don’t need to tell you that) and trust in the name of Jesus. I feel for you, I really feel for you. Would give you a hug if I could. You’ll be in my prayers.

    • Charles G

      What a great point of view and I am glad to see so many Christians on here that know what is going on and connecting it to scripture.We are watchmen and like Cliff we have to sound the alarm!

  18. Amanda V

    Hi Wes, last night I was watching the last episode 8 of Bigfoot expedition, and at the 18 minute mark, some where in that clip, where Dr Mireya and Ron, are searching an area, I noticed something moving in the trees in front of her, but it’s such a short clip, I kept rewinding it, it is a dark , and large. Amanda V.

  19. Tim N

    The bible is a book that has been disproved over and over. If you believe in it great im happy for you. If it gives you comfort then it is doing you some good. I have a hard time believing in a plagiarized collection of old stories rewritten over time for dramatic effects. There are thousands of religions, why? Every one thinks they have the answers but there are no absolute concrete answers. That’s why they call it faith and not science.

  20. m99

    Mr. Humphreys – Remember, greater is He that is in you, and he that is in the world. I believe what you are saying. The dreams are more than likely visions.

    Remember too, a lot of bible scriptures are dreams and visions. Examples: Jacob’s ladder (a portal), with angels ascending and descending. When Joseph had a dream the Lord told him to take Mary and the child to Egypt. John wrote Revelation from a lot of spiritual impartation through dreams, from The Lord. And on it goes.

    Perhaps you should seek the Lord and ask Him what he wants you to do. Yes, giants are coming upon the earth. Yes, giants are coming to fulfill God’s wrath. As it gets later, we’ll see more, which is actually what’s happening. Keep seeking the Lord. Thanks for sharing brother.

  21. Kenneth K

    This guy was on dogman encounter , vics show it’s been a while back , same encounter ,I actually like the way he told on there alote better he was more dramatic lol, I think he’s been drinking that bubble up and rainbow stew a bit to much, but what the hell do I know I’m just an a** hole anyway

  22. harry g

    i did not think dog men had huge calves …. oops! man it gets old. easy im just saying i can choose to believe the guess or disbelieve. i love the southern accent so cool. very scary encounter story

  23. Cristina J

    Well it’s official I bought my tickets to IBC!!! I’m so excited! Driving from California and counting the days. Lol Wes said before he would gladly sign anything for me so I will be happily standing in line to buy a sweatshirt and meet the amazing Wes Germer ?
    Great episode and I loved Cliff! Stay strong Cliff

  24. Jan F

    Plz dont cut wes OFF
    And for this story about we Trade people whit tecnologi..thats from hangar1 or ufo hunters from history channels.
    But i bellive the the same as you cliff.that we are a copy of a copy and they was smarter Way back.

  25. Jan F


    That Will say that we people May not kill…ALLL revenge belongs to the HOLY LORD!

  26. Matthew T

    Great show. Hard to keep him on point, but it sounds like he had a ton more information. Could you ask him if he thought it would have killed him without the gun? And when it went behind the bush (?) did it go in to a hole in the ground or was it a portal etc. Wanted to hear more from Wes about what he ‘hasn’t said’ on the show before as discussed at the end.

  27. Kathy B

    Good show Wes. Cliff this is the first episode I have heard about dogman. This dogman sounds like his ears are on top of his head…that is different from sasquatch but they both have speed. Going as fast as you described Cliff I was waiting for it to come out the otherside of the bush. That does sound like it would be impossible to stop !
    I hear Eisenhower really was not given a choice about the people but he did get valuable information in return. I wonder if errors or mistakes were made by aliens. I thought your information on us not being as smart as previous generations was interesting, copy of a cooy of a copy. Maybe our survival instincts were better than our knowledge of space advancement. Cliff thanks for sharing your story. It seems like a lot of changes for us are coming. Keep your strong Bible faith. Bless you.

  28. Lisa H

    Loved this show, thank you Wes & Cliff. Hang in there Cliff, it sounds like this has caused you & your family great tragedy, I’m sorry for your troubles regarding these events. I’ll keep you in my thoughts & prayers. Loved the music also, thanks for introducing us to Fabrik!

  29. greg b

    Weird. I think some internal things are going on here. I have hunted alot and had one real weird experience.
    Seems odd that some people experience so much while the same people they hunt with have no encounters.

  30. Wendy k

    Wow, cliff is right on his assessment about our ancestors being smarter. I believe that they had technologies that we’re not aware of right now, they were a lot smarter prior to the flood. After the flood things changed but they were still a lot better than what we are today. He’s right on us being a copy of a copy how he explained it. I also believe that they meaning the gov. are dumbing us down with all the fluoride in the water, the chemicals they’re spraying in the sky. They want us dumbed down for an easy takeover. Although we have increased technology in the past 120 years, I believe that’s due to reversed engineering and what ever treaty they have with the aliens to exchange tech for humans. If you think about it, Jacob’s sons were mighty men and they defeated a lot of mighty armies. David’s had mighty men too. One killed two lionmen of Moab. We are so far down the line from greatness.

  31. Charles G

    Cliff, sorry for your loss my brother in Christ. I have had a revelation like you have and cliff you are a watchman, keep up the work with telling your encounter, a lot of people don’t want to hear the truth and secrets of heaven, you have told a story that everything lines up with the Bible. You are in my thoughts and prayers and you will have blessings for being brave and standing up for the Lord!

  32. David C

    Great show Wes! Cliff, stay strong in the word Brother! Many folks cannot understand, and wont understand because they do not have the knowledge. There is spiritual warfare going on today and it seems to be amping up in occurrence and intensity.

  33. Jeremy B

    I believe this man wholeheartedly. I’m afraid that what he is saying is the absolute truth. Sorry you’re going through all these trials brother, but I’m glad some people aren’t afraid to speak the truth!! I agree with the fact that all cryptids, UFO’s, strange lights, ghosts etc are all related & are absolutely spoken of in the Bible….that is why the “Powers that be” continue to bully, troll, and suppress this info because it would prove the Biblical Text to be true & that there is only ONE TRUE GOD, and it’s not the same “god” that they worship!! If you can’t see what is going on in this day in time it’s because you choose not to, probably out of your own fear & I can’t hardly blame you, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

  34. Wolf

    Never underestimate dreams.
    Some are simply the subconscious rewiring the brain after a day of consciousness. But others are literal journeys into The Dreaming World, which is just as real as this illusory world we consider ‘reality’.
    It is a world of entities that can drift between the two and with practice one can distinguish between the two and even venture forth at will to resolve questions or experience things that can enhance ones personal growth.

    • Wolf

      I hasten to add: in The Dreaming emotions have more impact so one must be able to control them, especially fear… for it appears entities that inhabit The Dreaming feed on it.

  35. Tim N

    how can so many people quote the bible yet have such differences in interpolations of the same words. holding the bible and yelling doesn’t make you a religious person, but at least you are not molesting children as you have a psychotic break. Or hiding a dead hooker or live boy in your closet. how can people who love the lord do suck bad things. Jimmy swagert, warren Jefferies, David Coresh?

  36. Donald M

    Hi Wes! Love listening to every encounter. Cliff had a lot to say and you were very patient and respectful. I have to admit that the background noise coming from his side sounded like someone was laughing to the point of wheezing in trying to silence themselves. I could be wrong, but that’s what I heard. Makes me wonder.

  37. Jan F

    Some people dont Sound true.
    The first a person Would say,was about the face,and not wes who have to ask about him.
    Sorry but thats what i fell after listen to about 600 shows

  38. acrylic sand artist

    The dogman interview with Cliff, that description sounds demonic. But demons are not suppose to be living
    breathing animals. To many unknowns out there!
    I thought Sasquatch was scary!
    Witnessing something like that will change a person forever. Knowing the truth is far better than being ignorant.
    I believe what Cliff has to say.
    His sweet grandmother indeed witness angels.
    Those nightmares Cliff has, I believe when you witness evil (demonic) it’s like a brand to your soul. Has Cliff try having a spiritual cleansing? I don’t know if it would help or make things worse?
    It’s very sad and disturbing what’s going on with him and his family.
    This planet is a frightening place to live in.

    ~Great show Wes~

  39. Jeffery E

    Cliff seemed a little weird, but after 600 episodes, and some shows offering two interviews, nothing phases me now. I believe Cliff saw what he saw, and probably had the discussion with his friend that worked military/DOD. For all the doubters; however, he just has a different perspective on what is going on – Like any of us know what the reality of Bigfoot, Dogman and all the other crap is anyway!!! Give the guy a break. He probably has PTSD!

  40. Aine B

    Poor Cliff….the US military sounds more evil and demonic by the hour…sounds like he was talkin about mountain giants. Interesting what he said about the cerebral powers.

  41. Keith M

    Cliff is brilliant. He used an analogy “ people were smarter a long time ago “ what’s happening is that with every generation, it’s like a carbon copy. Every one is not as good as the one before” just blew my mind


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