Jan 26

SC EP:620 This Thing Was Looking In My Deer Blind

Winston writes “I had an encounter in 2010 from central Texas. I saw this thing from head to toe….within 30 to 40 yards from me. No obstructions between us. I seen it all….muscles moving under the fur, the mid tarsal break halfway up the foot, it’s face….everything.” Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I was heading towards my deer blind and I smelled what smelled like a dead animal. This thing was looking in my deer blind….I was shocked…”


I drew what I seen and put a quick me side beside it for comparison”



I will be welcoming Pat to the show who is a military veteran from Canada. He will be sharing his Sasquatch encounters with us. When I spoke to the witness he said “I wanted to tell you about this strange black dog I had a run in with in Afghanistan. It was jet black and seem to show up out of no where. I think it was more of an entity than a dog.” I have heard about two dozen accounts of veterans describing these large jet black dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have searched the web but it is hard to find any information on it.




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  1. Steve W

    Hi Wes & SC FAMILY. I’m hijacking my husband’s (STEVE WOOD)
    post here to tell you how much you all mean to him. He’s going for surgery Friday morning Jan 31 2020 and we frankly don’t know if he’s coming back out… we would appreciate any kind thought or quick prayer you would like to pass along THANKS. Wendy

    • Jason D

      Steve, hang in there brother! Wendy, out families prayers are with all of you. ?❤️‼️

      Wendy and Steve, I know exactly what boat you are in. Wes, I want to share that your podcast has gotten me through some tough times. I am the founder of a high school for girls of poverty in Kenya and have listened all over the world. I’m 45 and in 1994 I was in a huge car accident. My trucks engine ended up in my lap, femur sticking out of my jeans. I’ve had over 100 surgeries and on December 19, 2019 I finally put up the White flag and had an above the knee amputation. ? Your podcast is great (I’m a member), it’s gotten me through a bunch of tough times. I listen to it while doing really painful PT routines, in fact Was about to start right now when I saw Wendy’s post.

      Thanks for everything, Jason

      PS Kenya has something called the Nandi bear. Looks like a bipedal hyena that gets people when they leave their hut and twists their heads off from behind. It has a foul odor… but that’s another story..

    • Melissa P

      Dear Steve and Wendy, I am praying for Steve and a quick recovery after surgery. May God keep you safe in his loving hands, in His name I pray. Sending lots of love and light to you both. And also sending strength and hugs. Thanks for the heads up Wendy, we are holding you both near our hearts. Steve, praying hard for you, PLEASE let us know how you’re doing after the surgery. May Saturday come fast for you my friend!! ❤?❤?

    • Ben H

      Thank you for usurping his log in. He’s lucky to have someone that cares about him and his interests so much! I’ll be sending the most massive cosmic hug I can possibly muster, for him, you, and all those in his corner.

    • Angela T

      Thank you for posting and letting us all know that he needs uplifted in prayer.
      Asking our Heavenly Father to surround everyone with His amazing love and to heal Steve.
      In Jesus’s precious Holy name I pray.

    • Lydia M

      Hey Wendy,
      I am a nurse and know how stressful facing surgery or any illness can be.
      I will be praying for Steve and any caregivers that treat Steve. I pray for God to bless all of Steve’s ccaregivers and that God directs each and every one with the utmost skill, bright minds and gentle caring demeanor.
      God is in control of this situation and in control of Steve’s blessed life and well being! I stand confident and shoulder to shoulder with everyone here lifting up Steve in prayer.
      You are in my thoughts and prayers too Wendy. I pray you have peace that passes all understanding, and unwavering faith in the great physician, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
      Read and pray Psalm 91 over Steve.
      In Him,

    • Sara S

      Wendy ‘ this is Wiley Dave Fritts THE CRYPTID BROTHERS INVESTIGATIONS OF OKLAHOMA, we will prayer for your husband, lets all agree that he will be just fine, hang in there GOD will take care of him just keep praying the FATHER hears you talk with him every day.Take care and GOD BLESS,

    • Lisa B

      Hi Wendy, I got to listen late this week. I read your post about Steve. I’ll be praying for your family and hope Steve comes home and recovers quickly. Please give him my best! ???♥️

  2. m99

    ~ Yee-haw Wes! He’s running an errand & we’re heading out to eat after, but I checked to see if a new episode was up yet, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it is. You are the Best my friend! Thanks Wes!

  3. Fran S

    Prayers for Steve and his doctors for a successful surgery. May God Bless and wrap his loving arms around you. Please update all of us on how Steve is doing. Hugs Prayers and well wishes.

  4. Anthony F

    So you put your gun down and resign to losing a fight? Sometimes I wonder just exactly how some people understand ballistics, or misunderstand I should say. I feel like there is a gross misunderstanding of how ballistics work. Better to fire your weapon than lay it down and close your eyes I say.

    • m99

      Love that part. Maybe he’s the only one asking such details. Just saying! Now if he’d goto more of the questions about the mechanics of how they crawl.

  5. Ronald B

    Great show Wes. ?did anyone see the Bigfoot on EB tonight 26 minutes in Ronny says something about a hawk, camera clicks back to Dr Merrya in the background in the trees it’s there moving back left or a camera man I don’t think so?????

  6. Morris W

    Winston I live in New Braunfels Texas. Would love to talk to you more about your encounter. My number is 724-525-3446. Years ago I had an encounter in western Pa. ep 377 my name is Morris. If you would like to lets talk. Great show

  7. Ohioscout

    wes, your inclination to ask about genital size is actually quite telling of how they might organize. Stop reading now if the subject bothers you-
    if you ever get a chance to talk to someone who has seen the testicles of sasquatch you can gather a little bit of how their social structure may work (of course this is based off of primatology, and does not include anything other than empirical evidence). When you mentioned how small the gorilla genitals are you hit on something. The caller said it was due to the size of females, but that’s not accurate. This is due to generations of social structure. Gorillas have harems. Basically one male, and a bunch of females. That one male has access to the females. His paternity is pretty much guaranteed. So he doesn’t need to provide a lot of sperm.
    Chimps and bonobos, on the other hand, have a considerably more co-ed society. Sexual access is pretty available. Especially for bonobos…
    Anyway, this has a biological result. More competition means you need to do more to ensure your genes make it to the finish line. In comparison to gorillas, chimps/bonobos have big testicles. They need to produce more sperm to drown/wash out male competitors. Evolution has even gone as far as developing into what is called a sperm plug – where the sperm forms a wall that sperm from primates afterwards cannot breach.
    In short, Gorilla – tiny balls, sperm sniper – one dominant male controls that family group, and once males get to a certain maturity they are ousted.
    Chimps/bonobos – big ol’ balls, sperm shotgun – mixed society of male/female, a lot more group cohesion
    Just FYI I’m an anthropologist, and that’s how I know

  8. Ben H

    I think I know what Pat was saying when he tried to mimic the “peeew” sound he heard.
    Growing up we would attribute it to what we called the ‘sonar bird’ even though we never figured out what that bird was. We would hear it from time to time and it sounded like a metallic, mechanical sort of a sonar ping like you might hear in an old WWII movie on a submarine. Nowadays I’m pretty sure it’s just a Sasquatch.

  9. Marc C

    My two cents… On the “I no longer hunt” argument, do you still drive or ride in vehicles? You are far, far, (dare I say it again, far) more likely to be hurt or killed in an automobile than you are to be hurt or killed in the woods. Humans are way more dangerous to other people than the Bigs are to us. BTW, IMNSHO, the Bigs are a People. I have seen, and I still solo camp. And I carry a firearm- not for the Bigs, but for cougar, bear, wolf, and other human varmints. Don’t lose your “pursuit of happiness” to a Big or to a Lefty. Blessings to ALL. Trump 2020.

  10. cyndie r

    Wendy: Your husband may enjoy Sasquatch Chronicles. That is fine but we value his input more than he could know. Steve W is always a gentleman in his writings and consistently supplies the voice of reason. I like how he often has a kind word for those who seem distressed and appreciate his sense of humor. Glad to know he has someone so thoughtful there for him during his time of need. Sending healing thoughts to Steve and to you Wendy. Godspeed.

  11. Kathy B

    Winston thanks for sharing your face to face experience with the sasquatch while hunting.
    Black dogs— Patrick this was new to me. It sounds like an almost dog, guess I don’t know what this means.
    To see a large shadow just out of the light would bother me. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  12. Ronnie P

    I live in Texas… what part of Texas is did the creature look into his blind? I’m a deer hunter and am curious if it was close to my area. I live between Austin and Houston and have 70 acres with lots of acreage around our place that is heavily wooded and I believe it could be possible for one to hide out in those areas

  13. Ronnie P

    disregard my comment! My Dad lives close to that exact spot! He lives outside of Smithville going toward Muldoon on hwy 95. Our place is in Fayette County, which touches Bastrop County.

  14. Andrew A

    There is documentation as far back as Roman times. It’s clearly being kept from us by “all” governments. I think they my do this because they think we are stupid and would overreact. Religion, in my opinion, is the reason they keep it from us. They do this to keep the “masses” in line. Their fear is we determine it’s real and we lose our minds. All theory but I feel control is the major reason they keep it hidden. Rabbit hole time….this worl is an experiment and we are mere “lab rats”.

  15. Andrew A

    Last thing…..the reason they “HATE” Trump isn’t politics….it’s because they have NO control over him. That should make us ALL question everything but clearly some of us are evolved and others are still sheep….bah!!

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