Dec 20

SC EP:610 Encounters With The Strange

Patrick from Ohio writes “I’ve debated sending this email. I honestly wrote off this particular experience as an over active imagination as a youngster but after listening to your podcast for about a month now I am wondering.

When I was about 10 I saw a “predator”-esque large human shape in a tree in my backyard. I had not seen the predator movie until 2 years later or so but when I did I immediately went back to what I witnessed.

I have also experienced ghosts, angels and demons. And when I saw some glowing red eyes out of a back window at a small church I was a pastor at I initially thought it (again) my imagination. However, I gotta say I think it may have been something different.

Not sure if this is any interest to you but having heard several other folks offer similar stories has suggested a different potential answer to these experiences.

Just thought I would briefly share it with you.”




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  1. Jan F

    Wes i had to stop Right in the beginning.
    Mark ZASKEY talk about it.its the hair on the sasquatch there is transparent .
    I have to send it to yo bigfoot Odyssey 55 shit mark ZASKEY

  2. m99

    There’s a belief out there that goes, ‘if you see it in the movies, it’s a real life thing. It’s the government’s way of soft disclosure’. I immediately thought of that belief when I saw the cloaked creature in the ‘Predator’ film. I remember going. ewwwww, that’s creepy, when I saw it the first time. It was horrible.

    This gentleman is gifted in spiritual discernment, and “sees” into the spirit realm. I have two sisters who ‘see’ spiritual things. I ‘feel’ and ‘smell’ things (discernment), but do not see into the spirit, as far as I know.

    Yeah, that dark essence, like a dark dead star absorbs the light. They call the Nephilim “shades” in the bible.

    Excellent episode. It seemed to go fast! One question though, what do you mean you’re not a man of God? You don’t have to be a Pastor to be considered a man of God. Anyway, thanks Wes.

    • Lisa B

      Happy Friday agent99 LoL! I “see” and “feel” things. I didn’t know about the Gift of Discernment until recently. It can be very frightening at times. How would you like that predator thing to go thru you? It went thru me from the top of my head all the way to my soul as someone watched. Weird things happened before and after, and I’ve been searching for answers since. I’m thankful for the SC gang and of course Wes! Would love to just sit chat with him…and this great group!

      • m99

        Hi Lisa ~ Interesting. Have you ever emailed Wes to discuss what you’ve been through? Or as many others here have done, have you created a thread in the forum and just poured your heart out about those experiences? Wish you would.

        I like this site for many reasons, but the top one is Wes isn’t scared to explore the unknown. He isn’t intimidated by attacks, or jealous people. He is also a kind person who promotes his friends who do similar podcasts. And lastly, he appears nonjudgmental. People can tell him things that others just wouldn’t or couldn’t listen to, and he verify s he’s heard similar experiences before, which helps people feel validated, not kooky. Also, I believe he’s ‘gifted’ and this is just the beginning for his career. But, I believe this show is his number one priority, even as he progresses. All my opinion. Just saying.

        • Lisa B

          No I haven’t m99, I’m on my phone most of the time, I have a hard time navigating the forums vs being on a computer looking and reading. Trying to figure out why my player shuts down after so many minutes of being idol. Never had the problem with any of the iPhones I’ve had before, where I could just click play and I could listen to the whole show without having to tap the screen. I’m sure it’s a setting…who knows…I can be a dingbat occasionally lol!

          I did get an opportunity to personally speak to Pastor Randy about some of my experiences, he was very kind and helpful. Always great to talk about that stuff knowing you’re believed.

      • Matthew W

        My buddy in high school took this girl to the prom that we called the predator because her eye teeth went in different directions. He said that she touched his soul. They had six kids and are still together.

    • Marc R

      Interesting I watched one Bf stand beside the shadow of a tree showing the profile of a larger tree . Also saw him flatten out and slide over the edge of a wall. I said like black oil because it was so fluid but better words would be like a shadow. So slow smooth and deliberate. I’m sure all this crazy stuff is connected somehow and that Bf is our best and maybe only chance to figure some of it out. Thanks always Wes for having the courage to go there. The big question I have is unnatural as hell or paranormal or maybe whats the difference. Thanks 99

  3. Melissa P

    Happy Friday and wishing everyone one a stellar weekend!!
    Wes, you are THE man! Thank you for all of your hard work. It amazes me how compassionate and understanding you are during the interviews. Not only are you easy to talk to, you’re very soft spoken, and that you talk to the people before airing the interview is great. You can tell they are more at ease with you and with what their encounters were. Hats off to you, The Man. That makes you the absolute best, along with what a cool dude you are. You have this way about you that helps people open up to you. That is truly a gift.

  4. James M

    Wow! Finally I may know what that creepy black shadow person shaped thing was I saw running at me one night close to 15 years ago. I sensed the pure evil also. I have searched and searched trying to figure that out. Finally!!!!!! Would love to talk to this man.

  5. Sunny D

    Ahhh I get bummed when these episodes come on.
    Sasquatch episodes all the way. Or UFO alien. Ghost, demons, angels, dogman, or bigfoot weirdos who think they are nice beings, or bigfoots who are extra dimensional with mindspeak who leave gifts are the episodes I just skip right over. What about y’all?

    • m99

      Right Spanky, we actually do like them all.

      Remember Sunny D (love that handle!) this is a place where people can share their encounters. The other side of that coin is, Wes is trying to find what these things are. If you ignore the stranger encounters, you close a door to the unknown that could be the key to unlocking the mystery.

      I have learned so much here it’s unbelievable. When we first came upon SC we listened from the get go & didn’t realize he had a website. I remember saying “finally” because I had waded through a lot of garbage. Now, to hear interviewers taking people seriously and letting them speak was amazing.

    • m99

      Wasn’t it? I’ve seen documentaries where young people (boys & girls) have been abducted and brought into the porn/slave trade. I know of one case where a little boy doing his paper route when he disappeared. It’s believe that he was taken into the porn trade. There’s evidence of that, but too long to get into here. Anyway, yes, heartbreaking.

        • m99

          That’s the one. When I think of him I always pray for his poor mother. She said once in an interview that Johnny showed up late one night with another young man and told her how he had been abducted and placed in the porn/slave industry, but he could not come home. Her little man was no longer the same. Seems like he alluded to the danger for himself and his family if he came home. It’s so dark and ugly I can’t even believe it.

          • Denise F

            I know, M, as more info comes trickling out I’m still finding it hard to believe that all of this can go on. Very scary.

            I do think his mom was telling the truth about that late night visit.

        • m99

          Yes Denise, I don’t want to forget these people in my prayers. I try to pray for her. She’s never given up and I totally believe her. It’s all so bizarre, but it happens. I’m happy few children do [paper routes anymore. Truly the end of the age of innocence, isn’t it? Anyway, I want to post the link to his mom’s website.

  6. William H

    I am fairly new to SC, and this is my first contemporaneous post. I am here, looking for answers due to two separate, but related, visual encounters my wife and I had earlier this year. They were on our property in Western North Carolina. As a result, I no longer feel comfortable being out at night. I used to walk freely through the woods, but now, I won’t go without being armed.

    Patrick’s encounter was spooky from the beginning to the end. He was sincere and very believable. I have been to Nicaragua many times due to a significant investment in low income housing near Managua. It is an incredibly beautiful country with beautiful people. Unfortunately, poverty is rampant, and people will do almost anything to feed their families. The country’s problems are primarily due to political corruption, and it is worse now than it was when Patrick was there. It is too dangerous for me to go there now, and it is currently on the State Department’s restricted travel list.

    • m99

      Hi William, Great first post. I could feel your sentiment coming through the page.

      That housing investment you’re involved with in Managua, does it have a website? It this a charitable feat, or a commercial endeavor? The reason I’m wondering is one thing I want to do is find a charity to consistently give to. Not much money to give, but consistent donations to two charities in 2020 is my resolution. That’s one of my goals for the new decade. My first love is Saint Jude. I’m seeking a charity where the donations go to the one’s who need it. Years ago we had a terrible hurricane on the gulf coast of Texas. In the aftermath it was discovered the Red Cross was misappropriating funds. I didn’t give to that organization after that.

      Please let me know, and if you have a link, please post it in a comment under this post. Just click the reply link under this. I’ll see it if you do. Thanks William.

      • James M

        Welcome to the club William H. Being uncomfortable in the woods gets better but I doubt it will ever be the same as it once was, for me anyway. I’ll never go in unarmed again. My experiences were definitely not warm and fuzzy.

  7. William H

    Hi m99. It was a commercial endeavor. Given the current political climate and the rampant corruption, I would look elsewhere for a worthy charitable organization. Samaritan’s purse is one that comes to mind.

  8. William H

    Thank you m99 for posting the link to the Thinker Thunker video. I really don’t know what to say, other than I don’t need to see anything like that in person. There is another video of clocking I found on a Google search. It is posted by “Grated Toppings” on YouTube. Here is a link to it.

    To be fair, there is a reply to the final comment that claims they saw it on a program called “Lost Tapes” which, hopefully, is no longer on the air. If anyone can provide any information on its authenticity, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • m99

      Lost tapes is still on TV as far as I know. I watch it from time to time. One thing I know for sure is Brb Shupe didn’t use ‘CGI’ that accidental (un) sighting of the cloaked creature. It’d be too easy to use CGI on a TV show, so would always have doubts. Just saying, IMHO.

  9. Samuel G

    Interesting to note, at the 38 minute mark your guest mentions Kentucky, where one of the largest mineral deposits of Crystal is located at in North America.

    On a very popular series, in the second season (don’t want to mention the title out of respect for this website) an interview is conducted that sheds light on why there as so many mysterious encounters throughout Kentucky which is also located on the 37th parallel.

  10. Christopher K

    Polar bears have translucent hair. I know it does no look that way, but with some light tricks by nature this could be enough of a disruptive coloring to make it difficult to observe.

    Other types of disruptive coloring are a lot more common, like a zebras, but this is more of a chameleon like coloring, where it’s possible we might see “through” the hair to the vegetation colors behind. If true it’s pretty cool, and aside from polar bears I don’t know of another example. It occurs in limited ways with some horses, bit not to this degree. It’s possible that something needing to cross the bearing land bridge would need that to be a successful ambush predator, bit I’m just speculating here.

  11. Tracy L

    Love it when you have guests on that tell of these kind of encounters. In one of WJ Sheehan’s books, Bigfoot, Terror in the Woods, Sighting & Encounters, Volume 6, there is a chapter entitled The Drain where two female hikers witness a similar type of “predator” type hole or circle forming in mid air. It then slowly descends to the ground, and once it touches the ground, out steps a Bigfoot from the circle. They describe the circle as both looking like the sparkling mirage in the Predator as well as the air swirling around like water going down a drain, hence the title of the chapter. Here’s a great article about a similar encounters in Mysterious Universe:
    There is another, unrelated episode of a paranormal show, maybe Paranormal Witness, where two brothers witness exactly what this young man describes while he and his brothers are playing out in the woods. In fact, at first I thought it was about the same brothers. One of them sees this predator-type mirage in a tree, and thereafter they are haunted and harassed by an unseen, demonic type force which drops bugs and debris from the forest on them as they lay in bed, make noise which disturbs their father and gets them in trouble, and which even breaks the collarbone of one of the brothers.

  12. Michael C

    i have a theory about the predator thing and its only totally guesing obviously but perhaps the booger is totally invisable forgetting that hes covered in very visable shit.

  13. Steve R

    God bless you Patrick!! Its refreshing to hear a fellow Christian talk about this stuff! I hope Wes has you on again soon. Wes, great show as always! Get this guy back on again!


  14. Jeremy B

    Very interesting!! There is a lot more going on with these creatures & other cryptids then we will ever know, thus the government’s suppression of the subject. We should never discount people’s encounters even if it doesn’t fit our paradigm.

  15. Dovie D

    I have often wondered how it seemed to vanish the two times I actually saw one. Once at my home the second time at a rest stop as a teenager.
    As a kid my brothers and I would play in the orchards and I often felt watched and would run up and look under the trees thinking I would find something. The one I watched walk to my window or glide to the window which I thought was a demon had red glowing eyes. Scared me. I was told I was having nightmares. Well I did after these thing but never talked about then forgot as years past. Other stuff too. I’m sure many more people have had encounters but forgot or thought it was a nightmare??
    Predator.. that is probably how it gets people.

  16. theresa m

    Loved the show! Yeah, Wes! Part 2! I’m actually being drawn to God from listening to these shows and The Confessionals, with Tony Merkel having so many diverse guests on to share their stores. Again, thanks, Wes and Patrick for sharing!

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