May 3

SC EP:603 Strange Encounters

A listener writes “My first encounter was in 2011 in Highlands, NC, the Nantahala, in what was basically my back yard. I didn’t know what it was until later. I sort of let it go. My next encounter was with a friend outside of Fletcher, Nc. We were charged by a (roughly) 7 foot individual in the dark… then lights appeared and my paradigm started to change after that. I had to figure out what this was. So, in 2013 I started my investigations almost daily.”






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  1. Denise F

    Maybe this show is important for something coming up or maybe we are supposed to read between the lines OR MAYBE I’m just too into a conspiracy these days ? Lol

  2. Evelyn L

    What he is saying is that these are supernatural beings. Some entity found standing around a bed in the middle of the night waving some kind of branches or something at someone is not some forest creature. Isn’t it strange that they are “anywhere” that these people go?
    These things seem to respond to worship. If you humble yourself before them and give them something then they may give YOU something. So how is a huge giant monster looking creature ending up in a city inside someone’s home? This is not the only case in which something like this has happened with these creatures. Obviously, in this case, it was not typical breaking and entering. Something more? Don’t they see contradiction in this?
    I think that this guy and his friends are dealing with something other than a huge ugly hairy man that lives in the wilderness. Do you really think that a creature this intelligent and with those abilities just wanders the forest eating roots and berries?
    This is definitely “paranormal.” Personally, I would stay as far away from that kind of thing as possible but then I think that it is crazy to go looking for them at all. People banging on trees and howling! How demeaning!
    Some people sit in their homes and have conversations with unseen entities. Some of them actually receive things from those entities but it never stops there. Those who practice occult activities end up being the prey. It starts out that the person is seeking something but they have to give some small thing in order to get what they want. The worship demands keep getting larger and you do not get out of this activity very easily. They know where you are and there is no escaping…..unless you know someone who is spiritually stronger who will deliver you.
    My honest belief is that this man and whoever is in this with them, are being set up.

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