May 2

Sasquatch: Out of the Shadows – Loren Coleman

Sasquatch: Out of the Shadows writes “This week’s guest is Loren Coleman. As one of the world’s most prominent Cryptozoologist’s, Loren has been involved in the subject since the 1960’s and has pretty much covered it all from Sasquatch, Lake Monsters, Mothman and truly everything in between. He has authored dozens of books in his time, been featured on countless documentaries, TV programs and films over the decades. Loren founded the one of a kind International Cryptozoology Museum in 2003. Based in Portland, Maine it’s a fantastic destination for anybody interesting in Bigfoot, Cryptozoology and the unknown more broadly.”

5 Responses to “Sasquatch: Out of the Shadows – Loren Coleman”

  1. Joey B

    Also watch
    Watch Wes & Duke’s Conspiracy Corner series on World Bigfoot Radio on Phil Schneider.
    D.U.M.B.s/UFO’s, Missing 411, Hollywood, Missing people/children.
    Common thread and consistent theme is Bigfoot’s affinity of women and children.
    IMO Wes, Paulides, Duke, and Isdahl have already connected the dots.
    QAnon to current events.
    Amazing times we’re living.

  2. Lisa B

    Wow, he’s talkin about Stevens Creek in Decatur, IL. I knew of reports from Long Creek near Mt. Zion but not anything from Decatur. My family is from all around there. Now is the time I wish my grandparents were alive to ask questions. Thanks Wes, you’ve given me something to research ?

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