Nov 9

SC EP:599 I Was Looking At This Creature

Shiloh writes So I’m writing this because my uncle has urged me to do it. I had a big foot encounter when I was 17-18 driving home late one night. It was literally right in front of our farm. I’ve also had three other incidences where I’ve heard monkey sounds in our words and have been screamed out on two occasions When taking care of my uncles dogs. It always happens the same time of year. And I’m getting ready to take care of my uncle’s dogs again and I figured I would say something at this point because it’s pretty much like clockwork that the same things happen. My uncle also had an encounter while burning Grass along his Fence line.”

Melissa writes “In December of 2017 I saw a being from my back porch. I have told no one but my husband and I only told him because I wanted to protect him, make him aware to be on guard.And then I didn’t even tell him exactly what I saw, just to be careful because I saw a shadow of a huge animal about 150 feet from our house. My mind was overwhelmed and for a long time I called it a shadow but, in reality it was the creature I was looking at. It doesn’t feel right to call it a Sasquatch or a bigfoot, It looked and felt way to ominous to be just an undiscovered hairy hominid.

It was early December, possibly late November, around 7:30 pm, dark outside except for an exceptionally bright moon, they mentioned the bright moon on the news earlier and that was the only way I would have seen it. My husband was going somewhere and I walked out talking to him as he was leaving, I glanced to the right and saw it and to this day I have no idea what I was saying at the time, I stopped talking and just stared. The next thing I remember is looking up at my husband and he was looking down at me like, well, go on, what is the matter with you? We talk about everything but, all I could do was say, be careful, I love you, have a good time. He looked at me funny and said ok. I watched him get in his truck and leave, to make sure he wasn’t out there and I couldn’t see it anymore, so I went inside and locked the door.

I could only see it from the bottom of his bicep up, a huge bicep, I kept focusing on that. Because the moon was shining on the white siding of a building next door. Here’s the thing that shuts me up, the siding was only on the second story of that building, above a garage door opening where, now abandoned, big trucks were stored. I am trembling now. Dear God, how tall does that make it? The shadow was the darkest black I have ever seen and the whole silhouette was that same color. The only movement was from side to side, like it was gliding on a skateboard. It had a protruding brow ridge and mouth and the nose was completely flat in between, it was a side view.”




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  1. Denise F

    I think we have a new episode….I hit this thinking it was Fridays show- thanks for the surprise!
    Did you ever dream you would be planning episode #600. Grats….you have done a great job ?

  2. doug s

    Living here in Kentucky – I love the Kentucky episodes.
    Really don’t want to see one unless it’s from a half mile away.

    Also, everyone knows Sasquatch Chronicles is number ONE! Thanks Wes,

  3. Guy B

    Hey Wess!
    I’m jonesing for some Wess , Woody banter.
    How bout get him and your younger brother on and have your younger brother tell his perspective of the three of you when you went out Bf hunting.

    God bless

  4. m99

    Howler monkeys are scary creatures. If I heard anything like that, I’d leave and go inside the house. /// We’d like to see a video from Melissa too. .

  5. theresa m

    I enjoyed hearing both of your guests today. Wes, thank you for continuing to bring such good quality shows. I live in a city now and have for many years but as a little girl we lived with my grandparents who lived in a less populated area and at the end of their street were the woods. It was so quiet out at night and so peaceful. I think I’d be totally frightened to have anything passing through my backyard that was as big and menacing as your second guest mentioned. Yikes!

  6. Alice F

    Hi, Wes, as I started listening to this episode, I suddenly remembered that you were in a dream I had last night. I remember thinking why is Wes Germer in my dream? Am I addicted to Sasquatch Chronicles? Thanks for all you do to keep this going.

  7. michael m

    Great show.I know the Philpot Ky area.I have heard the howler monkey screams less than five miles from Philpot on the Panther Creek.It will stop you in your tracts.Thank you Wes and your guest for another great show.

  8. Joan h

    SC ?? YOU GO WES!!
    Oh last year I was up on my brothers farm , he threw out some watermelon ? in big pieces, he said the cattle would eat it .
    We went in his house sitting in the living room “BANG” something hit the side of a small metal shed he had near where he threw it out.
    The cattle was way over the hill and even he had a puzzled look on his face like what the hell ?? (He doesn’t believe)
    He throws leftovers out into the field all the time now saying critters will eat it.
    He got rid of his cattle ? last year also , too much work besides working all the time at another job. He has 120 acres now , he sold 20 over the hill for hunting land for his buddy.
    I just got back from up there , I SWEAR I HEARD A hyena laughing loudly and kept on laughing it woke me right up from a sound sleep the second night I was there. It was Creepy as hell !!
    I told my brother who got on the Internet pulling up all kind of animals and owls NOTHING sounds like what I heard!
    Keep in mind the windows were closed, New house same property and I told him it sounded like it was right outside that bedroom and their bedroom is on the other side of the house , JUST WEIRD and making me Wonder ????

  9. Doug K

    Great program tonight Wes!! Shiloh……great encounter dude!! Sounds so scary when you see them on or near your own house.!! Thanks also to Melissa. Great encounter Melissa.! YEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  10. Joe C

    Ok, so im more or less 42 minutes away from the second guest. Im in Geauga County Ohio, and if i heard correctly shes in Trumbull County. Way to close. lol. And Ive heard weird things in the woods here.

  11. Jeffrey M

    Congrats Wes. Everyone thinks theses shows are so great but they’re nothing compared to what you use to put out. No substance and boring. Talking about shadows and screams. I hope you dig deep and get the good stuff back.

  12. Jeffrey M

    Congrats Wes. Everyone thinks theses shows are so great but they’re nothing compared to what you use to put out. No substance and boring. Talking about shadows and screams.

  13. Melissa K

    For a long time I told myself it was a shadow, but, it was the actual creature moving across the building that I was seeing. It was only about 150 feet from me. The sound I heard, took my breath away, there is nothing comparable to it.
    Boring? Wow, Jeffrey, you have been in the same situation? You must have nerves of steel. So, if you had been there you would have jumped off the porch and ran after it to get a closer look? Or ran into the woods to find the source of the sound?

    • Joe C

      Yeah, thats way to close. When I was a kid i heard the typical Ohio Howl, perhaps before people gave it that name. Heard that back somewhere in the 1980s. From a least a mile off, and it lasted a good 20 seconds. Perhaps longer. — When you grew up in the 70s and 80s… the Woods is where you end up often. Its your playground, and you get to know the sounds of the Woods. so when you hear something out of place you instantly know that its different.

      • Melissa K

        Yes, Joe, we were never in the house. My favorite was sitting in a huge willow tree with the neighbor kids and swinging from the willow vines. And using my dads grape vines as a fort. But, as a rare treat we would get to go to Geauga Lake and Sea World! ?

        • Joe C

          Its a shame both of those places closed down, and they were within 30min of me. lol. Just glad i didnt see anything like you did, in that window. especially since their seemed to be two!

  14. Melissa K

    I think it would be cool to have a SC reunion! Guests from the show, members and listeners. 600 shows is a lot of people and we are from all over, a monumental task, it would be awesome though.

      • David R

        m99, The Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores WA is this weekend! That would be a great place to have EP 600! My old friend Will Ward could be there. He told me he found a Skull of one, but didn’t take it because a family of Sasquatch were looking at him!

          • m99

            WOW David R – that’s cool. This move (from SETX to WA state) has been interesting. It’s been very hard but I think we’ve turned the corner. I’d love to go to the summit and maybe next year can do that. Thanks again. 🙂

  15. Reid D

    I could listen to Melissa for a long time she has such a calming voice!! Im glad she really pays attention to her surroundings and she is gonna pay even a closer eye on Moma!! That’s a good daughter right there!!

  16. Steve R


    I grew up in Cedar Hills neighborhood, about 1/4 mile from Philpot. I hunted and fished that area for about 15 years. I hunted the bottoms many times. I also know most of the farmers in the area.

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